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  2. You're really showing your age, Paul. My wife and I got lectured by our niece maybe 10 years ago using that old lingo, and that was after she put her eyes back in the socket. Those are 'flips' among younger generations. I'll let you Google Image 'thong' if you're not up on 21st Century terminology (and all the more reason to if you are 😏). OTOH, having read many of your posts, maybe this was part of your typical subtle, clever methods.... You've spent too much time hanging around with those feisty Meganesians.
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  5. Thanks, good to know. The best would be to check with the local authorities. From what I heard, the "tolerance level" varies from county to county based on the local sheriff. The question is in what trouble you might actually get really into if you ever had to use it (god forbid). CA gun laws are super strict.
  6. There used to be a wider selection of decent metal free boots but I'm having trouble finding anything these days which meet all my criteria. I also use my boots for work, general mining/prospecting, and daily use. The Reebok/Converse ones used to be the gold standard but their quality and comfort has declined and they are too large/clunky for daily use. They used to be more comfortable to me than actual hiking boots but now every pair I buy has pressure points that never go away so I've given up on them. If anyone knows of a boot that fits the following criteria I'd be interested to try s
  7. Here is an old boot thread and there have been others over the years:
  8. If I would have met you in 2010 ... I was ready for treasure and had plenty of time and interest. I just didn't have someone who had the research bug to go with at the time. Now I've got a wife and two little kids as treasure finds! Steve and Lunk are down your way part of the year. I've detected a few times around Yuma and liked it. I found a few nuggets and know there is a lot more. Mitchel
  9. Not so in Siskiyou County California. Our Sherriff told me that just being in the woods, away from people is enough reason to carry a gun. He said that no law officer would bother you for that.
  10. Here is the story of Henry Plummer and the Innocents (road agents).
  11. Not that I have a chance to nugget hunt here in New England, but the GPX 5000 has been my favorite for many years now, because it seems timeless to me. I'm sure there are better machines out there (and in the future for sure) but it will always remain in my lineup, even if it takes second place sometimes.
  12. Thanksgiving best wishes to everyone. Enjoy the day.
  13. Awesome, Gerry!! These timeless magazines are worth the gold they are describing. No, I won't show you what magazines I had under my bed....🤪
  14. Not sure if these would be considered "detecting boots" but I'm partial to my Whites Smokejumpers. https://whitesboots.com/firefighter/the-original-smokejumper/
  15. I somewhat agree. When I must use headphones I currently use Sennhauser 280 pro (I think that's the one) for my Etrac and they'll also fit the Goldmonster with the adaptor that comes standard with the phones. They'll fit both 1/4 and 1/8" plug. I also use the long corded, noise canceling, audiophile phones for my drum practice. Phones are about $100 if I remember right, and have been using the one pair for at least 11 yrs now. Never had a pair of Minelab equipted Koss phones I liked?
  16. In the water the detector was crazy, then it showed Cd on the screen and later it did not turn on, so it begins to drown little by little ... until its screen shows water
  17. Bates, just like many other major brands, have cheaper and higher end products. I have had exactly what you experienced, a couple models of Bates in years past, the stitching started falling apart after a few days detecting. But at the same time, the last 2 pair of Bates I have purchased are tough as nails. Thanks for the refresher of my memory, as I didn't like the early ones either.
  18. CD is a coil disconnect error. EDIT: Just noticed the water intrusion. Nevermind...
  19. Yes this happened to me a few times in the early 70's. Mama found my porn stash under the bed and it was what set up my career. After all, I tell many I'm in the Adult Entertainment business selling high end toys. These early magazines had me squeamish in bed a many sleepless nights. A boy my age was quite naive, so seeing such raw and natural images sent my brain into overload. I had no clue what the future would hold, but I feel it came out quite right. View these 2 early magazines and you'll notice some of the articles and headlines. 1st is GOLD by True West, 1969 Vol. 1, #1
  20. I had to google what a fable is 🙂 No they're not fables. they're sometimes over exaggerated is probably what you mean. Hahaha Con the Fruiterer, love that guy. He was more relevant when I lived in Melbourne than in Brisbane as Melbourne has a massive Greek and Italian community.
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