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XP Deus 2 Version 1.0, Legend, Nox 900 0.1 Gram Gold Nugget Test

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That is one of the better videos I've seen as the screens were so clear and easy to see, often in videos people try show the screen but it's so hard to see.

A good demonstration of the 3 detectors on the target, I liked how stable the 900 ran in the video. 

I hope XP can resolve that, surely they can it just hasn't been a focus yet I guess, hopefully they're not just holding it back to keep sales of the ORX and Deus 1 going which are clearly better than the Deus 2 for prospecting, not only because of the lack of small gold sensitivity but also because they have the better coil with the 9.5 x 5 HF coil.

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