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Jimmy Sierra TDI Pro Chest Harness !!!!


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As the title suggests i am after one of the chest harness's for the TDI Pro that was made by Jimmy Sierra,alas i missed the opportunity to buy one when he had his closing down sale.

Its a very slim chance that i will locate one but always worth a try,i am of course open for other suggestions and other makes but not aware of other specific chest harness's for the TDI Pro.

If anyone has one or can direct me in the right direct or even a alternative option it would be most welcome.

Many thanks

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Steve,outstanding information and that is basically exactly what i am looking for.only thing that slightly concerns me doing this is how the coax cable will stand upto constantly moving but will give it a go and will update you.

Tremendous help and advice as usual.

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I have done a lot of chest mount detecting. The cable is a concern where it meets the control box if it is getting bent every time you bend over. Common if going straight down against belly and doing lots of bending over to dig. I’ll never forget a soldering job I had to do in the remote mountains of Alaska with a nail and pliers heated over a stove and just enough remnant solder to get the job done. :smile: So watch that area, and reinforce it with shrink wrap or electrical table to reduce severe repetitive bending, or reposition the box somewhere else. You can mount the box sideways so the cable comes out the side instead of bottom, or hip mount it.


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I traded a small coil for the Jimmy Sierra Tdi Chest Harness, not using it but I'm heading in that direction for beach hunting in the 'wet zone'. Not safe to put the machine down so it makes good sense. Very hard to find new, impossible maybe, but there are a few floating around, mostly unused. Like almost everything else I use, I'll be looking at modifying it and doing a few custom additions. Not overly complex, simple design actually and easily replicated. All the best.

tdi harness3.jpg

tdi harness2.jpg

tdi harness1.jpg

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