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  2. Simon Why do you need a spam box? haha Treat your email inbox like a nugget patch. You have to read EVERYTHING. You'll know it is trash as soon as you see it and you'll never wonder if you passed up on a nugget. Thanks for the follow up. Will the replacement be the same design? Mitchel
  3. Think about finding a rock with some rust on it. The outside of Lunk's meteorite is kinda rusty. Here is a link to one of Fred's hunts. As you can see none of the rocks are as dark as yours. My last Gold Basin trip I found one little meteorite in the 'gold area' but when I went to the 'meteorite area' I looked for a couple of hours and struck out. When we get past the restrictions I'll stop by and show you some that I've found or meet up with you in the basin. Mitchel
  4. Thanks Lunk, the tiny one for sure and I’ll try and take better pictures of the others and make the Windows I cut a little better.
  5. Possibly Amphibolite? The gold also looks like it was a small veinlet by itself! Very cool
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  7. How many have received their invitation "via email" to the newMinelab Competition? According to the email it will be based through Facebook and other social media sites.
  8. Hello! I am in total shock to read your post here on this forum. One side of me is telling me to post copies of all our correspondence yet being the rep of a reputable company, I have to keep my professionalism. I will just say the following and then make no other comment: I am a person of my word. Honesty and integrity is what I look for ... a replacement Simplex+ that I could send you (along with the extra coil sent to you already) would not hurt this company. But let's view this whole thing from my end: It looks like they returned your stolen detector which is, as you state in your ''Gear Used'' - ''xxx the only detector you need'' . And it certainly looks like you have changed your mind about how you feel about that detector since the first day you approached our company by starting your email saying: ''...because I have a xxxxxx. I am not just saying this. But I am truly unhappy with it....'' Do not get me wrong, I work with a lot of testers that also use competitor's products. I have no problem with that BUT they do test the product and they provide results, reviews, videos.... yet between the time you got the product and you emailed me about the water leakage - approximately 3 months - all I have is an email or 2 that says the detector is great (Thank you, we know that already) and a link to a video that does not even exist anymore. As the whole world is going through tough times and we have more time to think in isolation, I strongly recommend practicing self-assessment to all. Maybe, we will find the answers to why the humanity is going through this unfortunate crisis today... Dilek
  9. ----------------------------------------------- I am a big fan of the XP ORX. For many people I know and especially me, the XP Deus just requires too much information processing and tweaking. It is a fantastic detector but it often puts my brain and ears in Overload.......The simplified Deus called the ORX strikes a good balance with outstanding performance and just a bit of adjusting for local conditions. Swinging an ORX or Deus is heavenly. ------------------------------------------------ ---> Yes I agree with you the XP Wireless detectors are fantastic machines . They are almost as powerful in depth as the MLs and much better on iron trashed areas. Also they are far lighter than the concurrence. For example an Orx weights around 750grams while a Nox with the 11 coil weights 1300 grams , this is a huge difference. A Teknetics T2 weights 1500 grams , twice the Orx … Actually I have a Deus with the 22 white HF coil , it is my first detector . My second machine is a Vanquish 540 that I use on low/medium iron trashed areas because it is a little more powerful on medium/big coin than the Deus . I had a Nox800 but I am selling it after having tried the Vanquish 540 which is for me better than the Nox : better coils , far better telescopic shaft , simpler to use , a little more powerful ...
  10. When I had the Z I most gently rolled across the surface. It helped with weight support and also finding the tiddlers. Where I detect I was able to do this. But, and I am sure JP will confirm or deny this, I am sure I read a thing from JP where he suggested running the Z coil 1-2 inches off the ground particularly in saturable ground. I think the reasoning was that if the detector was simply unusable at ground level then being 2 inches closer to the gold was no advantage. However, if by running 2 inches off the ground you could still detect then at least you were still in the game. As always JP, feel free to correct me 👍 Edit - actually it was Steve H - half way down the first post. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/970-minelab-gpz-7000-a-super-vlf-saturable-soil-tips/
  11. Me too! Me too!! If only we knew then what we know now. Would have done lots of things differently 😉 Nice specie Norm. Have you got a weight total and pic of your finds?
