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  1. Features/Price Comparison of the Garrett Vortex vs. Nokta Triple Score vs. Minelab X-Terra Elite Note the Minelab X-Terra Elite Price of $599 US I listed is based on a combo package that includes ML wireless phones and a 6" round coil. The detector/coil only price for X-terra Elite is $479 US.
  2. I was lucky enough to be one of the few Beta testers for the new Nokta Makro Accupoint and now that I’m officially released from the NDA, I’m going to attempt to do my first detailed review of a new product. I've only been detecting for around two years, but I do know what I enjoy using and what works well for me in my area of SE Ohio. I do want to point out that I did not get a chance to test the Accupoint on a beach, all my testing was done in fields and parks. Additionally, these are the results I got during my testing and realize that some of these results will vary, depending on your specific location. I would also like to point out that this is just my opinion, which is based on my relatively short amount of time detecting. I have eleven pin-pointers from most of the main manufacturers, but my “go to” pin-pointer has continually been the XP MI4 or MI6. For comparison purposes I will use the XP MI6 and the Quest XPointer Max. I apologize for the picture size, I couldn't quite figure out how to adjust the fonts, and the sizes of the pictures to be more consistent. In the Box When you open the box, the Accupoint comes with the items that you normally expect to receive: a holster, lanyard, charging cord, extra O-ring, and an extra tip protector. In order to use the Accupoint paired with the Legend headphones, you must upgrade your Legend software to version 1.12 for Accupoint (Test version?). Ensure that you do a factory reset on the Legend after you have updated to the new software. Build Quality The Accupoint is sturdily built. It has a one-piece thick plastic outer shell, with a replaceable protective tip. The end cap houses the audio output, which acts as a cover for a removable audio booster and the internal speaker which is located beside the USB Type-C charging port. The end cap has three locking lugs that turn and lock the end cap in place, as opposed to a traditional screw on cap. I submerged the Accupoint in my bathtub for 10 minutes and this did not have any effect on the Accupoint when I took it out of the water and turned the unit on. Finally, the internal lithium polymer battery lasts approximately 25 hours, and remaining battery life is displayed on the LCD screen through the use of a battery indicator icon. Unscrew the cap and you can see the removable audio booster, the speaker, and the USB Type-C charging port. Size/Weight Dimensions are about the same as the Quest XPointer Max and slightly thicker than the XP MI6. The Accupoint weighs in at 217 gr, versus the Quest at 185 gr, and the XP MI6 at 170 gr. Not a big difference but you can feel that the Accupoint is a little heavier. Settings The menu settings are accessed by holding down the On/Off button while the unit is on, until the red status bar indicator reaches the setting icon and you hear one beep. The menu settings are extremely user friendly and very intuitive, unlike most other pin-pointers, where you have to memorize how to access different settings. Sensitivity: Sensitivity level consists of settings from level 1 to level 9. Factory setting is level 7, and I found that in the areas that I detected, a setting of level 8 or 9 falsed. However, on level 8, after I performed a frequency shift, that quieted down the Accupoint. Ultimately, I ended up using the Accupoint on the factory setting of 7, as it seemed to detect items at the same depth as a setting of 8 or 9. After digging nearly one hundred targets, it does seem that the Accupoint hits targets a little harder than the Quest or the XP pin-pointers at the edge of detection. Sound and Vibration: Not much to say about this other than the Accupoint operates in three modes: Sound, Vibrate, or Sound and Vibrate. Search Modes: Tone 1: All metal mode. Tone 2: Discrimination mode. This mode discriminates between ferrous and non-ferrous items and gives a different, distinct alert and vibration for an item that is determined to be ferrous. Lastly, the Iron Off mode, which does not detect iron. In this mode, the Accupoint did not detect an iron square nail, but the Quest identified it a non-ferrous until it was approximately 1.5 inches away from the nail at which point the tone turned to ferrous. On several occasions during my testing, the Quest gave a ferrous signal on items at the edge of detection, that the Accupoint identified as non-ferrous. In every instance that this occurred, the item ended up being a copper wheat penny. Bluetooth: There are three Bluetooth