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    Still shaking after today I took my 24 k for a walk after spending hours combing the geology maps in my area and picked a random creek to go up and omg did it pan out first piece of bedrock I came to had a parralley crack running with the flow... Not normally gold catching but thought I'd swing my coil over it and it over loaded I turned down the sens and swang again solid 95 on the probability meter on the 24k so I dug down and neally had a heat attach when I saw what poped out.... Came in at 6..78oz Also does anyone know how to clean them up
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    Been back from wintering in Florida for over a month, and the weather finally got nice so headed to northern Nevada to meet up with some friends and nugget hunt. I got there a day before the others, so took off on the quad to look for new spots. Love the freedom the atv gives me out there, and the scenery is great! I explored some higher ravines and washes, and actually got a nice little .68g nugget a couple inches down at the edge of a wash. Unfortunately, after quite a few hours hitting the area pretty hard, that was the lone piece. We looked for new patches about 60-70% of the next week, and hit a couple old ones the rest of the time. Lots of skunked days. I did get 3 more pieces at a pounded patch, and another while detecting an alluvial fan off the mountains for the first time....Chet got one there too, but the gold was so scattered and random...no patches to be found. While wandering around I noticed this little guy....he wasn’t shy at all, jumped from rock to bush, and waited patiently for me to turn my phone on to get his pic. Here’s my take for the trip....much smaller than usual for my Nevada outings. Very tough hunting, but a great time anyway. Enjoyed some delicious meals with the guys(Tom is an incredible camp chef!), Chet had repaired and souped up my dry washer over the winter so it’s ready for action up at the cabin, and George found some amazing crystals and gave me a couple cool ones. Brian even made a cameo appearance, and as usual found some nice gold in a short time! So the sun sets on another detecting adventure....can’t wait for the next one!
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    This is from a local news report. A local prospector known as Sourdough Scott is being investigated for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Not only a single child but it appears an entire forth grade class may have been involved. The local police claim to have surveillance photos of Sourdough Scott teaching several young children about prospecting , local history and then shamelessly showing them how to pan for gold. Many parents were understandably very upset." I have spent thousands of dollars on video games and a big screen T.V.", said Mrs. Adit," but now all my child wants to do is play outside with a $5.00 gold pan. What's a mother to do". It has also been reported that a rogue gang of forth grade children, who call themselves "The Company" Turned on all of the neighborhood outside faucets and sprinklers then channeled the water at a one half percent grade for several thousand feet South of town and began washing off an entire vacant lot. It yielded $67.95 per cubic yard in gold with a fair showing of silver and a trace of platinum. 2000 cubic yard were washed with 150.000 yards remaining. (investors wanted). Sourdough Scott has apparently taken flight to avoid prosecution and could not be reached for comment. NEWS UPDATE This report may have been based on some poor information by an unreliable source.Namely a miscreant prospector referred to as Klunker. We now know that this was a scheduled activity for the local forth grade class and Mr. Sourdough Scott took an entire day off during his busiest time of year to assist with an annual Living History Program for the school. Though Mr. Sourdough Scott doesn't even have kids he works with them in an exceptionally expert fashion.
