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Gold Prospecting

Steve Herschbach

This section focuses on gold prospecting for individuals and small time operators. Equipment used may include metal detectors, suction dredges, gold pans, and sluice boxes. You will find articles here to help you for both beginners and pros. There is location information,  equipment reviews, and more.


Steve's Mining Journal - Real life gold prospecting and metal detecting stories spanning over 40 years.

Gold Prospecting & Metal Detecting Guides - Basic and advanced information to get you started.

Recreational Mining Sites, Parks, Museums, etc. - Locations available to the public to look for gold and other rocks & minerals.

Where To Prospect For Gold - How too locate your own areas to look for gold in the United States.

State Specific Information - General gold locations, geology, and history.

Mining Claims For Sale in Alaska - Mining claims and leases in Alaska that are being offered for sale.

Gold Prospecting & Metal Detecting Library - Online books and other reference material about gold prospecting and metal detecting.

Steve's Guide to Gold Nugget Detectors - updated now for over 20 years, Steve gives honest opinions regarding various metal detectors past and present.

Steve's Reviews - Equipment reviews focused on metal detectors for gold prospecting, much more in depth than the previous summary.

Detector Prospector Forums - Forums on metal detecting for gold, gold panning, rocks & minerals, gold dredging, geology, plus coin, relic, jewelry, and meteorite detecting.

Metal Detector Database - Metal detector feature and specifications database with user reviews.


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