settings: Off, Bluetooth Headphones, and Bluetooth Headphones with pin-pointer speaker. · Please note that you pair your pin-pointer with your headphones, not your detector. · Leave your Legend detector off while pairing the pin-pointer to the headphones. Pairing Process: Turn your headphones on, the turn on the Accupoint. Go into the Accupoint Bluetooth settings and select the Bluetooth Headphones setting. Wait for 1-2 minutes, until you hear the pin-pointer through your headphones. Once you pair it the first time, it will connect from there on out until you turn off the bluetooth. If you are trying to locate a target and you power on the Accupoint, the headphone connection is immediate, but once you turn off the Accupoint it can take up to ten seconds to disconnect and revert back to your detector audio. Additionally, while trying to locate a target, I found that occasionally the bluetooth says “disconnecting”, through the headphones. The unit did not disconnect and performed without an issue, but it did concern me initially until I got used to it. Frequency Shift: This setting is used to prevent interference with other detectors operating nearby. The Accupoint has three different frequency shifts. A frequency shift helped reduce falsing on sensitivity level 8 in the area I was detecting. LED Flashlight: This setting has two modes, on and off. The flashlight is considerably larger and brighter than any of my other pin-pointers. Volume: The Accupoint has two volume levels, Low and High. This pin-pointer is louder than the XP MI6 but not as loud as the Quest, which is really loud. Since I have loss of hearing, it would have been nice for a third, louder level. But the factory high setting is probably plenty loud for those who do not have a loss of hearing. LCD Screen Backlight: The Accupoint has two backlight levels, low and bright. Even set on bright, I still had to turn out of direct sunlight to be able to read the screen. Factory Default: Self-explanatory. Compared Pin-pointers: I have eleven pin-pointers. Of those eleven, I generally use the XP MI6 pin-pointer. After testing the depth of the Accupoint in my ground, I figured that I would compare this to my XP and the only other discriminating pin-pointer I have, the Quest XPointer Max. Of all my pin-pointers, the deepest is easily the Fisher F-Pulse, followed by the Quest. The Accupoint is third on that list, and beats the XP, Garrett Carrot, and the Dr Otek. I don't count my Whites Bullseye TRX because it is no longer available, although I do really, really like mine. What I don't like: Honestly, the dislikes are just a matter of preference. My opinion will probably change as I use it more, but I prefer the side On/Off button of the XP MI6. The button is on the top of the Accupoint and is easy to push but I’m just not used to it in that location, so I continually find myself feeling along the side for the button. The other issue I disliked was falsing in the higher sensitivity settings, but that was fixed easily enough with a frequency shift, retuning the pin-pointer, or lowering the sensitivity setting. What I like: This is a really nice pin-pointer and I think that Nokta Makro did themselves proud with this one. Its very well made and feels good in the hand while using. It is simple to use and the menu is extremely easy to use, which is nice for a change because I can never remember how to get into menus of my other pin-pointers. The replaceable tip protector is a nice touch for those that tend to destroy the tip of their pin-pointer. Lastly, after digging nearly one hundred targets, I can say that the Accupoint found everything that the Quest or the XP found, and identified ferrous or non-ferrous targets more accurately than the Quest. Great job Nokta, I think I have a new favorite pin-pointer.
  3. Has anyone had this happen to them? I've never even used the coil but my Pulse Dive has run out of warranty a few months ago I think, I've lost its receipt it may well still be under warranty, so it's now a throw away having never been used. I had it on the Pulse Dive as I figured I'd never use it as a pinpointer but hoped to use it for a play around in the water at some point over summer but it's winter now and never found time in the previous summer so the pin pointers never been used at all except for some air tests. Today I went to remove the coil to put the pinpointer end back onto it to make a video comparing pinpointers and while undoing the coil it just shattered for no real reason, I can't explain why it would break like this, it's always been difficult to get it off as its a waterproof unit and needs a good seal but I guess this time the stress on the plastic was just too much for it and it exploded. I guess that was some wasted money seeing I never even got to use it.
