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  2. Maybe stack it in the cattle yards? Will camels come in and help themselves to hay or is it not really on their menu? Bloody nice of people to donate the hay. And some choccies, socks, jam and honey - bonus!! 😉
  3. Nothing like the fear of a decent global pandemic to push gold along. Hope I'm not too dead to cash in :)
  4. What you found is the detectable gold. Dry washing those concentrated areas could pay well.
  5. I had no idea they had made a 4” x 6” coil for the TDI... that’s the first one I recall seeing.
  6. JIm, The forks will work unless the soil is really dry, they break easily. Also the plastic is not biodegradable any time soon.
  7. Hello Steve, Thank you for sharing a part of your detector adventures, you definitely were deeply involved in the hobby and started at what I believe was the greatest metal detector generation. Late fifties and sixties, yeah OreMaster and a few other companies started with FisherScope even earlier but it wasn’t until the seventies the hobby took off. That’s great you plan with focusing on gold jewelry and nugget detecting in the future, It’s a challenge perfecting both of these types of hunting. Plus, Using the right equipment to handle mineralization improves the odds of scoring Gold jewelry or nuggets. You may have missed out on the park silver rush, but honestly you definitely made more of a return with gold dredging. From your list of metal detectors you’ve own, That’s a lot of detectors and every year they keep getting better so brace yourself it’s a never ending addiction. Your memory is a lot better than mine, I can’t even remember or maybe subconsciously don’t want to remember and that may be a good thing. They just keep piling up, Someday probably when I retire will list them on eBay. With the GoldScanner Pro, and Coin Magnum II models. I was so impressed with these old models modified them to be better balanced. Here is a picture of one GoldScannner Pro along side two Coin Magnum II model’s, using later meter assembly's with main controls above handle with heavier components underneath armrest they are much easier to swing. Very soon, Will share my experiences with the Tarsacci as a relic hunter. It’s definitely the deepest in my stable of non-Pi relic detectors, it constantly amazes me especially in tough soil. Not just in mineralization soil, but farm soil rich with chemicals the Tarsacci see's right through it. Equniox and other top end suffer under these conditions. Looking forward to reading and viewing future post of yours and reading future post from other forum members. Thanks again Steve for sharing! Paul
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  9. Great finds, now if I can only talk my neighbors into letting me check out their fields.
  10. Nice finds Dan. I love turquoise. You're right about the weirdness that goes with this hobby. Often times I pause in wonder after an historical/vintage find. That's what's so cool about this hobby.
  11. Excellent...congrats!!!! Those coins are in great condition. Lately I have been wanting to ask the forum if anyone has found a keeper on a 39 signal. You beat me to it with these coins....Thanx for posting. I've been digging quite a few 39's only to come up with deep rusty nails. These signals are not a constant 39 though...the TID moves on a range of high 20's to mid 30's and then bounces around the 38/39 area. As of late, I simply walk upon seeing the 39. If the 39 does not show, then I dig. I have a site where the potential for 1800's coins exist. Got my first Walker there and I think it was in the 34-35 range. Could I have walked away from a silver dollar? Have to rethink how I hunt this place now.
  12. I like to detect in virgin ground. When I goto a new gold field town I test the known spots to see what the ground is like.The screen shots below show that has been bladed an detected. The first one is a 200 metre circle and the second is 150 metre across. Both spots are in a 2 km area. As these have been detected before it does not show the natural spread of gold, but shows the spread that I got.
  13. Great hunt Dan ! That's a nice bunch of silver coins. I'd be back to that spot for some follow up. Rich -
  14. Congrats Steve ! Beautiful coins. Sounds like an outing you won't forget. My 800 has turned up a 34-35 (deep walking half) I'll look forward to the 39. Thanks for the post and pics. Rich -
  15. Very wise, the Vanquish is a great detector for the money. So is the Simplex.... in the cheaper price ranges they're the two I'd be looking seriously at. The Vanquish has the advantage of multi frequency where as the Simplex is waterproof with a few other little features. If you want to do beaches the Vanquish has a clear advantage there with it's multi frequency operation
  16. Great hunt, thanks for sharing - when it feels right dig it!
  17. Great finds!! Congrats on two outstanding coins.
  18. Never managed to find a Razorback 'Piglet' locally, so jumped on the Whites made 6x4 Tdi coil. The Tdi coil uses the Whites 6x4 housing used on the 'Shooter' coils. Images tell the whole story. I'm hoping that the small footprint will have much less ground affect and allow me to avoid the ground balance. Worth a try..
  19. At least we don't have camels - Dingoes probably prefer sheep to cattle here - easier meat. No calves targeted yet - touch wood. Good luck!
  20. yep can relate. We had 40 mm. Grand total of 57mm for the entire 2019. Dogs are rampant killing calves, I'm shooting 6 to 10 a week, about 5 a week in the traps and who knows what the baits are taking. Camels are our biggest woes though, smashing everything....water points, poly pipe, fences etc.. I'm shooting 60 to 70 a week at the moment
  21. I had an amazing hunt yesterday with two friends, at a farm field (most recently planted in corn) near an old house site. Normally, when I get a signal in the 38-39 range it ends up being a large trash object, so often that I sometimes pass them by without digging. In fact I have never in my two years of EQX800 ownership dug any "keepers" in that range, But this one had a nice tight pinpoint so I went ahead and dug, and at about 9 inches out came an 1884 Morgan silver dollar! I was absolutely stunned, truly a dream find for me. Not five minutes later, and just five feet away, the Equinox registered a nice 35 and this turned out to be a lovely 1902-O Barber half. Of course, I started gridding the immediate area closely but couldn't find a single additional coin. My buddy did the same with his CTX and also found nothing. So it apparently wasn't a buried cache, just a freak drop of two coins that somehow managed to survive plowing without significant damage. Of course, having gotten used to bypassing many of those high 38-40 signals, now I'll have to pay closer attention in the future! Having a solid non-jumpy VDI and tight pinpoint are key. (I was hunting in Park 1, modified 5 tones, recovery 3, Iron Bias F2=4)
  22. MT: Cattle and sheep are chewing through quite a few semi loads of big square bale canola down here lately. No freebies yet unfortunately. No doubt stirred up by the fires, the dingoes have started mauling sheep. Traps set and poison laid. Fires slowed considerably following 20mm of rain last week. Unfortunately, no follow up rain yet. New fire started last week near the Rocky Hall property but the farmland is eaten bare there, so should be managable when the predicted extreme fire weather arrives over the weekend.
  23. So how deep does the Deus hit, say a dime, in non motion audio disc? Also, does the ORX have non motion audio disc?
  24. So how deep does the Deus hit, say a dime, in non motion audio disc?
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