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    Future Coil Sizes?

    Nice size Steve.......
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    Equinox 800 Help

    Sweet coins man nice.
  5. Hi all. Now that I have the prototype shafts built, I've been able to work some more on the counterweight design, and I have moved very close to finalizing the design. I have discovered through this extensive testing/design that the amount of weight needed to achieve proper counterbalance is a bit more than I was originally thinking, after the preliminary, "rough" proof-of-concept testing. I would like to present the findings, and get some opinions -- from anyone who has been potentially interested in the counterbalance system -- as to whether these changes are acceptable, or if this would change your desire to possibly purchase the counterweights. 1. The weight needed to counterbalance the 12" x 15" coil, (based on an "average" lower rod extension length), is roughly 28 oz. This is a fairly substantial amount of weight -- BUT -- I must note that when the weight is applied, the machine swings BEAUTIFULLY. It FEELS lighter, even though the "absolute weight" -- i.e. according to measurement as provided by a scale -- is obviously greater. With my forearm in the arm in the arm cuff, swinging the machine normally, I was literally able to hold the handle of the machine with only my thumb and index finger -- and swing the machine effortlessly! The sensation is that the machine FLOATS across the ground! (For the 11" coil, the amount of counterweight needed is of course slightly less -- roughly 25 oz.) 2. To include this amount of weight in the tube extensions, and yet not have the extensions excessively long, I must use larger-diameter carbon-fiber tube than I planned -- I've decided on 31mm outside diameter tubes. I had intended to use the same diameter of tubing as used on the upper shaft (22.15mm outside diameter), but the extension length required was far too long. 3. Using the 31mm outside diameter tube for the counterweights, I calculate that length of the tube extending beyond the end of the shaft will be 7 1/2" for the 12" x 15" coil, and 6 1/2" for the 11" coil. 4. There would be no changes to the shaft design needed; anyone wanting the counterweight system in the future would still purchase a shaft with the same threaded female fitting installed in the butt end of the shaft, and the same threaded end cap that screws into the butt end. The only changes would be to the counterweights themselves (as comparted to what I had originally planned) -- i.e. larger diameter carbon-fiber tubing, and thus a larger end cap for the ends of the counterweights themselves. SO, my questions are, with the counterweight lengths needed now a pretty-well "known quantity" -- i.e. 6 1/2" and 7 1/2" long (11" coil and 12" x 15" coil, respectively), and the weights to achieve balance being also a pretty-well "known quantity" -- i.e. 25 oz. and 28 oz., respectively, would those interested in the weights find these specs acceptable? Please offer your comments. Preliminary/rough pricing info would be as follows. One counterweight, $22.50 plus shipping ($30 total). If an EQX user only wanted to order one weight, I would suggest the 6 1/2" long, 25 oz. weight, designed for the 11" coil; this amount of counterweight still achieves a degree of balance that feels GREAT with the 12" x 15" coil. I am of the opinion that no counterweight is needed, for the 6" coil. Two counterweights, one for the 11" coil and one for the 12" x 15" coil, $42.50 plus shipping ($50 total). Thoughts? Steve
  6. Goldpick

    XP Orx Intro Video Review ( In English )

    I think you can safely assume that some of the targets excavated in such videos are pre-marked for the purpose of instructional content. So I wouldn't dispute the finds, they are simply giving you an idea on the detector's response when an in-ground target is encountered. The alternative is to spend hours making real time footage, and that isn't always feasible for reviews, tips and instructional clips. You could probably say the same for some of those you tube channels when cameras are setup from different perspectives. I'm sure there is some creative editing going on to give you the perception that some targets are found in real time, just makes for more entertaining viewing vs viewing hours of footage of someone trudging around a paddock.
  7. BeachHunter

    New Minelab Equinox 15” X 12” Coil

    Thank you phrunt. If I can get the coil over the right stuff I’ll be sure to share. Best of Luck!
  8. Victoria" Nice Dig! πŸ™ƒIg
  9. Jeff McClendon

    Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

    I had the opportunity to use a Land Ranger Pro for awhile recently and I was quite impressed with all of the features of this detector and with the detector in general. I have used many FTP detectors and Bounty Hunters too. This detector worked fairly well in my high EMI and high mineralized soil conditions and should be a blast in more detector friendly environments. It locked on to targets well at 3" to 4" and only suffered a little from EMI. I think part of that is the 11 x 9 DD coil that came with the detector I used. I have to say that the two negatives for me were the somewhat flimsy build quality and of course the malfunctioning to non-functioning pinpoint button. I especially disliked the flimsy DD coil. On my Minuteman and Gamma the same 11"x 9" DD coil was much more robust, sturdier and had better quality coil cables and screw on connectors. I really was afraid I could easily damage the LRP's coil. Otherwise, this is a lot of detector for the money. With a working pinpoint button, coil connector modification and some better quality coils, this detector would be really fantastic.
  10. Jeff McClendon

    White's TDI SL

    For the most part, I really enjoyed using the TDI SL special edition with the Miner Johns coil. It was well balanced and had almost enough features to satisfy me. Where it was lacking the most was in audio nuances and basic power. I could not hear enough audio information for me to distinguish target characteristics easily. Coming from a GP3000, I loved the TDI SL's simplicity and light weight but not its limited tonal deficiencies. The biggest problem though, was its lack of power. I tried different battery scenarios including the RNB product for this model. It helped some but not enough for me to trust that the TDI SL had the raw power to detect effectively past 5" in high mineralization on medium to smallish gold targets. At least that was my experience. In milder soil conditions or in really bad serpentine with shallow targets, it would be great. In my opinion it cannot compete with the GP/GPX series as a gold prospecting PI in the vast majority of detecting environments. As a relic or beach detector it would probably really do well.
  11. Jeff McClendon

    White's Treasuremaster

    The Treasure Master I used for a while actually out performed the MX7 and Treasure Pro in my high EMI and mineralized soil environment. I had one for a loaner and everyone that use it enjoyed it a lot. It was not able to detect with any stability past 3" but it locked on to targets much better than its more expensive cousins and amazingly its auto tracking system worked fairly well. The display and audio were very nice and the stock concentric coil seemed to be the difference somehow as it matched up better with the characteristics of this detector.
  12. Jeff McClendon

    White's Treasure Pro

    I had the opportunity to try out two Treasure Pros. Sadly, neither of them could handle the high mineralization and EMI in my area. This detector could not lock on to any 3" or deeper targets, period. The stock coils were not helping the situation. I was able to try a Detech SEF coil which helped a lot with stabilizing target ID and recovery speed but depth was still poor. The features and display on this detector were excellent. I am sure it works much better in milder soil and EMI environments.
  13. Jeff McClendon

    White's MX7

    I was very excited to purchase the MX7. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with this detector. It struggled with the high mineralization in my area whether in auto tracking or locked ground balance. Target ID was very unstable and jumpy at depths beyond 3" and the detector was very susceptible to EMI and crosstalk with other detectors. I loved the display and the tones of this detector. I found it to be too heavy for longer hunts. I am no weakling but this detector gave me lots of wrist and neck fatigue no matter how I adjusted it. The 6" Detech coil was a vast improvement over the stock Whites coils which were disappointing. Hopefully others have had a more favorable experience with this detector.
  14. Jeff McClendon

    Teknetics Delta 4000

    The Delta has many very good features. Unfortunately it could not cope with either the bad EMI or high mineralization in my area. I'm sure that in milder soil mineralization it would be great.
  15. Jeff McClendon

    Teknetics Gamma 6000

    The Gamma is a very feature rich detector. Unfortunately it could not cope with either the bad EMI or high mineralization in my area. I'm sure that in milder soil mineralization it would be great.
  16. Jeff McClendon

