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    The weather in northern Nevada has been extraordinarily nice this past month, but it's due to deteriorate rapidly soon; time to head for the sunny warmness of the Arizona goldfields. During the last 3 weeks I've managed to scrounge up 43.4 grams (27.9 dwt) of the good stuff from old patches with the GPZ 7000 and stock 14" coil. Largest nugget weighs 7 grams (4.5 dwt) and the deepest bit was close to a foot and a half.
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    This is my efforts for the last 8 days. They're all dinks that I have found with my Monster. Hoping for a/some bigger ones. After 8 days of hitting it slow and hard I am happy with the results. 😁
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    I recently detected an area close to some prospect holes, all of the usual finds, pieces of old tin cans, the broken end of a pick, shell casings, bullets, logging wire and finally a nugget. After finding the first nugget, I really slowed down and very carefully covered the area. The nuggets seemed to be in almost a straight line below a prospect hole. I thought I covered the line carefully, but returned for a second try and found one more piece, the one in the middle. Always detect around the rims of the holes and the adjacent areas.
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    Back to the old hobo camps along the river with my whites mxt and 10x5 detech coil , got a solid nickel signal in relic mode. I knew it would be a coin but did not expect this nice 1906 v nickel. I have included photo of where the coin was found and one looking across the valley.
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    Yesterday which was Sunday November 24th while everyone else was watching football I was underground detecting for pockets of crystallized gold 🙂
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    PI - it will come... it is just that some projects took over priority.
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    That’s a great chunk of gold Gerry but I have to comment it’s the fact you found it with a VLF sporting a 6” coil that really tickles me. There is so much emphasis on the detector as being the secret to detecting when in my opinion it’s location, experience and hours that really make the winners in this game. Your post shows that perfectly, so thanks!
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    Honestly, no matter how many videos, no matter how many credible testers, no matter how much evidence, there will always be sceptics. If you're the builder or the retailer you have no hope in hell as in their eyes you're biased or a liar and it's all about the sale.
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    Hi all, It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ll be sharing some knowledge and anecdotes more often, now that my summer job is a thing of the past and I’m free to once again roam the desert southwest, wielding the power of the mighty Zed to unearth nature’s golden treasures. I was carefully gridding (or - in deference to Gerry in Idaho - crawling) an old nugget patch during a recent trip to the far flung reaches of Nevada’s golden triangle, when the hypnotic drone of the threshold was suddenly broken by a sharp, double “wee-ooh, wee-ooh”. This type of response typically heralds a small and shallow target, usually within six inches of the surface. “Most likely a boot tack or bird shot”, I thought to myself as I crouched down and scraped an inch or two of the dry and dusty desert soil away from the target zone with my pick. Another swing of the detector coil indicated that I had moved the target, and a quick sifting of the material with the hand scoop revealed a small yellow nugget...the first catch of the day! A few more of these shallow pickers were dug during the the next couple of hours, and then I heard a faint, single “wee-ooh”. Knowing that this meant a bit larger target at depth, I went to work hacking into the densely packed soil with my pick until...well, I’ll let this short video tell the rest of the story: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzmm1pgdrpaswe7/Nugget dig.mov?dl=0 The actual weight of the nugget turned out to be 5.6 grams, bringing the total for the day to over a quarter of an ounce of the good stuff!
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    Holy crap! Looks like I hit the jackpot on these Aussie Pennys. Steve did say he liked these coins, now I know why. https://www.allcoinvalues.com/australian-coins-and-notes/1919-dd-australian-penny-value.html 1919 'double dot' Australian Penny value VG F VF EF aUnc Unc $65 $165 $525 $1,850 $3,750 $6,350+ Maybe the 1919 Double Dot pennys are scarce in Australia as they all came over to NZ... Two out of 3 ain't bad 🙂 The left one is the no dots common variety, the two to the right are both the double dot. You'll clearly see the dots on this zoomed in one. 1919 was the first penny minted in Australia. I'm not going to clean the dirt off them 🙂
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    Hi JP, I'm sure a lot of people are probably in my situation. I bought a replacement shaft for my Nox (Detect ED Shaft) when I had the dreaded shaft wobble problem, I bought a new arm cuff for it as I didn't like the weak one that came with it. I have all three coils for it. So if I could get my hands on just another pod I'd have a second Nox 800 without having to buy the full package which I don't need or want. I don't want more headphones or the wireless module, I don't even use the ones I've got. I certainly don't want to be paying for another coil I don't need. All I need is the control pod.
