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  2. My Simplex arrived today, and of course its snowing and 25 degrees out. Yesterday it was 75. So I'm stuck inside for a few days and figured I might as well make the most of the situation. Very well made unit. Here are some Target ID numbers, air testing, Silver half... 94 .Silver 25c …...90, silver dime ...83, nickle...25, one cent copper...73, $1 gold coin...22, $2.50 gold....38, $5 gold....56, rusty bottle cap....30's to 50's, plated cap....55, round pulltab with tail extended....30, round pulltab with tail bent over the ring....36, tail.....21, square tab....30, 3/4 " long lead fishing weight.....38. Alum twist cap...68. The relic mode tested out the deepest , followed by all metal , then park mode. I In relic mode, I manually set up the GB at 90, full sensitivity , volume at 4, no headphones. Inside my 12 x 24' shop with 3 fluorescent lite fixtures and a pellet stove cranking out heat. Repeatable audio signal, 50c silver …...17"...…. VID readout 11"...……...25c silver , 14" &10"...……...10c silver, 13" & 9", 5c......14" &11", 1c copper, 14" &10" , Ultra thin womans 14k gold ring......13" &10" $1 gold coin, 11" & 8", 2.50 gold coin..13" &10", 4% gold coin...15" & 10". In park mode with is 3 tone, and a faster speed, for better separation, same settings, as the relic mode, solid audio & solid VID readout is as follows. 50C....11" & 8", 25c....10" & 8", 10c....9" & 7", 5c....11" & 8", 1c..9" & 7", ultra thin gold 14k gold ring.....9" & 7" , $1 gold...7" & 5", 2.50 gold..10" & 8", $5 gold..11" & 8". Air depths in all metal were about an inch greater than the audio in park mode. The park mode runs quiet vs the 2 tone relic mode which is sparky. However the relic mode is close to 50% greater depth. These are all air tests, it will be interesting how this unit does in real soil testing conditions. I had an EQ800 and loved it, but had to let it go in summer when my wife ran up some hefty medical bills. This unit is waterproof like the EQ, but an affordable price tag( for me). I think I will really like the expanded target readout range. That was one thing I disliked about the EQ, was the compressed VID numbers. The EQ was one heck of a performer , but I think I will have just as much fun with this unit! When it warms up I will get out and share my results , thoughts and opinions! HH. Red
  3. Steve, The people who know you likes you and is there for you. I don't know of to many people who on this forum does not respect and like you. Should someone not follow the rules they are not the type of people who belong here in the first place. Good job on protecting the honest people here.
  4. Its a tough place to hunt, but as always its patience and perseverance....lol ive been skunked in a lot of places but sometimes you make the right turn...
  5. I very much like your solution! I'll give that a try tomorrow. It's obvious to me that yours will be better than mine in water for sure and would serve the same purpose all around. Good job!!! 👍
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  7. Jim, Steve, is more than right! You’ll fall in Love with the openness of that high desert! Much easier swinging in the desert regions than these steep hills out here in California too! Don’t think for a minute that I’ve never been skunked out there looking for new patches of gold. You keep swinging, they’ll end up under your coil one day soon! Rick
  8. Gee Jim, I'm sorry you did not do better with the gold. Sadly the nuggets are not growing back as fast as they are being found. Back in the 80's and even 90's we heard a lot more about one ounce days. Now it's more like a few grams is a big day, and too many skunk days in between. At least in Nevada I can wander around in the sun in open country not finding gold. In Alaska is was more like thick brush dodging bears while being swarmed by mosquitoes in pouring down rain. And no snakes and crazy sticker bushes like Arizona. Nevada when it is nice is some of the most pleasant metal detecting I've ever done, gold or no gold.
  9. GB wrote " but the damage he's tried to inflict potentially remains (on the internet) forever." I'm a newbie and saw it over on the friendly site and knew immediately from my limited experience here it was hog wash. Wouldn't sweat it at all, only takes one 2 or 3 minutes here to quickly realize how helpful you are. Thanks for all the information you share, glad to be here too.. Brian
  10. No problem here! I'm glad to be finding anything better than crusty clad coins. Nice looking rings there, and although I did try the Equinox myself the tone style did not suit my ears at all for some reason. The more I use the ORX the more I like it. Between it and the T2SE, they are making a good team for my purposes. Hope you find a lot more good rings and coins!
  11. He is kind of oblivious to the concept that he knew the rules, asked for an exception, but then went ahead and broke the rules anyway before getting the exception. It does not normally work that way in life. And it was literally an overnight thing, not even a day. Luckily I am way past caring about my reputation anymore. Or what? People won’t like me? People won’t visit the forum? People won’t want to do business with me? What business? I am asking or wanting nothing from anybody. The forum is free, people can come and go as they please. Frankly, I am in a pretty good place in life in that regard. I do think it reflects more on him which is why I am happy to link to it. Were it not for the fact that I still suspect he may be legit I would just outright be laughing about it, but if there is the tiniest chance he is legit then it’s more sad than anything. The last thing I ever want to do is add to anyone’s pain. I am a little surprised Friendly just locked it instead of deleting it. If anyone here ranted on somebody like that... well, you all know what would happen.
