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  2. Randy Lunn

    Mining In Film

    I am with Dave on this one: Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  3. Ive used Whitebox GAT with limited success. It took almost 2 days for it convert one tile. If they come in DEM already or once you figure out how to convert them, ive found that SAGA GIS is the best for overlaying DEMs on Google earth, thats if the embedded coordinates are correct.
  4. There is detectable gold up the Calapooia, Quartzville Creek, and then lots down in the Grants Pass area. But there is a lot of private/claimed land and the residents of Jefferson can be strong enforcers of claim boundaries. Best bet is to do research and scouting before detecting as online info can be inaccurate sometimes, at least in my experience.
  5. The Nokta Invenio appears to be a Nokta Impact combined with a visual mapping system. Nokta just released a set of fourteen videos covering all aspects of the detector in detail. Nokta Invenio Video Instruction Series Nokta Invenio Digital Imaging System
  6. Pictures leaked at this Italian website and elsewhere have been floating around the last few months. The Nokta Anfibio is basically what you would get if you crossed a Nokta Impact with a Makro Multi Kruzer. Besides being waterproof the new model has an external wrap coil cable instead of the internal routing used on the Impact. The prototype pictured is from March however and changes may be made before release so take all that with a grain of salt. Use Google translate to read the page in English (or whatever). I would expect this model to be released officially at Detectival in September.
  7. has anyone figured out how to convert those las files to DEM files? and then can they be overlayed on Google Earth? or how to do that part? There must be quite a few cellar holes that were never surveyed that can be found with this LIDAR Yum..
  8. Sasquatch

    Fresh Lava Could There Be Placer

    Interesting, just found a youtube that shows some of the finds. Looks like they found a stash of jewlery and valuables lost in the lake, not a lava flow, not naturally occuring gold. Interesting article on gold in volcanos though, most forms very deep, seems like even if some was lifted to the surface the gold would likely sink to the bottom of the flow and be buried very deep in the cooled lava: http://volcano.oregonstate.edu/gold
  9. Steve Herschbach

    Detecting In Small Creeks / VLF Vs SDC Vs GPZ

    Welcome to the forum! You say you pan, sluice etc. and only use the detector to see if you have missed any gold. Has it been the case that the detector has revealed lots of gold you would have otherwise missed? If not, I can’t see wanting to spend much money for a detector for the task as described. A light weight and relatively inexpensive VLF should do the job just fine. In other words, if the GMT has served you well all these years, why switch? On the other hand if money is no object the SDC 2300 has lots going for it. Power, ease of operation, plus a very compact, waterproof design. The GPZ honestly just seems a poor match for the job. If you stick with VLF, and are interested in GMT type performance but waterproof, check out the Makro Gold Kruzer.
  10. Hey everyone… I hope you all had a great weekend hunt. I cut my teeth in this hobby on the ML Safari which is basically a tone machine, and the TID’s are secondary. This is the way I run my 600. I like to hear all tones. I don’t know anyone who has the 800 so I don’t know what tone breaks sound like but I am guessing there are 5…correct? I like to hear a nickel as a nickel, a dime as a dime, quarter as a quarter, and so on. Au naturale on tones is what I’m used to. I have been going back and forth in my decision to either purchase the 800 or keep the 600. For me there is a technical aspect between the two that would seal it up for me…. And that is; Pound for pound, is the 600 just as powerful or equal to the 800 when maxed out at recovery speed 3 vs recovery speed of 6 on the 800? 3 on the 600 is equal to 6 on the 800 but are they really equal as written in the manual? Some of you own both models… do you see any differences when running both at speeds of 6 or 4? I have noticed through reading and watching videos that most Nox 800 owners don’t seem to hunt often above 6 or 7 on the recovery speed. In fact, from my observations, most 800 users seem to hunt at 6, 5 and 4… and for obvious reasons mainly due to loss of depth and erratic signals. I hunt mostly in recovery speed 2 on my 600 which is equal to 4 on the 800. So, being that my emphasis is on tones and slower recovery speeds, is it really necessary to upgrade to the 800? Who hunts in speeds of 7-8? I hunt the some of the most polluted parks in L.A. and I go low and slow. Learned that habit from my Safari. I am clear on the loss of gold prospecting, profiling, etc. with the 600 but I am not concerned about these features. I still use my Audio Technica or Grey Ghosts Ultimates and have wires dangling but I prefer it this way since I am into hearing quality tones. Your input is much appreciated…. Thank you
  11. https://m.youtube.com/user/xpmetaldetector/videos
  12. fredmason