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    Mitch, Testing your machine on different setting on a natural nugget (not planted) is the best! When you hunt with a Buddy or a group, have them call you over to a likely nugget before they disturb the ground over it. You’ll need to, do this several times to feel you have the right settings for your Ears to hear. Now you talk about a slow level coil swing! This is important too, lots of times you will not hear a tone of a nugget if your swinging to fast. Now, that slow swing is only for known patches...if your out and about Patch hunting your only looking for one nugget to get you dialed in to and area then slow down a little, but not a crawl...get them Ducks. When all the easy nuggets are gone then the crawl swing. Rick
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    Interesting that the coil above is a DOD coil same as the Minelab coils. That implies more stability in bad ground than non-DOD solutions. The big question mark that needs answering is the dongle situation - please Minelab, provide Nuggetfinder with the needed parts!
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    I love clever ideas like this Sure Grip that makes detecting life easier. This is what I did before I saw the Sure Grip. I cut a swimming noodle to a convenient thickness, cut a slit in it so I could simply slip it around the top of the handle. It buffers the control box from weighing on my hand and stays on with no problem. It's nice and comfy but easily removed when cleaning my EQX. The Sure Grip however would be better when submerged in water.
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    I figured I may as well just ask Nugget Finder to solve all the speculation on the cable, Rohan was very quick to reply, here is his reply. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Simon We are still looking at our options with regard to the plug. There will be more information released in 2020. Thank you for your interest. Regards Rohan Johnson
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    Good news re GPX compatibility with QED X coil. I tested it outside my house, and although there was some EMI with the GPX it picked up a tiny color that does not register on my scales. The response was very sharp all over the coil with the toe and heel being especially so. It was tested against the 11" Commander with the X coil being noticeably better. Having 12" of sensitive coverage makes this a good coil for gridding, plus good penetration. I tested the QED as well and in all honesty I would say that the GPX was very slightly better, but only by a tiny margin. The QED however had no EMI response at all. The ground here is typical Central Victorian goldfield, and I have detected gold about a hundred meters from my house, so the ground showed no favoritism to either detector.
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    This video is a 17" round spiral x-coil on GPZ7000 using the new long "Chet type" patch lead, I reckon it worked very well, "x" balanced very well over ferrite and "G" balanced very well over the ground and ran like a dream, very smooth. Settings are Diff/Hy, sensitivity 16, semi auto GB, Ground smoothing Off, Audio smoothing High, threshold 27, threshold pitch 30, both volumes about 12, and booster, and WM12 and dual external speakers. cheers dave
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    The manufacture has been working on that size spiral coil for a fair while now, looks like he has it now. Yes it is an exciting breakthrough to get the spiral winding in a very small coil. cheers dave
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    Yes…..I use the round 5" coil. I hunt until I find something or I find an area that has some signs of gold being found there before. Then I hunt that area inch by inch. Some times I rake a little and move the bigger rocks out of the way. Usually if I find one, there are more close by. It may take me hours/days to cover a few yards once I find one. I found 2 more today.
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    You're onto something Geof, my two biggest nuggets both came from within about 20-30 minutes drive from two of the A towns 🙂 I am noticing either everyone finds giant lumps or people who find the smaller ones don't have the marbles to put their photos up! Your biggest nugget is your biggest nugget, it's something to be proud of, no matter how big it is. There are a lot of people on the site yet that I know hunt for gold that haven't put up their nuggets, I've got my eyes on you. If the tide turns and another thread comes up showing peoples smallest detected nugget, I'm in the running, one of the big boys then 🙂 It's turning into a really cool thread.
