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Go Terrain Test And Cool Relic

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Too bad they didn't have the GPS marking on the detector so you could upload it to a computer or phone later.

Maybe the Deus III will have that lol

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EDIT: The missing button issue is resolved by changing the "reduce transparency" setting under "accessibility". 

On iPhone, the app keeps running even when the phone is off. I went with all the default settings and ended up with 182 targets recorded in an hour and a half 🙂 I can vaguely see the potential of an app like that, but I just don't have the patience to whip out my phone every time I've dug something.

There are also still a few bugs they'll need to work out. For instance, none of the buttons at the bottom show up for me. I can click them, but I have to grope in the dark (well, the white). 

IMG_3654.thumb.PNG.dea97fe0aeeb4bcd844bc60bcc0deb1c.PNG        IMG_3655.thumb.PNG.37f5d398d079ce5f51e653b9322164b7.PNG


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