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  2. There is a video comparing the LG 35 to the 6" and 11" coils. Definitely seems to go deeper.
  3. About time things heated up 😄 If a company does not come to bat for itself, then it will lose sales unfairly. Hype is a powerful thing and detector companies and YouTuber's especially know that. How does one make money off of YT channels? Just put out hyped up videos. I'm glad Dilek stuck up for NM. It's only a matter of time before someone goes too far and the defamation lawsuits start. If I were a You Tuber, I would tread carefully in how I show a detector to be sub par. You can voice your opinion, but just remember freedom of speech is not a universal law, and where opinion stops, defamation starts. I think it was Oprah ? who mentioned she would not eat meat and the got sued by the meet industry? I really wish people would just stick to showing what their detectors can do and leave the other brands alone. We all have had machines that we did not like, so just stick to talking about what you don't like about it and leave the comparisons alone. If you are going to compare, make sure you know both machines well and do an honest attempt at comparing them. If I were just starting out and wanted my wife to detect with me, I would jump all over the 2 Nokta's (and enough money still left to take my sweetie to dinner) for the price of one Deus II.
  4. The one thing I have learned about this hobby is that you can't get too much advise. Most people think you just grab a detector and go but there is so much more to finding the good stuff. It really isn't easy and people have no idea how much garbage you find for every cool item that comes up. Yes, thank you Badger and all the kind folks here. Half the sport is the people you meet along the way.
  5. The 6" round is better on the smallest nuggets, but you gain a little extra ground coverage with the Ellip. The 10" Ellip is better than the stock 11" round on small gold but the 11" round has greater depth on bigger gold. Hope this helps.
  6. There is beginning to be some talk of gas rationing to get prices down. I doubt it would happen but I could see restricted hours for gas stations unless the Fed drives the economy down. I think we are getting close to that so perhaps next year will be better for prices. Figure the cost difference between last year & this year and trim spending somewhere to cover it if possible. Just my 2 cents worth. Hoefully you'll make the trip and enjoy the adventure. That's what life is for.
  7. That is extremely important when testing simultaneous multi frequency detectors with the goal of determining the "best"....... The same goes for testing to determine the "best" when the tester's soil conditions and cement pad have mineralization levels that are basically milder than mild.
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  9. Temps are reasonable now but won't be in another month. Reconsider going...life's too short.
  10. 4.8 out of 5. Yeah, that would be a 96% approval rating I'm thinking. That's not real good considering how many customers they service.
  11. I have mine recessed in the bottom of my handle, its been secure and effective for over 7 years.
  12. Disc is a target signal processing filter. Too much can adversely affect performance including depth and separation. XP sets the defaults for disc between 6 and 10 to provide optimum iron filtering and stability with respect to the ferrous/non-ferrous horseshoe display. I never recommend pushing disc higher than the top ferrous range (typically 10 but non-falsing ferrous can show up between 10 and 15). I also recommend utilizing some disc filtering for Horseshoe display reliability and to mitigate ferrous down averaging (disc set at 7 or 8 works well). With the Deus 2 iron volume feature you can still hear ferrous targets if desired so you can locate iron patches or to have total target awareness while still reaping the beneficial effects of the disc filter. This is one of the downsides to full tones...no iron volume so you can't apply "normal" disc (e.g.10) AND listen to the iron. So in full tones, I set disc between -2 to +2 to quiet things down but to still let me hear some iron. Anyway. I digress. Notch is an audio only filter. It does not affect signal processing or performance. It merely mutes audio associated with targets that have a TID that falls in the range of the notch filter settings. You can set up to 3 separate notch filter ranges (or just single TID ranges) of your choosing. So if you don't want to dig anything below 30 then just don't dig anything below 30. If you don't want to hear any targets at 30 and below, simply set a notch that encompasses the range from the highest disc TID setting (e.g. 10) to 30 and be sure to set iron volume to 0 so you don't hear the discriminated iron that will otherwise sound off below 10. I recommend leaving disc intact because disc helps to mitigate ferrous down averaging of non-ferrous targets in the vicinity of iron targets as I mentioned above. HTH GL HH
  13. That must be "new" math, Chuck. I don't believe 4.8 out of 5 is the same as 4.8% but who knows these days. I rekon on that scale you would rate them 1 out of 5 or less based on your experience...Anyway, I think I got your point despite the confusing math. I always had trouble with "word problems".
