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20 hours ago, Allen in MT said:

Maybe someday I will re seed for future detectorists

I would do it with a slingshot 🤣.

With a good slant you could reach about 150 meters from the launch point and litter a beach after clearing it of better things🫢🏴‍☠️

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2 hours ago, rvpopeye said:


There's a joke here, but what if I told you that since 2005 I've found in at least three spots a slew of brand-new washers purposely thrown into the water?

Somewhere there is always someone who thinks they own a spot, and there is no shortage of imagination.

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That "Rope of Rings", and all your myriad of finds, I'm sure, are amazing; and a huge amount of detecting! I don't think I've dug that many pull tabs, since I moved to the "Treasure" coast!😆  It doesn't account for much, but I do have the privilege of walking over 300+ year old Spanish Treasure on a few of our beaches here!!😂 we just can't get too any of it, except on rare occasions! Now if i could bring a dozer with me....🍀👍👍

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That's awesome! i take it then, you have found many of the rings in parks or maybe rivers? Thanks for sharing i was born in 71 . I don't think i can catch up to your score!  😜👍

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On 11/5/2023 at 4:00 AM, rvpopeye said:

Washers ARE worth more than zincolns !🤩 and nickels too !

Well, let me know how much you get paid for a pound of product🫢

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