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  2. Had an issue with my stock 11 inch Equinox 900 coil. It began to chatter incessantly and there was nothing I could do settings wise that would stop it. To verify it was the coil, I took it off the 900 and put it on my EQ 600. Same thing, started chattering and would not stop. Put the EQ 600 coil on the 900, no problems and no chattering. So, it had to be the coil. Sent the coil to Minelab and they determined it was a bad coil and they sent me another one. Has worked flawless so far!!
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  4. Hello, My parents have this strange rock lying around and I am wondering if anyone could identify it (see pictures). It's a small, grey rock with orange tints and it has a distinguishable comic shape. The cone edges are smooth. The bottom seems to be broken off from somewhere and has a very particular pattern. From the core there seems to be lines protruding circular around the centre point. Sort of 'fanning out'. The space between the grey rock seem to be filled up with some type of beige curd sand. The top seems to be somewhat bruised and shows a spiral pattern going downward to the bottom. The core seems to be glacy like flint stone. It was probably found somewhere along the coast of Zeeland in The Netherlands. These may be manually deposited sediments. Could anyone help me out and identify this rock object? My guess is that it's part of a stalagmite but it doesn't seem to be just chalk... Cheers, Luc
  5. Even in heavy trash/nails l have not seen any advantage going above 5. The target response gets too clipped for my ear. I would rather sweep slower in trash anyway to be more thorough. I am usually at 3 or 4. In my Red dirt mineral ground, l usually set up at 6. 7 if the ground is wet. Good discussion thread. Thanks
  6. Oh yes, my buddy and I are 😅 You shoud have seen my wifes face, as I told her we're heading to the beach.. priceless 🙈 With Audio Response at 7 and Sens at 99 the machine went very deep - but you loose a lot of separation due to the distance to the ground through the snow. I ran it at Audio Response 6 and Sens 95 most of the time. Luckily the sand didn't freeze - I guess the snow acts like an good isulator. I've counted the cutlery.. well.. >100 spoons (some of them went into our kitchen actually), ~50 forks and some knifes. It's crazy to see all that stuff piled up. I once keept all I've found within a month.. it was ridiculous how much trash and stuff came together.
  7. Steve, Here’s a short video by Myron Cook related to ice sheets & glaciers
  8. Good job Compass. You're going to like the machine even more the longer you use it.
  9. Hearing the iron grunts should tell you it's not a coin without looking at the screen. Go into the "Ferrous Tones" section of the menu to adjust them. I hunt in all metal on the beach and usually just keep on swinging if I hear iron grunts. I keep their volume at half of what my regular volume is.
  10. Unfortunately for the Axiom Concentric coils were not ideal, they were the first coils they dabbled with due to being the most popular with the GPZ by far. I think aftermarket coils for the Axiom are very unlikely from X-coils with market demand so small to be worth pursuing, Detech appear to have taken a similar view and Coiltek and Nugget Finder are obviously extremely unlikely. At least Garrett has a good range, a real shame seeing it's chip free.
  11. It's all relative, people who find a lot with their detectors and coils think stuff is worthwhile, those that don't think it's not. This was just posted yesterday; a guy had his first day out with his 15" Concentric that just arrived for his GPZ in Australia. His first foray into X-coils after his friend recommended, he did it. Paid it off the first time out and enough change to buy another one, you can bet he's not concerned about its price, considering his detector was 10 grand. I'm on the other side of the spectrum, hard for me to pay gold detectors and coils off with my small gold but I just really enjoy doing it so to me it's worthwhile, but my VLF's are a different story, they owe me little if anything at all. One ring paid off a few of them in one hit and I've found hundreds of silver coins. I thought my CTX was an absolute bargain.
  12. I'd say that is reasonable if the performance is there. I can't use my 15" on my 7000 at the same time as the 5000 but there may be some performance differences worth the effort and expense.
  13. Thanks Goldhound, good to hear from you, I hope all is going very well and I appreciate the information. Sounds like I need to put a bit more effort into these areas. It's looking like the 15" GPX Concentric will be $490 USD delivered express.
  14. That rock is called polymictic conglomerate. Common in some places here to mate. The stuff here dose not carry gold like normal sandstone type conglomerate but it can be intruded by gold bearing veins. Not sure about your NZ stuff though if the water course that made the clasts was auriferous it will be. Ours pre-dates the gold mineralisation events so keep these options open when prospecting the area. That type of conglomerate is prone to brittle fracture which is highly favourable for gold vein intrusion. Also some types have clasts that are chemically favourable for gold precipitation. Good rock most of the time.
  15. inflation is exasperated by businesses profiteering off it, using it as an excuse to put up prices far beyond their cost increases, and it's worse in some countries than others, Minelab fortunately for them sell a bulk of their products to countries outside of Africa with high inflation while producing their products in a country with low inflation. This isn't an inflationary rise in pricing, it's opportunistic.
  16. Hey i was wondering if any one has any knowledge with using the Minelab x-terra pro detector when hunting for relics (such as ww2 or old relics in the UK)
  17. Price hikes are frustrating to the consumer...but let's face it...a couple years of 7 to 10 percent inflation- this is bound to happen. There could be a little greed mixed into the equation, but I believe it's more a product of inflation. Whether it is cars or food, basically everything is getting more expensive. Obviously I'd love to see the gpx 6000 selling at 4,000 dollars but how could I really expect that in this economy? There is a new bar that has been set....it's higher for almost everything. This was bound to happen...I don't like...but I get it.