  4. Just got a email from Nokta/Makro telling about two new detectors for kids that is waterproof. One is the Mini Hoard for 99.95 and the Midi Hoard for 119.95. For the money and being waterproof too has got to be another great buy like the Simplex. Chuck
  5. Curious if anyone has the standard or the pro? I have the standard. Just figured out how to use it after practicing a lot with it.
  6. It really has great target separation (meter) when looking for silver in an old ball field loaded with screw caps. The right coil (Round) at 5 kHz, 4 tones is a Beast!
  7. I've been keeping an eye on the Lira for a while now, the Turkish currency and it's just been on a massive fall against most currencies, in fact it's fallen 65% in the past 2 years against the USD, 20% in the past month alone. The Turkish economy is obviously a basket case causing this with insane inflation with the annual inflation rate at 40%, makes us feel kinda silly complaining about our mid single figure inflation rates. And if you thought your interest rates were bad in Turkey they've just doubled from 8.5% to 15% in the past couple of days and they're needing to go up a lot more yet with forecasts of 25% by the end of the year. This it the past 2 years of the Lira, look at it tracking right down vs the USD. And the last month alone, look at the dive at the end. The annual inflation rate reached 85 per cent late last year and the central bank burned through most of its reserves trying to prop up the Lira, down 90 per cent against the USD over the past 10 years. So what does this mean for Nokta's pricing? All those US buyers paying their 500 or 600 USD or whatever the Legend currently costs is a whole lot of Liras, much more than it was even a month ago, so does this mean Nokta can further reduce prices blowing the competition out of the water? Possibly. We can only wait and see.
  8. Flat pack Lipo LP-904085, 3.7v, 3700mAh 85mm including wrapper x 38mm x 10mm Seen some on ebay but they are in the UK. Amazon doesn't have them and trying to avoid the slow boat from China via Aliexpress.
  9. I like to know where the stuff I buy comes from, It's been pretty interesting to look up the manufacturer addresses of products and see their factories. Nokta make great products so I figured I'd take a look where they come from. Nokta Detectors's headquarters are located at no4 Emek Mah Sivatyolu Cad Sakiz Sok, Sarigazi, Istanbul, 34785, Turkey A quick Google street view and up pops their factory. I wonder if in that cage on the front of it is a load of Legends on their way to dealers. It's quite a big build too, you can see it here So now we know where Nokta detectors come from. Wishing our friends in Türkiye (Turkey) the best, they just had a big 7.8 earthquake, not near Nokta fortunately but still sad to hear, hopefully it's not too bad. ?
  10. Any new or old updates or rumors stirrings of a suspected or pending “Nokta Makro Pulse Induction Metal Detector” release in the near future? There are definitely several gaps between the out of production White TDI plus the still in production Garrett ATX, ML SDC 2300 and Garrett Axiom for a mid range PI detector.
  11. NM has a new detector on their website for people just entering the hobby. The 1st Swing. Under $100 & IP68 rated waterproof!
  12. So it has been a year now since the Gold Finder 2000 by Nokta has come out. The advertising on the box talks it up pretty well and the price point is within most other VLF gold detectors. What I find interesting is the lack of success posts, photos and or stories. There is a pretty good Promo on it right now, but maybe that's because sales of said unti are not doing well? Also, this detector could be region related. As with the GM-1000, it was never intended for the US, but we wanted "turn on and go". Maybe it's just a matter of someone asking to see pics of your GF-2000 success so please let us know. Yes I am a dealer of said product, but I also have my favorites and already know them. With limited time it's tough to get my hands on all the new detectors coming out and giving them real hands on. In times past some of the manufactures and their hype was just that...hype. Anyone want to shed some light on your experiences (good and bad) of this detector. Thanks in advance.
