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ATX Or Axiom For The Treasure Coast

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I'm planning on my yearly trip to the Florida Treasure Coast in November and in the past have been using my Orx and Nox.  This year I'd like to try something different in the way of a PI so I'm considering buying the ATX or Axiom.  Curious to know if others have used either one between Melbourne and Fort Pierce.  I'm thinking the ATX would be more robust to the elements.  Thanks.

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ATX is fully submersible and open coils made for underwater use. Axiom rainproof but not submersible, and coils float like a cork. The 11" x 7" can be held under only with significant down pressure, and the larger ones - well, forget it. Until water neutral accessory coils are available I do not consider the Axiom suitable for wading use.

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Good advice, thanks Steve.

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   Little late seeing your post, but just a little info, if your unfamiliar!

   The majority of Vero and Ft. Pierce waters are protected under State salvage leases by the Fisher family, and those who subcontract from them! So no water hunting allowed!!😵 

   Looking at your detectors in your bio, you have some very capable units for beach hunting! Now Melbourne and Cocoa Beach areas, to my knowledge, have little to no water restrictions, and at least two of your detectors are submersible for those areas! But if the detector bug is biting, then what Steve said!  

   BTW, those are all my (and many others) stomping grounds too, so be sure to wave!! I'll most like have my camo covered Whites PI out there! (Not submersible)😂🍀👍👍

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