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  2. GJ geiger detector? The full story and nothing but the full story please.😉
  3. Update to earlier post: This will explain more about coatings than I could convey myself, I have used their products in the past and found them very good. Remember that what some people call waterproofing is not really waterproofing with most products. Here is the link and please check out other links inside the article for more products. www.chemtronics.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-conformal-coating
  4. That large cent is in great shape. Throw the ring in the tumbler for a couple hours and you may get a surprise. Nice hunt fellas. Strick
  5. I was more concerned it was near me……and that I might turn green and get angry 😡
  6. Hello everybody! When I had my White's DFX, it also featured the BottleCap Reject function and I've started investigating on how it worked. Talking with some engineers that were in the detecting business, they've told me it analyzes the signal pseudo-randomness (including ferrous and non ferrous values) and if there is enough randomness, that is commonly produced by bottlecaps, it just suppresses the signal. Most of the BC Reject filter are also customisable from mild randomness and strong randomness, since a lot of good targets may produce a little mix of ferrous/non-ferrous signal, especially on highly mineralised soils. Best regards, Leonardo/Bodhi3
  7. WA Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson said it was found about 50 kilometres south of Newman this morning. The complete trip was 1400 Km More info. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-01/australian-radioactive-capsule-found-in-wa-outback-rio-tinto/101917828
  8. Talking about mineralization, strenght is the most important aspect. Look at this picture: I took this photo years ago with D1 and you can see a “low” phase, 64, but a high strenght, the bar on the right. I took another picture in another field where phase is 100% ferrous (V.D.I) but strenght is very low(1.1%). That’s a mild soil.
  9. It was found not too far from its starting point. so much for expert packaging and transfer.😡
  10. 😋 It was detected (hear that Minelab) at least 2 meters of the road from a vehicle travelling at 67 Km/hour from the road. I want the gold version of their detector. 🤑 Note 4 of the capsules can sit on a 10¢ Aus or a $¼ US
  11. I detect in France where some areas are probably more iron trashed than in the US . Looking to the pic above I see nails , you should never detect nails with the D2 using the factory modes ( except the All metal modes of course like RELIC or GOLD ) , then I suppose that you use a wrong setting or the machine is faulty . Which D2 mode are you using ?
  12. My math isn't off, check that video out again. He was at max sensitivity, and by his own admission couldn't hit it at 250mm. He hit it at 200mm (7.9 inches) (in his estimation), but it was extremely faint at best, and almost indecipherable from the EMI/ground noise (mostly EMI). I don't think he got a solid signal myself though if you pay close attention to the EMI as the coil is sitting still, and when the coil is moving outside the range of the target, he gets similar signals at similar intervals - EMI. There isn't one repeatable location at 250mm where he gets a signal if you really look closely at his swing. I'd argue he doesn't have much at 200mm either if you watch it 2 or 3 times enlarged and pay close attention. He is getting some EMI at similar, locations but different enough that I don't think it's a target. But he also loses patience at this final part of the video and simply stops swinging for very long, and just says "yeah, it's getting it" while also saying there is a lot of EMI, so it's hard to say specifically IMO. What he doesn't say is if he's in Difficult or not, unless I missed it. But yeah, you can tell the ground is hot - the coil is falsing when it touches (occasionally), which happens with most PI's sometimes with hot ground. My experience with the 6000, of which I probably have about 1500 hours on myself in 4 different states and 30+ different areas, is not much different than his in medium/hot ground. I can't even guess how many easy nuggets I've found later with the GPZ that were only 8-10" deep, yet completely silent on the 6000. I saw it enough that I stopped using the 6000 completely if I suspected the ground was 10"+ deep because of that. The ground type makes a big difference, as with everything. So I'm sure people can point to deeper finds. But when it comes to 1/2+ gram stuff, the 6000 suffers with depth. People can take my word or not, it only helps me if people think it's deeper than it is. I got a ton of backlash for a lot of years saying Fine Gold was a shallow timing too (prior to this forum existing), because all the AZ dealers were swearing by it for years and people thought anything a dealer said must be right. But I know what I saw then, and I know what I see now. I'll link the vid at max sensitivity here if anyone wants to skip to that part (note the EMI and ground noise) and lack of repeatability, I disagree with him getting that signal here at 200mm, but I guess it's a judgement call, and even if he did get it at 200mm, that's only 7.9 inches:
  13. Oh good…..I can stop inspecting the tyre tread for the missing culprit…..as we were advised to do 😳
  14. Thanks for sharing, great read and a nice picture of it.
  15. Great find and glad that you didn't throw it away! Now in the future when you don't want to check things out just send them to my P.O. and I will let you know what their worth, for a small fee of course say a 90-10 split. I promise you will get a check for your 10 percent right away. Good luck on your next outing and stay safe.
  16. When you both hit a farm to hunt you both always kill it. Great finds as always from that hunt and I hope you more luck on your next. As always stay safe out there.
  17. Glad to hear about it being found thanks for the update! Just so glad that no Kangaroo didn't pick it up and run through a major city with it. That would have been very bad for the kangaroo. He would have been put on the no fly list and branded a terrorist for sure. Just kidding.
  18. A tiny but potentially deadly radioactive capsule has been found in WA’s outback, after it sparked a frantic search and unprecedented public health warning spanning hundreds of kilometres. ....Link....
  19. Very nice. When in doubt clean it up after you dig it out. haha
  20. These are Facebook links. If you don't want to use FB don't click.
  21. Boy howdy, I kept calm but not easily. Al mud is most likely responsible for a few bogged down deaths over the course of history. It's rough and I had it,well all over me self! Lol All worth it though as I didn't dig all the nails and nail bits while confirming atleast to myself this place will provide days of something I love for a long time to come. I've put so much time at thus spot and I don't even change locations while always digging atleast a cw bullet. Some days from beginning 5 years ago to recent 7/10 and buttons,etc. When NB'S are involved can it be dug out? I'm not so sure when change 5° it lights up.wild I also can confirm 2 previous anger ridden outings were also rainy,muddy and shitty. Today same and madness was creepin and my wife broke it with a call lol then I realized miserable situation was most 🙃 at blame and I am choosing the miserable situation for fun so such it up. Thanks fellas
  22. An update out of beta testing would be nice too.
  23. My buddy is finally getting his in Mexico. It is the first batch for this dealer, and they are getting 13 of them.
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