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Lots Of Detectors & Coils For Sale

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Got rid of my storage unit, Selling off all but a key few detectors

Photos and details on request, sold units will be deleted.


Treasure Baron GoldTrax - like new - only one in the world like it? $420

GoldTrax used with field usage wear $300

8” donut coil for Gold Baron $85

Lot of Treasure Baron info - PDF package $10

14” elliptical coil DFX/MXT $75

Vista Gold Gain - like new $450

6” coil for VGG $85

Whites IDX w.Mr. Bill GB mod 10.5” coil $225

Whites 8” Blue Max $50

Whites 6” Blue max $50

Teknetics Mark 1 factory hip/chest mount - good condition, works fine $300

Bandido uMax, no audio?? 8” coil complete parts only $50

Lobo Super Trac - 10” elliptical coil - well used - homemade battery door $250

Sovereign Xa with custom Whites rod and meter 10” coil - done by Keith Southern $350

SEL 13” coil for Sovereign $125

Tek Omega v. 4 $300

Ultimate 13’ for Tek $125

Bigfoot for DFX - excellent $400

Bigfoot for pre DFX machines well worn, works fine - $200

GB2 perfect like new Los Banos with 10” and 6” coils - all perfect $500

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And I thought I had a "few" detectors and coils Rick!!🤯 Let me know where the Detectors Anonymous meetings take place!😜

BTW, most of mine came from Ebay! 🤯 Good luck!🍀👍👍

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On 12/19/2023 at 2:20 PM, Dean Stone said:

Would you happen to have a 9" coil for a MXT? You have good price on your coils, thanks  Dean

Centerville Electronics had some new Detech 9” Ultimates in stock when l bought one a few months ago. It is an excellent coil on my MXT.

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