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    I have been dying to take my GPX out again with it's new X-coil but the weather hasn't been great the past couple of weeks, a lot of rain which was often falling as snow up in the mountains. I guess we are coming into winter but the spot I wanted to take my detector is up in the mountains so time was running out to be able to do so, more snow is forecast for the spot in a couple of days so I decided to just go and deal with the weather. JW is away on the West Coast so I did this one alone, the same area the giant nugget was recently found in NZ by Nugget Hunter NZ so maybe he'll come back with a giant potato size nugget too. 🤞 Last time I took it I also went to a spot that has tailings piles down in the lower country and I found a bit of gold there, I'd only ever found one bit of gold in that spot in the ten or so times I'd been there and it was with my Gold Bug Pro. While I was there a digger was working at the nearby power lines no more than 20 or so feet away from some tailings piles so I assumed the ground he was digging up may have some gold in it. He was digging a deep trench so I figured I'd go back there once he's not working and see if it makes any nuggets appear within my reach. I went to this spot as soon as in arrived in the area, it was about 10am when I got there and there was a thick fog and the ground was frozen solid. I knew when I left home I was in for a cold day as it was sub zero at my house when I left but I wasn't expecting the area to have a fog making it even colder. I had to use the Equinox as I was right underneath power lines detecting the diggers trench, the Equinox performed well, I was able to run my sensitivity at 24 in Gold 1 while detecting the trench itself which was directly under the powerlines, and I had to lower the gain either 21 or 22 along the side areas beside the powerlines to get it running nice and stable. I spent a couple of hours detecting the trench and surrounding dirt the digger dug up but found no gold. I was wanting to hang around this spot long enough for it to warm up a bit before my drive into the mountains so the road would be in good condition with less ice. At about lunch time I decided it's time to head up to the spot in the mountains where I got my 1.2 gram nugget with the Equinox a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately the road up there wasn't too bad, not as much snow as I was expecting so it worked out well, I doubt I'll be able to go back there in the near future so easily though with more snow forecast It was now time to fire up the GPX with the 12x6" X-coil, I also use the Steelphase SP01 audio enhancer so I feel I've got a decent GPX setup. The SP01 really makes the nuggets stand out from what I can see. With it the target signals are so much more obvious than without it. I run my SP01 in mode 1 with two GME SPK07 speakers connected to it wired in Stereo to take advantage of the SP01s pseudo stereo mode. This ground JW and I have been over a lot in the past few weeks, JW's been killing it there with his X-Coil and I found a bit with my X-Coil the only time I've had a chance to use it there. The GPZ just seems to punch deeper on our small gold than the GPX especially with his 10x9 X-Coil. My GPX settings were similar to my usuals, gain of 13, stabilizer at 9 and in Sensitive extra with fixed ground balance. There is a spot on this ground where JW found a bit of gold as we were leaving last time... I watched him dig it up and the signal from it was really messy, I assumed he had junk and I think he did too until it popped out. It's in a spot that's riddled with hot rocks, I can't ground balance my GPX in this particular little area as everywhere underground there is hot rocks... You walk a few feet away and it clears up and you can balance again. With my EVO coil on I couldn't even detect that particular location JW found that nugget, it was sounding off everywhere on the hot rocks under the soil there, it looks to me like it's a tailings pile that's got some soil over it, off to the edge of the little area is the tailings pile rocks. It's a shame I didn't get a photo to explain it. Seeing the X-coil was letting me detect this little area without going nuts I detected it, I found a bit of gold right next to JW's dig hole where he got the nugget as we were leaving. I'm not saying JW missed this nugget, he didn't detect the area, we were leaving and he switched off the GPZ after digging the first one in this spot and we left. This was the hole it came from And the bit of gold on the coil 🙂 A decent size for me too, .401 of a gram. I've been thinking of buying a Go Pro or some sort of Camera to record the occasional nugget find as at the moment I'm trying to use my phone, not easy holding the phone while doing these things but I wanted to try film a nugget signal so people could hear what it sounds like with the SP01 and GPX/X-Coil combination so I was filming every single target with my phone before digging it, this area doesn't have a huge amount of junk so it wasn't that bad, I filmed about 20 targets in total so I had to clean up my phone afterwards 🙂 Here is the video I took after digging a bit working out this was going to be worth filming, you'll see it's right next to another dig hole, I'm pretty sure that's the one JW got his nugget from the other time, it's hard to know exactly this area is filled with dig holes, JW will probably know. I continued on detecting the area for some time, I recalled JW saying he found most of his gold in this area on the other side of a fence, so I ventured through the fence tearing my pants on the barbed wire in the process 🙂 I was finding a lot of junk on this side of the fence, little bits of wire and old square nails and so on so I knew JW either ignored these bad target noises or didn't detect this far along the fence line. I recorded all these targets for no reason hoping they were going to be another bit of gold! After some time I had another target but it was a real screamer, I thought I had another nail or something so I didn't film and started to dig, and I dug up a rock that was sounding off, I thought it must be another hot rock, the X-Coil isn't as bothered by the hot rocks as the Evo but it does sound off on some of them so once I dug and found it was just another hot rock I put it back in the hole and ran the detector over it and filmed it as I was going to talk about the hot rocks and the X-coil in my post. The GPX goes nuts at the end of this video as I got my phone too close to the coil 🙂 As this hot rock contained quartz I thought I'd examine it further as usually the hot rocks are green in colour, JW last time I found a bit of Quartz that sounded off on my Equinox helped me smash it up to see if there was gold inside it, we got it down to a tiny little bit that sets the detector off and the rest doesn't. I've still done nothing with that little bit. Anyway this time I had my Garrett Carrot with me so I tried to narrow down the area on the rock that was setting the detector off. The soil on the rock was frozen so I was chipping bits off with my pick but once I got the bulk of it off the Carrot directed me to the spot to clean and I found a bit of gold stuck in the soil which was embedded in the rough rock. You'll see it in the frozen soil towards the middle of the rock in the photo above. And that's it once I got it out, 0.457 of a gram! It wasn't attached to the rock, just stuck in the frozen soil in a hollow on the rock. This is how magnetic the hot rocks area, this quite big one is hanging off my pick magnet. And that was it for the day, for me that's a very successful day, almost a gram in heavily flogged ground, I can't complain, no match for the giant potato nugget that Nugget Hunter NZ posted though 😉 I was very happy with the performance of the X-coil, it's ability to handle the hot rocks is helping me a lot.
