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  1. If so, will it be in September. Planning upcoming trips and would like to attend this one.
  2. Nebulanoodle and others who have contacted me about the El Paso mountains. Some of you made comments about how you couldn't believe the size of the nuggets being found here. Well here is a pic of a FRACTION of what is also found while finding those nuggets. The pic doesn't show a lot of lead, bullet brass, screening and pieces of wire. Oh and hot rocks aren't pictured. I am interested in an informal field test of a 24K 6000,7000, Goldmonster and of course my EQ800 in this area. I will put my EQ down and just observe for awhile. Maybe the 6 & 7 will do well out of the wash and up the sides of the hills surrounding the wash and I wonder how the other 2 (24K & GM) will do IN the wash...we'll see.I am going to have to break this outing(s) plural up into 2 trips...I have too many volunteers..LOL!! I don't mind inviting these people to be my guest for the weekend as I have been over and over this wash and if they can find what I missed and I can see these other detectors in action and in the case of the 6 & 7 actually use them and split the findings...well great. It's always good to gain knowledge and compare.
  3. Do any organized hunts get collaborated here,if so could you navigate me where???thx
  4. Just wanted to say thanks too Gerry for the training on the gpx 6000 at rye patch and a special thank you to Eli you made my brother and I better Nevada nugget hunters .We put a lot of hours on the 6000 in northern .ca. before the training and found a good bit of gold it is a hell of a machine. Just nice to get the pros to teach us more. all the guys at the training were awesome and made some new friends that we will be hunting with this spring Thanks again Gerry
  5. Stev H can move this if it doesn't belong here! That weekend there R no less than 4 outings for gold prospectors! OC49ers(as "guests") of LDMA, Taft Club, Pat Keene's group and where I'll be at Rocky Road (160 acre claim) for Antelope Valley Treasure Club chili cook out. One viewer mentioned he was interested in going out and that he had also joined Taft but had not yet gone on an outing with them. You may look these clubs up and contact them for directions or I can also direct you as I have been out with all of them. This nugget was found on a OC49er claim this year with an EQ800. I will be going back there another time as I am committed to the AV club outing for that weekend.
  6. Here’s a look around Detectival Sept. 2021. This is an amazing location and I’m sure we are going to hear about some banner finds this year. btw: can’t tell Minelab is there can ya? Haha
  7. 2021 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Date: September 25th 2021 Time: 10am to 3pm A Park Entrance Fee of $5.00 will be collected at the Park Booth. The Event itself is Free to all that attend. Location: Rye Patch State Recreation Area 2505 Rye Patch Reservoir Rd Lovelock, NV 89419 Celebrate Nevada’s Mining History The Rye Patch State Recreation Area, GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno (Inc.) the American Mining Rights Association (AMRA) the Reno Prospecting & Detecting Club and the Reno Gem & Mineral Society will be hosting a one-day free metal detector hunt. All that attend can take part in a planned metal detector hunt for prizes, see demonstrations and get hands-on instruction, hear knowledgeable speakers, and practice the art of Mining for Gold & Treasure in an ecological sound method. Participants must have their own metal detector, pay the State Parks entrance fee and be ready to have fun. Take the short ride east from Reno on Interstate 80 to Rye Patch State Park. Food available for a $5 or $10-dollar donation at event. For More Information Visit: GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno http://www.gpaaofnorthernnevadareno.com Reno Prospecting and Detecting Club http://renoprospectinganddetecting.com Reno Gem & Mineral Society http://renogms.org American Mining Rights Association (AMRA) Or call one of the following: GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno – Marlene at (775) 842-0681 Reno Prospecting and Detecting - Michael at (316) 200-4115 Rye Patch State Park: (775) 538-7321
  8. Today was a day that I've been waiting for for two weeks. A great forum member GB amateur contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting together to hunt on his way back from another trip on the east coast. Without reserve I said yes. With all the details worked out we got together today to hunt an old swim club established in the 20's. It was hot hot and more hot today and I was hoping we would have a good time before we both died of heat stroke. GB was running the 800 and I was too for about 15 minutes, When I decided to change over to the Compadre. I have found a few silvers there and had some problems with iron so what the hell. We both were finding some clad and wheaties. After an hour or so GB raised his hand with the first silver of the day a merc dime. Shortly after I pulled a 62 rosie. More clad and wheaties I decided to move to a spot I hunted a fair amount with the 800, But not with a Tesoro. Within a few minutes I pulled out a 44 merc. Two minutes more and out comes a 9k wedding band. The Compadre never ceases to amaze me. After a little while longer we decided to call it quit's and get some lunch and BS some more. Getting a chance to hunt with GB today was as fun as it gets and to have a good time with someone who you respect makes it all the better.
