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  2. Fantastic condition on that 2 cent piece, is that small moto? Think the large moto have a heavier font weight. But I don't have any reference on them.
  3. Selling this brand new, never used Keene 191 drywasher with Keene hot air induction blower. Includes Gorilla cart and plenty of extras. This unit is a beast and will keep 2 or 3 guys busy for sure! Price; $1500.00 for everything (which is about 1/3 off price of new) Located in San Diego, local pick up prefered but could meet someplace in SoCal or even in Yuma for those interested in Arizona. Send a PM for more info........Rob
  4. Guess I’m lucky to have stumbled across one in a package with the Diablo II. It’s a “shortie” nice, but the 36” one would be wonderful.
  5. Like everything Rob, the "grass is always greener" if you have been in one location for a long time! I've been near beaches in S. Florida my whole life, and many times it gets old! They are not what they used to be! Too many restrictions and rules! And too crowded! And other than the Treasure Coast, no old coins or relics to be found! (And rare when you do!) But i guess we deal with what we have, until we are able to relocate! Which i hope to do in the next year or two!👍👍
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  7. Whites have contracted folks to continue to provide repair support even after their demise as long as the repair parts hold out. Maybe Steve was being too subtle, who knows. But when the guy who runs this site takes the time to compile the Whites repair contact information in the provided link and hints at the design defect as being a beyond warranty repair item, that probably means there was a shot they would fix it free of charge (even outside the warranty period) other than perhaps shipping. Thought that might be a worthwhile phone inquiry at least. As they say, nothing ventured, no
  8. This is a great discussion guys! I very much enjoy this thread. I hope one particular person will chime in as I think his thoughts would add a lot of value and perspective....
  9. CPT_GhostLight -- Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and the fantastic review! I really appreciate the kind words! What I am the MOST happy about, is the fact that when attaching the counterweight, the machine became "comfortable" for you again, and you were able to continue detecting for another few hours. THAT is probably the most rewarding part of what I do (aside from meeting some really interesting fellow hobbyists!) THANK YOU! Steve
  10. Hey Guys, Like Steve, I carried Hodan Prospecting picks for many years until John turned the business over to his Son. From what I know, his Son ran it for a few years and didn't have the passion John did. Hodan Picks are long gone, unless you find one used or in some package. They were great picks, famous for the Walking Pick, 36" Handle. John Hodan had a great run of high quality, lightweight prospecting picks. P.S. The Nuggethunting.com site is one of my first, original websites. It's very outdated and I need to remove it. Rob
  11. Well Minelab had a problem with the exterra range of coils . In all the years of detecting i have only had one coil fail with the ears breaking and that was on the Exterra 70. Minelab Adelaide replaced it no problem. Regards .
  12. I appreciate this guy doing the test. No bias involved. Impressed with the Simplex. For a single channel VLF it does ok. Also agree that it would have been better to see this in actual water or water filled holes. Wonder how the equinox does in this test? I have not personally been to the beach since 2007 😞 With work how it is, along with finances it is unlikely I will see the beach anytime soon. I'm a land hunter and do heavy trash/garbage sites. It's tough detecting grounds for me. Machine gun fire iron on anything I use. I envy the people close enough to beaches that can take
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  14. If someone has a simplex, could they weigh the coil? Depth of an 11" coil should be noticeably deeper than a 7" coil with the same gain settings. That is a big red flag for me that something is wrong.
  15. For sale: Good condition Keene 140s drywasher and Honda GC160 5.0 hp 4-stroke powered Dayton blower.Complete with hose, quick connects and 2 custom manifolds for 4-inch hose and for optional shopvac vacuum hoses to use as vacuum (shopvac hose not included), runs very well and everything is in good shape (hose has been repaired).Pick-up price only, sorry no shipping due to size of items. I would be willing to meet for pickup of both within 200mi of Hemet, CA if a good detecting area is nearby! 😁 $800 for both the drywasher and blower, or $600 for just the drywasher and $300 for the blo
  16. Well lets face it. They may fix the problem but it won't help us until ours breaks and they replace with a stronger model. The likely hood of them admitting in a design/manufacturing flaw and offering a recall for a coil is probably not going to happen. In the meantime there are a few solutions that might help us to avoid being without a detector. It isn't a shot at Minelab, just companies in general.
  17. Good luck with it RR, I'm keeping my eye on it's use on the beach and saltwater, by our forum member's! Price is the only hindrance for now! As compaired to a Nox! I hope it does a better job of staying dry, and problem free!👍👍
  18. Good for you, I'll be interested in seeing what you think about it for your particular location and hunting style. I'm still plugging away with mine now and then when I have time.
  19. Cuda, Maybe he will do another like that, if we ask! He did a good job with that one!👍👍
  20. My issue is why is it that we only hear of ML's coil ears breaking! And no other coil, or detector manufacturer! That should be, at least, one indication of a flaw in the design, or composition of the thermoplastic they use! And i haven't seen or heard of them trying to fix the problem! They are good with their service, but who wants to be down their only, or primary detector for weeks!👍👍
  21. My first thought was a 3D printed solution. Before I started in CAD I checked thingiverse (Open source site for 3d printed files) and there are a couple of shims there. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3949618 Someone also created this solution. Might be worth a try for people that have access to a 3d printer. It is only a few cents in plastic for a print that size. Good Luck.
  22. 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04 of a gram would keep me going back, well done 😁
  23. I would have liked to see the test done in actual wet sand or shallow water, and not just slightly damp sand. Get down where when you scoop out some sand, water starts to fill the hole. That would be a better test to see what it would do in a salt environment.
  24. The basic reason I bought the Trond transmitter receiver was to use with my 3030. After buying over the ear headphones to use with my 800, my impression was that I was hearing the signals better than with my wired headphones. I used that set up on my GPZ and still think so. Norm
  25. Kac, mine weighs in at 490g, I'm not having any depth issues at the moment. Maybe the newer 11'' coils are lighter and they just didn't upgrade the spec sheet or maybe the old spec was a typo. maybe the coil is bad like my old one was. I wish i weighed my old one but its to late. Good luck with the next one.
  26. I was referring to Norm's stated setup that he described in the original post on the thread. He later stated that he prefers wireless phones to being tethered by wired phones to the SPO1. I'll leave it to Norm to explain further, if needed.
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