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    Even diving rods wouldn't help me today. I had a bit of a shocker, well I thought I did until I got home and did the coin count. It maybe even nightmare material Flowdog. I stayed hanging around the goal posts as I've been doing so where there, I think good finds are getting harder in that area though, I covered all new ground heading towards the road. The goal posts are at the end of the field then there is about 30 feet and the road so today I hit that area between the goal posts and the road. I'd passed over the closest bit to the posts previously but never gone much further towards the road. The reason for this is EMI from the power lines kept pushing me back 🙂 I was intending to come back and do this area with my Gold Bug Pro as it works perfectly under the power lines. I ended up giving in and doing it today with the Nox. I've found on various occasions now if you run the Nox chattery with EMI you end up getting worse Target ID's. I often talk about how target ID's for me are perfect, like 21, 22 21, 21, 22, 21, 22 and I can be very confident I've got a $1 coin under the coil, well that doesn't apply if you're near power lines, those numbers can get a bit wild. I think the people who often complain about the Nox and poor target ID's are in areas with bad EMI. I dropped my gain to 15 to eliminate the EMI and the Target ID's cleared right up. I was still finding deep coins too. First coin of the day was $1, a modern spendable coin, you'll spot it in the plug I dug up if you've got a keen eye for gold coins. I found a few more goldies and smaller oldish coins that aren't worth my energy digging like the old 2 cent coin and was getting quite down thinking the good stuff had ran out and then I had a 20/21/20/21, too low to be a $1, possibly a 1 cent or....... A deep silver of course, one I don't often get too, a Shilling! It was deep too, way deeper than my plug, you'll see my carrot down in the hole and the pile of soil to the right again that I dig out when coins are deeper than my plug, it was deeper than my Carrot. A 1937 One Shilling, considered a rare date with only approx 890,000 made. I then looked up yesterdays shilling as I'd not got around to that yet, it was a 1943 Shilling, also a rare date with only 900,000 made. Neat! They're a coin I don't find often. The 1937 needs a good clean, that's just dirt on it. Next was another penny, right behind the goal posts again, you'll see the post sticking up in the background 🙂 Then came an Aussie Penny, it wasn't very deep at all, you'll see where I dig it out of the plug 1962 Penny, probably why it wasn't deep, reasonably modern. This thing screamed a 30/31 on the ID's, I really thought I had another half crown. Then I had a pretty solid 19 that turned out to be a old car door handle, probably off the guys car who lost the Aussie coin, it was right near it. 😀 This is something I'd likely not dig with the T2, it would overload on the coil letting me know it's huge. I wish the Nox had that feature. I normally just raise my coil now, if I'm picking the target up near my knees I don't bother. Next was a cupro nickel sixpence, quite a hard coin to find, 9 on the Id's, wasn't too deep. This was my last coin of the morning, a Penny again, came up in the plug, it was there visible when I dug it out, plug was the exact depth of it 🙂 No Carrot needed this time. The junk, the bottle caps mostly come up in the 20's range that a majority of the best coins come up in, not the same numbers but I'm digging the whole range. The goodies, I'm happy to get that Shilling and saved the day really, I'd call it a skunk without that, not even a UK penny 😉 The regulars, my daughter is the big winner of the day, $13 in gold coins for her money box.
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    I’d say the phones will be running hot today...... looks like someone poked the Tiger, wonder what Coiltek are doing? With the demise of the GPX 4500 there is now only one official Minelab MPS machine that all those after market coils can go onto if you want to buy new. Now that a precedent has been set and demand created the resultant vaccume has created a need for a solution that is considered trustworthy, the X coils have had to blaze the way through all the pitfalls around dongles etc something a well known brand would have had to steer well clear of for fear of damaging the name. Beta testing the product via your customers won’t have helped. Just for clarification, I am just as much in the dark as anyone on what is actually happening in this sphere but am not surprised, its a highly competitive market that is shrinking rapidly.
