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Found 44 results

  1. I know it is really early in the bout. But possibly is the new kid on the block going to knock out the reining champion of many many years in the gold nugget VLF sport? I'm hearing so many good things about the GM 1000. And I'm really leaning on getting one soon. Hearing so many good reports from " Average Joe" dectectorists. I have had way more experience and success with Minelab detectors than any other brands. So I guess I speak Minelabbian better than anything else. My gut feeling thinks that we might be crowing a new Welterweight Champ. I guess time will tell?????
  2. ColoradoGoldCamp Published on Feb 14, 2019. Rhodo nails the biggest nugget of the day with the Gold Bug 2 right on bedrock! What a great day out gold detecting! 54 pieces of trash and 3 count em 3! Colorado Gold Nuggets! Man, I love prospecting with my best metal detector! Did some arrowhead hunting too. We find some relics from the old gold mining days and some evidence of Colorado Arrowheads, all at Colorado Gold Camp.
  3. Version 092513 Rev 3


    Fisher Gold Bug 2 Operating Manual, 2.28 MB pdf file, 32 pages Fisher Gold Bug 2 Data & Reviews Fisher Gold Bug 2 - Steve's Review First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  4. The Minimum Advertised price for the Fisher Gold Bug 2 has been US$764 for many years. I just noticed that at least a couple reputable websites are now advertising the Gold Bug 2 for $699. The Gold Bug 2 is getting a bit long in the tooth, having been in production since 1995, yet you can still argue that to this day no detector does a better job of getting the tiniest gold bits with its little 6" concentric coil. I am not sure if this is a temporary holiday price decrease, or just a response to all the new competition on the market. Still, I thought I would make a note of it for the Fisher Gold Bug 2 fans out there - you know who you are! Google search for "fisher gold bug 2" Fisher Gold Bug 2 metal detector
  5. Does anyone have experience with switching the batteries for prolonged performance? I thought I read somewhere that in the GB2 the main board runs on one battery and the audio circuitry may be running on the other? Thanks, Mike
  6. It's going in for repair Tuesday but I thought I'd see if anyone else ever experienced this problem.... A couple years ago something happened and I had to use headphones to hear my GB2. About 6 months ago something happened again and I could only get audio without headphones. A week ago I could get both! I thought everything was fine. Then yesterday, after using it for about 3 hours with headphones, it faded out. I could just barely hear it. Nothing at all if I unplugged the headphones. Turn it off and then on again, ok for about 10-15 seconds and fades out. New batteries didn't help. Detector was functioning properly except for audio......
  7. I have a gold bug 2 for some reason it will only work with the head phones now .???
  8. Hi guys, I was feeling sorry for my old faithful GB2 gathering cobwebs as it sat unloved/ unused, hanging up on its rack in my garage. I decided to take Mr GB2 for a walk along with Mr Zed. It was a lovely sunny afternoon & the weather is supposed to pack a sad tomorrow. So I took advantage of the fact & head out to some bedrock areas. Gosh...not even two minutes into it & Mr GB2 had his first sweet little Zip Zip. Could of course be a shotty pellet. But it wasn't. Cricky.....how small is that??? A few minutes later....another sweet little Zip Zip. And another little piece of gold for Mr GB2 That was it for a wee spell. So I moved on to another area of bedrock. Another few minutes & on to another sweet signal. Smashing into the bedrock & it was out. Just the one piece from here so moved on again. I headed to a couple of old digs from a while ago where I got a couple of pieces. Notice the opened up cervices in the schist bedrock. Both of these produced gold for me before & I got a very faint signal in that bigger one right down in the bottom of it with the GB2 Then another wee piece next to the moss that you can see to the right in the 2nd pic above. There was some deeper ground in this area & that was my plan with the Zed. But the deeper ground I lucked out. I had got some nice pieces in this deeper ground with my GP 3000 but not today with Mr Zed. Bugger. So I took Mr Zed over some of the deeper gutters amongest the schist bedrock. To my surprise I got a sweet definite little hit from waving the coil over the top of an old dead rabbit carcass. Sorry for the picture, but it was how it was. So I kicked the carcass aside, thinking the signal was probably a shot gun pellet in the carcass. No...there was still a signal in the ground. I dug down & I was still just in the top soil when the signal was out. Oh crap....just going to be rubbish. But no. It was a sassy bit of gold. Then a few crap targets before getting on to another sweet sounding hit. Carving into the schist bedrock & the signal was finally out. Another little piece of the good stuff. Ye Ha.... The good old Zed...never fails to impress me with the small gold it finds on areas that I have thrashed in the past with my smaller coils on my PI's. The last gold I got from this area was with the 4500 & the Nugget Finder Advantage 14 x 9 coil. That was a small bit down pretty deep in the schist & I was blown away when I got that piece. I scanned that crevice with the Zed but there was no more. That was in fact my last bit for the afternoon. Dark wasn't far away & I had a bit of a walk back to my wagon. So I headed off. 5 for Mr GB2 & blew off the cobwebs & it still proves it has what it takes & 2 for Mr Zed. Grand total of .66 grams for a fun few hours. Cheers guys Good luck out there JW
  9. One for the tech's I would like to find out the wiring of the five pin coil plug (10"DD) for the Gold Bug 2. A friend has an issue with his and I would like to re-solder the wires back on correctly for him. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Steve
  10. Was thinking of picking up a more dedicated nugget detector. I am debating a Minelab Gold Monster vs one of the many Gold Bug versions? Anybody have experience with the GM 1000 to compare?
