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  2. Clay, so what do you charge to help someone stake a claim?
  3. Found it. Took a chance on the letters, it reads "TA". It's made by the Fraim Lock company. Great website for locks, I guess we find a lot of them: http://antique-padlocks.com
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  5. I used this photo in a reverse image search on Google. It brought up some Yale locks but nothing matching. Don't remember where but I've seen this one before...
  6. With Gold mode, it's best to not look at the screen at all and just hunt by tone because the numbers can be way off, especially around iron.
  7. I’ve used this method to both widen and narrow various arm cuffs. Easy squeezy
  8. No news. In fact, Nokta is not really teasing much of anything but accessories these days (scoops, shovels, Simplex coils). The PI talk has all but dried up and they are being very vague on even a simultaneous multi frequency machine. No timelines on that multi whatsoever and are only saying it will likely come out in the Simplex housing form factor. I would not hold your breath on the PI. We don't even know whether it would be a targeted-use PI like the Fisher Impulse or general purpose, waterproof or not, etc. Plus, this would be Nokta's first PI, so it will likely need further r
  9. Clay, this is an excellent and very well written description of how claims are taxed and the background behind the process. You could use what you've written here for an informative piece on the MLM site as well. Thank you for the description, even a newby like me understands a lot more about it now. One question if you don’t mind, you mentioned that possessory interest is based on the minerals, is that based on reported annual mineral recovery records or by a standard estimate based on the in situ minerals on the claim?
  10. The simplest answer to the principle behind mining claim taxes in California is that your possessory interest in the minerals on your mining claim is private real property. Private real property in California is taxable. Not surprisingly California is relying on the same court decisions Jim is pointing out. Once you have perfected your claim on the minerals on public lands open to location your claim on the minerals become private property as long as you maintain your possession of the claim. Where all this gets interesting is the simple fact that in 1976 the federal government adopt
  11. Think I found the oiler: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEVER-FAIL-No-3-ROD-OILER-for-STEAM-or-GAS-ENGINE-Old-Brass-Antique-Motor/333866243590?hash=item4dbbfa9606:g:pxQAAOSwqrNgC27S
  12. I don't know how each state deals with this situation, but on the Federal level, claims are private property, whether patented or not. The Feeds do not address the issue of taxation specifically, so I guess the state get to do what each one thinks is correct for them.
  13. Another great hunt, and some nice finds. The letters on the lock will get you the manufactures name. I just can't make it out for some reason so I can't help you much. I had seen one of those before in some of my grandfathers antiques, but it is gone now so I can't tell you who made it.
  14. That’s not a bad idea, that and other types of artifacts. Some guys are really into tolken hunting, The various bars and houses of ill repute used to pass those out to their customers, sort of like the fake quarters you get at the game places. And then there’s all the Civil War and other historic site buffs.
  15. I have panned for gold near Beaver Arkansas and we found about a 1/2 ounce over 2 days. They were small nuggets but you could see them very well. Not fine gold, but not big gold either. My grandfather and I were on a creek/river there and had a lot of fun.
  16. LOL Interesting. I can now tell him Arkansas is full of flysh*t gold! Reason I asked was he was looking for a hobby and I suggested a metal detector. Maybe he should look at coin hunting.
  17. Thanks for interest, the relics from this site are mostly still in dirty condition in riker cases. At some point I will get to cleaning and detailed identification of each piece.
  18. Hey Jim, I think I figured it out. Based on the California board of equalization, and this is different for various states, unpatented mine claims are included as “Taxable possessory interests”, and are based on the market value of the claim. It’s interesting that in Oregon there’s a public law that prohibits taxation of unpatented claims, but not so in California. This describes California taxable possessory interest: https://www.boe.ca.gov/proptaxes/pdf/ah510.pdf This is a letter from the board of equalization answering a question regarding taxable possessory interest statu
  19. Shows when I ground balance then kicks out. Lowest I can run iSat is 1 on the modes, tend to run beach and Gen at 3 unless the ground varies too much then I may kick it up as high as 6 or so. Maybe the filter modes are filtering out the Fe sensitivity? Using the last update they had think dated 2018. I thought it used to stay on but curious if the new coil is causing it to turn off? When things warm up I will double check. Been bitter cold here.
  20. I am surprised the mineral meter only functions in Gen Mode on the Kruzer. It functions in all modes on the Anfibio. It is effected by the ISAT. Higher ISAT settings will give less intensity on the meter. ISAT at zero gives full Mineral value.
  21. Oiler seems right, maybe off a tractor? The coin/token is likely brass or bronze with a lower copper conent than our Large Cents (pure copper) and small cents (95% copper) given its Equinox dTID of 21. I find a lot of arcade tokens with that TID although they are smaller (just under 1 inch diameter). I have some batting cage tokens that are just under 1.25 inch but your find appears to be even bigger than that. Sure would be mega-cool if it were a Colonial coin, though. Quite an eclectic mix for a sports field.
  22. I know this is a long answer, but it is critically important because of the difference between Federal Land and Federal Domain. Long story short is that once a lawful claim has been made, it is no longer Federal Land, but Federal Domain and private property. My copy and paste of the law clarifies better than I can. ********************************* The mechanics of what happens to the “public land” once found to be mineral in character is expressly evidenced in the Organic Act of 1897, that “any public lands embraced within the limits of any forest reservation which. . . .” “...shall
  23. Ive been deep in a buried "ancient" river mine where you can pick the drift wood out of the ceiling. Its still good wood, though a bit mushy. I also have my own theories...
  24. I used Reed labs last summer. I was happy with the price and service. REED LABORATORIES 3355 Lincoln St. Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-720-0427
  25. Stunner of a gold coin - Been detecting for more than a couple years and I don't recall seeing a private issue gold coin found with a metal detector. Huge congrats. And love the buckles - very cool Rich -
  26. Lol...I've been saying that for 2 years now. Beach 2 , in 2 tone , in the wet is where it's at. Once the Nox users got some time under their coils and yet I still see many running down the beach with them. Some are looking for a coin line or patch. The majority are still rookies wondering why they don't find gold. When conditions warrant , I get all geeked up going behind these guys with my PI.
  27. Thanks a lot for that link, Steve. Obviously I had read it back then as I had given it a thumbs-up, but it didn't sink in, at least partly because I didn't even have one yet (and I've been learning it ever since; continuing to do that). You must have quite the ability to see the future, having answered my question perfectly three years before I asked it!
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