  14. Thanks for the good advice, strick, particularly on the balance issue. I take a different view on equipment in this case, though. I'm an occasional prospector (maybe a week a year with a detector, two if I'm lucky). Investing another $100+ for a second pick is money that can be better spent in my case. My legs aren't getting any younger and I need a walking device while minimizing weight, so having a pick do double duty makes sense there. I'm a buyer but not a seller, so the short handled Hodan would effectively become a museum piece. (Note I didn't destroy the original handle -- so reversible, always my intent.) On top of all that I like to tinker. Here are a couple pictures of the 'finished' device: The brass mounting boss is a fluid plug of some sort which I found detecting and modified for this purpose. At the top of the photo is shown a piece of steel angle with a vehicle lug nut epoxied onto it. I will test this in the next couple days to see how easy/difficult it is to break apart. Now with the magnet screwed into place (with medium strength thread locker compound): I made an ethafoam cover for the magnet to minimize unintended 'attachments' during travel. I'll probably lose that during the trip, but at least I'll get out to Nevada with it providing some protection. One mod I didn't mention was carving down a 36" long single bit axe handle to mate with the Hodan head. I much prefer some kind of tapered butt end on my tool shafts -- never understood the value of straight handled shafts. OK, I'll check back in a month to report on the success or lack thereof.
  15. So it’s waterproof. I assume the 5’ is from box to surface? Did Kelleyco not read the manual or did Dimitar make a change? I hope he did. kelleyco … wow stiff price I’d likely buy from Phil Meyers in Tampa first or Tom Dankowski. I’ve never really liked the EXTRAs they throw in to make ya feel like you got a deal. I’m not sure you can even get into their store right now. What I am glad of …..more dealer interest. I hope Dimitar keeps selling so he can continue improvements that we all would like to see.
  16. thank You Gerry for your post. Is the 6" coil for the EQ 800 better for gold than the 5x10 coiltek? H.H. 😁
  17. Very understandable. I enjoy your informative posts.
  18. My time is very limited with the manufactures I already work with. They are not claiming it to be a Gold Detector and their background has not been focused on Nugget Prospecting. It certainly doesn't mean it's no good as I have not tested it...but I have a gut feeling it won't do what the Equinox 800 can. I would really like to see some folks use it and see what their results are. Again with me, it's the lack of time trying to test a machine that is not known. Please don't think it's not capable, I never said that. I would much rather test something that's geared towards the prospecting and is more recognized from previous history of success. Thanks for understanding.
  19. With the 1st big weekend of the year coming, many new eager Nugget Hunters are wanting to get out in the field. Some of you don’t have a seasoned Nugget Hunting friend to help you learn the ropes. Since my Field Staff and I offer detector training, we see the many mistakes some folks make. I’ll try to give some Field Knowledge and info to possibly help make your adventures more golden. Anyone who has good advice, please chime in. These are some of the items I recommend. I’ll mention detector technology type afterwards as my staff/I use different tools for the varying machines. Knee Pads - If running VLF detector, Knee pads and preferably ones with no metal. I’m at the point now that I personally don’t use them because I have pants that were designed to hold knee pads. I have Duluth brand but now there are many and including Military BDU pants with knee pad sleeves built into the knees. Footwear - Non Metal Boots or Hiking Shoes. This is especially needed if you swing a bigger powerful type detector (GPZ-7000, GPX-5000 or below). The new GPX-6000 is not as bad and some regular boots/shoes are OK, but you’ll learn how to walk without getting the feet to close. As for my preference of footwear, I have Danner Slip on non metal boots and Merrell Hikers. Magnet - Strong Rare Earth Super Magnet. This little tool is so important in fast recovery and or identification of targets. Many folks have no clue why we want a good strong magnet. I myself keep the magnet on my metal pick at all times. Non Metal Recovery Tool - Non metal Nugget Cup or Trowel/Scoop. If you swing VLF and trying to get the tiny dinks, I prefer the nugget cup. If looking for bigger gold or using bigger machines, the scoop/trowel is fine. Caution – You can’t use your bare hand on a VLF as the detector will respond to the minerals in your hand. Jewelry/Metal - Remove your rings and leave them home. If you wear a watch, get one with a non metal band or don’t wear one on the arm you use to swing the scoop across the coil. Pick - I like APEX brand as I get the rare earth super magnet on it and they come in different sizes/models. I’m a bit over 6’ tall so I prefer a little longer of a pick. 24”/30” are ideal for taller folks and especially if you run a deeper big machine. 