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    Hello all, I have been on here a few weeks, and thought an intro was in order! First a disclaimer: I tend to use alot of exclamation points when i post, so don't think I'm yelling at any of you! I just like them more than periods! Besides, Steve prohibits yell posting! I am a born and raised South Florida native, and recently retired! I started detecting back when i was in high school! And unfortunately stopped a few later, when cars, girls, and life, took over! I picked it up again in 2015, when my wife and kids were no longer taking over! (Yes; I'm still married)! I'm all in on detecting now, even though i missed some good years! The only other forum i have followed and posted on before this, is "The Treasure Beaches Report"! (Still read every day)! And I'm just happy to be here; learning from, and posting with, all of you! 🇺🇸 My first detector, circa 1980 👍 (still have it)
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    There is a guy I work with, honestly a fairly simple guy intellectually, that bought a Garrett ace 250 a few years ago. He has been out nearly every fair weather day since, has lost about 20 pounds, and is constantly excited about and talking about his finds. If all that joy and well being means there is less for me out there I just dont care. I know you were joking, but really it's so much better than spending a life sitting on the couch watching tv that yeah, I really do want people out there doing it if it's going to be a life positive.
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    Dave thanks for keeping us updated on all these X-coils....I am a buyer but not just yet as I am waiting to see some reviews..on the 17" and 15" X for the GPX line. The 17 has my interest as well as the 15" but shipping to the U.S. vs just buying a 15" round Evo coil would be easier for us at this time. The thing that would seal the X deal for many of us State side would be obvious better performance and depth on targets. Hopefully in the near future..we will see some head to head....X-Coil vs Evo vs Elites. As we all know no patch is completely cleaned up...
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    Erik, around 30 + years ago, wife and I in our LandCruiser and Caravan were west of Townsville. We stopped to ask an isolated house off the main highway, about the owner of a Farm down the road, because it was a site of some historical significance, Turns out the farmer was away and the house owner suggested we detect where his children had found some old pennies at a long gone railway station or an old long gone Cobb and Co station 100m away. We opted to leave the kids the railway station, and at the CanC site I think I found an old penny and threepence, later as it was starting to sprinkle rain, wife comes up and shows me a shiny Dollar only it wan't a dollar but a 1890 Gold Sovereign, we later showed our finds to the house holder who turned out to be detector operator interested in Gold. He claimed thru his research he knew where gold was on Magnetic Island, but it was'nt legal for us to be there (In hindsight it was probably in the National Park) and he wanted me to accompany him in his Tinny with our detectors to go prospecting there. (The sea trip, approx 8Km of open water in an open boat, with a bloke I had just met and outboard motor of unknown capability). I was still working and had our FNQ ( Far North Queensland)Travels planned out, so declined his invite. What started out as a detecting episode ended up in a long coffee break, sharing detecting experiences with him. Sorry I did not take more interest in the potential detecting site, I wish you all the best in your research and detecting. Peter
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    Well Steve, the Orx is an amazing detector. Orx w/ 9" coil is better in iron than the Equinox w/ 11" coil. I would say equal with Equinox using 6" coil. Will not be get rid of either. I also have the waterproof kit for the Orx too. The Orx doesn't false like the Equinox in iron. To bad the coils cost so much for the Orx. Looking forward to seeing the Fisher AQ too.
