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1 hour ago, PeterED said:

On the XP update page, we could be warned in advance when the customer programs will be deleted again. I was not the first to be surprised by this. I just signed up for the newsletter. Let's see if I will be informed about updates.



As I understand the update process, you have to take in account the version who is actually in your remote before the update ! example : if you update to 0.71 from a v0.5 or 0.6, it will erase the custom programs but if you do the same from v0.7, it will not. With this fact in mind, you can easily understand the problem to explain to users if the new version erase or not custom programs and headphones pairing.....

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This rule may be useful for experienced users. But every new user will fall into this update trap of XP at the beginning. It is not very customer-friendly of XP not to inform its customers in advance. I can see that nothing will change in the near future.

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