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  2. Thanks Steve, Here is one of many videos I have found on the rakes: These seem to be more commonplace in Eastern Europe (?) for some reason. A lot of the rakes have treble hooks attached to them so I may try that as well but I'm concerned about the extra drag they would add. I have a rake on it's way to me with parts for another that I will need to put together. Pretty confident that the rakes will be effective in a couple of my areas. The biggest question is how long can I last pulling one of these things?
  3. APEX TESTING July 6, 2020: KG and Ringy's first video in a series of tests and tips on the new Garrett APEX metal detector. KG finds big silver! Dual volume controls are featured.
  4. It was designed like that but there is no protection circuit in the enclosure, it was inside the battery pack.
  5. This thread has too much good stuff to leave in the classifieds, so I moved it here. previous threads: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/2544-coolest-rake-ever/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/11582-raking-for-gold-on-the-beach-and-in-the-water/
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  7. It’s possible, if you post what it is you are trying to confirm. Dimensions of what?
  8. A non-ground balancing PI detector like White’s Surf Dual relies on the operator swinging the coil at a level height over the ground, while the auto tuning threshold acts to keep audio variations in line. It’s all about coil control, and on bad ground you have to slow up and work more carefully. Increasing the pulse delay and lowering sensitivity are also part of dealing with bad ground, but the real secret is coil control.
  9. That nails it, and only time will tell if the components used are up to the long term task. So far, hand built, carefully tested detectors, and a roughly 10% failure rate.
  10. Yes Steve, you are the poster child for an Amateur Tourist Detectorist!!!! 🤣😂😅😭 Your a one off!! I'll give you a pass!! 🤣 I think the only "dead silence" i will ever get to experence, is when I'm actually dead!😂👍👍
  11. I guess I’m one of those amateur tourists then. Yes, I want a detector to have an external speaker. When in dead silent desert with snakes, or completely silent woods with bears... I prefer to hear what’s going on around me. And I don’t need headphones in the first place when it’s quiet, and the nearest person is miles away. No testing needed. I learned a long time ago with Minelab, that when a new model comes out, I just need to get one and go detecting!
  12. 131 F degrees?😟means 55 C at the highest peak of your measurements...Jeez...Good to use it fully "underwater cooled"
  13. Has anyone mentioned a wider coil selection? Besides the obvious waterproof issue, do we really need an external speaker built in the unit any longer? If that would help the depth rating, I'm all for it! Everyone i see with a detector In use NEVER use the external speaker! (Except amateur tourists) No one hunting near people, wants them to hear every signal hit! Not to mention that the weak signals will go mostly unheard without headphones!👍👍
  14. I’m sure I will. I don’t think it’s a matter of luck. I carefully maintain my gear, and do things like use nylocks, etc. You could definitely say I am the kind of person that babies their gear. When I dig, I work and wiggle instead of power forcing it. I’m fine with the size also. If I’d wanted bigger I’d have got it. I get the majority of my finds on the first scoop. Excellent report, a good counterpoint and warning to those who are rougher on their gear than I am - thank you!
  15. Thanks Compass. Unfortunately that day I didn’t take a back up. The first two times I hunted with the AQ I did take a back up but not this time. Once I get it back I will have to start carrying a second detector for a couple of hunts. I have never had any problems with any other detector. This one that I have babied so much putting it on the back seat on something soft and then covering repays me this way 🥴 I really hope it’s an easy fix so I can get back out there and try to find my first gold. During the hunts I have the habit of always checking my settings to see where I’m at. I did replace my battery with the fully charged back up so that should have taken care of the static build up. I sort of figured the running hot part was due to it being a high power unit that likes to a consume a lot of volts/amps. Thanks for all the great info you provide us OBN.
  16. This is the best option for effortless disconnect/recharge/connect and go cycle... Thanks 👍
  17. Thanks for suggestion!I already found the website weeks ago and found good prices too!So I decided to push this project. At the end of games I'll have the winner pack. I already tried 8s 1.6V Ni-Zn (too low capacity of 1.560mAh) 11s 1.2V Ni-Mh @2400mAh (burned during last cell soldering) Waiting to make/test 4s 18650 Samsung 35e @3450mAh (probably the best option with bms and regulator @13.8V and cutoff @11.5V) Last less obvious and final destination 4s 26650 5000mAh (with same bms+reg. pack)
  18. I really like Steve's predictions! Whatever they come out with, I'm sure the technology will be ground breaking...it's the Minelab way. My request of them however would be to avoid being "penny wise and pound foolish" like they were with the original thin CTX gaskets and the thin coil ears on the EQX. My requests of Minelab: If they advertise WATERPROOF to 10 feet, I want it WATERPROOF. I also want to see much thicker, sturdier coil ears. Those two requests would save them many thousands of dollars in warranty replacement costs and many thousands of happy customers. Just the view from my dreaming foxhole...
  19. Forgive me if you've already answered this somewhere, but : What is the total amount of gold coins you've found during your career ?
  20. I managed to get a second lower half of the TDIBH / BeachHunter ID. I drilled a small hole in the clear plastic top of the battery compartment and ran the DC barrel connector lead directly from the detector PCB battery pin to my 4S1P battery pack. You could do this with the original lower half but I had a spare. This bypasses the regular setup. Just need a separate connector/lead which is very easy to make up. Now you can use much bigger battery packs but I’m okay with the 4S1P which gives me a good 7 hours. First photo is original lower half and second is the modified....it’s only a single neat hole to run the lead through. Third photo is power source !
  21. Looks too complicated. If vanishing the warranty, you better grind down these plastic pins in the battery compartment, so you'll be able to pack it with Samsung INR21700-50E 5000mAh - 10A valid for all day operation. Check nkon store. Whey are out of stock, but soon will be available again.
  22. With the factory operations recently closed, even the eventual future assistance is destinated to vanish...So I will check with longer cables and connectors the battery pack work for an half day and eventually dismantle the lower side of the control box...In that occasion, I might also swap the coil with a smaller one, this time a plain mono... There's a long debate on this, but I still don't find a coil that suit my needs in terms of shape and weight, not to mention delay, inductance and resistance.
  23. Yes but probably most people use their Simplex for land hunting only and they would prefer lighter coils I think ... Apart from that do you know the weight difference between the Simplex 8,5 in and the 11in coils ? Thanks ..
  24. The VOLUME socket is just to the right of the SPEAKER socket. You are right.....the volume isn’t lacking on the TDIBH ! Not sure if the photo is clear enough.....took the photo indoors as it’s wet and gloomy outside.
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