  9. Anyone up for a two weekend Vintage Metal Detector treasure hunt? It would be from one Sat thru the Weekdays and ending the following Sunday. You must dedicate yourself to using a vintage detector(s) at any location(s) of your choice. BFO, TR, IB, OR, VLF/TR type. You will post all of your finds found using the detector(s) you used. All based on the honor system. It would show folks that vintage detectors are still alive and kicking finding treasure. If there's interest. I will work up a hunt. Date probably June or July. Detector would have to be no newer than 1985?
  10. In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day on May 24, Kellyco has been working with friends and affiliates to come up with a treat for treasure hunters! Kellyco’s Nationwide Scavenger Hunt is a promotion that encourages treasure hunters of every age, experience level, and equipment level to get out and hunt hard, searching for buried treasure. Our affiliates and friends have been seeding coins all across the United States that are worth a $50 Kellyco gift card each. These coins will not lose their value until they are redeemed. As passionate treasure hunters, Kellyco encourages everyone with an interest in treasure hunting to get out there and celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day! Treasure hunting is much more than one person, as it is a hobby enjoyed by millions of humans, each trying to get their hands on history and buried treasure. With this in mind, go forth with a metal detector in hand, a smile on your face, and the potential to find $50 worth of Kellyco gift cards in the ground! Make sure to follow all your favorite Kellyco Affiliates and watch for clues! Click here to learn more and see our interactive map!
  11. [UCLA Meteorite Gallery] March 2021 Newsletter http://mail.artnet.net/skins/elastic/images/contactpic.svg From UCLA Meteorite Collection <meteorites@ucla.edu> on 04/03/2021 05:49 PM Details Plain text
  12. If you aren't doing anything in 3 hours you can attend a meteorite lecture! Metamorphism of primitive solar system materials Chondritic meteorites represent the most primitive material in the solar system. These chondrites originate from asteroids that did not reach temperatures high enough to melt. Although they escaped melting, some of these primitive asteroids reached temperatures high enough to induce metamorphism - recrystallization of a rock in a solid state. Unlike Earth, where metamorphism is accompanied by pressure and heat, metamorphism on asteroids is driven only by temperature. This metamorphism results in textural and geochemical changes that provide insight into the thermal and physical evolution of small bodies during the solar system's earliest formation. https://ucla.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEqduyupj0vGd3S0_52FsbHTbPjYr0sZQUj
  13. The Harquahala Mountains near Salome, Arizona provided a beautiful location for Bill Southern's three-day Patreon outing for those who back his YouTube channel, Nugget Shooter Journals. This was his second Patreon outing of the year. Including Bill and Tammy about a dozen gold hunters attended. The long weekend started on Thursday night with Bill giving an engaging talk at the Gold Fever Radio club just south of Salome on Hwy 60. The next few days most people set up their RV's and campers a short drive from the private claims we had access to. I really enjoyed the group, learned a lot and even found a couple of nuggets with my GM 1000, a 1.7 gm solid nugget and a 1.0 gm specie. Tammy, aka Nugget Shooterette, who has her own YouTube channel also found a nugget and then made a delicious dinner for all of us on Saturday night. Fantastic. Bill and Tammy are fun to be with and very generous with their knowledge of gold and gem prospecting. If you have not seen their channels take a look. Happy Hunting,
  14. Hi, This hunt is open to the public and is still scheduled to happen as of March 19, 2020. Hopefully it will not be postponed or cancelled. Jeff
  15. until
    Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt / DIGGIN' TEXAS 2020 Weekend of March 27-29, 2020 (rain or shine) First Monday (flea market grounds) 800 First Monday Lane Canton, TX 75103 For RV Reservations: https://www.firstmondaycanton.com/rv-park Posted 03-13-20 Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, Garrett Metal Detectors has come to the difficult decision to postpone the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt IV scheduled March 27 – 29, 2020 in favor of safety for all. We are disappointed that we will not be together in Canton and hope everyone understands. We will be back to you once we have decided what our next steps will be in regards to the dates for the rescheduled event. Basic Hunt Package: Participation in several prize hunts: Lights Out Hunt, Free Range Hunt, and Kids Hunt (for those 12 and under). Three prize token games will be seeded throughout the weekend, including tokens for the Gold Coin Challenge. One Charles Garrett Memorial/Diggin' Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt fee is paid before February 1, 2020). Free First Monday park admission and tent camping (RV camping requires additional fee). Hunters are free to search throughout the park grounds for native coins and relics. In addition, special prize tokens and caches will be seeded throughout the park grounds. Optional Silver Hunt and Relic Hunt also available. Plenty of Fun for All Ages! Meet other treasure hunters and find some treasure! Or explore Canton's historic district and local museums. Free Kids Hunt for ages 12 and under. All prizes will be awarded! A random drawing will be conducted for unclaimed prizes. Special guests, more details to be announced! Picnic and coolers allowed. Concessions available in Civic Center building on Saturday and Sunday. Visit the Garrett website for more information and to sign up!
