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1 Hr 45 Min Hunt Produces A Few Oldies At A 150 Yr Old Pillaged Park

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On 9/29/2021 at 3:55 PM, Raphis said:

The barber dime weighs 2.15 grams.

Thanks.  That's quite a bit of loss due to wear, consistent with what your photo shows.  Some coins (Buffalo Nickels and Standing Liberty Quarters being good examples) lose their dates with not nearly so much wear as your Barber Dime.  Mercury Dimes hold their dates well, also.

Just so happens I found a Barber dime today.  I haven't discerned the date.  When detecting I make sure to see my shoes clearly, not my wristwatch.  😄   It did appear to have all four digits showing clearly; I didn't clean the reverse enough to look for a mintmark.  I'll do all that and post results (and photos) along with a report on what mine weighs so we can compare.  Busy tonight so give me a day or so.  (And I'm going back to the same spot detecting tomorrow, hoping lightening strikes twice!)



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