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  1. I got a Goldmaster 2 it has the long scan coil which is bad, I swapped the one off of my Vsat and the box works fine so I need a coil. Which should I purchase for use mainly in the Old Dale area. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am new to metal detecting and have a question. We have two Whites Vsats and I was wondering how far apart do we need to be to keep from having them interfere with each other while detecting? Thanks
  3. Plans dont always work out but the Gold we found metal detecting an old Gravel bar sure didnt disappoint !!!! Me and Gary ( Two Toe's ) had planned to do some Hydraulic Pit detecting in one of our favorite spots but old Mother nature had other plans. After a lot of discussion and a long drive we decide to Metal Detect an old Gravel Bar to see what Gold it might be hiding in its bedrock crevices. This time plan B worked out pretty good !!!!!! SG 034
  4. My neighbor who was a friend of my grandfather needs some advice to improve his old Gold Master detector. He is wanting to know if a different coil will help him in finding gold and other items better. The detector is a TR-Discriminator Model 66TR with a D stamped next to the model number. He is wanting to go gold hunting with me and wants to see if there is something better than what looks like a 8 inch coil on it. My question is would a different coil help him or not, and if so which one and where to get one. To everyone who reads this I thank you for any help you can give. I forgot to mention that the detector used to be his fathers some 40 years ago and he wants to use it if possible. Caleb
  5. New to this site. I have a whites goldmaster GMT that I bought over 20 years ago and recently began using it again, nugget shooting in SE Arizona. Having been away from the hobby for years, I noticed there are so many new detectors that seem specialized for gold nuggets. Is my machine obsolete compared to the newer detectors, or is it still considered a good machine for nuggets. Also looking for a used drywasher to play with when I get tired of digging up lead bullets. Anyone out there know of a good place for used drywasher in SE Arizona. Thanks
  6. 😁i have a gmt..I have the original twin D coil for gold..want to replace larger coil for coin hunting...any suggestions
  7. Version 621-0439 8/98


    White's Goldmaster V/SAT 1998 Operator's Manual, 1.2 MB pdf file, 24 pages White's Metal Detector Forum
  8. Version 621-0378 11/95


    White's Goldmaster V/SAT 1995 Operator's Manual, 1.2 MB pdf file, 20 pages White's Metal Detector Forum
  9. Version 621-0327-1 1/92


    White's Goldmaster II Operator's Manual, 1.06 MB pdf file, 16 pages White's Metal Detector Forum
  10. Version 621-0428 11/97


    White's GM/4B Goldmaster Operator's Manual, 3.66 MB pdf file, 32 pages White's Metal Detector Forum
  11. Version 621-0412 9/96


    White's GM/3 Goldmaster Operator's Manual, 1.6 MB pdf file, 24 pages White's Metal Detector Forum
  12. Hello my friends. i bought a white's GMZ from aliexpress, i know that fake metal detector is a bad thing, i love white's but now the gmz is out of production and i want it at all cost, please don't judge me too hard for bought this Link Removed the metal detector come in a bad shape, very dented, but the fault was only of the custom and shipping company The seller is very professional, now want to refund me, i know is not his fault. the metal was very well protected. in italy now there is a lock down so i will spend some time to restor the metal control box also, put new rivets for the handle. the metal detector works very good, i very excited to try it i put some photos. thanks to the build quality and the metal box it works, i will make a video
  13. Those who have used both the new Whites GMT and the older Goldmaster V-sat, are there any real differences in performance for nugget hunting? I know the GMT had a digital screen but that seems to be just a distraction some times. When i have a screen i seem to spend more time looking at it trying to decide if i should dig or not instead of Just digging. The GMT had a smaller, lighter control box but that is not an issue. So what, if any are the real differences/ Reason i ask is i just picked up a decent V-sat for $110 to use. Also, what is you coil of choice for the Goldmaster series. Thanks
  14. The Rain can't stop Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's ) as they head to the Hills in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets. Jeff has his White's Gold Master V-Sat (VLF) Metal Detector and Gary has his White's TDI (Pulse Induction) Detector see which one finds the most and biggest Gold in the California Mother lode. Clear that Bedrock and check those Crevice's there might be Gold Nuggets hidden in there !!!! SG 018 Thanks for watching !!! Jeff
  15. I wanted to share some pics of my completed goldmaster 4b detector shaft swap. It was fairly easy and l was happy with the results. I think someone could do the same thing with the gmt if they wanted .
  16. I was considering putting my 4b on a dfx shaft, doesn't look like a big deal to me, but guy at whites said different. If l had it on the dfx shaft l would have the option of straight shaft or s shaft with pistol grip depending on which lower shafts l use. Has anyone ever done this before or have any info that might help me before l tackle this ? Thanks to all who reply.
  17. Prospecting for Gold Nuggets in an Old Hydraulic Pit in the Heart of the California Motherlode. The Old Timers didn't get it all watch as Jeff and Gary (Two Toes) find Hidden Gold Nuggets in the Bedrock Crevices with Metal Detectors. SG 011 Watch our other Prospecting video's and check out Gary's Channel ( Two Toes ) Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video, Jeff
  18. Hay guys I'm still deciding on what vlf to get again to go with my pis ..I've had monster 1000 (love it) found alot of small gold and stupidly small to the point it was almost anoying ... and had the nox 800 tho the nox was more of my all rounder its gold capabilities were on par with the monster and both out did my gold bug 2 on small gold by alot .. but my gold bug 2 ran smother on the ground than both the others ..so theres trade offs ... but heres my question what are the older gmts like I'm guessing simalar to the gb2 with not quite the sensitivity to super small stuff like modern vlfs ... but I like its features the ground scan trigger analyze etc ... now I know people will say what about the new 24k and it is on my list and I'm very tempted if anything just to put it head to head with my friends gm1000 and make a video for people but I'm weary because it's been out for 5 months now and not one video on you tube other than dealers or a couple coin hunting and that worrys me abit ... ... but I'm interested to hear people experianced with the gmt like depth on low to mild ground how small it will go etc and how smooth... I'll say one thing for whites they have good ideas I have the tdi sl pi machine and yes it lacks omph compared to my modded gpx4500 but the fact you can put it in low conductivity mode and use the pulse delay and ground balance to tune out nails nd trash etc and only pick up ya gold and lead or low conductors for a pi that's awsome and makes hunting trash areas doable with a pi
  19. Does anyone use or have used the Whites SGT (Sierra Gold Trac)? It's 48 kHz I'm looking for any tips or tricks. I was told its a stripped down GMT or 24K Goldmaster. Any suggestions? White’s Sierra Gold Trac SGT
  20. Version 621-0545