  12. Me too! The only problem would be that I grew up in Florida and I would have been learning about blue springs and limestone caves and all of that would be without any gold. That's a great little nuggie. I saw part of your take when I was there. What was the large one for the season? Did you finish filling your box? Mitchel
  13. Not really. It is 10mm above any gold & that can make a difference. I guess the height thing comes down to how rocky or uneven the ground is so that you can maintain an even sweep motion without bumping protruding rocks & stuff & you aren't having to keep lifting the coil up & over obstacles continually. The Zed coil does not like to be lifted & tilted without giving a little protest warble. That is how I remember the ML 14" coil anyway. Hence maintaining a clean motion sweep with precise coil control & keeping the coil as parallel to the ground as you can & no sudden tilting or lifting. If that requires a certain distance off the ground then I suppose that is what it is. But if I can scrub the ground that is what I will do. JW 🤠
  14. I was only reading the manual today..... it says and I quote, "The coil should remain parallel when lifting to the sweep height, approximately ½-inch (10 mm) above the ground." I assume that's to help with mineralisation or perhaps they don't want damaged coils to replace under warranty 🙂 I've noticed no negatives with scrubbing the ground, so 1cm off the ground, pretty close to touching it.
  15. I reckon you will find more gold if you scrub the ground as you are half an inch closer to the gold. Goes without saying in my mind. Mind you, I have always maintained that I aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. But a tool most definitely.😂 good luck out there JW 🤠
  16. And the official site: https://www.detecting.com/pro-metal-detectors.htm#time-ranger-pro
  17. In all honesty Peter, That sounds absurd to hold your coil 2 inches above the ground. Straight away you have lost 2 inches of much needed depth. What was the reasoning to holding it that high off the ground? It may be related to highly mineralised ground of which I have no experience with so that may be the reason why. Maybe someone else can clarify that for both of us. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  18. All of your window photos are out of focus. The Gold Basin meteorite is an ordinary chondrite, so if you see any bright, silvery flecks of nickel-iron metal in your windows, you've got the real deal. Example:
  19. Thank you JR. I enjoy the hunt regardless but it is nice to come home with a bit of colour. That 7 gram piece from the other weekend is about the best I can hope for.... but you never know your luck & that is the carrot that keeps us at it, outside of loving what mother nature puts on display for us when we are out there. There are something like 18, I think....might even be 21, designated public fossicking areas throughout the south island that are controlled by the Government department known as DOC, Department Of Conservation. They recognised there was a want & need for people to go out there to get among nature, camp & have a crack at finding a bit of gold for themselves. Apart from staying in a DOC campground, pretty basic set up, there is no costs or fees for the fossicking. All hand operated gear only, sluice box, panning, crevicing, detecting but no motorised gear such as water pumps, dredges & I suppose highbankers comes under that as well. You can of course legally apply for a dredging claim & many of the gold bearing creeks & rivers are all claimed up. There are four of these public fossicking areas in the immediate Queenstown area with a couple more that I know of that the claim owners have allowed people to fossick on certain parts of their claims. There are none in the north Island. So it becomes a matter of being a bit stealth & fly under the radar type thing to do it in the Coromandel region. It is an area of high numbers environmentally green, tree hugging, frog ares licking type people & they have a very strong following. But most people aren't too concerned about a bit of panning & boxing & fossicking if you are sensible about out. If you break out motors & pumps that will get some people on your case as happened to me on a couple of occasions. Hi there Mathias, Long time between drinks Nice to hear from you. Writing these up gives me something to do with my time during lock down as I can't/not allowed to go out detecting. I also have sheriff.... Mrs JW keeping an eye on me. So hey, no problem in putting them up. Glad you get something out of them. I know how much you like your gold hunting. 👍 The guy who has them now told me the big one was a kilo. That makes it about 32 ounces at 1000 grams. I don't think he was right as I have seen two other nuggets of the same characters as these two & they were bigger. The big one of those had 28 ounces of gold in the specimen & the smaller one had 15 ounces. These two are not as big as those ones. I have compared the photos as I held those two bigger ones in my hand. I can't show those ones out of respect to the finder/owner as he has asked me not to. If you are ever back down in your old stomping ground or in QT look me up or get intouch. Best of luck out there & stay safe, stay isolated & save lives. Just might be your own. JW 🤠
