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  2. Not surprised Gerry. Nox will hunt. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yeah, I've seen the classes on your site for many years. I'm a bit of a loner, and you don't show prices so I've always assumed expensive. The rye patch one has always been tempting though.
  4. The 20” Advantage has arrived. Hopefully a great ‘travelling’ coil! I shook the box JW but no nugget appeared!
  5. Silver & Gold at its best. I can not believe the finds some of my customers are making with their Equinox detectors. This is the 5th gold coin (I'm only counting in US finds, not England) my customers have recovered with the NOX machines. Brandon in UT, finds an old site and recovers a couple beautiful Seated Liberty Dimes (see pictures). Then the following weekend (this last Saturday) he goes back to the same site and does the Holy Grail we all dream of. Yes he unearths a glimmering gorgeous 1886-S $5 Eagle. I've been a dealer for 25 years and never before have I had so many happy customers making Top Quality Finds. All I can say, is the Equinox and the Multi IQ Technology has to have something to do with all the treasures coming up.
  6. Lacky, Not sure what part of Southern Idaho you are in, but I have a "Metal Detector Basics" class this coming Saturday, June 29th. I'm in Boise. Learning to know which beeps are real genuine and worth checking, vs the ones to walk away from and not worry about is a big thing for never MD'erists. I'll also be educating the pin-pointing features and how to narrow down the target zone. Boise does not allow diggers in Parks so learning to use a probe is a must. Contact me direct, if you are interested. BTW. Stick to this fine forum and for those technical questions as there any many folks who enjoy sharing their detector knowledge.
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  8. Heres the rest of what I have.... 1. Minelab 2300 2. XP Deus HF elliptical 3. Gold Monster 10" elliptical 4. Coil Tek 10x5 DD CTX 3030 5. Gold Bug 2 10" elliptical I'm not too keen on whats going on inside of these coils but I thought it would maybe be good to have some images on board for reference for those of you that have some knowledge about how these things are built. The Gold Bug 2 is only about 4 years old. If anyone wants to repost these images for future use in discussions it's OK by me. strick
  9. Cell phones are fun to image too, but aren't really relative here. I thought of posting a picture of my foot here that I took on Monday after stubbing my toe on the way to prospecting, but again, probably doesn't fit the topic well enough. Fun roentgenograms you have to show here. 👍
  10. Oddly enough, the Tesoro website is still up and running, showcasing the New Mojave, as though nothing had happened. You would think someone would have posted a suitable notice, explaining the situation with the company closing down. I can only suppose whoever is/was in charge at the end simply didn't have the heart for it, and I guess I can understand that, too. As for whether existing Tesoro detectors are still worth something, of course they are. I acquired both of mine used; neither has required any service, and both still work just fine. I would hesitate to recommend buying a new Tesoro because of warranty concerns; but I'd have no probably with a used, working unit in good shape.
  11. The state has a regulatory board that sends out a X ray cop that checks the equipment every couple years..I'd like to have his job...drives around all day and does basically nothing but put a little sensor near the machines that can tell if it's putting out in the right direction lol. Then comes the bill every two years...funny thing is I know other practitioners that have never been checked before... bureaucracy at its best. I have two portable hand held units for field use...legs, necks, upper backs etc.. strick
  12. Hi Gerry Thank you. I am here in the Hudson Valley of New York, so I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by lots of history.. The Tony Eisenhower headphones sounded twice as loud as the grey ghost when I was diving. Unfortunately with all the bubbles that are generated underwater with each exhale it made it almost impossible to hear anything with the ghosts. I suppose the Tony Eisenhower could be even louder, but they were good enough for me
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  14. Thanks for the information. I appreciate that! My former detectors ground balanced 70- 80 around here. If I ever get up towards Culpeper, I'll be sure to run the gold modes. I've been watching that fellow on you tube that has the Skill School channel.
  15. Keep swinging Steve it's bound to happen for you guys.
  16. Thanks, looking forward to to trying in a few of my relic spots!
  17. I got the 9" round coil coming with the Orx.
  18. I'd say! You obviously have a super high quality imager, too. Back when I was 'playing' with X-ray an generator (25+ years ago) we had an interlock on the door to the room where it was located. You weren't allowed (supposed to be) in the room when the generator was powered on. Clearly you know what you're doing (or don't tell us in case you don't 😄). Thanks for the cool pics!
  19. I appreciate the opinions. From scouring forum discussions and detecting classifieds, it seems the prices for used GPZs can be in the mid to upper $4000s, even for one in "excellent condition". A thread in this forum from early 2017 suggested a ball park used price of $6k. That was 2 years ago and maybe not long enough after the 2016 price drop to see it pull down used detector costs. Based on current eBay listings, it looks like people want more! Three of the recent listings "sold" for $6400+ . Out of skepticism I messaged the sellers. They each said they still had the detector due to non-paying bidders. There was a pair of GPZs that sold for $3300 each out of Russia. ;) Any recollections of recent sales by those who have been around here for a while? Unfortunately, there isn't any history of them in the classifieds here to get an idea.
  20. Not to forget to evaluate the 7 "CC Precision coil: it's also a great coil for the Mojave ..- it still finds and separates the good things from the iron. From the sensitivity set to max, its range in the aite is almost the same with the 6x8" SEF coil set to Sensitivity 5 .. Therefore, even the Sef coil when set to Max sensitivity has a 1-2cm better reach even in the mild and heavily mineralized ground. But if you detect in a very strong mineralization still use the Tesoro mojave some DD coil - will allow you to effectively and reliably detect under heavy conditions.
  21. DanNM, Not only did you dig a Silver Reale, but the detail is really nice. Plus you saved some stunning buttons and artifacts too. Thanks for the Settings, photos and story. Yes, I think your detecting buddy wishes he would have said....wait till we can go together. He is one easy going guy for sure. Well hats off to you for recovering a Bucket Lister.
  22. I have ran this one season. Has 2 9hp with 2 person dive compressors,cam locks, custom clean out system, brand new hot water heater(not installed)..... testing water $8000 posible trade prefer cash. Things of interest gpz7000,sdc2300,gpx5000, toyota 4x4 4cyl only, maybe other stuff, dosnt hirt to ask. Located in ca. Pm for details
  23. The Big Bling Ring Return is a Karma King for you. I've been fortunate to catch a couple of them on video. The feeling you get when going home and telling your friends/family of the story is priceless. The lady and her husband will forever be grateful for your cooperation and Ring Return. Job well done and a special Hats off to you for sharing the finds, photos and story. May you eventually find a Big Bling that can not be returned, but only to a finger for your lady some day.
  24. Stunning saves GKman and definitely the treasures us West Coasters dream of. The site you are hunting certainly has many years of use and it reminds me of a "Landing" I hunted in the early 1990's. KG Coppers from 1600's, Large Cent's, IH Cents, as well as Rev and CW era goodies. Probably one of my favorite sites from back East. The headphones you like.. TE's, why do you prefer them vs GG's., just curious. Thanks for taking the extra efforts to photo finds and share.
  25. I use to hunt the 29 Palms area of the California deserts in the early summer. The thing that would end some of my hunts if I had not checked in advance was the wind. That evil wind can kill your day in an instant, if you have not done a proper weather search ahead of time for your outing day. Just what I have experienced in those deserts. Good Luck out there. GaryC/Oregon Coast
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