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Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Harness

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Apologies again for a cross-post.

TAMING THE SAVAGE ARMADILLO - Or as Steve once referred to it - a duck out of water.

I posted already that the sling provided wasn't much help for me. Today I received my ML Pro Swing 45 harness.

Oh bliss! It works very well to take the dead weight of the great Armadillo off my arm and shoulder. There is a nice shoulder strap and hip belt arrangement and a very clever adjustable bungee to hold the detector. Another feature that really works is the plastic J-strut which transfers weight from the shoulder strap,down to the back of the hip belt.

Garrett should immediately rip off this idea, thereby returning the favor for ML's rip off of the Garrett Pro Pointer. IMHO.

Meanwhile, I await the $2000 Garret LTX - a lean, mean 3 pound version of the Armadillo for skinny terrestrial bipeds like myself - we can call it the Roadrunner. If they do that I will become a dealer and sell them door-to-door!


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I use the Pro-Swing 45 with the Garrett ATX for anything more than a couple hours use. Excellent harness and a good investment for any ATX owner or anyone who has issues with detector weight. It will work with any model detector.

Manufacturers website http://www.minelab.com/usa/products/consumer/accessories-1/harness-1/pro-swing-45



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