  20. I have only borrowed an Equinox 800 for a few minutes use a couple of time so I'm not a lot of help with specifics about it. I do own and use two of the Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro Pack devices to keep the most-used 5X8 DD on one of them and the larger 9X12 DD on the other for more open areas, such as a beach, wide-open grassy park or hunting plowed fields and the like. I have lived in Oregon most of my life with the bulk of that in the greater metro area of Portland on the west-side of Oregon. I currently live in Vale, in far Eastern Oregon. I lived in the Portland area when I started using meal / Mineral locators the start of March 1965 and spent most of the first 18 years Coin Hunting city parks and schools and anywhere I possibly could, to include farm fields after strawberry harvest. I did occasional hunting of ghost towns and homesteads or any older site during that period, mainly in Oregon and Utah and Nevada, but also in Wyoming Idaho and Washington on occasion. Since July of '83, however, I have concentrated on relic Hunting activities in older and more out-of-the-way locations, mostly in Eastern Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, California, and several other states across the country, and, on occasion, a bit in Washington. I currently rely on my Nokta FORS CoRe's w/'OOR' DD and 5X9½ DD coils mounted, FORS Relic w/5" DD mounted, and XP ORX w/5X9½ DD mounted for most of my serious Relic hunting in nasty dense trash. I also use my Nokta / Makro Simplex + w/11" DD, Vanquish 540's w/5X8 DD and 9X12 DD munted, and a Tesoro Bandido II microMAX w/6" Concentic and Silver Sabre microMAX w/6" Concentric mounted for some Relic Hunting needs, but especially for urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting tasks. With my Detector Outfit and the limited amount of time, by comparison, that I devote to urban Coin Hunting, the Vanquish 540's handles my needs from Minelab. That said, I have several friends who own and use the Equinox 800 and like it, especially for Coin & Jewelry Hunting more than for their Relic Hunting. If you get the EQ-800, which is a very good 'general-purpose' detector, I will suggest this: ► Spend the time to learn it well. Start with the default programs and master them before advancing to other programs .... and don't get too carried away with a lot of function adjustments. ► Get the 6" DD coil to help enhance the versatility and performance of the Equinox in trashier or more confined spaces. ►Remember to Ground Balance whenever you use it. Automated GB or Manual GB, it's best to adjust it before hunting. Monte
  21. OK experts what ye say, I think a couple of these might be good, detecting out at gold basin no gold this trip but these got a pocket ride home they all hit on the 7000 and are magnetic I cut rough Windows with a right angle grinder no polishing or chemical treatment to the surface.
  22. I'm not sure what the black mineral is either, but years ago, my dad detected a specimen that was very similar; yours is only the second with a black matrix that I've ever seen come out of Q.
  23. Lunk Not the least bit magnetic and the black seems to be very hard. I sure wish now I had taken some geology classes when I was young enough to learn something. Norm
  24. Welcome Mark I hope to hear more stories of the finds that you recover. The 800 is a great system and I know that you will enjoy it.
  25. I feel I should update this thread, When my Sampson T-handle bent as you may recall I'd only just got it, a couple of weeks from memory and it bent, the Fisher dealer in NZ I purchased it from closed down shortly after I bought it, he was basically in the process of closing down as I bought it so I had no recourse on getting warranty on it, I contacted the manufacturer W. W. Manufacturing Co in the USA to see if I had any options. I never did get a reply, but this turns out it was my fault, their reply must have gone into my junk mail and went unnoticed, out of the blue today they contacted me again but this time I noticed it in my junk, I consider this exceptional service, It broke in November and they replied first in November, now in April they follow up saying I never replied to their offer of sending me a replacement T-Handle. Who does that? Full credit to them for this.... I'd dismissed it as a write off and lesson learnt and started using my old shovel again. I've now given them my shipping details and thanked them for their great, no... beyond great, exceptional service. They clearly stand behind their product.
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