  14. As a recent owner of a Pulse Dive I can see one issue with it that I'd like corrected, it's basically just hand held even though it has great coil options, it is good enough to be used as an underwater detector in replacement for full featured detectors, it really is but the one thing it's lacking is a longer shaft which would make it even suitable for land use as a standard detector. Nokta's R&D department (Research and Duplicate) has been great with the Legend, a perfect Nox Knock ? off, some even say it's better and maybe it is, so perhaps that same R&D department should get a bit of payback and duplicate a really great idea that's come from the Chinese metal detector manufacturers. I would absolutely love this shaft for my Pulse Dive.... Please consider something like it, it would be a great addition to an already good underwater detector. If the vibration is strong enough it should resonate right up the shaft.
  15. Hi, I have a broken 8pin cable from the handle motherboard to the coil for the Nokta Invenio detector. Can anyone help me with the cable diagram please? Tx
  16. Over the summer I had snagged the 5x9.5 dd coil and been using the MK for my high trash and smaller target hunting. I had used it water hunting at 19khz and noticed it would start overloading then would quiet down. At first I thought it was something large under the sand and thought not much about it. Later I put my 12" super fly on for a beach hunt and the performance was horrible, less than half the depth it usually does but the beach I was hunting is loaded with hot rocks and black sand. I did notice some fogging behind the display. Later when I got home I opened it up, dried it out, resealed the gasket and noticed the rubber boot on the control box where the headphones/charger cable connect wasn't very tight so I resealed that. Couple days ago did some more water hunting and the machine started to overload again. When I got home I tried a factory reset and no matter what coil I put on the machine overlaods in all modes except beach mode and 5khz. Reinstalled the last update but that doesn't fix it. Has anyone else run into this? Is the machine toast? Emailed Nokta but haven't heard back.
  17. I'm new to the hobby so go gentle with me in other words dumb it down for me. My question is to ignore iron targets what are the best settings to use. I'm currently using 3 tone gain at 88 Disc. 3 notch 4 Fe Vol N2 tone break 4-70 tone 50-70 isat-1 Freq. 14
  18. I have 10k white gold earring that many detector will not hit. The Gold Kruzer hits it great in micro mode with disc 0 and tone break 22. The 5x9.5 coil hits it good. The 4x7.5 hits it even better. My Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil the earring has to be touching the coil to get a hit. I tried my T2se with Nel Sharpshooter and it couldn't hit the earring.
  19. I am test driving a Deus I . I had been enjoying the Full Tone audio in a couple of different scenarios but It wound up on the Detector Unable to Participate (DUP) list over the weekend. So I broke out the Anfibio with the KR 19 sniper coil and hit up the sites that had been planned for the Deus 9” and decided to give Anfibio 99 Tone a crack at them. I am glad I did. At my last site I applied notching and subsequent notch volume to make for a successful authentically dynamic coin program, easily dialed up on the fly. At this site I was searching for coins in plenty of small iron and moderate to heavy trash with a tone volume of 4 and notch volume of 1. Discriminating 1-10, notching 11 to 65 and 97-99, using 5 khz everything else stock. It easily located coins, even with the small coil I reached down into 1969 twice. The 9” concentric is next batter up at this site, with this set up. I have to admit prior to this I had not given 99 Tone a thorough opportunity to show me what it could do I have a new appreciation for the machines capabilities, and dynamic full tone audio is a great corner to occupy in my opinion.
  20. A couple of Deus 2/Multi Kruzer comparison videos in English on Swiss hillside pasture. Very fair comparisons by an experienced Multi Kruzer user. Both videos are fairly long but are live relic/coin digs with tones and target ID numbers.