  18. Can’t complain about a nice 19th century barber dime! Congrats!
  19. Hi JCR. Yes, I can see how highly mineralized ground could pose an issue with minimum recovery speed. Fortunately, I'm in bald ass prairie land with little mineralization. As a bonus, this prairie land is so flat, people can watch their dog run away for a week! Although I didn't notice any depth difference between 1 and 5, I did consider some other difference between 1 and 5. Which is why I said it was still too early to tell. I'm fairly certain I won't go above 5 ever again, so now it's going to be more about experimenting between 1 and 5, and more specifically, keeping an eye out for what you mentioned 🙂
  20. Recovery speed 1 on the Legend is deeper in clean ground with little to no mineralization But, you have to sweep the coil just right. There is a very narrow and unforgiving speed window at fringe depth. Slow for sure, but it’s hard to know when it is just right. Recovery speed 2 is practically as deep and much more forgiving. Add enough minerals to show on the Legend’s scale and you better go to Recovery speed 3. This has been my experience with 8 to 10 inch plus coins running the LG 35 flat out.
  21. I'll take the opportunity to segue here, Steve. So far in what I would call moderate to medium mineralized ground here in the southwestern desert region of Arizona, the 8-inch prototype DOD X-Coil for the Garrett Axiom does not ground balance in the Fine mode, but does in the Normal, Large and Salt modes. So I'll be putting the coil through its paces in those modes this winter and report my findings in a new thread, so stay tuned. I too am scratching my head at why X-Coil would bother making coils for the Axiom because of their premium prices, as well as at their choice of coil configuration; I personally would've rather chosen a concentric coil. At any rate, from what I'm seeing with the prototype so far, my guess is that a production coil on the market is still a long way off.
  22. Sinclair, you are INSANE! I admire that 😅
  23. I really enjoy testing out various modes and settings as well. I managed to get some recovery speed experimentation in, just before the ground froze up here. More specifically, experimentation with running the recovery speed at the minimum of 1. In my air tests with the recovery speed, I found no depth difference between 1 and 5, but a huge linear depth difference of 4" between 5 and 10. In really trashy sites, I typically ran 8 for the recovery speed, and sometimes ran 10. Of course, losing 3” to 4” of depth in the process, while apparently gaining a little better separation ability. I thought to myself: With a high recovery speed, am I really digging more treasure because of a little extra separation ability, or am I digging less treasure because of significant depth loss? I mean, due to the way DD coils are designed, they already have extraordinary separation ability. Plus, even with a low recovery setting on these modern SMF detectors, the separation ability is kind of remarkable. Another factor to consider, aside from significant depth loss with a high recovery speed, is that higher recovery speeds give less accurate TID. That less accurate TID is most prevalent on the deep and old targets that we often are hunting for! For example, that deep silver may give a very low TID, perhaps even in the ferrous range, or could very well not be detected at all with a high recovery speed. Yet, a low recovery speed hits it loud and clear with a proper TID. When I’m hunting for copper and silver, I always use M3 or 4khz for two reasons. 1) The low frequencies penetrate the ground deeper, and produce a better response on high conductors. 2) Low frequencies unmask high conductors from nonferrous trash, notably better than mid and high frequencies do (like M1 and M2). Incidentally, M1 is weighted around 15khz, M2 is weighted around 40khz, and M3 is weighted around 7khz. That M3 weight is for Park mode. I don’t know for sure if it’s the same weight in Field mode’s M3, but it wasn’t in the beta test for that new M3. I tested in my backyard using M3 and 1 on the recovery speed. Now, countless times I’ve gone over my backyard looking for high conductors, with various coil sizes, at various angles, and with various settings. I’m sure you all can relate to that 🙂. Anyway, I lost all hope of finding any more high conductors in my backyard, but then again, I always used a high recovery speed due to the massive amount of trash. So, I spent about an hour with M3 and a recovery speed of 1, and was rewarded with a large cent too corroded to date, and a 1919 Canadian 5 cent piece. Both were very deep, and that 5 cent piece is probably about the smallest diameter, and thinnest coin ever produced. Tough to hit those! It’s still a little too early to tell, but it looks like from now on, I’m going to be using the lowest recovery speed, no matter how high the trash density is. To me, the major depth gain and TID accuracy advantage of using the minimum recovery speed, trumps the slight increase in separation ability of a high recovery speed. Coincidently, a couple of days ago on a different forum, a member started a thread titled, “DEUS 2 ZERO REACTIVITY.... THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!”. You can probably guess by his thread title, what he thinks of a low recovery speed.
  24. Yes you do Doc and they are as good as you say they are. More than satisfied customer here.
  25. just picked up a 77B, but there are no battery holders, or wires. not sure where they connect. Anyone have a schematic of this?
  26. My 900 is doing the exact same thing..the problem is that it doesn't do it all the time. I thought I had a bad coil and sent it to the Minelab repair shop but they tested it and said the coil was fine. Please let us know what they tell you! I keep hoping a firmware update might solve the issue but so far...no update!
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