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  1. Hello all, I'm doing a small study of metal detectors in Africa. How do you refer to gold detectors in your local language? What does the name mean?
  2. And here was me thinking the 22" Concentric X-coil is a massive coil People looking skyward in Central NSW might think they've seen a UFO if they catch a glimpse of the state's newest mining tool. It's an Aerial Electro Magnetic array called the 'X-cite' - and the exciting part is it's finding gold way out west.
  3. NOW is the time to invest in Gold and Silver mining stocks ( also physical gold and silver) if you can afford it! I have subscribed to various stock analysts news letters over the last 18 years, and have found that Michael Oliver 's Newsletter is the most accurate I have come across so far. He is saying NOW is the time! His technical analysis and momentum indicators are giving the green lites. He feels gold will be at $1360 by the end of January. He also says 2019 will be an excellent year for the metals, and to expect some fast upward moves in price. A lot of t
  4. From Kitco News. www.kitco.com Perth Mint sees record demand first-quarter demand for gold bullion (Kitco News) - Mints worldwide are seeing unprecedented demand for physical bullion, with the Perth Mint the latest to announce record sales for the first quarter of 2021. In a blog post published Tuesday, the Perth Mint said 130,000 troy ounces of gold and almost 1.6 million troy ounces of silver shipped to clients worldwide in March. “These figures are 285% higher (gold) and 178% higher (sil
  5. Gold facts/information Quote then add your facts A cubic centimetre of gold weight 19.3 grams A cubic inch weight is 10 ounces Gold is Au and silver is Ag Atomic n° of gold is 79 (Au79) Silver is a better conductor of heat and electricity than gold but gold does not oxidize. Gold is soft, dense, malleable, ductile Gold is malleable enough for just 1 gram to be hammered into a sheet 1 square meter in size. The melting point of Gold is 1,064.43°C (1,947.97°F). 100% of gold found naturally is isotope Au-197. 187,000 metric tons historically produ
  6. I'm having a discussion with an engineer friend about gold. I am of the contention that there has been much more gold mined and found than what is reported. Well ... what is my starting report? Let's go with this one as I don't really know how to prove or disprove my assumption. I don't want this to be 'consensus science' which is in vogue right now but I guess without true gold facts there has to be a certain amount of belief in known gold produced each year and reserves in conjunction with industrial and aesthetic uses over all time on earth. I don't really care about how much is left o
  7. I know that this may not be the correct location but there are a few members here that frequented GPEX. I am just wondering if anybody has any information as to why the forum is down, I have a sinking feeling that it has met it's maker but am hoping that I am wrong. Thanks in advance for any input. Cheers
  8. This is the title of a book about producing gold in WA. I've just read a review of the book and think the book would be a good read. It appears now because a company is about to begin production. I don't own any Australian gold stocks but maybe I should. https://www.investorideas.com/news/2021/mining/02125Aussie-Gold-Production.asp
  9. I found one in tailing pilings from sniping the creeks with my friend in N Y and if I did not bring the detector would not have gotten it.To be clear I am talking about natural gold.
  10. Prospector unearths three gold nuggets near Castlemaine, sparking hopes for mine https://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/7110780/could-one-gold-prospectors-finds-unlock-hidden-underground-riches/
  11. Have you ever wondered about gold mining on the Russian/Chinese border? This is quite a story. Use your imagination and it is probably worse! What men will do for gold. https://www.rbth.com/history/333347-russians-secretly-set-up-california
  12. To see this: And this: https://dallas.culturemap.com/news/entertainment/01-29-21-australian-gold-dragons-lair-ausrox-nugget-perot-museum/#slide=0
  13. It seems there is a considerable amount of gold in Wales. Is there any that can be found with a metal detector? https://dailytimes.com.pk/706546/wales-braces-for-new-gold-rush-as-700-million-seam-of-precious-metal-is-discovered-in-snowdonia/
  14. This nugget has caused problems in the area. Locals have been threatened to stay away while gangs search for more. GANGS are sifting through streams on private property in a bid to unearth gold after a nugget worth £80,000 was found. The crooks have sneaked onto the land and “destroying riverbanks” following the discovery of the 121g (4oz) lump. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5853247/scots-gangs-panning-gold-kill-threats/
  15. Below is Denver's forecast -- an example (from Wunderground) of what the USA Rocky Mountains will see this week:
  16. Some of us should have taken our money and put into these stocks! https://stockhead.com.au/resources/the-small-caps-with-prime-real-estate-in-the-eastern-goldfields-one-of-the-worlds-best-gold-districts/
  17. It seems that Wall Street has found gold stocks! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/wall-street-throwing-billions-once-233147743.html
  18. Gold hit $1,944 per ounce earlier today, beating its previous record of $1,921 set in 2011. Will it crack the important $2000 psychological barrier? If so, the sky is the limit.
  19. Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 2020 5oz Gold Proof Incused High Relief Coin he Perth Mint is delighted to continue its association with one of the world’s foremost coin designers, John M. Mercanti, who has now sculpted five portrayals for the sought-after Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle Series. Key Features: Proof quality 99.99% pure gold Fifth John M. Mercanti design Incused reverse artistry Australian Legal Tender Extremely Limited mintage – 50 If you got a s
  20. This is a collection of very high quality photos at Boston.com It is an eclectic and I think thought provoking look at various aspects of gold and gold mining - the good, the bad, and the ugly. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/08/gold_1.html
  21. Here is a nugget auction ending tomorrow. It is a: Attractive, Knobby Australian Gold Nugget 3.37 Troy Ounces Large Gold Nugget, 104.8 grams. This textured, large, and heavy nugget is honeycombed with crevices and hollows that provide an interesting view from any perspective. Spectacular yellow-gold color displays a slight greenish hue. Microscopic glimpses of host dust hide in two or three of the deepest recesses. This nugget was found in Victoria, Australia, and it certainly has the classic "look" and character of Australian gold. It weighs in at a respectable 104.8 grams (3.37 tro
  22. Nothing like the fear of a decent global pandemic to push gold along. Hope I'm not too dead to cash in :)
  23. I wonder how deep this coin could be detected. 20 feet?... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46821706
  24. Heritage seems to be the gold auctioneer of choice for many gold nugget sellers. Before you dolly that nugget find out their charges and you might get a great premium for a little bit of preparation. When they market they do excellent photography. Here is their next auction link. https://fineart.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=3173+792+4294945681
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