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  2. I am not sure because it seems the simultaneous multi freq the legend has would be an advantage in your search conditions. You could try the gold field mode on the legend and see what happens in your area. Otherwise I just do not think the xterra would help you out all that much
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  4. I'm with Gerry 100% on this topic. Back in the day we dug it all, and only had a magnet on a pick as a discriminator. Digging a hole 3 foot deep for a rusty can was a total waste of time and effort. Today, I use all the features of the detector I'm using as a time saver and it works well for me. snakejim
  5. Now he has put up a new one explaining it is only in All Terrain that the #'s 1-4 are notched out. New video link
  6. Yes I had Xp Orx and still have Legend but the reason I asked for this comparison was this, I am looking for ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins as well as ancient Greek ruins, my soil conditions are very difficult, high mineral content tiles and bricks screen my targets, to overcome these, Xp orx was the most performant detector I used, if x Terra Pro will give this performance, I will buy it, if not, I will buy Xp orx. x Terra will be my choice if I believe that x Terra will be more efficient in finding ruins in mineralized areas and especially in finding ruins screened by brick and pottery shards, so I wanted to ask this reason.Point Legend, unfortunately, I don't know if it is because it is Multi, but it is not efficient in such places, the areas I search are difficult mountainous terrains and soils.
  7. Welcome, Jeff, haven't turf hunted in Fl for about 4-5 years, but the few times I did I went to city parks and schools. Knew/know state parks are off limits, but city parks and schools were ok. I know people hunt inland, so not everywhere is off limits. Might check around and see where the closest metal detecting club is located and attend a meeting. You may not learn anyones secret (good) spot, but you will get a general idea where some hunt other then the beaches. Good luck, this is a great hobby. HH Jim Tn
  8. Everyone has one............ An "opinion" 😁🧐 As for myself, no screens, no readouts, no "automated opinions or guesses. Time spent on my machine and total guidance from my ears. In other words "the sound" 😎👍🎯⛏️.
  9. Looks like you got paid last week. Now, ask the boss for a raise this week. 😄 Great hunting!
  10. Looks like he took the video down. Someone commented to him gold is not masked out in the beach modes as it is in All Terrain. Ha!
  11. "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist". - Picasso Aphorisms like "dig it all", "low and slow", etc are good for people detecting club claims, heavily worked areas, old patches, etc. For those detecting a wide range of different environments and doing exploration, it's often more about figuring out when and where to break the rules and how to adapt to changing, new environments in order to maximize yield (aka - your total gold take per unit time spent).
  12. Great report, Colonel, thanks for taking the time to do that. Pull tabs are the detectorist's curse for sure.... well that and zinc pennies! 😄 I've been trying to learn some new tricks to get around pull tabs, but as you say, they come in all conditions and metal compositions. Broken and bent pull tabs, and specially the beaver tails off of ring pulls can sound so good and even ring up like nickels. I was using primarily PWM audio in V0.71 and could sometimes hear the differences in the sound of irregular metals such as can slaw, pull tabs, and ring pulls. Since updating, first to V1.0 and then to V1.1, I've been using High Sqr audio almost exclusively and really like the sounds and the nuances that can be heard in it as well. I've found by rotating 90 degrees (and sometimes 360°) on a suspect target, if it is a whole pull tab or ring pull, the target will change TID and sounds (specially in Full Tones) most of the time. Also most tabs and pulls sound a little less solid than a coin or ring, but a ring pull with a missing or folder over beaver tail will sound exactly like a ring most of the time. Also folded or rounded can slaw will sound good too. I also use Deus Mono with the XY screen to interrogate iffy targets if I can't decide with the usual methods and it is usually very helpful in ferreting out good targets from bad. But as the good Colonel and so many others have said, when in doubt, dig it out! That's the only way you'll know for sure. 😎
  13. Well I certainly don't consider myself an expert gold prospector. There are many people on this forum that have found more gold in a day than I've found in a year. But I have used both PI and VLF's detectors for beach, relic and gold prospecting enough to know when each should be used. Right tool for the right job. I doesn't scare me to wander into a sea of trash with a PI and a small coil, if the reward is big enough. But at the same time if a VLF will get the job done I'm all for using one. At sites with high mineralization I see little sense in using a VLF no matter what the target size is. Unless the trash is so thick you can't swing without hitting 3 or 4 targets. If I used a VLF at those types of sites I'm confident I would be leaving more behind that I would find. Example the last small gold nugget I found with the 6000 at about a inch deep, the Manticore was calling it iron laying right on top of the ground. Do I dig everything I hear on a PI? No, I make a dig discission off what the target sounds like. Do I miss gold doing that probably, but that's my form of discrimination with a PI. If there's lost of trash, put on a smaller coil. Some of the best finds I've made over the last 10 years have been with a PI. I'm in the camp of using a PI with no disc.
