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Mxt-e Beach Hunting - West Coast New Jersey

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I recently acquired an MXT-E ... as I'm getting to know this detector... I've been amazed at how deep it finds very small targets... I had read somewhere that these machines do well at the beach... So I took the MXT out a couple of days ago... to a little strip of beach I like to hit... many of the locals fish here... there's always sinkers and pocket change... I've found two wedding bands on this strip in the past... For Me... It's a Good close by spot... after an hour or so... I found the usual run of the mill aluminum... sinkers... a nice little pair of wiss snips( CW7T ).... A stainless hook( I really should take up fishing some day)... some junk rusty iron... clad coins.. The piece of Bone was an eye find at the edge of the water... I think It came from something that's dead...  but one target blew me away... pictured in the middle of the quarter and nickel... is what I'm pretty sure...  is a dot of silver solder... I don't know exactly how deep it was... but I dug a heck of a hole before it was topside... the MXT carried on like I had a troy once under the coil... this is the 3rd time Iv'e had this machine out... It finds Tiny stuff deep... It kinda reminds me of one of the blue lunch box detectors... The Coin Master V Supreme... That machine could find a rusty nail head a foot down.... But...  that was my sneak away from work early day at the beach... with a detector I'm really starting to like        







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Sunshine, fresh air, a small beach, detecting and a few finds. Priceless, and I think you had a good time.

Better Luck next time & Have Fun

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An MXT E Series, excellent machine and a bit of a Jack of all trades. Pretty sure Captain Kidd left a bit of treasure in New Jersey?  An interesting part of the world with a rich history.  All the best.

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MXT is still a great detector. I hope Garrett does something with it.

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