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    Hi Folks I have been busy making quite a few finds recently. After more than a year with the Equinox, it continues to impress me with it's capabilities. Some of my recent finds include some early 1630's Kettle Points and Turtle Effigy, Spanish Silver, KG's and more. I even have had it scuba diving. Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the volume with the Grey Ghost headphones. I have a new pair of Tony Eisenhower headphones ready to try out with the hopes that the volume is better. We shall see. HH Everyone...
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    I don`t wear my glasses when I detect and yesterday I got this little one, and at first glance I thought it was a piece of steel. Good thing I turned it over and looked at the other side. 😲 Not real big, maybe a 0.3 if I`m lucky 🙂
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    Something I've been wanting to do for a while now..I got another x ray generator couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out on my DR System.. Heres most but not all of the coils I have. 1. CTX 6" 2. TDI Pro 12" double mono 3. CTX 17' 4. XP Deus 9" 5. Miner John 8x12" mono 6. x cal 8" 7. Gold Monster 6" 8. Fisher Gold Bug two 6" 9. Nox 6" 10. Nox 11" 11-14 GPZ 7000 stock coil
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    Gidday All, Managed to get two hours in today before rain chased me home with the 17 inch Russian X coil. Blew me away just how good this coil is ! I purposely picked a small area of State forest that I have flogged for the last 10 years, with all 3 different GPX detectors, with coils from 11-25 inches, the SDC, and even a QED. This spot has yielded many ounces of gold to me from 0.05g up to 33g. I had declared it " dead ", as my last 10 or so efforts with the standard GPZ14 and GPZ19 have yielded nothing more. 2 hours in today, nearly back to the car, and I get an obvious signal. This was slightly downhill from a small patch of small reef gold, in an area that I have literally smashed. Coil was about 2 inches above the ground because of sticks and clumpy grass. Removed said obstacles and signal firmer. 4 inches in and I am in nice gravel, target now screaming, out pops what turns out to be buck shot. Bugger, but this is from a spot that I have NEVER managed to get a target in ! Moved about 10m along and same thing, another obvious target, once again coil 2 inches over the ground. Dug in and same again, 4 inches down in nice gravel, target screaming louder than the buckshot, out pops what turns out to be an 0.65 gram bit of reef gold ! I'll be buggered, I thought ! Rain then chased me home. Coil was very sensitive, being able to pick up my 0.11g test piece at 2 inches. I tried knocking the coil against a tree a few times and no bump sensitivity. 17 round weighs the same as the GPZ14. All in all, a fantastic coil. Don't know what the Russians have done differently, but Minelab need to have a good hard look ! Further testing to come when our shitty weather finally breaks. Cheers, Rick
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    A common subject that has come up recently with all the coil discussions is X signal and what it portrays. This thread is to put some clarity on what X means to the GPZ 7000 end user and why you should use your Ferrite. When the 7000 was released its software was designed to automatically calibrate for a component in the ground called X signal, there is no need for me to go into the scientific aspects of what X is and nor am I qualified to do so however, in the case of the GPZ, it is NECESSARY that the Ferrite be used and operators, no matter what or where the ground is they are working, should make it part of their daily detecting regime even if they can’t discern or understand the need for it. The GPZ has the ability to ‘balance’ out X signals, to do this you need to activate the Quick-Trak button on the front of the handle. When you press the button you are also activating the regular ground balance that any high end gold specific metal detector uses, initially when the button is triggered tracking is forced or sped up briefly, this also means the GPZ 7000 is doing two things at once when the QT button is triggered. On the first release software the Auto Ground Balance mode was trying to actively cancel out X signals as well as G signals running in parallel with each other, to some extent the G balance will also try to balance out some X signal if the X signal is loud enough but overall the detector requires X balance to cancel out X signals effectively. The issue with the release software was the X balance was too lively and was being too easily dragged away from accuracy by Salt signals and Saturation signals of which WA and Victoria are well know for (most gold fields suffer from these signals). Minelab then released the Ferrite to help operators to let the detector ‘SEE’ what X signal really was in Salty and Saturable ground, during the release WA and Victoria had suffered a long and extended rain event so the ground was water logged, Salt is conductive so therefore is exacerbated by moisture. Because of the water logged ground during this time it caused lots of early complaints from GPZ users. Not long after this Minelab also developed a software update to slow the Ferrite balance down so it would not be so readily dragged away by those pesky signals, this helped a lot but I was still advocating using the GPZ in Fixed GB