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  1. I purchased a White's 24K this summer and am really liking this detector. Have an out cropping that I swing a Goldbug II over every year so it's been picked pretty clean, but was surprised to actually get a signal with the 24K and it turn out to be gold. Thinking when the 6x4 coil comes out I may finally say goodbye to the Goldbug II. Maybe. One issue I am having is that it will shut off after a couple hours use. It would start back up ok but after running a couple hours it would shut down on it's own again. Just curious if anyone else had encountered this issue? Contacted Whites bu
  2. The White's Goldmaster 24K is a new 48 kHz gold nugget detector released in the fall of 2018. Production models started shipping in September and White's forwarded one to me to check out. What follows are my thoughts after a couple days of detecting for gold on several northern Nevada nugget patches. The Goldmaster 24K marks a break with the past as White's moves from the older metal box designs of the past to newer plastic cases. The Goldmaster 24K physical design is the latest in the evolution of the MX series. The control box itself is derived directly from that used on the White's MX5
  3. I am new to gold prospecting and nugget hunting and just recently purchased a new Goldmaster 24k. To learn more about this endeavor I have been reading as much as possible on this and other forums. I have read comments on this forum that one advantage of the VLF detector is its ability to discriminate between gold and junk in areas of past or historic mining activity. And I have also read that the conductivity of gold will vary depending upon its purity. At the risk of sounding dumb and having missed the obvious, my question is this: How do I use the VLF to discriminate, find gold and avo
  4. I watched the youtube video of the guy from whites demonstrating the iron discrimination ability to wrap around to the 99 range by pressing the lock button while in discrimination mode. However, on my gmx it keeps only adjusting the ground balance offset, which is what happens normally when you press and hold the lock button. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Id love to knockout 99 numbers. Nate
  5. A 24k with the same coils makes more sense, considering balance and weight. But the GMX come with the headphones and this package has the two coils I want the most for use in Australia. So the GMX won the coin toss. The GMX simply won because of that 6x4 DD coil, the added durability and waterproof capacity are great, but the lighter 24k has a lot of appeal. Goes to price and coil selection. The Minelab Equinox 800 with the smaller 6 inch coil, water proof, local support etc was a real competitor. The Equinox or its successor may later replace my Explorer Se Pro and Musketeer Advantage. Thi
  6. False signals every time the coil touches anything. Twigs above the coil touch the wire that plugs into my coil and it gives a false signal. If my coil touches the ground while I sweep I get pounded with false signals. I’ve cleaned the coil, lowered sensitivity, raised and lowered Vsat, locked ground balance and manually grabbed ground, discriminated. I’ve tried new frequencies, factory default, but it won’t stop. Any bump gives a signal. Any suggestions? My first nugget is so close I can smell it! Here are my last finds after 3 or 4 hours but had to stop due to the chatter from my det
  7. With all the money Minelab made in Africa it seems they should give this machine a good look since it is a very good machine for gold.I would like to see them bring out some epoxy filled coils too in a lot of different sizes. A 9 by 12 concentric first for water hunters or 8 by 11 dd .
  8. Has any one tested the Makro Gold Kruzer against one or the other of the White's detectors listed in the topic? Thanks! Walt
  9. When I use my Gmx with the 6' concentric coil in a beach section with a high concentration of black sand it is overloading all the time and I have to raise coil about an inch to have it go away.I then go for the nice zip sound and I usually get a coin because all the light stuff has been swept away. This 48kz machine is very hot with this coil.Would a bigger DD coil stop this overloading?
  10. The last time I took it to the beach I found only 1 penny while my friends found about 3.50 each plus 1 had a silver ring.It would not be hard to beat this total so off to a thin but very junky beach we went(different beach then other time).There were bottle caps galore and junk from the many fires this beach has at night plus what is dropped during the day.There was a good cut along the shore and I dug the nice zip sounds in this black sand section and got about 10 coins and 5 were nickels plus a junk iron ring.In 5 sens. setting the black sand would over load without there even
  11. I am going to write a little bit about my outings with the GMX. It will be fun and maybe I will be able to harvest some advice from more experienced detector/prospectors. I did go to a creek/swimming hole but had very little time with the detector. I have a very young family and it can be hard to concentrate when 1 of my 4 kids is getting hurt or stuck or .... so I gave up on it pretty quickly that day. I was able to get out to the Lynx Creek withdrawal area with a friend. He's new as well and using a Time Ranger Pro. I looked on Google Earth and picked out a wash that ran parallel w
  12. Do you think these machines have less sens. for small targets at half battery charge vs. a full charge.I would also like to know if certain batteries give a better performance.Thank You for looking.
