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  1. Hey all, 

    Been chatting with a few mates and some of us still buy our beloved prospecting magazines, 15 years ago we all bought them as they were the bibles of gold information. 

    Just wondering how many still buy them and how many are still available ? The internet has definitely changed the way we research.

    Here in Australia there's still a great one called "Gold gem and treasure" full of great stuff, there's probably others never really looked ,

    I take it detector prospector is a real magazine ?

    What is the go to magazines in America ? And other countries? 

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  2. 5 hours ago, GhostMiner said:

       So I know that Jed was working with a prominant geologist. I have his name as it's in the report. Jed never mentions him but I bet he's getting something out of this operation. Let's assume 10% - just a guess. So that gives Jed 90%. Now John is hired for a 50% cut according to Jed. Now that leaves Jed 45%. Then he brings in his brother Jacob & Will for a small %. No idea what he considered small but let's say another 10% to them combined. John was contributing to Will's gold payday as well. So now Jed is down to 35%. I bet i'm close on that. So 35% of 581 ounces is 203.35 ounces to this date in the journal. Probably 4 or 5 yrs wages back in those days. Keep working Jed, you ain't retired yet. 

    If I read correctly,

    The first kettle was totally between Jed and John, something like 200+oz .So that beefs them up to start. then they had a period with Jacob before Will arrived , so its hard math , but I believe they all hide their split separate and makes me wonder if one dies his cut will be lost as the other have no clue where it is.

    All this whiskey and provisions don't grow on trees. I believe they must have another party selling some gold to bank roll the dig.. maybe the geo ?

    If they paid for whiskey, tools, clothes and food with gold surely they would be followed and watched.

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  3. Thanks for the welcome,  I've been on some Australian gold forums for years and I recognise several people here.

    I also enjoy the combine forum as I do drive harvesters at times.

    Unfortunately I only do a few trips a year but my 8 year old and his mate came last trip so hopefully that's my edge to make more time for prospecting.


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  4. Quick intro,

    I'm Australian ,

    been into rocks and nature for ever ,

    Been into gold detecting and sluicing 10years,

    its only a hobby ,might do 5 trips a year ,

    always find colour just never huge amounts ,

    Live in the bush and love it,

    Have plenty of tools and toys , love buying or building new prospecting gear.

    Favourites are gpz7000 and sdc2800.


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