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  1. Hello Beardog,

    Yes, I have heard about the motorized equipment ban, and as of this moment I have not made any significant underwater plans, but air hose is reasonably cheap, and unlike a water pump it is not subject to head pressure. Three or four hundred feet of air hose could serve almost like a spare air tank. This may be the dumbest remark ever posted on this forum, but I "ain't no wizard" when it comes to intelligence.

    We have a while before summer, so we will see what happens...

    Anyway, thank you for the warning! I will keep in close contact with Dave and Rich before doing anything that might affect the club.

    ***** a note from the 49er forum says my idea is against the rules.... I am still scheming!  Thanks again!


    OKAY... again I deleted a little of my post so that nobody is unhappy. I'd hate to post something dumb that could be used against us!

  2. Thank you for your replies.

    So, it sounds like my detector will not find small gold very well. That is a bit disappointing, but I guess that also means that any gold my detector finds should have a little weight to it. I can live with that!

    Those specimens from Alaska are magnificent! My hunting area is going to be primarily along the Klamath River in northern California. I am a member of the New 49ers' mining club, so I have access to all of their claims along the river, and I hope to wander about in the nearby creeks and mountains as well. I hope I will find a few members willing to help me learn to use my detector efficiently. If any of you have experience and tips about working that area, please share your wisdom. I am eager to learn!

  3. Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum and new to metal detection, so naturally I am also full of questions.

    My wife purchased for me a new Garrett Infinium LS metal detector and I am just beginning to play with it. I have taken it into my back yard (which must have a million BB's in it), and the unit is working quite well. Finding BB's is super-easy. So, after a few minutes I decided to see what it would do with gold. I put two small glass containers containing gold (a tad over 1/2 oz. in small flake gold) on the ground and swept the coil over them expecting to hear a loud and distinct tone, but nope... barely a peep. I picked the gold up and swept it across the coil over and over, again hearing almost no sound at all. I passed my wedding ring across the coil and the tone was so loud it hurt my ears. A gold nugget weighing seven grains didn't even register a tone.

    This is with discrimination at minimum. What am I doing wrong? Why is this detector not seeing my gold?


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