  12. Sorry no gold, Nevada can be tough like that sometimes. Cool about the cat tracks. I often see antelope there too.
  13. Oh I’m not. The job calls for making some judgement calls now and then. Most are right, some are wrong, that’s life, move on. I basically get myself in trouble when I think about breaking rules that I myself set just to not have to make the decisions in the first place! I hope the book thing works out for the best for all involved. I just believe it’s inherent on anyone advertising here for free to be the ones bending over backwards. They have to cut me slack, not the other way around. Ad space on this forum is actually quite valuable, but I prefer to milk Google and let detectorists, even dealers, advertise for free as long as they contribute. But there are many who want to contribute nothing but still advertise... well sorry, but that’s supposed to be my problem? I don’t think so. The bottom line is advertising here is reserved for forum members that help other forum members. People that think I owe them an exception for any reason are getting off on the wrong foot.
  14. Hi Rob, I am not trying to out do you here. I feel like good finds for an "under the radar" detector should be promoted. Thanks for starting the thread. I am a giant fan of the Equinox and it will find some awesome targets. However, even with just 3 tones and audio, which most of the time I find really offensive, when the ORX hits a good target within 5" of the surface it is totally obvious that I have to dig it whether it is a coin or jewelry. These three rings were No Brainers. Two 925s and a Platinaire. They were all found in thick aluminum trash with targets overlapping. All three had great tones and rock solid ID. I mostly use the ORX for gold prospecting and relic hunting. Obviously, it is working for us as a coin and jewelry detector too. Jeff
  15. Obviously I don't know exactly what occurred in the private exchange of messages. What bothers me most is that he joins metaldetectingforum.com to make a public complaint about an interaction where he clearly was in the wrong. He's not interested in metal detecting; he only cares about his equity and his ego. And while stroking his ego he tries to damage the reputation of someone he feels has done him wrong. He'll be gone before you know it (maybe already) but the damage he's tried to inflict potentially remains (on the internet) forever. Even if everything he said about his father's death is true and that he has a genuine detector, he's not entitled to play the sympathy game to try and take advantage of the system. He didn't follow the rules and he doesn't have the integrity to admit it and move on.
  16. My old friend, Dave , and I spent 8 days in Nevada last 2 weeks. Found no gold, but did find a new area to explore. Gives us a decent place to Iook forward to this winter. I found a .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, my first, and two copper nuggets, my second and third. Dave found several round balls of various calibers, and of course, many spent bullets. We also found some really fresh lion tracks well out from the mountains on the valley floor about 40 miles west of Winnemucca. That was pretty interesting, as the tracks were made in dust, and were nearly perfect. Had to be made the night before. Probably a young cat trying to locate a decent place to set up a territory. Not much big game around, but lots of wild horses. Jim
  17. Don't beat yourself up Steve you went with your gut feeling and would have probably ended up regretting in the end. Remember the guy with the book you tried to help? I think you did the right thing.
  18. I know, for a fact, that the Special Edition has the second Reg Sniff mod from the factory. But, I was also told so do all the SL's made since 2015, so they would both be the same. Notice he did not say they were the same as the older units. Jim
  19. From what I can tell it is a teddy bear. There was a company named Silvermoon making them. They aren't worth much but pretty cool find nonetheless. Here is a link I found that sold it once upon a time
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  21. Nice find, looks like a kids ring with the puppy on it.
  22. Well, I can't help but feel bad about the whole thing since I always want to believe people. If his story is true it sucks. Perhaps I could have handled it better somehow but I'm only human also. I make mistakes. People looking for free advertising seem sometimes to think I owe it to them, like I’m violating their rights by not bending over backwards... for them. I’m always going to lean on the side of caution rather than see longtime forum members get ripped off by people who join for no reason but to get our money. The bottom line is I am not impeding him selling the machine in any way, it's on eBay and will sell if he relents on the price.
  23. Actually they still have an SL model with 2 coils for $1200 retail (tan or camo decoration): https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/tdi-sl-high-q/?lang=us Agree that a new PI which simply matches the performance of the TDI/SL is a non-starter. Garrett ATX performance level has got to be the minimum, IMO.
  24. Hello All, I just got in a very nice conditioned Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector that was purchased from us. Customer was unable to continue with this unit, so it was purchased back in a trade deal. The unit includes all stock accessories and original packaging box. The unit has a Doc's 3 Piece Control Box Cover that has always protected the wireless remote, control box bottom and LCD screen. The customer also had a 19" Searchcoil that was never used. The total purchase was $9500.00 nearly a year ago. There still is a factory warranty included and some extras including the 3 piece cover, aftermarket carry bag, scoop and such. Asking $6500.00 Shipped to you in the US only. We will also include FREE Field Instructions here in Arizona for one day. The instructions must be scheduled with us. We will also add in lifetime support beyond the sale. Send us a PM if you would like pictures or serial number. Thanks! Rob Allison
  25. Well, I went back to the local football field today as I only had 2 hours and it wasn't worth the drive to Pennytopia however when I arrived a big roller machine was driving around it in circles, I guess fixing up the damage the pony club did with their ponys. Their hooves put holes all over the place. I guess it also means any of my holes evidence will be long gone too with the grass all crushed back down. I wonder if it means the soil will now be more compressed giving me a tiny bit more depth? Even an inch may make a difference to get some deeper coins as the coins I'm getting now are often the depth of my Carrot, I was wondering if coins were ever too deep for me to detect. It is in a majority of the places very soft soil. I took a stealthy photo from a distance zoomed in of the guy driving around and around doing laps of the field 🙂 I then was desperate for a detect being such a nice day so I drove to Pennytopia only to find the local school there was using it, just not my luck today. I guess there is always another day.
  26. If he wasnt making up a fair amount he would have just copied and pasted all your "nastiness". Nuff said. Obviously the other mod thought the same.
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