    White's Sierra Gold Trac Owner's Guide, 383 KB pdf file, 8 pages White's Sierra Gold Trac Data & User Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  21. Version 2009


    White's GMZ Operating Instructions, 353 KB pdf file, 3 pages White's GMZ - Steve's Review White's Metal Detector Forum
  22. Version 621-0428 Rev 8/2001


    White's Goldmaster GMT Owner's Guide, 2.82 MB pdf file, 31 pages White's Goldmaster GMT Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  23. I'm looking for a little information on a nice Goldmaster V Sat I just bought from an old friend that owned it, but never used it. I own and love my White's MXT, but wanted a detector that was more geared to finding gold. My question is this, can anyone give me a few hints for the initial setup and where to turn my settings, and then I can take it from there. Without where to start out in my settings is pretty fustrating, so any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  24. A quick specification comparison of the two detectors. White's Goldmaster Goldmaster 24K versus White's GMT White's GMT Instruction Manual GMT Information Page White's Goldmaster 24K Advanced Guide 24K Information Page Despite similarities these two detectors have a different lineage. The GMT was part of the effort involving engineer Dave Johnson that resulted in both the GMT and MXT. The Goldmaster 24K however I am almost 100% certain is an offshoot of the MX5 project, variants of which also include the MX7 and MX Sport. Notes on the chart above. The GMT has the ability to directly manipulate the ground balance up and down via the plus and minus buttons on the pod face. The Goldmaster 24K (GMK) relies on either automatic ground tracking or the ground grab, features the GMT also shares. However, the GMK has a ground balance offset feature. Under the section titled "Ground Scan" on page 15 of the White's Goldmaster 24K Advanced Guide: "In Ground Scan you can also set a ground offset by using the UP and DOWN arrows. This selection will affect the ground offset in normal search mode whether using XGB or locked settings." Note that the offset, once set, is active in both ground tracking mode and when using the ground grab function. Normally a manual ground balance is used to just tweak the setting derived from tracking or ground grab up or down a small amount. This can be done with the 24K but in a different fashion than the GMT. The fact the offset is active while in ground tracking actually gives the GMK an ability the GMT lacks. The Goldmaster 24K has a volume control the GMT lacks. A real biggie in my opinion is that the GMK can completely block the audio from ferrous targets. The best you could get with the GMT is an audio "iron grunt" on ferrous, but no way to shut it up. This is even more an issue when you get into some bad hot rocks that signal as iron. The GMT can get pretty noisy, but the GMK allows those signals to be blocked. It can in fact also block ferrous "wrap around" signals where ferrous reads very high on the scale, almost like a silver target. Coils compatible? That very important note is to warn you that all past Goldmaster/GMT coils are not compatible with the new Goldmaster 24K. Just another tip that these really are different detectors under the hood.
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