mode. At a later stage another software release was provided that allowed the user to use a SEMI AUTO mode where once the Ferrite Balance was completed the X balance would be FIXED whilst allowing the G balance to continue to actively track the regular ground balance, this is my preferred and advised mode. X signal in the ground is not like G signal, it is in varying subtle degrees but is not as VARIABLE as regular ground G signal, the reason a GPZ makes a signal on X is because since the last calibration the temperature of the electronics has shifted or if in Auto GB mode other signals in the ground have confused or altered the X balance calibration. The only real way to tell if your calibration is OUT or WRONG is to use the Ferrite to confirm if this is so, which is why it is so vital you make it part of your daily routine. NOISE: Noise is any sort of audio signal that should not be there, noise competes with targets plain and simple. The less noise you have the more obvious targets will sound and the deeper your detector will run or more accurately the deeper you’ll be able to discern a target (assuming you are also using the optimised Ground type and Gold modes for the ground you are searching and the size of nuggets targeted), all targets under the coil are being energised by the Tx evenly at all times relative to coil position, however user choice of settings, calibrations and coil control have a huge impact on the outcome. If the ferrite balance is out then a signal off any X in the ground is going to join the audio and potentially compete with you being able to discern a target signal. X SIGNALS and X COILS The GPZ 7000 is a very versatile metal detector, if can be used even if the Ferrite calibration is WAY OFF as is evidenced by users who refuse to update their detectors or who refuse to use the Ferrite (or both), or if users are using X coils that make a signal on the Ferrite regardless of doing a Ferrite balance. I am a purist so will always check my Ferrite balance because even 0.1% less noise in the audio is an advantage in my opinion. The X coils do actually balance out the Ferrite over the receive winding part of the coil (not as cleanly as a ML coil but acceptable), but they do manifest a LOUD signal in another location that any savvy X coil user will soon identify unless a mod is done during manufacture (I am unsure of coils made in the last month or so but it is easy to tell). The manufacturer was unwilling to do the mod due to feedback from customers not complaining, the resistance was based around the mod adding a lot of weight to the coil (gets the coils up into Minelab coil weight territory, isn’t that interesting?). I am unsure how he went about removing the Ferrite signal or the mod required to do so and am not at liberty to discuss why a ferrite signal happens in the first place. The reason I was pushing so hard for the mod was to try and get the X coils across the line for PERFORMANCE parity with ML coils in the hopes of accessing the dongle, the X coils showed potential but needed to be refined, in the end the current option was decided upon and I was no longer needed. As it currently stands any coil that makes a noise on the Ferrite (especially a LOUD noise) will by default make an unacceptable signal off X signal in the ground, operators will not really notice this signal as it will blend in with general ground noise responses, believe me it is there and it is COSTING you depth!! I do not use the X coils in Clermont because of these main reasons, our ground is saturable and the X coils saturate much more readily than the Minelab coils, most of my coils have the mod so X signal is not such a problem but a couple of them do not so they don’t get used either, with the larger coils I always use GENERAL/DIFFICULT and every X coil I have used makes touch and knock noises, some are acceptable (The Spiral wound ones seem best) but in most cases General/Difficult is out thereby negating the advantage of using a larger coil for larger deeper nuggets. To fully appreciate the differences in the coils I am going to include the settings I use so GPZ operators can benchmark what I am experiencing with their own settings. SETTINGS Audio Smoothing: OFF Ground Smoothing: OFF Sensitivity: 9 Threshold: 27 Gold Type: HIGH YIELD (To experience Knock and rub noise use GENERAL/DIFFICULT) Ground Type: DIFFICULT Volume: 6 to 8 for Headphones (either through a B&Z booster or GPZ direct), 12 for WM12 Ground Balance: SEMI-AUTO Conclusions and Suggestions: At no stage have I said the X coils are unusable just user beware. In quiet ground they should be OK and in variable ground, like I operate in here, they are usable but twitchy. I have found gold with them but choose not to use them full time in my areas due to the above issues and my being fussy about noise. I did during supervised testing (under duress I might add for the very reasons that have been borne out online) find gold in ground I frequent, I expressed that I was impressed that I was able to find gold with them in such a flogged area and that they showed potential which was borne out by my continued involvement till I was no longer needed. I have since been back to that area with customers on training and as always have found gold over the same ground as is typical of Clermont thanks to its high variablity ground. My favourite X coils are the flat wound ones because they seem to handle our ground better and have less touch sensitivity, however they are a LOT heavier. In essence they are what they are and did not meet required standards to be officially recognised, which is a shame because I too desperately want to see more coil options for the GPZ. JP
