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GPZ 7000 For Sale, Reduced Price

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4 years old, used 14 times.

 purchased from Rob's Detector sales

1-14X13'' coil w/ 3 new skid plates

1-19'' coil w/ 1 new skid plate 

2-7.2 10 ah batteries

2-WM12 remote wireless speakers

1-charging station for batteries and wireless speakers

1-KOSS headphones

1-GPZ harness

2-ferrite rings

2-hipsticks, 1 tall, 1 medium

1-Doc's qweegle swingarm

1-Doc's 4 piece control box cover

1-custom made waterproof vinyl zippered carry bag W/ soft liner. fits full length 7000 w/ 14X13'' and or 19'' coil connected to detector. 

 $6,000, Will drive halfway to meet you in Az, Utah, Nv or Colorado Id. 

Contact Mike Comstock (msc) mcom.com@outlook.com don't know how to add photos to the forum, but can sent via E-mail if interested)


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