  13. The first time I ever hunted with this coil got me silver and found some coins by the poles in this pounded play ground.It was not much in coins at 62 cents ,but they were close to the metal poles and were missed because they have been there or a while.The silver I found was a earring back that was a tad longer then an 1/8 inch and a tad less in width then an 1/'8 inch which is the smallest silver or gold jewelry that I ever found.I also found a clad stud earring.This coil falses if I move it to fast and is not as stable as the 6inch coil which I don't understand.I like this machine more
  14. That is hit a .5 grain Lawrence high antimony #9 lead pellet buried a full 2inches in moderate ground.The Gmx did it no problem in all angles with a little to spare with 6" coil .The X-terra with 6"dd in 18kz did not give a signal at max sens.I see why you use gold machines for tiny targets because they make a big difference and because if there is more small gold compared to big gold=more action.This was in a high emi setting in my yard with many power lines close by but done at mid - night when emi was less.The Emi would effect the Gmx certain times of the day where the
  15. I was too excited to wait for a sub 110 degree so I tested out my new GMX in the shag carpet in my office. I did pretty well. I had about twice as much change there but one of my daughters spotted it and made off with it. I think I may need to take this rug outside and shake it out. Who knows what else is in there....
  16. I am considering buying a second hand GMX but the situation with counterfeits has me worried. Are there any tips with regards to White's detectors to ensure I am getting the real deal?
  17. I grabbed my 8.5 gram,15/16 of an inch long ,6mm wide platinum ring I found and buried it on edge where the top of the edge is about 6'' . I grabbed the Gmx with the 6inch concentric coil and facing the edge it gave me a nice zip with room to spare,When I went with the edge the signal was about the same.The ID was in the upper 90's or near zero which seems like wrap around numbers.If you are brave and take your Gmx in the water I would dig this signal in better jewelry swim spots with not to much junk(nice roped areas) I used mid SAT setting on test.ID is around nickel in ground air test
  18. I tried the gold chain from my Gmx test with my 11" coil on my nox and this machine just walloped it on multi freq. gold2 mode with sens. at 22.It gave me the proper #4 id mostly on this 7" target with a few 3or 5 numbers if I was off center a bit.I could raise the coil over 10" and still get it.In 20 kz. at 22 sens. it hit it very hard with very bouncy id from 2to 11 .In 40 kz. at max sens. it pounded it very hard also with less bouncy id from 2to 8. I am very impressed with this mode on this target.
  19. I tested a heavy type chain like the one Againstmywill showed in the jewelry(maybe a little thicker) section called( chain numbers).I tested the Gmx and it just slammed it with a solid 96 number which I think is a upaverage since nox gives it a 4 when I lay it on the ground. I could raise coil over 5"and still get it.Maybe we should not pass penny hits with this machine.I used 6' coil on this test which is buried in dry dirt.
  20. I'm reaching out to other dealers out there who might have a 4x6 coil and spare battery pack for the 24K. Thanks! Walt
  21. In my now bone dry ground I buried this target at about 3inches,maybe a tad more.With the earring lying flat on the ground and the post facing me I might get a weak signal one way but it is so soft and not repeatable that it would be hard to hunt this way with the GMX and 4by6 coil.It is hard also to tell it from a false signal.This coil with the cover on is a fail for me in this test.The earring is 10k at 2.8 grains.
  22. I was detecting about 8 years ago when someone walking on the beach handed me a earring they just picked up on the shoreline.That was the easiest gold I ever got. This is the test target which is .53 grams and 3/4 inches in diameter thin hoop yellow 10k earring that I buried a little over 4'' with open clasp which is way more difficult.I tried the GMX with a 10 sens. and boost 2 with sat in middle setting and I got a soft signal on the target and I could lift the coil and still get it in 1 direction but in other angles it was a little weaker.It seems you need more coil control on this m
  23. The chain I am testing is the type a Fbs machine can 't hit or barely gets it . An 8 gram 20 inch 18k yellow gold rope type chain.The xterra ground reading for my testing site is about 24,000. At 0-10,000 =mild ground,10-100,000= moderate ground,100, 000-1,000,000 =hot ground.The ground phase is about a 8.At a reading over 20 you should use a concentric,under 20= dd coil. That is for xterra machine which is single frequency machine that switches frequencies.I tried the 48 kz. Gmx first an it hit the about 5inch deep chain with no problem and above 50 id numbers and I could
  24. Is the battery door/holder for the MX7 the same as the GM24K? Jim
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