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    The first 5 days detecting in WA, out from Kalgoorlie, I used the 12" X-Coil on the 7000 and Veronica use the 2300, we managed a total of 47.5 grams fro the 5 days. 7000 with the 12"X-Coil 28 grams and 19.5 for the 2300 and quite a few were small nuggets in big bits of quartz. and a drone picture of the camp site cheers dave
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    Most are aware of the goldfields of Western Australia and Victoria but there are more throughout Australia. NSW and QLD also have their fair share of gold and I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days up in NSW with some friends. We only managed a few days detecting ( I still had to squeeze in some business commitments as well as some well needed down time) but I still came away with just under 1/2 an oz. It's beautiful country and well worth a visit if you get a chance.
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    Since the Equinox first came out and the Facebook groups started up covering it, there have been several examples of settings that are posted and stated as absolutes. One that warrants some discussion is GROUND BALANCE. The common response to the question “Should I Ground Balance my Equinox?” is “No, leave it at preset as there is no need to ground balance it since it is running Multi Frequency.” Before we accept that statement as gospel, let’s step back and ask a basic question which is if there was no need to use the function, why would Minelab had included it in the first place? The answer is they would not have and it is there for a reason which is to address the adverse effect caused by mineralized ground. The more mineralized the ground is at your selected search site the more the performance will be impacted. Remember, the factory preset for this is “0” yet it offers an adjustment range from “-9” to “99” So, do you know how mineralized the ground is in your area or the sites you frequent? Do you know that mineralization levels can change dramatically in a short distance? A good example is an older house where the front yard can be mild in terms of mineralization while the backyard can be severe due to coal cinders and other stuff in the ground. On a site such as this, settings that would be ideal for the front of the house might be mediocre at best in the backyard and ground balance may be the setting that corrects that issue. In the area around where I live in Michigan, the Ground Balance registers between 55 and 75 on the Equinox. I do extensive testing on actual targets before recovering them (great use for poker chips) so I can see if making a change or changes will improve performance and I have found that performing a Ground Balance at my sites makes a noticeable difference over leaving it at preset. In fact, several times I have found that a deeper target either is not detected or mis-identified with the GB at preset compared to setting it correctly. It also runs quieter which helps pick out those marginal signals. So, I could make the absolute statement that “Ground Balancing is always required” but is that really an accurate statement for any location worldwide? This past weekend my wife and I attended a hunt (rally) in central Pennsylvania and we stopped at an old school (circa 1924) on the way to the hunt site. I Ground Balanced the Equinox 800 and the site registered between 14 and 18 . . . much different than my home sites. I searched for a few minutes and got a good, deep signal. I reset the GB to “0” and checked the target . . .it was still discernible. So, in this case, adjusting the GB off of the preset did not buy me anything. The hunt site was a bit different and in some areas, the ground registered 50 or higher. In those cases, coins on edge were not as clear with the GB at preset (0) as compared to setting the unit for the ground conditions. I used the Equinox on my last trip to England and rarely saw GB values above 20 in any of the fields we visited. The takeaway from this is that there is no “one rule fits all conditions” as site conditions can and do change which will cause you to reassess your settings and make the adjustments needed to compensate for those changes. If you want to get an accurate answer to the question “Should I Ground Balance my Equinox?”, do the following . . . . 1) Do an Auto Ground Balance at your site to see what the ground mineralization is. 2) Find and mark a deep target. 3) Sweep over it with the GB set at “0” (preset) and then again with it at the value you found when you GB’ed the Equinox. If you get a cleaner, stronger signal with the GB set off preset, you have your answer for that location. If not, leave it at preset and reap the rewards. But avoid saying it always should be left at Preset based on an Internet forum or Facebook post as the person that made the post might be searching sites totally different than what you are. Dial the detector in to YOUR sites and YOUR targets . . . you will always do better than simply taking advice that might be fine in one area and not another and usually that other area will be yours. Hope this helps . . . . . remember, the answer to virtually any question that pertains to setting a metal detector is almost always "IT DEPENDS" as conditions vary so greatly!