    Any Ideas About This Huge Nugget

    looks like something melted in a big fire- there have been many in S. Cal....if it is lead you can easily mark it with a knife or even fingernail...an XRF scan would reveal the truth... fred
  13. Tnsharpshooter

    Some Xp Deus Repair And Cost Data

    I spoke with Michael at Detector Electronics in Ma. He was very courteous with me. I ask a lot of questions. And just may have learned something folks may find helpful. Coils. Battery service cost $50 (if outside timeframe for battery warranty). If coil is defective other than battery, the only recourse an owner has is to ship to France to Xp plant for repair. Michael did not have repair cost associated with the (non battery change) coil repairs. Remote. Keypad will cost you $60 LCD screen will cost you $60 Main board defective $364. Battery change for remote I did not ask about. Nor did I ask about headphone module repairs. The prices stated above include labor costs. As far as defective Deus coils non battery related (out of warranty), Detector Electronics does not ship individual’s coils or receive them from or to France. This is solely the individual owner’s responsibility.
  14. fredmason

    Detecting In Small Creeks / VLF Vs SDC Vs GPZ

    Perhaps your friend could loan you the GPZ to try...I doubt it is a good choice for your purpose...and that 14 inch round coil will not get you very close in big rocks... fred
  15. I'll post a picture either later today or tomorrow (they are both old TDI stock coils). Truth is I have no idea what a fair price should be for the coil, whatever you believe is fair is fine with me. Sitting in my shop they will never be used again. MIke
  16. IronDigger

    Mining In Film

    " Gold " with Roger Moore Financiers use the foreman (Roger Moore) of a South African gold mine in their plot to jack the price of gold.
  17. I lean towards the latter -- fill covering older coins&relics. I'll go further and speculate that the fill occurred in the late 1950's based upon the date+MM you show. (Thanks for displaying the dates on the Wheaties.) Another great day for you Dan! Well done. Congrats to your buddy for getting the permission.
  18. Thank you Andy! The worst thing that can happen is they so no, you simply move on to the next one, more often than not, they say yes. People are more open than you may realize. My motto is: "nothing ventured, nothing gained" Sometimes the permissions absolutely suck, but, the ones that produce just energize your drive to get another one.
  19. Hello there Dan, I congratulate you firstly on obtaining an awesome permission. Right now i'm contemplating heading out around my locality to see if i can convince some field owners. Ive done my local research and am sure there are good finds awaiting my arrival. But IMO it takes lots of courage, positivity and research before i could even think about asking them. Those finds are wonderful. A big congrats to you Dan. Andy.
  20. Hi everybody, I'm a swiss prospector. I use shovel. sluice, pan, pry bars and crevice tools in creeks in Switzerland and Alaska. Till now, I had a Whites GMT VLF detector, to check my spots after I worked them, i.e. to check if I missed some gold. I rarely go prospecting with a detector on large areas, like the aussie or US pros. Now I broke my GMT (after 10 years). I have three options for replacement: - a new Whites GMT, i.e. staying with VLF - SDC 2300 - GPZ 7000 (I could buy a used one from a friend) It seems to me, the GMT and SDC are better for my application, as they have small coils and are light etc. When I check my spots in the creeks, its often narrow between rocks etc. and I'm not able to make large sweeps with the coil. But the GPZ obviously is far better in depth. My question: Is the GPZ also practical for detecting in creeks between rocks etc, as I described above? Or is it only practical to detect large areas like the aussie or US pros? Many thanks in advance for your appreciated advice! Andreas
  21. 😨 Robert Palmer is dead??? I had to Google that to make sure you were talking about the same bloke I was thinking about. Died years ago apparently. News doesn't get to Oz real fast since the Overland Telegraph line got a kink in it in '88! Nice gold Lunk. Did I hear you say I should sell my gold monster to fund a 6" Equinox coil, have money left over and make the wife happy? Not a bad idea at all 😉
  22. I had the same problem with sheep when a drought was in full swing. I think they were after the roots.
  23. Good depth shown by this tester with the little 5 & 6 inch coils Thank you 😊 to the author of this video
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