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Info On Aero-Magnetic Surveys

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The state of wy is doing a pine tree clear-cut over top of a potential gold rich zone north of the old miners delight mine, doing so in the name of better habitat for the quakies.

This seems a little wierd to me, so i ask if anyone knows if removal of decidous? trees would greatly increase effectivness of such a survey?

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Thanks for clarification on trees lipCa.

I just have a tough time understanding why cutting down pine trees( into unusable lumber) to make better habitat for a shallow rooted, weed of a tree, that probably wont survive a couple drought-years anyway.

State spent 500k on it, not sure of extext of pine harvested, but isnt very large of an area.

It was my hypothosis that these coniferous trees would interfere because they retain thier leaves, thereby interfering with the em signature of aerial based survey.

Perhaps they did it just because they are just pretty during the fall.

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Like Steve said.


What magnetic surveys do is look for differences in Earth's Natural Magnetic fields. Such fields can be altered by large underground ore bodies, large buried caches of metal, etc. Even if the ore body or buried metal is non-magnetic. The manner in which the metal affects the Earth's Magnetic Field which surrounds it many times can determine the type of metal. Another type of determining survey is called "Ground Resistivity". Don't get fooled by 99% of the ground resistivity detectors you see for sale. Anything operated by a nine volt battery can only get good resistivity figures for about ten square feet. There are also micro-gravity meters that can see tiny changes in the Earth's Gravity caused by things underground. Lots of ways to look underground if you have the money!



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