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  2. I hate visiting Graveyards…..😳 But when I’m long gone from this world, I’ll still be reaching for my White’s.
  3. Hi! It was from the previous owner. She has a stack of records like an inch and a half thick and a manila folder, she's passed away. But she had a lifetime of oil changes at the dealership that she bought the original truck from. It doesn't look like it was ran very hard to me. Pretty sure that they're the original bills on the car, and they don't have a single scratch on them. It's really a good shape. And it hasn't leaked any oil at all since I bought it, and I haven't seen it overheated all either.
  4. I use an off the shelf 3 x 18650 cell battery holder. The cells are protected Panasonic 18650 that I charge on an external battery charger. Probably the easiest setup there is. Joe has way more electrical know how than me and can safely build his own battery pack using an inline BMS for unprotected cells. I use the same battery setup in my old Garrett Sea Hunter. Fire away with any questions but I’ll leave the expertise with Joe for technical matters……especially with Lithium cells. Just make sure that the battery holder is in Series and not in parallel.
  5. Good information……I guess they’re a one way death trap for anything that flies in there or think it might be a good home.
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  7. Still own the MXT All Pro, but I vote graveyard! Can always visit!!😞👍👍
  8. Actually, I’ve changed my mind. White’s deserves its own single forum preserved forever. I think they were the greatest metal detector company ever. Yes, they lost their way a bit towards the end and forces beyond their control contributed to their demise. Greatness never lasts forever. But I can understand Steve’s view and that the tidying up and backend work running a popular website is necessary.
  9. Hellscript Have you found gold on this beach with other detectors? If you have, I'm certain if you use the settings you stated you will find gold with the Equinox. I noticed from your picture that you only worked 'the bottom' of 'the hill.' When I zigzag a beach, I go most often up and down until I find a line and then I slow down and connect the dig holes or circle a find to see how far up and down my little patch will go. As was suggested, the beach orientation is important based upon the most recent waves and tides. I don't go back to some beaches if they don't produce and will go to a better beach if I have the time.
  10. Coal klinkers = burnt coal i think
  11. I wanted to mention that in my humble opinion, I am of the belief that White’s “did audio” better than anyone else. Maybe it’s just my ear but the lows and highs (and everything in between) just sounded rich and detailed to me. Even the newer MX7 has that great Whites sound. Discrimination, especially with Concentric coils was killer as well.
  12. I’m confident all content is preserved…..text and pics/videos 👍 I’m looking for any excuse to keep my two showroom condition White’s detectors…….not that I need an excuse. How could I ever part with this classic beauty and her 4 coils🥺 or the newer MX7……one of the best VLF machines from White’s just before they folded 😞
  13. Would all previous posts be archived? Or tossed? I still love my White's detectors...
  14. Went to the El Paso mtns near Randsburg today to go detecting and found a couple defunct hollow PVC claim markers still standing. Pulled them out of the ground and dead birds fell out. I’m sure the people putting them in never even imagined something like that could happen. If you ever do see them, BLM has approved pulling them out if they are uncapped and hollow, because some have been found with dozens of dead migratory song birds and burrowing owls in them. If you would rather not pull them out, you could fill them up with gravel or rocks, but if it’s your claim you can’t use hollow pipe anymore for markers, they have to be solid. It was pretty sad finding all those dead birds and even a shrew in them.
  15. Looks like the temp was too low on the plastic and caused delamination. Maybe changed the 3D printer settings to spit them out faster?
  16. That Guy Tony, found well over a thousand ounces on that lease, all detecting. He's also a frequent visitor to the USA on most of the big gem shows, selling gold and opal etc. Ive known him for over 30 years.
  17. Chase, You basically covered everything I would have said, on page 2!!👍 It comes down to personal value! The most remembered, and valued items, usually don't have a dollar value!! You can't take it with you!;... well let me amend that, by saying a few detectors, and finds will fit in a coffin⚰, if you go that route!! But you better be sure to put that in writing for the relatives!!🤣 Also, just to add a "little positive spin" on catastrophic events that will always plague the world; there is "always something" to find!! Even if its "just" personal belongings to be returned to recent disaster victims! As a relatively "benign" example, I suspect that the recent rare, and heavy rain/flooding around the Las Vegas area, and elsewhere, will stir up/expose some nuggets, and other finds!👍👍
  18. And lay it flat like a corn flake, so max surface area is face if you.
  19. During the early goldrush days here in Victoria (1850's), there were several contemporary accounts of diggers using small gold as replacement for lead shot in their blackpowder percussion pistols. At Fryerstown, Newstead and Taradale, Ive found loose pellet sized gold in topsoil over several square meter areas a few times, seemingly proving this story. Im sure other detectorists have done the same.
  20. I think you've definitively solved this issue Simon Now we know what REALLY happened....
  21. Just a thought, try re-burying the nugget at the depth you quoted and see if the GPZ will detect it. If it does, it will be astounding. Some smaller nuggets just seem to 'gobble up' eddy currents and act like a nugget 3x their actual size.
  22. That's because people seem hung up on buying and selling this stuff. Not my bag to sell or buy stuff of low intrinsic value I find in the ground. I say do what you gotta do baby, if it's all about the detector paying for itself mindset. People will obviously buy anything.
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