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  1. Both. Lead and gold are often found together along with silver. Mines often produce a number of minerals. They call it a silver mine if that is the greater amount there, same with gold and lead. 

    Often you will find brass bullet shells. The lead that was once attached to them is likely there as well, just a bit further away. 

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  2. On the pricing of the Legend, NM accountants likely realized they made a ton of money keeping the price of the simplex low. They sold a ton of them. Had the price been significantly higher, their actual profits would likely be less. Those happy with the Simplex may also have a tendency to buy the Legend. 

    On companies bashing each other, Ford, Chevy and Dodge have been doing it for years. A segment of the population loves to hate and feel superior. Companies just give them a target, (another company). Until VLF detectors can tell the difference between lead, aluminum, and gold, I think there will be very few grand improvements. 


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  3. If you want somebody to do something, tell them they are not allowed to do it. 

    If you want to interest someone in buying something, tell them there is a high demand, and they may not be able to get one. 

    The delay may be related to chip shortages, or a marketing ploy to arouse interest. As in better order one in advance, or you may not get one later. 

    I don't expect companies to be completely forthcoming with what their reality is. Most of marketing is based on fantasy. Making you imagine their product is highly desirable. 

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  4. On 11/30/2021 at 2:05 PM, tvanwho said:

    Just wondering why the newer GB2 machines seem to have a meter on them now or is it my imagination? The knobs look different too?



    Fischer Gold bug2 ii now shows the switch settings and ground balance numbers on a screen. Ground balance is a single knob. In an earlier post I asked what use was knowing the ground balance number, and I did not get a reply. If it says 20 or 80, you still need to manually ground balance by sound, not a number. If it said 800, It would not matter.  Some say if you leave an area and return you can use your previous number, But when returning people will ground balance with their ears, not eyes. 


  5. I have several vlf metal detectors over 30khz. GMT, 24K, Nokta AU, and was thinking about adding the gb2. Sure these detectors found gold worth keeping, but can you say a lower freq machine would not have also found those, (and maybe go deeper to find more)? 

    Here is what I now ponder. The high freq VLF can sniff out gold so small that it is worth pennies. If it takes me 15 minutes to recover the target, and I find another target in a half hour, I am working for pennies an hour. I am thinking about going back to my <20 khz VLF's, Lobo, F75, Tejon, F19, DFX, CZ20, and hope for a bit more depth. 

    If you get a weak signal with a >30 machine, you don't know if it is a small target or a larger deep one. If you get a faint signal with a <30 machine, You can bet it is not a flake not worth digging. 

    Time spent digging up a penny target is time not spent finding something larger. Why have a detector that will have you digging up a piece of dust? Any thoughts about my logic?


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