  21. A "new", easier to operate, gold probability scale 61 kHz nugget prospecting detector using the Anfibio platform from Nokta Makro. I did not see this coming...... https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/gold-finder-2000/
  22. Hello guys and girls. I am a pretty new detectorist. I have bought the nokta makro multi kruzer and it's working really well so far I think. In comparison to my old bounty hunter 2200 haha. I have been detecting at my in laws 1880s property and have pulled out a ton of stuff. 3 large cents Canadian. 1896 being the oldest. A 1800s pewter tea cup, the outer housing of a golf gilted pocket watch. A whole bunch of knights of the maccabees medallions. The only thing is I've been getting silver tones of 98. A solid 98 , I'll dig down and it's a large piece of rust iron? It this just because the target is so big that I'm getting the 98. I get so excited thinking its pre 1950 silver haha I'm just getting used to the vdi. Does anyone know what aluminium and zinc/galvanized would show up as? Just looking for some people to speak with and any tips and advice would be great. I appreciate you all.
  23. Why do in feel like Nokta Makro copy other manufacturers? This new one has alot of similarities of the equinox. The simplex I feel had alot of similarities to the deus, Fast mode (park 2) deep (park 1) pitch mode (field) same shape shaft. The lower rod on the simplex fits in the deus and it's an odd shape. No other manufacturers use that shape for the shaft as far as I know. So I'm guessing they copy electronics also which is why they can get new detectors to market faster. Change some cosmetics, copy electronics and bam new detector. The first ones were alot like Fisher, now nox with deus in between. Lol. Am I wrong?
  24. A friend invested in a Nokta Invenio Pro a few months ago, I refuse to add that Makro bit on the end, it's a mouthful ? He uploaded a video today showing it's use, I hadn't really seen much on it prior to this, he's always said it's pretty cool and now I see why. It shows perhaps where technology is heading, maybe one day we'll be laughing at Target ID's thinking they're old school and have a detector with an image of the target on the screen and this detector seems a first step towards that. It's really worth the watch as it's quite interesting, I personally think it's got a long way to go before I'd be interested in one especially for the price of the thing but it's a great start and shows Nokta is starting to really take shape as a leading detector company and likely to leave some others in the dust in the near future. If they continue developing this technology we have a pretty exciting future for detectors. For me if they could incorporate this into the detector not needing the computer/screen unit and making it handle smaller targets like coins and rings better it'd be pretty cool. Perhaps VLF's haven't been taken to the limits yet, manufacturers just need to think outside of the box.
  25. The 24k was relatively short lived by comparison of other US made detectors that seem to hang about on the market for 10 to 25 years, being a US detector it was a bit difficult for me to ever get my hands on one and I guess I was just too slow at making the move on one. So I'm considering an alternative. I like my Gold Monster but it is a bit simplified and I prefer more options so I just use it as a pinpointer, at the moment my primary prospecting VLF is the Equinox, I rarely use anything else. I have a Gold Bug 2 but find it a bit primitive especially with features and I'd prefer a detector with Target ID's and the tiny gold improvement over the Nox I find is very minimal, the Nox has a great range of features and does a pretty good job but I'm wondering If I'd get a bit more out of a dedicated prospecting VLF with a higher frequency. Am I losing much not using a 24k and sticking with my Equinox? The Nokta Gold Kruzer seems a viable choice, it's extremely cheap and sitting in stock at my local dealer, it has Nel coil support which I absolutely think is a major bonus, the Nel snake coil is made for it, and to me this seems the ultimate prospecting coil. I have it for my Fisher Gold Bug Pro but that detector just doesn't cut it for depth on small gold for me as I live in a place with a majority of the gold being very small. I need a the best VLF for hot rocks possible. Why is it that Nokta detectors just aren't as popular, they seem to make a great range. The Gold Kruzer and Gold Racer are what people have wanted in VLF prospecting detectors, aftermarket coil support, features dripping off them, quality builds and water proof and so on yet you don't see them as detectors people are using. Why is this? Steve H had a Gold Kruzer, Gold Monster etc, etc.... yet ended up settling on the 24k instead. Is the 24k that much better than the Nokta? What made the 24k the keeper and the Nokta the one to go. Would I be better off waiting to see what Garrett come out with, with any luck Nel will make coils for Garrett's version of a 24k. I've never owned a Notka, I am a bit puzzled why they make such feature packed and on paper great looking detectors yet people aren't using them.
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