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Found 74 results

  1. Hitting some the spots near where I found an old spill can came across this about 7" down. Usually don't dig iron but thoughts of a jar full of old coins crossed my mind. Old hunting trap, might do some reverse electrolysis to see if there are any makers markings on it as a clue for a date. There was a foundation nearby that looked like poured concrete so not sure the period it was made. Building might have been a garage or chicken coupe maybe, hard to tell. Nails around are all square with rounded tops.
  2. I knew my house was old, but just recently found out the owners had this property in 1850. So far no silver, or old coins even, but some interesting finds. I just bought a White's MX7 back in May, and haven't had the opportunity to use it a lot, but I'm giving it a workout lately.
  3. I have been hunting an old desert SP stop that is heavy alkali , so heavy that the top of the ground is a white salt crust. The park 1 and beach 1 settings have produced the most favorable results for me and at this point seem equal. The sensitivity level I run varies as chatter annoys me. The settings I have been using are 50 tone, Iron ON with volume set at 1, 0 iron bias and recovery at 6. There is a lot of garbage in the ground. I recall Brian Cal-Cobra posting about hunting in similar conditions and am interested in his take (as well as others) on setting choices. The Morgans and the lock came out of the worst of the alkali mud and were completely encrusted. All three were good dig signals but none deeper than 6 inches.
  4. Was in an old 1940 school yard that used to be a farm and got all giddy at first when I dug this up, was pretty deep about 14" or so. Thought it was a large cent in good shape but still kind of neat. Medal is bronze.
  5. Found this about 10" down with my Vaquero. Thinking drive chain link of some kind.
  6. Here is a short clip of me recovering..
  7. Found this one in a patch of woods where I have been finding some old coins. Not sure but looks like what is left of a harmonica, top and bottom seem to be missing and rivits long rusted away. I was able to snag parts of the center which was wood. Not sure why that held up and rest is gone. Maybe the owner had a drinking issue which preserved the inners? 🙂
  8. Pulled these from a very early site. My buddy pulled the bottle..
  9. Don't know where to post this ...but this is what I found today...
  10. Can anyone date this? Found on old homesite in Louisiana along the Mississippi River.
  11. Hello all Found a really nice 1964 Gillette razor buried about eight inches deep on my parent's land in Cape Breton. I would love to know how it got there since it was well away from any old foundations and such. Maybe it was discarded out a car window some time ago. It is still fully functional so I am having it cleaned and will install the proper handle on it once it arrives.
  12. So got back out to my one nugget producing spot here in VA, this past Saturday. Four of us in total went I was swinging the GPX4800 with the 15x12 commander mono coil, my buddy was swinging my equinox 800 with stock coil, and my two other friends (the ones who originially found this place), were swing the GPX5000 with a 11 commander DD coil. In total i got 4 nice nuggets for the day, the GPX5000 got 2 and the equinox 800 unfortunately got skunked. Biggest nugget was 2.3 grams, smallest was 6 grains. I also got a steel ball that came from a civil war case shot shell. All three detectors ready to go for the next days planned adventure. Fording the high creek water to get to the detecting area. Collapse mine shaft. Case Shot Case shot second pic Dirt gold right out of the ground All cleaned up and purty On the detectors coil All the trash dug in the search for gold. 100+ pieces. I got some good video footage so i should have a video up in the next few days.
  13. Hi All, Had a quick hunt today at an old home site. Currently a grassed park, there was a house on the site in the 1950's. I targeted the area that looked like a couple of clotheslines in the aerial. The aerial isn't of great quality so difficult to confirm. I ended up finding a couple of old lipstick tubes in the area which makes me think there may have been a couple of upturned pockets in the area (i.e. a clothesline or two). Unfortunately no coins or anything else of value... I'll be heading back there when I have grown my confidence with the machine. Cheers all Rob
  14. A few finds that are copper pieces, A nice point, a rolled trade bead and an unfinished copper piece that was copper nuggets that had been joined by pounding together but not yet a finished tool......I actually found the point in my front yard while testing a new MD...Copper nuggets were found in the Chititu area and were traded by the local natives to other tribes for toolmaking.. A friend found a small fishhook that was very interesting..
  15. We are moving house this week end i found a lost item well actually a few they are all canonballs which i put in a safe place to avoid to be kicked :) Here is my 2nd favourite a nice specimen circa 15th century.I got a smaller one cracked to the core but not splitted which remind the force or the energy at impact...........they were used against wood structure and heaven cavalry then became obsolete against stone walls,and were replaced by lead then quickly by steel Anyway here is the beast weight around 3.5kg RR
  16. I found this at the same place the 1899 Barber Dime came from, the old farm where I grew up in Wisconsin. It appears to be brass, and the thin strip of metal makes a "bwonggg" sound when plucked. Any guesses?
  17. Hello to all been supra busy visiting houses and working like a donkey but i manage to squeeze some pure digging and detecting the spoil. BUT yesterday when for a metal detecting only session and i had that beauty.6000 years old tranchet Adze blade from the Mesolithic period,i ll well pleased with that. More pictures of my trench only session soon Enloy RR
  18. Found these two targets while relic hunting yesterday. The first item looks to be an aluminum cloths pin. This is the second one I've found at this site. The second item has be buffaloed. At first I thought it was a 357 magnum cartridge but its not. It tapers from right to left. There is a hole that goes all the way through. The hole also tapers from the larger to a small hole. Appears to be non-ferrous in nature. Very strange.
  19. I found these two guys in the Motherload country. Our Kicker is a suspender type clip, maybe for a horse ? and Headlight is a button. Any of the relic experts here dare to date them? Thanks
  20. Puttering around in the park and came across this.
  21. Not sure the age on this one. Once I washed it up with some baking soda and toothbrush to get the dirt off it has some nice detail still. My cell phone didn't take a very good pick, the front is shiny brass, could be plated but not sure.
  22. Groundscanner and I detected today in a site that has been detected for years with numerous detectors. These finds were found in about a 3 hour timespan. We probably need to go back again. ? Looks like this machine makes the old sites new again.
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