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  2. Yep, what Steve said! In California we have thousands of little creeks, benches and rivers with craggy bedrock where small coils are king. 10 x 6 coils are money makers in these environs.
  3. Will this do the same? I already have this can. https://smile.amazon.com/CRC-Heavy-Duty-Silicone-Lubricant/dp/B0042NWOLY/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Heavy+Duty+Silicone&qid=1632414101&s=automotive&sr=1-2
  4. Nobody in the U.S. cares about that JP. You can’t find gold where coils won’t fit, and even the 11” mono is too large for many locations here. And, we have lots of mild ground with no hot rocks. So make it smaller, and make it HOT. If it won’t work in some places, oh well. It’s all about where it will work, not where it won’t work. We desperately need a small GPZ coil here, and since that seems impossible unless you go X Coil, then give us one for the 6000. The 10” x 6” form factor has always been the most popular nugget coil size here, and yet it’s always the last coil we can seem to get out of Minelab. Trevor is surprised by demand for the 10” x 6” Equinox coil? I have been pounding the table, and pulling my hair out, since day one trying to make it understood that is the coil everyone wants here. If we could just get people to listen to us…. from April 2018 And yes, people here still want a plug and play small coil, like the 11” round or smaller, for the GPZ. It’s all GPZ owners here talk about, like wishing we could win the lottery. One factor in my selling my GPZ was my feeling that Minelab reneged on the promised smaller coil, and that still bugs me to this day.
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  6. Thanks Mike, Yes, the kind of hunt that makes the long drive home from the beach a lot easier!
  7. Thanks Tom, it's a great combo for coin shooting, they compliment each other quite nicely.
  8. This season has been measured in flakes and grams so far. Piece count way up, weight down, but tons of fun. Tomorrow I'll bust out the 6 in a new area and see if I get lucky..... Might get some more pics tomorrow if I can. Been a fun, informative, and interesting season so far and no complaints other than my self inflicted issues with the 6. Thanks to the forum and the forum members that got me squared away on that! Thanks for the comments! get out there if you can, season winding down soon for the northern boys and girls.....
  9. That looks like a good day, Kac. HH Mike
  10. Sorry for not responding folks but I've been on planes traveling the world. Yes that looks to be my clone in the pics or was it me in person?
  11. I really didn't know what to expect on one recent hunt but I certainly didn't think that I would be finding gold and silver including one of the biggest rings that I have ever found. The hunt started off slow enough with lots of trash and zinc pennies for most of the first 2 hours in the wet sand. Then I started to find a few "real" coins and even a couple of small blackened silver items before being stunned by scooping out a yellow gold diamond ring that was so clean looking that it could have been lost that same day. But I know better and that ring could have been lost years ago, especially, with all the blackened silver nearby. Not long after finding the gold came another big surprise and I mean BIG! I don't remember anything unusual or special about the target signal but when I kicked it out of the scoop I remember thinking "no way!" There on the sand in front of me was a huge bright purple blob, so richly colored in the sunlight it looked like a plastic part from a child's toy. However, I've seen that color many times before and when I picked the target up it confirmed that it was a huge silver ring! The gold ring was not stamped but held the 18k acid. However, I don't think the diamond is real from my preliminary testing. Too bad since it appears to be about a carat. At nearly 30 grams, the silver ring may be the heaviest ring that I have ever found. It is stamped "DIESEL" and "925". It turned out to be a fun afternoon at the beach. I haven't detected all that much this year but I have had some memorable and productive hunts like this one. GL&HH!
  12. Looks like a piece of surf-tumbled basalt to me. Jim
  13. 950 Silver Silver of 95 percent purity is relatively rare because it is a nonstandard alloy. Technically it is not fine silver because it falls considerably below 99.9 percent fineness. This means it is sterling silver, but more pure than most sterling silver. 950 silver will be softer than most sterling silver and will tarnish more easily. This means it is unlikely to be used in most industrial applications. Most 950 silver is used for jewelry. .. (from the internet.) Platinum usually will have some other mark ie. P, or Plat or be set in a house symbol .. 950 silver will stand alone with just the number 950 or be inside an oval .. much of the 950 silver used in jewelry comes from places other than the U.S. ,Mexico for example uses a lot of 950 silver in rings.
