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  1. I got me a g2+ a month ago but couldn’t use it due to all the snow. I’ve been out with it 4 times now and find that it’s quite a fun and effective detector to use for my main pursuit of relic hunting, along with the Nox and Orx w/ 9” hf. I think it’s a keeper. I bought a sharpshooter coil used but as I like the stock coil I just sold it for what I paid covering fee and shipping so no loss. I’m thinking of the superfly to use as the machine with the biggest coverage profile and depth possibly, and the lightness for sure is appealing. I didn’t care for the 12”x15” equinox coil. So I’m intereste
  2. Hello all, I decided to start a new post from the "Tale of Two Detectors" post, specifically for the G2+! That way, anyone else that bought one, or has one, can also post, for setup and such! I went out yesterday afternoon, seeing how it had been raining all day, and i was tired of being stuck in the house! It was perfect weather to detect, and the tide was falling! The rain made it cool enough to be fairly comfortable in the humidity! The beaches the last couple of weeks have not been good! Sand is still way to soft near the water to find much! And the renurishment sand still
  3. The First Texas 19 kHz series of detectors include the Fisher Gold Bug, Gold Bug Pro, F19, Teknetics G2 and G2+, and the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro. These detectors are all designed specifically for DD coils. However, a lot of the F70/F75 coils will plug into the 19 kHz models and work, some better, some worse. You can't harm the detector doing this, but the coils may not ground balance properly, or have inaccurate target id. Others may be fine, due to the slop in coil manufacturing tolerances. From this thread we have this commentary by FT engineer Dave Johnson: 1. F75 and F70 se
  4. Hello Steve, I would like to share your experience with Time Ranger Pro. What is your general opinion about the detector and what are the pros and cons. Would you recommended for beach (wet and dry sand) metal detecting? Thanks.
  5. OK new comparison and probably the last one for me. Doing this one because Monte made a comment on another forum about the Apex needing to have iron audio off in order for it to perform better on the nail board test. I thought I would throw the F19 into this video since it's in the price range of the Apex. IMO the Apex is just another choice in the $250-450 price range and it's going to come down to the features and performance you want as to which metal detector you chose. Like Steve, I feel like it's closest competition is the Vanquish 540 at $369 and to me the Apex isn't worth the extra mon
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Teknetics-G2-Pink-Camo-Coil/dp/B00XNUG9LS/ref=sr_1_19?dchild=1&m=A1PO22ZENZUMS9&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&qid=1598937902&s=merchant-items&sr=1-19
  7. Hello all, So, i found myself in a very unusual position this past week of trading a detector, and buying a detector! I just want to preface this by saying, I'm not crazy (hopefully)!! Or on any mind altering substances of any kind!😂 I'm sure many of you saw Gerry of Gerrysdetectors.com looking to sell a brand new White's MXT Pro! Or trade for a used Nox 800! Well, i did the trade!😬 I'm sure there are those of you that think I'm crazy! (All comments and opinion's welcome)! Well, I'll try and answer that puzzle?! I've always liked the old school (not
  8. I remember seeing in ads when these hit the scene that they had 2 processors in them. Now I do not see anything about that anymore. Does anyone remember this?
  9. I have to admit to being an elitist snob. Way back decades ago I formed the impression of Bounty Hunter as being low cost, almost junk. Plus some of their physical designs are kind of laughable. That did change over the years but it came in useful when I was a detector dealer and Walmart came to town. Bounty Hunter was the "Walmart Brand" and so when people asked about them I went with the flow. "That's just the low end Walmart stuff - you can do better than that." It worked, and mainly because lots of people thought that way. First Texas eventually purchased Bounty Hunter and has been sl
  10. I just noticed that bounty hunter has a newer unit out the time ranger pro. Looks like an F19 or G2. I am sure it has the same specs as the others as well.