18” handle is ideal for most folks swinging a VLF type detector and or if you prefer to carry the pick on your hip. Realize 24” handle length is hard to have on your hip as it gets caught up in your legs when wanking. I wear the 24/30” picks on my back. Harness - I like the Doc’s Ultra Swingy Thingy and use it with all my Prospecting detectors. Not only does it allow me to carry my pick on back, but it has a bungee to help with the weight of your detector. As a bonus, it holds up my pants so I don’t get burnt on the plumber crack. Seems older guys pants don’t hold up as well as when we were younger. Trash Pouch - You’ll dig more trash than treasure so do your part and pack it out. No use in finding all those bullets and foil over/over and over each trip. Nugget Holder - Yes you should keep one on you at all times. I prefer plastic pill bottle, film container or scrotum pouch. Not a fan of glass vial as they can easily break. Also the glass will dull the gold. Swing Arm - There are a variety out there and the one off my GPZ-7000 goes with me at all times for many different detectors. The swing arm allows much better coil control and longer detecting hours with less fatigue. The SDC-2300 is a prime example of a detector that should have a swing arm. Same with GPZ-7000. Heck, even my Equinox with a larger coil is much easier and better to use when using a swing arm. Test Target - I like to use the size of test target for the expected size of gold I plan on finding at a particular site. Get a small #8 lead bird shot and tap it with a hammer to give a little flatness. Glue it to a plastic poker chip. If you are hunting in areas with bigger gold, then have said like size test pieces to bury and listen/tune the detector. Coils- If running VLF detectors I recommend you get the smallest coil possible for that detector for most areas. The smaller coil actually goes deeper and gives a cleaner signal response to small gold than the stock coil. There’s more smaller nuggets out there than bigger gold so keep the odds in your favor. If hunting for larger gold with VLF, the stock coil or even a larger coil is preferred. Don’t think you’ll get the depth of a PI with a bigger coil on your VLF in most gold type soils. PI’s rule the depth on larger gold. In tailing piles I actually prefer a VLF with good discrimination while running stock coil or even bigger coil. Todays newer PI and DVT detectors don’t have Iron ID, but hopefully things will soon change (come on Minelab – you can do it). If using PI or DVT, use the coil size for the terrain you are in. Yes there’s always exceptions. Spare Battery - Always have a Back Up Battery, always. Headphones - I highly recommend them for most areas I detect. Wind is a killer on deeper weaker and or smaller nugget sounds. Good headphones allows you to hear the detector much better. Location - For a beginner, don’t expect to find gold in unknown areas. Go where nuggets have been found with a detector. Never leave gold to find gold. As your nugget hunting skill progresses, then you can Prospect for new areas and ground. Spare Tire - Always keep one that holds air. Know where the jack is and how to use it. A few newer type trucks have a key that drops the spare. Know where the key is, know how to use the jack/change a spare. Phone - If swinging a bigger machine, your cell phone will give EMI to your detector. Try to keep it in the OFF position if possible. 1st Nugget - Take as many pictures as possible and soak in the moment. There is only 1 first and you want to remember forever. DP - Share your hunt experience with the rest of us here on Detector Prospector. As mentioned in a previous post, some of us Old Guard are fading away and we need some new young guns to keep the powder burning. Again, These tips/knowledge is just from my standpoint and always have exceptions. If something mentioned in this post gives you a better chance to find some gold and share a smile, then we are all winners. I look forward to reading from others who have tips for the newbies so chime in.
  20. Hey Outback Yank, Be sure to take a spare detector or at least have someone there who can provide. Nice to hear you get the opportunity to go back and do it right. Wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to reading your posts.
  21. Absolutely, by my standards it's a bit of a "newbie," it just makes a lot of noise. A true " prospector" creates a feeling with the instrument that goes far beyond doing a few tests in the backyard. Again, it's always sounded very funny to me, I would say it's the exact picture of what you should never do in the world of detecting. And then let's be honest, in life, people who launch into hateful judgments every day are not people who deserve attention, much less respect.
  22. If it is who I think it is, he's a good guy and trustworthy. I like your attitude aerospace gent...
  23. Happy to hear you've got your plans made and are able to go. It'll be fun to hear the reports of your travels as you cut another swath through the NW…best of luck.
  24. Fuel costs in Arizona are usually way cheaper than surrounding states. Plus you could drive to AZ in a high mpg rental then rent a trailer they will place at your location for you. But forget going to last minute motels. They are getting crazy expensive last minute.
  25. Back about the same time the Eagle 2 came out I got a Fisher detector from Kellyco. I think you just took it out of the box and all you had to do was put the coil on. The first thing I didn’t like about it was it would fall over every time you put it down. The shaft looked like PVC pipe and the little bolts that keep it together would come loose and fall out. Kellyco had this deal if you didn’t like the detector you got you could send it back and get another of equal are more value. You had to do this within 30 days. I make the call and this woman answered I told her what I wanted to do. She then gives the phone to a guy but I could hear her smart ass remarks before the guy came on . I told the guy the same thing and he said no problem. That’s how I got my Eagle 2 and had been using Whites from day one detecting. Kellyco rates themselves at 4.8 % and that’s why I said I must be the .2 % . Now you know the rest of the story. Chuck
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