  14. Hello again after a long time. I would like to inform you about the developments, but the company still could not take any action. My faulty device, which I sent to the European region with difficulty, has been waiting for repair in the European region for two months. It is already impossible to get an answer from the headquarters. If you ask me, the defective devices in the European region are victims. informing the users and giving instructions to send them to the headquarters. The devices should be maintained and re-sent. While doing this, they probably do not want any shipping and repair costs because they suffer so much. The regulator failure is chronic. I can say that the airbuddy system is very much in terms of technical service and malfunction. in the future. Those who will buy the system should think again and again.
  15. Here is one of many interesting articles about cremation metals: https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/crematoriums-recovering-precious-metals-dead-bodies-1.4623039 Before 1970 less than 10% of Americans opted for cremation. Since about 2016 that percentage rose to over 50% and now several states are in the 70% - 80% range. Metal recovery after cremation has become a big business and it is surprising that any dental gold makes its way to cremation urns and to beaches where it is found with metal detectors. I believe that many of the gold crowns that I have found may have been from earlier cremations when the price of gold was much lower. Even though cremations are on the rise it may be more difficult to find the resulting dental gold in the future.
  16. I’m curious. If you were having success with the Manticore, what was it about the 900 that motivated you to pick one up? In other words, what were you hoping the 900 could do that the Manticore can’t? Or were you just looking to have a capable, less expensive backup to the M-core? Or was it the fact that you could use your Nox 800 accessory coils? Thanks.
  17. Detector Expert....I know more than most. Gold Prospecting Expert... Not exactly when compared to those I know who do ti full time. I sell detectors for a living and provide knowledge from my near 50 yrs of swinging them. I don't hunt gold for a living and I don't get checks from the manufactures. I have a select few customers who do hunt gold for a living and I'll warn most, it's sometimes a rough, solitude life with a different mindset.
  18. I like to hunt by sound too and then look at the numbers if a target's sound interests me. Just due to where I live (fairly big US city) public park and public school coin and jewelry hunting areas are the easiest to get to, don't require a lot of gas, don't cost me anything to visit and pay off instantly with US clad even if I don't find any decent jewelry. In the past, I used the Equinox 800 5 tone audio to help me quickly identify target conductivity. So basically I was cherry picking by audio first and making a dig decision based on that, size of the target, depth and the stability of the IDs. That strategy worked great even though I would get sloppy and skip over 13/14 target IDs that were likely modern oval pull tabs but could have also been nickels or gold jewelry. The Equinox 900 has made digging nickels a lot easier since there are less pull tabs that have the same target ID numbers as US nickels due to the expanded target ID range. The only regularly occurring aluminum target that I have often seen mimic a US nickel so far are beaver tails that have been separated from their ring pull. However, with the much expanded target ID range of the 700/900 and the much expanded range of target IDs on US coins and common aluminum trash along with the tendency of my 900 (I have had two) to double and triple beep on down to 4" deep coin sized targets like they were on the surface, I can't yet trust the audio on my 900. I am making good quality US modern and older coin finds and plenty of them so it's not like I am not having success with the 900. I just want to get a good feeling about this detector. Currently, I haven't come close to that yet. Hopefully that will change with an ID stability software tweak and with me getting more time with this otherwise outstanding detector.
  19. On a side note, I have been using my Manticore for the past few months. There was a learning curve to it (as always) but I am finding a lot of silver coins with it. I am hoping the Nox 900 provides the same results. John
  20. The Tarsacci is actually a mediocre performer depth wise in mild ground. It needs minerals and/or iron as a background to show the contrast with non ferrous targets. The Salt Balance functions to see through the Conductive fog of salt/mineral water and things like coke or foil. The unit is not like a regular VLF. This gives it attributes and a few quirks. I think you are going to do well.
  21. Wow, wet these areas are all but undetectable. We usually don't hunt these sites until the ground is bone dry.
  22. Hello Jeff, I do have an Equinox 900 but just got it the other day. It's so new the coil hasn't touched the ground yet. However, that will change after today 🙂 I hate to hear that the coins IDs are so unstable. Thanks for the heads up on what I can expect though. I normally dig by sound, but like the ID numbers as a reference so I'll be seeing on whether they jump around in my soil. Happy hunting! John
  23. Yes, the carbon fiber will be available in a longer version ... need to check with the team on the timeframe.
  24. Great finds, especially when you get gold.
  25. ...its my job...😆 sorry better with the detectors than a go pro...always end up getting my feet... cjc
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