  11. It looks like the F19 - what I evaluate very positively ... Is there any closer information? Link to the leak. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro metal detector - new for 2020
  12. There are three versions of the First Texas 19 kHz circuit for sale at many retailers. One is based on the original Gold Bug Pro model, sold with various coil options, and includes the now discontinued Teknetics G2. There is also a basic Gold Bug version with no manual ground balance, the bottom dollar variant. The third version is a later design that added features to the Gold Bug Pro, the result being the Fisher F19. This is now also being sold with various coil options. The F19 is also available under the Teknetics label as the G2+, and now just released under the Bounty Hunter label a
  13. This is my first post and I'm still relatively new to detecting. Wondering if the size of my nonferrous pieces is indicative that I would miss gold. This was from about 6 hours with a Fisher F19 that I got on sale. The California ground is annoying in that it needs balancing every few steps. Anything above gain 60/100 and >0 threshold would be way too chirpy, I think that indicates decently hot ground. Got a really good feel for negative rocks, though the tones with Iron sound an awful lot like everything else. Discriminate mode blocked a lot of the chatter but it made me worry some about m
  14. (Here's a thread from November 2019.) They may be planning on releasing it for the 2020 Northern Hemisphere warm (spring+summer+fall) seasons. There are going to be a lot of disappointed detectorists if this doesn't meet the "under $400" category, and preferably under $300. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro Data & Reviews Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro metal detector - new for 2020
  15. Click or double click for larger version.... NEW! from BOUNTY HUNTER Time Ranger Pro metal detector Backlit Display FeTone™, Adjustable Iron Audio Enhanced V-Break®, Tone Discrimination System Notch Mode with Adjustable Notch Width Computerized GROUND GRAB® One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override Unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Trash Continuous Ground Condition Readout: Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization, Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization Ground balance all the way to Salt Static All
  16. For the same money (roughly), similar original manufacturing date and it has all the simple features like target ID in all metal, more tones and one button mode changes that are missing on the F19/Time Ranger, I would rather have a Makro Racer 2. It has many more features that are not on any FTP detector that I know of. That's why I bought one used. I wanted to compare it to my F19 and Patriot. I do wish it was 19 kHz and had a little bigger iron range. Otherwise, it is just as sensitive on small gold with the smaller coils in all my testing as my F19 and much more sensitive than the Patriot
  17. Got a buddy of my son that is looking for a relic, coin detector. He has no experience and would like to stay under $500 Seems an F19 might fit the bill.... anyone used one? Pros/cons?
  18. Version 021015 Rev 1


    Fisher F19 Owner's Manual, 4.26 MB pdf file, 40 pages Fisher F19 Data & Reviews Fisher F19 - Steve's Review First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  19. I've wondered for years about how the F19 would compare to the Minelab 705 with the high frequency coil? Love to read anything on this topic. Thanks.
  20. Thought I'd throw this out there. I just heard about special fall pricing on the F19 and G2+ units. I followed up with a dealer about a G2+ model and got the response below. Bottom line is the pricing is too good to pass up and I bought a G2+LTD green camo unit. Your favorite dealer should be able to put a big smile on your face as the $449 is MAP pricing. I got mine from Craig at Show Me Treasure. He made me Happy Happy Happy. Anyway....this is too good not to share. You basically get a GoldBug Pro with enhanced Disc features. It is impossible to go wrong with t
  21. First Texas is the company that owns the Bounty Hunter, Fisher, and Teknetics metal detector brands. KInd of like Chevy and GM putting out similar models under different brands you can often find similar Fisher and Teknetic models. My choice for an affordable high performance all around VLF detector with an emphasis on gold prospecting has been and continues to be the Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Lightweight, inexpensive, hot on gold, and good and dealing with dense ferrous trash. Great for nugget detecting, plus relics, coins, jewelry, etc. Right now the Fisher Gold Bug Pro with 5" round DD coil
  22. Hello everyone.----Steve, I respect your input & opinions--always have!----Here's a couple of questions I have for you.---Considering detector performance---With the Nokta Impact running at 20 kHz and the G2+/F-19 with their 19 kHz---IYO, which one of these detectors would give the best performance for hunting for (smallish) gold?-----Also, there has been a lot said (hype?) about the Impact with its 5, 14 & 20 kHz frequencies being able to replace other detectors running in that range.---A sort of "one for all" (if you will).-----Do you feel that could truly be the case?-------I said t
  23. Is there any usable difference with the Teknetics G2+ when used for nugget hunting?
  24. When the Fisher F19 was first announced, the official flyer showed it in a standard black and gold color scheme. Then two "Limited Edition" camo versions were announced, green camo, and pink camo. There never yet has been an actual black and gold version you could buy. Frankly, I am not a fan of the camo. Mainly because you pay extra for it and I am not willing to pay extra just for a different paint job. So I was happy in January when Fisher announced: "The special camo used on the F19LTD was ordered in limited numbers and we are nearing the end of stock on those parts. New part number, F
  25. The Fisher 5x10 DD coil hasn’t been my most favorite coil because, in my mind, it always seemed to be lacking something. I have suddenly found myself owning several different higher frequency detectors, each equipped with a 5x10 or 6x10 DD coil. As a result I have decided to spend some time bench marking this particular coil size. Is the Fisher 5x10 DD coil really lacking something or is its performance in line with other brands similar size and type coils. Since my 5x10 DD coil came with my Fisher F19, I have elected to stay with higher frequency detectors for my bench marking. Noth
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