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  1. Here are a couple threads on how to make an adapter to run existing coils for the MXT, M6 etc. (Eclipse series) on the MX Sport. This would be a huge boon to those with large dollar investments in existing coils, especially aftermarket coils or even White's own coils that they are not making for the MX Sport. White MX Sport coil adapter... Finished the MX Sport Coil Adapter...
  2. I now have a shiny new White's MX Sport that I just purchased to put though its paces. Nice solid, attractive machine, 4 lbs 3.7 oz or 4.23 lbs with eight Duracell AA alkaline batteries. The pod is a bit larger in real life than I thought it would be and the headphone jack placement as anticipated is a head scratcher. On the other hand after hearing various complaints about the audio I am not seeing any issue there for me. Yeah, it is a digital type sound more akin to my DFX than what you would expect from an MXT but I don't have any problem with it. The coil actually seems smaller than what I
  3. Spent a few hours up in gold country, short Relic hunt on a friend's property. Recent rains made the hunt tough, ground was soaked and many areas not only were streams flowing but even the ground had a thin carpet of water flowing across the terrain. Was forced to remain near the road, maybe next trip venture in deeper. Still, through water and mud hiked to a pounded site. Pounded is an understatement, we've clobbered it but the MX Sport scored a few relics, no coins but a happy camper none the less. Those needing a faster snappier recovery, quicker audio. May want to use Prospecti
  4. White's may have created a prospecting detector with both Prospecting mode and Relic mode without even knowing it, thus comes the MX Sport Prospecting mode. Remember several of us wanting a GMT with a Relic mode, same detector only have a Relic machine with a high khz. Relic hunting with GMT sensitivity, maybe giving it an edge with separation. Then, flip back to Prospecting mode for nugget zip zip hunting if the user chooses to nugget hunt or detect mineralized fresh water sand with prospecting mode. With the MX Sport, White's did it with prospecting mode. A simple switch of
  5. I received the MX Sport a few days ago, already put it through the ringer mostly experimenting with settings. Then, When I found what worked for my type of Hunting bit an extremely mineralized dry sand river. Later, tested buried coins at an old park. To be honest, My opinion White's only got two modes right (Prospecting & All Metal). These two modes are great especially Prospecting mode and can be tweaked to operate like a hot MXT. With turning off VCO, the prospecting mode turns into MXT mode and using SAT the operater increase recovery. Any of you having an MX Sport try these
  6. In April 2016 issue of Lost treasure starting on page 44 you can read the review by Andy Sabisch. On the next page you can enter your name and have a chance to win with the right answer. Now this is just my opinion. I wouldn't buy it on what's said in Lost treasure I'd say I've learn more here about the MX Sport. Andy done a great job with his review. It's just so much info has been posted here about the MX Sport and we have Digger Bob with his review.. Chuck PS Something is not right. They are saying the contest is between Feb. 1st and Feb 29th. Before it always started the ne
  7. Hello! I'm new to this forum and want to "pick" your brains.... First off I've never done any nugget hunting. I'm hoping to get my Whites MXSports in soon. I'm going to test the prospecting mode the best I can with some pickers. The problem is that I don't have any nuggets! So you experts tell me what type and size of nuggets would be a reasonable test for the MXS? I know it won't hit tiny ones and will easily hit large ones. I just want to purchase maybe 3 nuggets for testing. I will be using the stock 10 inch coil right now. Maybe a smaller one when available? Can you help?
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