  11. The six inch coil for the Gold Bug 2 is working great and we find a few with the 10 inch, but we wonder if there is an 8 inch coil available somewhere for the Gold Bug. In several locations in our hunt area, an additional inch of depth would open up a whole new world of small nuggets. Just asking and hoping competing vendors' coils might work on the Fisher.
  12. Hi guys, Mrs JW & I went over to the West Coast for the weekend to catch up on my mate over there. So no detecting done. But today I couldn't help myself & took Mr GB2 & the Zed for another walk this afternoon. Similar bedrock areas as the last time. First signal within the first minute down into the rotten schist. Couple of scrapes & it was out. So tiny. In the same scrape dig another sweet little zip zip Another little bit of gold. A tad bigger I decided to scrape the area over, taking off about half an inch of the rotten schist bedrock. Detecting as I went & filling the scrapings back in behind me. I did this working my way back towards the edge. Ended up with 8 little pieces of gold & not one shot gun pellet. Gee...that is a first. I then moved on to some other ground & got the Zed involved. Again, like last time, I swung the Zed over some deeper ground between the schist bedrock. Got a sweet little signal Out pops a tiny bit for the Zed. And I mean TINY. A faint little signal down into a schist crevice. Took a bit of scraping to finally have the target out. A sassy bit of gold. Ye Ha Down into another schist crevice. And another small piece of gold for the Zed I called it quits at this piece & wondered back to my wagon just on dark. All up 8 bits for MR GB2 & 3 for the Zed. A total of 11 more bits for the poke at just .72 of a gram Certainly not breaking any records but a fun afternoon & bugger all rubbish. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  13. A little over a week ago I received my repaired Gold Bug 2 back from Fisher in El Paso. I thought my threshold knob was bad, but Felix at Fisher said it was the ID and Mineralization toggle switches-probably from years of dirt build-up. They replaced the toggles, checked out the calibration and cleaned it. Turn around time, shipping included, was less than three weeks. We took it out four days ago and got this .7 gram nugget in shallow gravels on bedrock. To preclude the problem from happening again I bought a thin neoprene washer and cut a round disc using a Henry rifle cartridge. After slicing a tiny x in the center of the discs with an Exacto knife they slipped tightly over the toggles. Not pretty but I think this will work.