  16. The Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club Super Hunt is this Saturday. The weather looks good so we are going to attend. We'll be in the Blythe area on Friday morning and willing to go up to Quartzsite for an afternoon of nugget hunting. Does anyone want a tag-a-long which includes a 2 year old? haha We could go to Tom Wells Road or up to one of the GPAA claims or ??? Ken and Lunk where are you? Mitchel https://www.quartzsitemetaldetectingclub.com/events/2018/1/20/qmdc-january-super-hunt-df7jl
  17. until
    Minelab Wedderburn Detector Jamboree 2020 An annual two day event introducing gold panning and detector demonstrations on the Labour Day long weekend. Saturday, 07 March 2020 | 06:45 AM to Sunday, 08 March 2020 | 03:00 PM Bring along the family for a fun filled prospecting weekend on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 March and participate in all the activities to do with detecting and gold panning. Major gold detector draws, and many lucky draw prizes up for grabs. Senior token hunt Saturday and Sunday Senior gold panning knockout Saturday Monster town garage sales Saturday Saturday evening entertainment Prizes this year are: Senior token hunt - Minelab GPX 5000 valued at $5999.00 Junior token hunt - 1st prize Minelab GO-FIND 60 Detector valued at $399, 2nd price Minelab GO-FIND 40 detector valued at $299, 3rd prize Minelab GO-FIND 20 detector valued at $199 For a full list of events and running times click here Please note that the Wedderburn Country Market has moved to Saturday 7 March from 9am-1pm at Jacka Park, High Street, Wedderburn. Cost Free entry for non-participants. Senior detector hunt: $50 for the weekend, $40 for one day. Seniors gold panning: $5. Junior detector hunt: $10 per child (8-16). Junior gold panning: $5 per child Contact Loddon Visitor Information Centre 03 5494 3489 loddonvisitorinformation@loddon.vic.gov.au Visit website for latest information
  18. Come one come all to the Annual Gathering of Treasure Hunters from throughout the land. There will be fun, food, prizes and merriment for all at the Treasure Coast Archaeological Society (TCAS) 33rd Annual Hunt. When: Saturday, March 14, 2020 Where: Kiwanis-Hobart Park, Wabasso, Florida Under the shade of the pines in Hobart Park. Only 5 min from the 1715 Spanish fleet wreck treasure beaches. Competition hunt, silver and reale hunts. Lots of prizes including metal detectors (AT Pro, Ace 350/400), scoops, headphones and a lot more. The cost is $125 for the whole day (all hunts) including lunch. No individual pricing. If you send payment before March 1st, 2019, the cost is only $99. The fun starts at 9am. See our website for maps, forms and more information. COMPETITION HUNT - There will be several thousand painted tokens evenly distributed in the marked-off area, very close to the surface (within 1"). The goal is to locate and recover as many of the marked coins as possible in one hour. Trophies and prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Please feel free to gather at the border prior to the hunt, but please do not enter the area before the beginning of the hunt. Everyone will begin at the same time and end at the same time. Remaining time will be announced. Please do not share tokens. Once you leave the hunt field, you cannot return. This hunt will require speed, technique, skill and the ability to bend over and have good knees and back. This hunt is for bragging rights as the "Best Competition Hunter". YOUTH HUNT (12 and under) - The smaller buccaneers among us will have an opportunity to strut their stuff. This is a mini version of the Competition Hunt. Yes, you can observe and give verbal help, but the smaller buccaneer is the only one who can operate the magic wand (metal detector) and retrieve the tokens. Remember the primary goal is to have fun. THE SHOOT-OUT (PINPOINT) - This will definitely get you in the mood to pull some hair. The object is to locate and place an X on the specific location of a coin attached to the underside of a piece of plywood. The goal is to pinpoint the exact center of the hidden coin's location with your metal detector. You will have 30 seconds to make your mark. Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Then its break for LUNCH! SILVER HUNT and REALE HUNT - Silver coins will be randomly distributed in the field. Recover as many as you can, and keep all that you find!!! The more that sign up, the more coins we will put in the ground! Prize tokens will also be planted and some will be for SPANISH REALES! See our website for maps, forms and more information.
  19. Can anyone recommends any really great gold hunting adventures in the USA? Maybe something like a week guided tour.
  20. until
    From https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/34198-fall-outing-2019/: “Hi All, We will be doing the fall outing in the weekend of November 15-17 at Little San Domingo. There will be some cool things going on and Minelab will also be there with some cool stuff to let you all test drive. More details as they come in.” See the thread above for the latest details and more information. Late breaking news - it is possible the new Minelab Vanquish will be on hand.
  21. From http://renoprospectinganddetecting.com/rye-patch-nugget-shoot/ "2019 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot - To all interested parties the 2019 Nugget Shoot that was scheduled to be held Sept. 28th at the Rye Patch State Park in Nevada is hereby canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. We are planning on holding a 2020 Nugget Shoot at Rye Patch State Park next year. We thank all of our partners for the support they have given at the last 6 Nugget Shoots and hope they will continue with their support at the 2020 Nugget Shoot."
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