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    It seems some of the best treasures are right under your feet in places you would not anticipate to find them. I've been having fun hunting for WW2 artifacts 5 min from where I live. Work has been busy so I've managed a couple hours here and there over the last 3-4 weeks. Camp Stoneman was a military base in Pittsburg Ca (the town I grew up in). From what I understand the soldiers in this camp were headed to the pacific theatre. My grandfather used to drive a bus to transport the soldiers from the camp to the ships waiting at the river. When I was a kid I used to hunt jack rabbits in the old abandoned camp with my bow and arrow. Those fields are now gone and so are any remnants of the old camp but I've managed to find some dirt here and there that has not been built over. My favorites so far are the two officers hat pins one silver the other brass. The navy airmans button, the Japanese coin is from the late 1800's, a toasted SLQ, several Rosies and a 1945 silver dime from the Philippines and the Captains bars from a helmet. Being we just finished celebrating Memorial day and now D-Day is upon us once again I thought it a good time to post these pictures. RIP to our brave soldiers who never got to live the life we sometimes take for granted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Stoneman strick
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    Well, after reading JP's review on the QED followed by Reg and Northeasts review and the occasional QED user popping up I decided it's time to get one. I didn't need the full package and was on a budget so bought a new one but without the 11" coil it comes with, also with the different shaft more like my Gold Bug Pro shaft. I'm quite used to that shaft style and like it. I'm yet to get my wireless audio kit for it, I ordered the Quest Wirefree mate kit from Phase Technicial yesterday. It's meant to be good for the QED but I'll use it for my other detectors too, it can make any detector wireless using 2.4Ghz, nice fast audio. Once that arrives I'll be completely wire free from my QED. The QED feels so light, super easy to swing. It's just using 2 x 18650 batteries so really there is just no weight to the detector at all, the only weight I notice is the coil. I was surprised how small the control box is, it's tiny! On the floor next to it is my little Sony speaker, it's powered by 2 x AA batteries and makes the audio nice and loud on the QED until I get my wirefree kit and then I'll start using my Steelphase SP01 booster with a SPK08 GME like I use on my GPX, only difference is I won't be tethered to my detector. It was raining when it arrived so I played around inside with it. I fired it up and was surprised, even inside my house it was hardly bothered by EMI at all, I adjusted the Threshold B to suit the coil, simple to do, move the numbers down until it makes noise, move it up until it makes noise, in my case down went to 48, up went to 58, here you can either favour smaller targets by going to say 49 or 50 or you can favour larger targets by going to 56 or 57, or you can leave it smack in the middle at 53 for an even balance between both. That's why understanding anyway, I'd hope some experienced QED user would correct me if I'm wrong. As our gold is mostly small and the only gold I have to test it with is small I settled on 50. I then moved my gain up to 10 (the maximum) and it was running nicely, even inside my house there was very little false signals. The QED has a mode as well, between 1 and 16, 1 for mild ground and is more sensitive to small gold, up to 15 for mineralised ground, and 16 for the beach. I of course wanted to be in 1. Still the QED was running pretty quiet inside my house, very little false signals at all, my house is full of EMI, a very powerful long range WIFI router and all the usuals, plus my house is only a short distance to high voltage power lines coming from some Windmills. To be able to run the QED maxed out inside with minimal issues shocked me. I tested my various coils on it including the 12x6" X-coil which ran like a dream, then the Coiltek Joey 10x5, and the same settings as the X-coil and worked just fine. Then the Nugget Finder EVO 14x9 was installed, I had to adjust my Threshold-B after installing this coil, so moving the numbers down till noise, then up till noise then picking the spot you want it... no big deal, takes about 20 seconds even for a first time user. The EVO had a bit more falsing inside due to it's size I guess, lowering the gain down to 7 from 10 fixed it up, tested with a shotgun pellet and the depth difference from gain of 10 to gain of 7 was hardly noticeable. The other thing i tried was moving off Mode 1 onto Mode 5 and then I was able to run at gain of 