    Teknetics Minuteman

    If you need an easy to operate but very capable inexpensive beginner or loaner metal detector, the Minuteman or the Eurotek Pro with either the 9" concentric or 11"x 9" DD should be on your list of possibilities. I have owned or tried out many FTP detectors with more features than the Minuteman. Those that had preset ground balance struggled to operate in the highly mineralized soil and EMI challenged environment where I live and lost depth and target ID accuracy within 3" depth and were so noisy that detecting was impossible unless the sensitivity was turned way down. Even some very expensive FTP detectors with automatic and manual ground balance struggle here for the same reasons. The Minuteman's preset ground balance setting and EMI resistance were the best of any FTP I have used except for my F19 which cost over $300 more! It locks on good targets up to 5" here easily and sensitivity can be run at up to 80% without chatter. It has as good a pinpointer and depth readout as detectors costing several hundred dollars more. It has on screen iron and depth indicators and large target ID number display. It has three menu functions: volume, sensitivity, and discrimination. Within the volume control is FTP's FeTone volume control system. Within the discrimination control is a Variable Tone Breakpoint that is somewhat adjustable for one, two or three-tone operation. It is a very well built and sturdy detector and feels even more expensive than most of FTP's other budget line and some of the Greeks too. It is like an Omega without all of the features. I personally like the simplicity of the information from the audio and the display. You listen for the pitch and quality of the tone and you check the stability of the target ID number. That's it! I have used a Minuteman as a loaner for complete newbies many times. With just 5 minutes of instruction they were all able to be successful with this detector and since it is so light weight and adjustable there was very little fatigue for new users no matter their age, size or stamina.
  17. Snohomish -- Certainly! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  18. Lunk

    Minelab SDC 2300

    No doubt one of the quirkiest looking nugget detectors I've ever seen, the SDC 2300 is nonetheless a top performer in the gold fields. Compact, rugged, waterproof and equipped with full-time automatic ground balance, it is a turn on and go machine able to go anywhere and handle any ground type from extreme iron mineralization to alkali salt rich soil. Its sensitivity to tiny nuggets is exceptional. The jittery threshold took a little getting used to, but once I did I was amazed at how even very faint targets were recognizeable amidst it. The unit is a little on the pricy side, but definitely worth evey penny.
  19. I can imagine it's the perfect beach coil, looking forward to hearing about all your hard earned treasures πŸ™‚
  20. Hey Everybody, I was finally able to pick up the larger coil for my Equinox from big boys hobbies. He mentioned he had a few in stock. So, I can’t wait to see what this bad boy will do down at the local beach. I just hope I’m up to the task of digging all those gold and silver rings (I’m going to find) from the deep holes lol! Happy Holidays to all!
  21. Steelhead

    Equinox 800 Help

    So I ended up going back to the old farmhouse for a short hunt. Not expecting much since last outing netted nothing worthwhile. This time around I took the Nox 800 alone and went over areas I hit previously with the ctx3030 with 17" coil. To my surprise the Nox found 3 old coppers that the ctx3030 somehow missed. 2 of them are unidentifiable to me but the other appears to be a 1773 Virginia Halfpenny which makes it the oldest coin I've found to date. Can't wait to take the Nox on another trip to see if I missed anything else.
  22. BeachHunter

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    Thank you sir. Best of luck! BH
  23. Lunk

    Minelab GPZ 7000

    By far the best performance gold nugget detector I have ever owned. Superior depth and sensitivity, outstanding ground cancelling, great user interface and downloadable software updates make this machine the weapon of choice for professional nugget prospectors as well as the serious hobbyist. Even though it could shed a few pounds and cut its price tag in half, I believe the GPZ 7000 still merits 5 stars based on its incredible performance alone.
  24. Lunk

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    If there's such a thing as the perfect VLF gold nugget detector, the Gold Monster 1000 is it. Super simple to operate, lightweight, weatherproof, extreme sensitivity to a wide range of nugget sizes and depths, boosted audio, rechargeable battery, two coils, great price...what's not to like?!
  25. Lunk

    Fisher Gold Bug 2

    This was my first gold nugget detector, and I don't recall anything that I didn't like about it. Although there is a learning curve to operating it, once I undersood what it was telling me no piece of gold was safe, not even the smallest crumb.
  26. idahogold

    West Oz Raw

    Fred Neverbeen" Ig
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