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MX Sport Settings

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  All metal- options- VCO on, will also be on during PP.   Prospecting- options- VCO off- also off on PP options.  Relic- option VCO on, Will also be on  VCO in PP.    But each of these programs VCO can be independent of the other.   Manual says you can lock in PP Go to options and make it on or off VCO.  But in these all metal programs It just follows the main menu options.   All that makes sense.  

 Remember VCO isn't an available (option)  on the menu for Discrimination modes.  Go to C&J   But with PP locked in - options-select VCO on,  then exit, unlock PP.  Test swipe in C&J mode, as expected, then PP and VCO is on.     Go to menu select Beach Lock in PP select no VCO   Exit turn off PP lock and swipe as expected, Then in PP the VCO is off.  Now select High Trash, Swipe as expected. Lock in PP- options VCO, On, Exit unlock PP  Swipe as expected,  Then with PP on the VCO is on.   

 I know I'm repeating myself,  All metal programs and VCO work as intended.  I learned each of the All metal modes can have VCO independent of the other.  

  VCO for the Discrimination programs, can NOT be turned on or off in their options menu.   Here is the part which the instruction manual does NOT tell you.  Locking the PP in EACH of the discrimination modes give you options to turn on or off VCO.  They also can be independent of each other as well. 

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 OK so the MX Sport is 6 years old, Got it as a closet Queen. Didn't have any screen cracks.  The idea of setting it down in 12 inch's of water to free my hands up to recover the target.  What's the history of it being waterproof?  Just don't set electronics in water...... Help!

 Adding something which tripped me up.  (It's in the manual), but I expect easy to miss.  When out detecting and attempting to understand the settings I scrolled thru the programs often. Then things seemed to change?  What was happening was the GB Lock was unlocked as I went thru "Beach" mode to get to other programs.  Which the manual states you have to reset the GB after being in the Beach mode.   That would make things unstable till you figured out the GB was tracking and not locked. 

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  "Beach mode".. Manual says Pg. 25  You may want to turn SALT off in Beach mode.  There is no "Beach Mode option" to turn Salt tracking off.   Says Salt feature is not recommended when in areas with no salt. (water).  Stuck with it on? 

    "Audio Modulation" Pg. 20.  Significant ground minerals are needed to see differences between shallow and deep targets. Saying?  low mineral clean ground Aud/Mod doesn't work?... 

"Reject volume" Pg. 21.   Manual states  (ONLY) programs with "Discrimination"  can have reject volume.  YET it's still shown in the All Metal and Prospecting" options menu"   So? What? Make sure it's off? being it's not a real option? 

  VCO for the Discrimination programs, can NOT be turned on or off in their options menu.   Here is the part which the instruction manual does NOT tell you.  (Locking the PP) in EACH of the discrimination modes give you options to turn on or off VCO.  They also can be independent of each other as well. 

  Will someone get interested, Wonder it it's the same on their Sport in the closet?  Firmware? Bad manual?

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   So with Beach mode stuck with Salt track on  I went looking for another water option.  The High trash program is the same, but with the option to have or not have Salt track.  Leaving the Beach mode to be?  I'll shut everything in that mode OFF and scroll right around it. Making sure to reground balance at the program mode I stop on. 

The Prospecting and All metal programs have all the same options.  Lacking "Tones".  

The Relic program stands out as having (ALL) options available.  

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Still too hot to get out, still bench testing. Today I got a new set of headphones, tried them out on all 3 of my machines and they worked great. I didn't know my old wired HP's were that faulty, How long was I detecting with poor performing HP's? 

   I also have the Garrett wireless headphones with the Transmitter,   I have known they had low volume, but still could use them in quiet areas with the MXT AP and the IDX Pro  Using them with the MXS and they are about useless.  I even think they were cross talking with the MXS. 

 Well working with SAT  (Updated) deleted previous.  I rechecked SAT in the "All metals modes"  With SAT 7 in All metal and Prospecting modes, NOT deaf but greatly reduced volumes. 

 Relic Mode, SAT 7 Worked great.....  What the heck?  Setting it at Hypersat, Makes it even more crisp.

 Audio Modulation, I don't even think I'd use it so, ignore that. 

As previously posted VCO turned on in each of the 6 PP modes.   YES each of the regular Modes has a PP mode.  In all my research in a few different forums I never found reference to setting VCO on or off in PP mode.  I have read that PP audio without VCO doesn't work very well. 

   (Updated) "SAT" audio and depth.....  SAT does go weak as the SAT goes higher, But in Relic it seems to bench check full depth and audio full at SAT 7.  Going into Hypersat (8) Really gets sharp tight audio. 

Also tested Tones in the discrimination programs. Seem to work as intended.  Except in Relic, 2 tones works best  4 tones a Nickel get muddled,  so use  2/8/20 tones. 




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Post 5 Seriously updated. 

  First off the MX Sport is my first detector which is menu driven. (I have been a White's fan for more than 40 years)   I now have spent hours and hours, Most of the time bench testing it.   I have gone to many forums and searched thru them, back to early 2016 for MX Sport posts.  I can see why White's and the Sport reputation was burned.  Things kind of went quiet on them,  People were just too tired and frustrated with everything.

  I don't know how many Sport detectors were sold.  I think many People read and didn't post,  Don't know where those detectors went?  If I had researched the Sport before buying it off Ebay a couple months ago I wouldn't have bought it,  Did the forums have anything to do with White's going under? 

Yes White's made some very serious mistakes, Paid the ultimate price. 

  For the last month, First no rain and cement ground, We got some badly needed rain. Then it got way too hot, too hot for me.

Maybe all a good thing. I have committed myself to not use my other detectors, If I had put the MXS in the closet, That would have been the last of it.  Would have felt bad not giving it a chance.  Like I said "Bench testing" Which gave me a "Constant baseline" To all the testing. 

  "When" I can get out I have a place which isn't contaminated, A couple acres of Civil war camp/s, I have found both Confederate and Yankee relics, This spot was used by both sides and more than once over the span of the war.  I have worked it to death over a couple years and found hundreds of bullets and relics. Still find stuff everytime I go there. So happens there is a knee deep creek there as well, Never hunted it.  I will make or break the Sport. 

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Best of Luck in that Creek; and be careful.

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