  14. I received this question via email, edited to remove any tips as to the source: "Steve- been reading your reviews of detectors from way, way back. Now I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've got a claim where I've pulled nice gold, but the biggest single nugget has been just about a gram, pretty small stuff (but it's pretty plentiful). My GB-2 has really shined in this environment - shallow bedrock, low mineralization, and plenty of small gold. The issue is that my son doesn't want to let me use the GB-2, as he wants to use it all the time. That puts me in the market for another VLF machine. I've tried the GB-Pro, and didn't really care for it. Your review of the Nokta AU Gold Finder, and the Makro Gold Racer, both look pretty good. Other than the display and control box itself, are these machines really the same, or would one do better (coil size being equal) than another on small gold with low mineralization? The reason why I just don't go get another GB-2 is that it would be a nice bonus to use the new detector close by my son, while still hopefully having it excel and finding small gold. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. If there really isn't anything else that comes close, then I'll certainly go for another GB-2, even at it being as old as it is, but if there is another one that would excel in the above environment, I'd certainly appreciate your opinion on it." Well, in my opinion the 71 kHz Gold Bug 2 with 6" coil has been and continues to be the top of the heap when it comes to finding the tiniest bits of gold. So the real question is whether you feel like giving up that little edge the unit has over all the rest in order to run a machine right next to your son without the two machines interfering. You also have the advantage of being very well versed in the use of the Bug. Let's assume you do want to get something else however. You have mentioned the 56 kHz AU Gold Finder and Gold Racer, and they are indeed the same circuit in two very different packages. Coils from one will work just as well on the other. Other current new model alternatives would be the 48 khz White's GMT and probably the very soon to be available 45 kHz Minelab GM1000. Finally, I should mention the XP Deus V4 high frequency coil options hitting the market now in case you might consider a more exotic option. There also have been hints of a dedicated gold machine from XP this year. I would assume a small coil as being a must have, and an advantage with the Gold Bug 2 is you can get it with the small coil as a stock variation. So let's compare internet prices. Fisher Gold Bug 2 with 3.25" x 6.5" coil = $764 Makro Gold Racer with 5.5" x 10" coil $699 plus 4" x 7.5" coil $119 = $818 or Pro Pack $899 Nokta AU Gold Finder with 5.5" x 10" and 5.5" round coils = $999 White's GMT with 6" x 10" coil $729 plus 4" x 6" coil $127 = $856 Minelab GM1000 with 6" x 10" coil and 5" round coil = $799 A Deus runs $1250 plus the 4.7" x 9.5" elliptical HF coil at $425 = $1675 so not a good fit here for price and no smaller coil option than the elliptical. The only hope of that improving is if the dedicated gold machine shows up with the HF coil as stock. I have to admit that the reports of warranty issues with early Gold Racer models have me concerned. This despite the fact I have what must be the oldest Gold Racer and AU Gold Finder units in the country, and both are going strong. I have to assume the issues, whatever they were, have been ironed out. I don't know that for a fact however. If you got one and still had a problem, Nokta/Makro is famous for resolving issues with customer satisfaction. The units carry a two year transferable warranty. The GMT is the safe tried and true made in the U.S. option, and as far as performance the 56 kHz Gold Racers and 48 kHz GMT run neck and neck. The big unknown at an attractive price is the 45 kHz Minelab Gold Monster 1000. My best advice - wait! The flood gates are just now opening as regards reports on the GM1000 and at $799 with two coils it looks on paper at least to be an option worth waiting to find out more about. If you have to do something this minute, the GMT is the safe option if the reports of problems with the Gold Racers worry you. Personally, I have been very happy with my Gold Racer and would not trade it for a GMT. I have to note I finally did get another Gold Bug 2 with 6" coil however. If you are the sort of person who can't live without having that last small edge of performance, it is still the machine to beat for tiny gold performance in milder ground like you are describing. Click picture for larger version.
  15. This is very important stuff for Gold Bug 2 owners so do please take note. Go so far as to tell friends that own a Gold Bug 2. I made note back in June 2015 that the design of the 6" coil had changed, along with the coil cover. The old coils had an exposed epoxy bottom, with either a black or light gray epoxy exposed to the elements unless you used a white scuff cover / skid plate. Here are the old coils and cover: The new coil has a fully enclosed white plastic housing and is a compatible replacement for the old coils. However, the scuff cover / skid plate is a different size and is black in color (thank you Fisher!). Here are the new coils and cover: The new coil cover will not fit on old coils and the old coil cover will not fit on new coils. Here is another tidbit I found out recently by accident - I have not seen it published anywhere. The Gold Bug 2 three piece rod was always a bit odd. The upper rod inserted into the middle rod. In other words, the middle rod section was female on both ends. I have never seen anyone else do it this way, but back in the day this was one of the first if not the first three piece S rod designs to hit the market. The original Gold Bug 2 rod was a two piece design. This made the Gold Bug 2 an oddball rod design compared to most of the rest of the First Texas lineup, and somewhere in the last couple years they went to the rod and arm cup used in other First Texas detectors for compatibility between various models. There are also more adjustment holes in the new middle rod - seven old versus nine new - an easy way to tell them apart. A good idea actually, but it means if you have an old Gold Bug 2, the upper and middle rods are different than the new ones. If you need parts, be careful to explain what you need. I promise most dealers will not know about this change in the rod design. Click on the image below for closeup. Lower rods are compatible between both versions so no worries there.