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    Hi, great question Steve which I have been wondering about. I have the Orx bundle you mentioned with the 9" X35 coil and the wired back phones. (I paid less than $600 brand new for this Orx from BBHs) I knew someone who was parting out an Orx and picked up the wireless back phones and a 9" HF coil together for less than $200. I also have a 5.21 Deus Lite WS4 module (thanks Chase Goldman for updating it for me!!!) So, I know the ORX or Deus Lite in the Gold modes can hit a .5 gram or bigger nugget within 4" of the surface no matter how badly I set them up! Instead, I did an outdoor air test with smaller gold. I used a 1 grain and a 4 grain nugget. I set up the Orx in Fine Gold with both the 9" X35 and 9" HF coils with as close to the same settings as I could do: sensitivity 90, frequency X35 27.6 kHz and HF 28 kHz, reactivity 2, disc IAR 2, iron vol. On, threshold 8. The results were the same within a 1/16" . Both detected the 1 grain nugget out to 2" with repeatable tone and detected the 4 grain out to 4". Just for fun, I set up the Deus Lite in Goldfield with the same coils, frequencies and settings except for iron volume and threshold. 1 grain= 1.5" 4 grain= 3.5" Then I used the HF 9" coil with the Orx set at 54 kHz with otherwise the same settings. 1 grain = 2.5" 4 grain = 4.5" Jeff
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    I completely agree with you. Although I wasn't really planning to get a Simplex as it seems like it would be redundant when I have the MMK, I have been curiously following the various field reports on it to see how it shakes out. Thus far, it looks like the fine folks at Nokta Makro have pulled off one of the best deals in the detecting industry, but I really look forward to field reports from advanced users such as yourself that use a variety of machines and have an advanced level of knowledge to use them, and more importantly, share that knowledge with the rest of us 👍
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    And not all that long ago (in detector development years😁) they hired Carl. I don't think that was so he would help make night vision goggles.
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    Thanks for your report on the QED Smithobx, I found the exact same thing with my QED. You should put your impressions of the QED in a it's own thread so more people get to read it as it's good information to get out to people who are considering a cheaper lightweight detector. You must be one of the first in the USA with one.
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    With Nokta/Makro reconfirming a PI is in the works I am confident we will finally see this segment of the detector market get readjusted, much in the same way Equinox and Simplex are readjusting the VLF market. The GPZ 7000 was introduced in 2015, what’s up next for Minelab? QED is looking good and more advances being hinted at there. The Fisher Impulse is almost bound to happen in 2020. Nokta/Makro in particular is exciting due to their history of listening to and working directly with customers to deliver what they want. And you just know whatever the do will be affordable.
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    I paid good money to get those setting (and a lot more) and now he's giving it away! I wouldn't have missed it. I've had better days in Rye Patch since the training than before the training. I think I've already paid for it with my finds over the last couple of trips. Mitchel
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    That all sounds excellent, especially the small gold results. I am in total agreement that any discrimination system has trade offs, even in the best VLF detectors. Those trades are perfectly acceptable as long as we know what they are so we can apply proper judgement on where to employ discrimination and where to dig everything. The big downfall for PI has always been its affinity for ferrous targets making it simply impractical for use in some locations. Impulse AQ addresses that issue and I expect the best places to use one initially will be exactly those locations that PI users have avoided until now. I personally have no doubt this detector will be very productive in the right locations and look forward to using one myself. I have not owned a waterproof PI since I sold my ATX and have been waiting patiently for something better to come along. For me the waterproof TDI was too little too late. I wanted one from the very first day I used a TDI but after years of being ignored in my lobby efforts I found by the time White’s finally made one better things like the Impulse were on the horizon. Very kind of you to post that information LE.JAG..... thank you! It’s especially good to hear the Terra version is in beta testing, that bodes well for a dual machine introduction.
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    Told you they listen to their customers. 🏆 🏅
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    This is potentially very good news for the hundreds of us who have been awaiting ML's answer to the lack of different coils for our very substantial GPZ investment. In my opinion, Nugget Finder coils have never disappointed. Now for details...
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    I would be surprised if you didn't like the Equinox 800, In saying that I agree with Jeff on the T2 being a depth demon under the right conditions. I will never get rid of my T2's. I've certainly settled on the Nox being my primary VLF though.
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    He's doing a piss poor job. He has half of us wanting to move there.
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    Welcome Joe. I'm new here too, but not to metal detecting. Been detecting many years up here in Southern NH. Lots of history here with plenty of farm houses and land still to detect.
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    Sometimes you come home with your pockets empty..Sometimes you come home smiling... (Seeker)
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    Your mod does look rock solid, should last. I have the Predator Tools model and it’s still going strong after 12+ years of use. Mr. Lesche is the owner of the company and still manufactures his original and iconic hand digger in addition to a variety quality shovels. He did start the company you bought from many years ago but has not been associated with them for years. I have a couple of his products and they are all very well made.
