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  2. I'm absolutely not interested in extra depth, I seriously doubt I'll hit deeper stuff here. What I want is elliptical swing coverage on the beach, but I've seen hints that it's not gonna do much there either. Maybe I'm just collecting all three... 🤔
  3. I've hunted through the various press releases on this and have yet to see anything that gives the actual composition of the minerals. Has anybody had better luck on what's so new? I assume they are likely some new iron-nickel alloy or maybe iron and/or nickel with a new crystal form?
  4. Boosting volume across the board to hear faint signals better can contribute to more hearing loss, if the loud targets are now too loud. Headphones with a volume limiter or a separate booster with the same feature can help prevent that.
  5. Steve, Can you please have them use the Anfibio hardware instead? I want an onboard rechargeable battery & auxiliary backup battery and submersible too!😀 Seriously, I am hoping they surprise us all with performance & value. Prospecting, Relic, Beach/Dive & Coin/General use.
  6. The Axiom is not a replacement for the ATX, which is still in production. This is a new dry land gold prospecting detector. An ATX upgrade or replacement may happen someday, but nothing soon that I know about. The Axiom weighs slightly less than the GPX 6000. Both balance perfectly with their 11" mono coils, and both are nose heavy with larger coils. They both have a grip that is comfortable to me. I have tried to decide which feels better on my arm, and it is so close I cannot really say one is better than the other in that regard. Job well done by both companies.
  7. I dont always post, but when I do I usually pi$$ someone off 🤣 so Id like to stay 🙂
  8. Would like to know if any of you used this coil on a big box TDI? Trying to get some opinions and/or feedback. I heard that White's put it out for users who hunt for gold in Africa. How does it rate toward other TDI coils in comparison is my main concern? I just purchased a big box TDI and waiting for it at the end of week. Can hardly wait to use it! Would it be advantageous to get one or would I be stuck with a "lemon"? TC-AZ
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  10. I have been posting so my account is safety? Best wishes and good luck to everyone 🏜🏕🥇🏆😎
  11. I took those photos with an old out dated digital camera. I have better photos on my cell phone. I will see if I can load them onto my computer.
  12. Looking through the manual (assuming there is only one), there is no mention of volume adjustment. http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/manuals/MPPFXP-FPulse.pdf High Sensitivity may appear to sound louder but that's only because the signal is more intense.
  13. Hey Guys, i will see about starting a thread on what i find etc. Should be interesting as i have only had experience with gold detectors so will be only going on the quick start found in the box. Have had no luck with full instructions on there site as yet and sent of a email to them.
  14. I would trade for Xp Deus w/elliptical hf coil, Gold Kruzer.... It needs to be waterproof. I don't want an Equinox, Multi Kruzer or Anfibio. Detector I have: Legend, AT Gold, Tejon, Vaquaro, Xp Orx, Gold Kruzer
  15. Good for you on getting one, is there a manual in the box?
  16. Can you give us some information on depth on targets you find and do you plan on summerging the machine underwater.
  17. Is it not what is quoted about each new release.
  18. Sold to the old guy with too many detectors. Message me. Thanks
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