  16. Hi guys. I went out for a three hour detect late friday afternoon to an area I hadnt been to for a couple of years. I was surprised at how much sweet briar rose, thyme, broom & black berry growth there had been since I was last here. I struggled swinging the 14" coil on the Zed. So it wasnt a very eventful session. I did manage to get a very faint signal in a section of exsposed up on edge schist that did turn out to be a .3 gram bit of gold. Due to the tight detecting spaces I gave up with just that one piece & headed home. I got up early saturday morning & packed my gear & a bit of tucker & thermos of coffee & headed off on a 2.5 hour drive to an area for a full days detecting. After negotiating in 4 wheel drive a bit of rough country & driving up & down gullies & spurs, arrived at my spot that I call Doug's Gully. Named after the chap who put me on to it quite a few years ago. It is an area I have done quite well on with my 3000, 4500 & now I was going to try the Zed. Got all rigged up. Fresh batteries in the B & Z booster, fully charged battery in the Zed. Pick belt on & harness on I went to the front pocket of my back pack to get the fully charged WM12 to hook up.....& WHAT...no way...your kidding. No bloody WM12. I had left it on the charger back home. I couldnt believe it. What was I going to do now? Turn around & go back home. No cant do that. I had the Gold Bug 2 which I use in conjunction with the Zed as my pin pointer & discriminator. I knew I wasnt going to get any decent gold or gold at depth. But what choice did I have. I had in the past used the Bug in a few places down this gully with some success, but not down the entire gully. Oh well...better than nothing. So off I went. This little gully is not a running creek at any time. Well not for a very very long time any way. This is the very bottom of the narrow gully floor. It rises from this up to spurs either side. This is looking up the gully & I got a faint signal at the base of that sarson stone, or siliceous cement stone. These consist of quartz sands & gravels that have been cemented into a compact stone by the infiltration of siliceous waters. The cement stones were known to the miners as "Chinamen". They were favored by the miners as being associated with gold deposits. They had a believe that if you got above the chinamen then you were above the gold. So all those big rocks & boulders you will see in these picks they are those cement stones. Signal turned out to be a thin slither of gold. As I wondered on down this gully I came to quite a large cement stone cutting right across the narrow gully floor. My thoughts were that if water & gold ever did flow down this gully then this stone would be a perfect trap damming across the flow & any gold caught on its up stream side & down stream side if it acted like a giant riffle. I paid a lot of attention detecting all over, around all the edges & every little crack or hollow in the stone itself. First three signals were shot gun pellets. The first out of this hole & the 2nd to the hollow to the left My fourth signal & no reason why it shouldnt be another pellet from just beside the scoop. But it was a bit of gold. Ye Ha Then another signal in that hole beside the coil Another small bit of gold Then another Looking up the gully & the cement stone blocking across the floor I had back in my GP 3000 days got some better bits at the bottom of this stone. But none there this day. The gully widened out in a few places. Looking up gully you can see here the remains of the old timers throw out piles either side of the gully. Here on that bald bit I got a signal This is looking across the gully, detector in the same spot as previous shot This was the signal Then probably the biggest bit for the day I found this gin trap with the 3000 quite a few years earlier. It was still sitting where I had left it These little finds kept on popping up & then I hit a little glory hole of many tiny bits of gold the more I dug down in to the schist I wont bore you with all those but ended up for the day with 37 little pieces including a little speci for the grand total of 2.09 grams. The speci itself was .4 of a gram so it shows how tiny the rest of the gold was. Was a fun day but dont think I will forget my WM12 again in a hurry. Cheers Good luck out there JW kiwijw
  17. Hi guys & gals, Mrs JW & I headed back to my last wee patch find. It was going to be a scorcher of a day. We had to do a bit of walking as we went in Mrs JW's car as I had done in a rear wheel bearing & axle oil seal in my 4 x 4 on my last return home from this spot, & at this time of the year I couldnt get any one to do the repair. . So rigged up with the Zed, 4500 & 11" Elite coil (as Mrs JW hinted that she might have a swing) & the Gold Bug 2 plus all the other paraphernalia. We trudged off to the spot. Mrs JW clearing the sheep & rabbit poo off her choosen spot to make her nest. Settled in nicely & with sounds as well. Rock on Mrs JW To start off I went over my previous back filled digs with the Gold Bug 2. I had come on to a few little glory holes. One coughed up about 20 bits of gold. So I figured there was going to be some tiny gold the Zed had missed. Well.... signals every where. This just kept going on And on Mrs Jw ended up giving a detect a miss as she said it was too hot. So she just chilled out under her umbrella reading & listening to her sounds. I broke out the Zed & hit on some more little glory holes. Getting multiple pieces out of the one hole So between the Zed finding these little glory holes & the GB2 cleaning them out. I had a ball. All up. 57 pieces For a total of just 4.55 grams. Still.....a good note to leave 2016 on I am just about to head out for my first detect of 2017. Cheers all. Hope 2017 is kind to you all. Best of luck out there. JW kiwijw
  18. I have been following Steve's detecting tips since 08 when I bought my first detector,a MXT from Alaska Mining and Diving (AMDS) Million Dollar Garage sale. Thanks for the Forum Steve. Inspired by http://Steve's 2013 Alaska Gold Adventure I will be going to Chicken, Ak. the first of July for ten days, camping @ Walker Fork Campground. I have a White's MXT, GMT and Garrett ATX. With all the new detectors out there, I am looking for a new detector best for the area. I have been think about the Makro Gold Racer. Thanks for every ones on the Forum.