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    Simon I think you might of scared the others from posting with the size of your NZ monster. ☺️
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    Hello PG, I don't know anything about your equipment or gold mining and sluicing in general! But i am pretty familiar with water hydraulic's! I will spare you the long winded explanation, and direct your search for answers to the internet! Search Suction and Discharge tables based on type of hoses, length, pressure etc... There are tons of sites where you can plug in your numbers and find the information you seek for just about any configuration you can dream up! I've attached a few screenshot examples! Good luck, and keep on innovating! Also, other than motor horsepower, and intake hose diameter and length! The type and size of intake fitting's can also limit the amount of water you are able to get to your pump, which may limit its full capacity!👍
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    It is true there is no clear winner in this race, Multi-IQ is the massive draw card to the Vanquish for me personally. I promised myself I'd never buy another single frequency detector, the days of single frequency are numbered in my opinion but it's so hard to resist. It's after all old outdated technology and with Nokta working on multi frequency who knows in a couple of years other brands may have it too and then we'll likely be putting all our old single frequency detectors in the cupboard. For most of us it probably makes sense not to buy either as we already have superior detectors, but that's just so difficult to do 🙂 Nobody is right or wrong with either of them, if you hunt fresh water the Simplex is a clear winner, are you going to take that Simplex to the beach and jump in and start detecting in the salt water with it? Not very likely. You're not going to be able to do that with the Vanquish either but you'll be able to get that coil down in the salt water and do some good beach hunting. The Vanquish with the v8 coil (Pro Pack) may end up being the cheapest small gold detector on the market with multi-IQ and all metal mode, something I look forward to testing. It really comes down to what you want to use the detector for..... The best thing about both of these detectors is they've set a new benchmark in price and performance. It's put other manufacturers on notice, they can no longer charge what they used to.... First Texas appears to be seeing this making the F19 (better version of the Gold Bug Pro) into a Bounty Hunter.
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    I use panasonic Eneloop Pro in my Whites v3i, My Whites Surf P.I Dual Field. They are outstanding even for cameras. Ni- Mh 2450 mAh. They are available world wide. I have been using them for many years and the Whites v3i is heavy on batteries. There is a cheaper Eneloop which is 1900mAh both batteries are 1.2 v .
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    What First Texas is missing is an 11 "round coil... add.. deep, yet it is a lightweight coil and is still sensitive enough for small items .. while this type the coil ...also strongly supports 3D deep separation . ...it is no coincidence that many detector manufacturers use such a coil as a standard coil.. 13" Ultimate coil.. Surprise...,it is deep coil..for coins.. I'm afraid many Gold bug pro / G2 users will consider upgrading to the Bounty Hunter Time ranger-Pro .. if it has the right price ..
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    Fine gold can be a real challenge especially at cleanup time. I beach mine when I can so fine gold is all I deal with. The problem with elutriation of fine gold is that the black sands are competing with the gold the reason is the black sands are as a rule round in shape and fine gold has many different surface configurations which is mostly more flat... This gives it a real kite like action in the upwelling of the elutriation tube water. Something you may find more useful and efficient would be something like the video of the fine gold cleanup slice video below. If you have more questions I will be happy to answer if I can. you might look over my thread here as well, there maybe some helpful hints...
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    Hi Norm… very attractive “character” nuggets, excellent recoveries. In his above post, Simon notes that an earlier detectorist certainly missed an opportunity. Fortunately your more thorough fieldcraft techniques did not allow that same opportunity to slip away. Thanks for the reminder to recheck our coil coverage, and always to scan around the rims of holes and adjacent areas as well. It pays to be thorough in all aspects of our fieldwork, to carefully examine all abandoned digsite areas, and identify all target signals. Congratulations Norm and thank you for sharing your adventure with us. I think that instructive, well-illustrated forum posts are a key element to attracting newcomers to the hobby, so kudos to you, and WTG!!! Jim.
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    I have now modified my 18650 pack to incorporate a 1g silica gel pack now as I was getting slight condensation. I’ve not been out with it yet be it may help.
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