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  2. Yes, give us the 6000 and we'll worry bout the rest later.
  3. As much as I want the detector available now, with a full suite of accessories and parts, I’ll just be happy to even get it. With the way the past year has been, and with how disrupted everything is this year it’s a wonder we’re even getting it. Plus, I’m putting all of my home improvements involving lumber on hold so I’ll be nice to have new toy to occupy my time.
  4. Yes I meant single frequency. I don't think you missed anything but your right the only way to know is testing to see.
  5. When I was using a G2 I really like the high frequency and the reactivity to targets. At 18khz the wrap around on that machine was crazy
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  7. As a new member of the forum I suspect this question has been dealt with many times in the past .I am having a problem linking my WM 08 to my Nox 600 .It just does not happen ,full charge on both and 2 ft apart .I have tried at least a dozen times .(headphones not turned on or involved .Can anyone help ?
  8. I'm confused by the question. Did you mean 'single frequency' instead of 'single tone'? Assuming that, you probably haven't given us enough information. How bad is the EMI; specifically what sensitivity setting in simultaneous multi-frequency (SiMF) does the EMI allow you to operate? Also, the intended targets (particularly the conductivities of those targets) could matter. Bottom line -- it's probably something best determined by trial at a particular site and intended target. I was in a super high EMI permission a couple years ago mostly coin hunting but also accepting smallish rel
  9. Purty much bullshit that we haven't even got our 6000's in the US yet......
  10. I'll have to agree. I didn't see any difference in recovery speed when changing modes. Maybe the update changed that. But for the most part changing modes only changed the discrimination pattern which often times hampered the performance of the Apex in trash.
  11. Not sure if that question was rhetorical.... That cache discovered in 2013 may answer your question, at least if what you find is anything of significant value. Fortunately for the finders there, the USA government determined it wasn't theirs (from the above Wikpedia article): On March 4, 2014, The U.S. Mint stated that "[they] do not have any information linking the Saddle Ridge Hoard coins to any thefts at any United States Mint facility",[16][17] and "[they've] done quite a bit of research, and we've got a crack team of lawyers, and trust me, if this was U.S. government property we'd
  12. I do think that is probably driven primarily by frequency as well. Good point.
  13. The site is nice and modern looking with two models explicitly mentioned, hope I'll purchase one of them soon
  14. When I was operating the Minelab X-Terra 705 which gives the choice of 3 kHz, 7.5 kHz, and 18.75 kHz operating frequency (requiring a coil change, though), the lower the frequency the more trouble I had with iron wrapping around to high conductor. Is that a characteristic of low frequencies (where the iron range is compressed and the high conductor range expanded, relatively speaking) or do you think it's more likely due to something specific to the detector + detectorist combination?
  15. In emi which would be better. Multi frequency with sensitivity turned down or single frequency with sensitivity high. I think single frequency would be better in that situation.
  16. Just a reminder -- Iron Bias adjustments/settings are only active when in multi-frequency. The drawer pull is in good shape. Ones I've found tend to be separated and the faceplate bent or broken. Usually I don't find both parts, either. I'm surprised you didn't recover any pencil ferrules. Most school yards have quite a few and many TID right around USA nickels. They seem to be schoolyards' version of (lone) beavertails that show up in parks. It looks like you found at least one button (lower center). What is the crusty item on the lower right?
  17. Yes. Agree. I am interested in this as well. Garrett has provided no documentation to support this and I would think it is something they would want to bring attention to. As far as I can see, the various modes just simply implement different discrimination and notch presets, which should not affect recovery speed unless Garrett is doing something undocumented under the hood in signal processing, tied to the mode selection.
  18. Great perspective Jeff. I try to give everyone in the detector game the benefit of the doubt and when making comparisons try do so from the everyman’s perspective and using apples-to-apples detector comparisons when able and appropriate. My assumption is that if a manufacturer has invested the R&D and manufacturing infrastructure into a detector model that at least moves the needle (and Apex arguably did do that), then it has to be the right detector for somebody. It’s also a lot to ask to expound on a detector’s capabilities without at least some on and off brand comparisons thrown in
  19. From what I hear nobody in the US has purchased a 6000 yet! Accessories?? Ask next year.....if current pace of "drip drip" release continues. Perhaps they should have waited all together until next year with the 6000 release so at least they would have had a better supply chain set up, including accessories.
  20. Police get to keep a lot of stuff here in Calif if no one claims it... I know lots of cops. Tow truck companies really get some great stuff if not reclaimed...their just out their time and reg fees...you never have to buy a vehicle again if you own a two truck company 🙂 I keep my finds unless someone asks me to help find something they lost...what would happen if I found a hoard of gold coins? I'd probably have to follow the book at that point..?? strick
  21. DIG5050, can you expound on the differences you have seen between the various modes & their recovery speeds?
  22. I can’t see the batteries being much cheaper than say a CTX battery (if at all) as they’re about the same capacity and has all the charger built into it. Someone with more knowledge could probably weigh in on this.
  23. Sardines (especially the ones in tomato sauce) on hot toast with a sprinkling of pepper make for a fantastic filling and nutritious breakfast (no I’m not being sarcastic, I grew up on the stuff and love them, plus they have the benefits of eating fish) Also spread on crackers while out and about make for a good belly filler. Just don’t let the missus near you afterwards or she might gag. Back on topic, that’s a great little write up @Northeast and full of great information once again.
  24. Thanks, Northeast. Great review! When you compare Normal vs. Difficult do you think you loose a lot of sensitivity in Difficult? You said you still heard the small stuff well, even with the 14DD/difficult? I don't mind hearing targets a bit softer as long as the threshold is stable. PS: Finally someone who likes listening to the threshold like me 🙂 Don't like it gone.
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