  19. I really am not bashing the GB II but I just never could connect with the machine. Crummy discrimination and awkward ground balance system combined to make it less than one of my favorite all time detectors. I am not denying it is the best at what it does, I just never liked how it did it. Last fall a friend of mine needed a GB II worse than I did so mine went to a new home where it would find love. That left a hole in my detector line up. Yesterday I filled that hole with a Gold Racer, should be here in 3-4 days. I already have a Red Racer so I know the build quality will be good. Look forward to going head to head with Lucky and his Gold Bug in the Sierra hydraulic pits this summer. Me thinks he will be buying the beer at the end of the day. LOL p.s. A BIG shout out to Chris Porter at DetectorAid.com for the excellent service!
  20. Hi there Steve or any one else who may know the answer. Will this Fisher quicksilver coil fit the gold bug 2? http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1060981988 Many thanks for any help. Cheers Good luck out there JW :)
  21. Hi guys, Two of my sons are down visiting for a couple of weeks. I took them out for a days detecting up in the hills. Brent used the SDC 2300 I was using my 4500 with the coiltek 14" elite mono. Aydin with the gold bug 2 was the only one to get any gold. 3 little bits. The first didnt even register on my scales which weigh to 100th of a gram. The 2nd bit added to the scales & they flickered between .03 of a gram & zero. With the third & biggest bit added the scales settled on .06 of a gram. So 3 for the Bug & NOTHING for the Minelabs. On finishing for the day & getting back to the wagon Aydin discovered that a battery door had fallen off & a battery fallen out. He didnt know at what stage that happened so there was no going back looking for them. My question is, What individually do the two batteries power. Does one power the circuitry of the detector & one the headphones? As the detector still operates on the external speaker with just the one battery on the right hand side looking at the battery compartment. We are planning another few days out & I am wondering if I can get away with just the one battery. I might have to try & make something else up temporary to hold the 2nd battery in place until the new battery door arrives. That or break out the GMT for Aydin to use. He got the bug 2 sussed real quick. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  22. Seems like anyone that uses a Gold Bug 2 much flips that iron disc switch back and forth so much it eventually gets loose. There were also periods when the proper star washer did not get used at the factory, and they got loose real quick! The fix is easy. There is a large shallow nut that holds the coil connection fitting in place below the battery doors. Remove this nut and washer. Of course the coil must also be disconnected. Now grab the ground balance knob on the control panel and wiggle until the control panel pops loose in the housing. Pull the control panel and guts carefully out a couple inches. There are wires leading from the circuit board to the battery compartments and threshold knob so take it easy. I usually just pull out far enough to be able to see the nut on the backside of the disc switch inside the control box. If you look at the iron disc switch on the control panel above you will see the round portion has flat sides. You need a tiny wrench to grab hold of this. There is also a loose nut on the backside (that's why the switch is loose) that you can turn with a tiny wrench or a firm grip with needle nose pliers. If the lock washer is missing you can't add one without desoldering wires, so the best bet is to just add a tiny drop of loctite and firm everything up. Now reseat the control panel, lining the coil connector up properly with the hole, and reinstall the large washer and nut. Job done!
  23. G'day, I'm sure a lot will read this post and' should be able to give me some idea but... What is the performance of the GB2's 14" coil over moderate soil? And how does it perform in iron Disc if the ground was producing a lot of noise? Iv done the good old Google search and it seems that no one uses this coil, does it behave erratic or no one uses them.... Thanks in advanced.
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