  14. 950 is usually a platinum mark. 925 is 92.5% silver and highest mark used. 18k refers to gold. So having 950 and 18k (high end gold) suggests the ring is 2 tone where some is platinum and some is gold. Would be a high end ring worthy of an appraisal if you were to sell it. Don't go to a gold or pawn shop as they only give you scrap value and often less than that. For safer keeping give it to your wife and you can get extended search time 🙂
  15. If it is happening on both coils then maybe the connection to the control box is bad. Is there any signs of corrosion on the connections? A bad coil would usually be knock sensitive.
  16. The only thing that will make your CTX go nuts like that besides it being broken is underground electrical wires. I had a coil go out on my first CTX and it did not act in the way you are describing it just quit working. But anything is possible. strick
  17. Wow Dan! That's an awesome day. Congratulations!! Tom
  18. Karelian, I understand what you are saying. However, wait until hip arthritis sets in and you will wish you had a means to carry you into areas to detect. This hip arthritis is very painful and when it is flaired up, every step you take can feel like a dagger 🗡️ into the hip socket. I need to get an ATV asap for this very reason. I should have done it years ago.
  19. Congrats Dan, that's a very nice haul!! How are you liking the ctx? One of the guys in the club has that combo (ctx,nox). He's got some cool finds with both. Anyways great treasure hunting trip! Tom
  20. Awesome Scott, your killing it on the gold. You can't be disappointed with the results you are getting. Glad your 6 is working like it is supposed to now.
  21. Use "tuner/fader cleaner" if you can find some , it has lube mixed in with the cleaner. Link : https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-F5S-H6-DeoxIT-FaderLube-Spray/dp/B00006LVF1/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3OQ941EJ6UO7E&dchild=1&keywords=deoxit+f5+fader+cleaner&qid=1632395618&sprefix=DeOxit+F5%2Caps%2C184&sr=8-3 DeOxit also comes in other formulations.. D5 is awesome contact cleaner / preserver S5 is a sealer for harsh environments. I haven't tried the S5 yet but the D5 and F5 have been road tested many times in the last ~40 years ! Top shelf stuff.
  22. Phrunt, all good suggestions, I did all of the following before I decided to post. noise cancel, lowered sensitivity, the software is the latest, I did a factory reset, ground balanced, it came with a six inch coil and tried that but still have the same problem. Maybe there is dirt in between the coil covers and coil, will check when I wake up😁 If not call Minelab I guess. Thanks
  23. Blooded the big banger. 😤. Very sensitive to pellets.. easy peasy to pinpoint ..: bring on the big stuff 🥳
  24. And just check all connections 😉
  25. Well that did not take long...congrats strick
  26. Are you sure it's not EMI, have you lowered the sensitivity and obviously done the noise cancel? You may have a bad coil, I assume you don't have a second coil to try on it? You could try a factory reset on it if you haven't already.... with the detector switched off press and hold the power button, it'll turn on and play the startup tune, keep holding the power button down until you hear a low tone and then release the button, a menu will come up and go to Reset All. The other thing you could try is checking if it has the latest firmware, if not update it, long shot but worth a try. Are the numbers all over the place in air tests? Say waving a coin over the coil will it give a solid ID? If it does that sounds positive... I assume you tried a ground balance too? A video of your problem would be helpful but I've read in the past someone with a problem like yours with a CTX and they had a coil where the cable was damaged internally where the cable comes out of the shaft down near the coil, so a replacement coil was the solution so if you've got someone you can borrow a coil off to try that'd be helpful if all else fails.
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