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  2. Probably longer than tge 3-year warranty will last. There is little to no self discharge with lithium batteries if stored with at least 50 to 75% charge and at roughly room temperature conditions (see the user guide for the storage temperature range (p. 65 ) I would avoid the extremes at either end and charging a lithium battery at less than the listed min. Charging temperature of 32F will likely damage it). For longest service life, if you are planning long term storage (i.e., weeks or months), try not to store it completely topped off or fully drained. Shoot for around 75 - 85%. If you are using it regularly every several weeks or so, don't sweat the percentages other than not leaving it sitting around mostly or fully drained. Lots of other Equinox essential info in the aptly named Equinox Essential Information thread here and specific battery topics here and here. HTH.
  3. I think Steve is absolutely right, I prefer to wait and have a submersible detector at 3 meters to 1, therefore I trust steve's comment time to time
  4. Yes. See this thread and this thread, and more recently this thread.
  5. Kind of funny how interested I am in the Vanquish series. Really looking forward to the release just to get more info. If its Multi IQ is the same as the EQ600 I'll probably get one. The thing that really ticked me off with the Xterra was the coil investment. Just a big money pit. But if Multi-IQ can give me full range target focus....at a price less than the EQ series, then I think I'm in. HH Mike
  6. Taking this one step further with literally putting your cellphone on a stick has anyone come across this Ukrainian start up, Air Metal Detectors? Seems to be similar in concept to the Deus where you have a coil that does most of the heavy work that transmits to your own mobile phone which acts as the control box. Given the huge power of most mobiles these days I guess it kinda makes sense but I have no idea how good these machines are.
  7. This has probably been covered before but I couldn't find anything...if it has a link to the relevant post will suffice. Just wondering, if I charge my nox after being out on a search, how long can it sit before it needs to be recharged? Or should I just top it up before going out again? Thanks in advance.
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  9. Yes, last time I needed a product I ordered it from Phasetech in OZ as this guy never got back to me on it. Phasetech was perfect, I wish I could same the same about our countries dealer.
  10. Thanks Dilek, I brought this situation up as it's the 3rd time I've had this same problem with him and as I want Nokta to succeed, you're clearly making good products and I would like to buy a Simplex but this dealer if you could call him that has made this process into a challenge. Usually you have to try escape sales people trying their hardest to sell you their wares, it's the opposite with this guy as you have to chase him to try buy something 🙂 If every customer experiences such treatment you'll never sell a detector in this country, and turn people off the brand. Nokta the brand doesn't deserve this treatment either. Our time zones are really out of sync, I'm asleep when you're awake 🙂
  11. I am all for books. I sold huge numbers as a dealer and own a library. And I do hope this all works out for all involved. I as the website owner and forum moderator just do not want people thinking I am somehow involved in all this or advocating one way or the other. I am generally a trusting soul but sadly that means a very large number of people have let me down over the years.
  12. I have never met GoldSeeker 5000 previously but have communicated with him for several years, discussing the various detectors, picks and methods of finding gold. He seems too be honest and trustworthy and I believe he will bring his book to publication. I have a shelf full of gold detecting books, some are pretty good and others so so but if I learn one thing that will help me put more weight in the poke, I consider the price worth it. Sometimes a new outlook on the subject will open up new methods and ideas. I plan to add his book to my shelf when it is completed.
  13. The MDS-10 is a countermine detector. You can inquire about it directly with Minelab at https://www.minelab.com/countermine/detectors/mds-10 I suspect that adapting this detector for use in coin and relic detecting is more rumor than fact, but simply do not know for sure. The best bet is contact Minelab directly at the link above and see what they say. Minelab MDS-10 countermine detector Minelab MDS-10 countermine detector folded down for transport Product Brochure Link Instruction Manual Field Guide
  14. A lot of rods are way overpriced and so making your own is attractive. The best buy in a rod kit I have seen is the White's Space Saver Rod Kit at https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/space-saver-rod-kit They sell the whole assembly for less than some people charge for a lower rod alone. Something to consider as you add up the costs.
  15. Congrats on that V nik !!!! Before I got my Nox, I strictly focused on silver and there were more than a few times where I got skunked because I couldn't get my coil over the silver. However, honing in on the Nox 12/13 TID range, I've dug several V's, Buffalo's and Gold. Those TID ranges really kicked it up a notch and added to the excitement of this hobby.
  16. I welcome! There are beaches equipped with wave barrier facilities. I do not know if there is such in your location but in Russia in Sochi almost all beaches are such. The distance from the shore to the wave cut is a search collection of jewelry. During the storm, the wave enters the shore by only 3 meters and a small part of the jewelry ends up on this edge near the shore. Aluminium does not get into the tank behind the wave cut with a bonus. Where there are no wave barrier structures there everything is very bad. The wave comes to shore for tens of meters. Something pulls off the shore, something throws away and so many times. Concrete barriers under water pass along the edge of the boon and they are not visible, they do not project to the surface. Looking for or diving is now only where there are wave cuts. In the photo of alluminium from the shore where there are no wave barrier structures. Only 3 hours! It 's worse in the water! Good luck under the reel. With respect. ps: A, yes.. everything to the fact that if you look for where there are structures protective from waves, the search area is significantly reduced.
  17. We not going to find anything sitting around here talking about it. Chuck
  18. The inability to provide you with a copy Rob is a huge red flag as far as I am concerned. The only excuse is there is no copy to provide. Or does he not trust you with a copy? But we are all supposed to trust him with our money? Sorry, no, this is not right. I now regret allowing this thread.
  19. I emailed you and asked you whether I can call you to ask a few questions. This is definitely not good for our business. Please check your email and thank you very much for the support!
  20. I welcome! "Cell Phone On A Stick Detector Design" This is the future of the georadars. When from the soil is removed with the help of a cheap sensor, and expensive decryption is carried out through a mobile phone online by subscription. With respect.
  21. My interpretation of your calculation is a bit different. I would say: "Given what we do find, there's sure a lot of treasure out there!" And it follows that we'll never get it all, so keep looking.
  22. In my opinion that’s what makes the Dual Field Coil on the TDI SL so great. But what do I know? haha Chuck
  23. Seems a bit crazy to run a business without any direct contact number, even if it is a secondary source of income or a home run business. Quite the opposite here in OZ with Phasetech selling Makro/Nokta detectors, couldn't ask for a better and more knowledgeable person to deal with on sales and after service. Hopefully Dilek will get you all sorted.
  24. It is very frustrating and very hard to not sound like a broken record everytime this topic rears its ugly head, though we keep on keeping on in hope that US manufacturers will listen, cull their excessive detector line ups, and consolidate existing technology into a few new multi-use detectors to remain competitive and relevant to the market. Why it is so hard to even come up with a selectable frequency detector to replace aging flagship models like the F75, T2 and AT Pro series is beyond me. And that doesn't necessarily mean having to innovate with new tech or be in the form of a cell phone on a stick style detector which may take eons to develop, simply rework existing units into new weather/waterproof lightweight housings that offer the sorts of features that other manufacturers consider now to be standard offerings on their detector lineups. The positive feedback from the Simplex+ so far from our European counterparts is proof that if you package existing tech into a new lightweight platform and market it at an attractive price, then it can be a recipe for a good financial success. Sometimes I look at my trusty G2 and think of the possibilities if they were to rework it with a couple of extra frequencies, multi-tone options (including 99 tones with good modulation), with a refreshed weatherproof housing and maybe a boost mode for a bit more depth capability. Probably just dreaming, though something that should be relatively easy to develop if the will is there, and if they are willing to listen to customer feedback.
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