10 again with very minimal falsing. I was getting between 1 and around 2 inches on shotgun pellets with all coils I tested in an air test. The rain stopped so I headed away from home to a more remote location (3 minutes drive) away from the EMI of my house and put on the X-coil. Now it was completely silent, not a peep from the detector unless I went over a target. I ran on it on the default threshold which is silent, I turned the threshold up and found I had a nice smooth threshold but I was happy with it on silent, It was like using my Gold Monster, only noise if there is a target, On my basic tests it didn't seem to hinder it's performance running silently but I'll test further in the coming days. The QED has a default ground balance of 100, I didn't need to do a ground balance, I could raise and lower my coil all I wanted with no noise, Auto ground balance didn't do anything as it was already balanced, I ended up lowering my ground balance to 70 manually and it was still silent pumping my coil so I just left it there, I tried as low as 50 but noise started to come in then so 70 seemed a good spot. This is where I will differ from a lot of people so take into account my ground is VERY MILD so my results will likely be different to someone in higher mineralisation. I tested over various nugget sizes and was pretty amazed by the results, it felt like I was using the Gold Monster, very sensitive to small gold, I was detecting bits as small as 0.02 of a gram, 0.04 of a gram was giving me over an inch. A shotgun pellet was also over an inch, more likely 1.5 to 2 inches. I wasn't accurately measuring of course. The small gold ability of the X-coil on it to me seems far better than on my GPX 4500. I could move around the ground and never get any false signals, nothing caused me issues, if there was a noise it was a target. This was pretty good as I was running it in the settings I believe are maxing it out. I might be wrong but that's how I understand it being a first time user. To me it feels like a Pulse Induction Gold Monster 1000. The only negative I have is the audio without some form of amplification is too low for my liking, I like loud audio. With the SP01 booster it's brilliant, with my Koss UR30 headphones plugged in directly I found it was pretty quiet, although I'd never use them on it anyway as I want wireless. Once I get my Quest Wirefree kit I am sure it will be resolved as that's a powered unit, I think anything powered will work well on it but non-powered speakers/headphones will be too quiet for me. My little AA battery powered Sony speaker works great on it. Obviously I've got a lot more to learn and a lot more hours on it to be able to even consider leaving a review but these are my first impressions. All the outdoor testing was done with my 12x6" X-coil, I hope the weather is good to try my NF 14x9 EVO and Coiltek 10x5 Joey on it tomorrow. I hope this post makes sense... So far I'm very happy with my purchase.
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    Have now got many hours of swinging, but I still am getting surprised at their performance, they`ve both put some weight in the pocket. Stability does not suffer at all from swinging against rocks or grass and importantly they are an advancement on the 2 ML coils in their depth and sensitivity capabilities. They have nice flat areas on top for pushing soil around with finger to isolate nugget. Also surprisingly they act a wee like mono coils (they aren`t) in that you can push any side, front or back vertically into hole or dug out soil to centre and retrieve the nugget which helps a lot in time it takes to retrieve signal. I`ve found I am using them both in normal much like I found one could with the ML19 but not so with the ML 14" which I found I had to use in difficult most the time on the ground conditions in my area. I run general/normal/10-15 sensitivity/semi-auto/ 7 volume/24-25 threshold which both X coils maintain nice and steady except for the odd wet tree root, hot rock, charcoal or ant hill as per norm. All pros no cons at all so far, have become so confident and pleased in their ability have a 10" in the mail, should be here next week. They have lifted my Z game, I place results way ahead of warranty concerns, had no trouble making the patch leads for my & my sons Z. I have no affiliation with our dealer or the Russian manufacturer, just am a very happy user of these quality coils.
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    Spud Digger invited me to a Private Property hunt last weekend with about 25 other diggers. The site goes back to the 1860's. Now I wish all the finds were dated then, but the cabins were used and lived in in the 1900's Depression era too. Yes we find the occasional wheat cent from the 30's, but that is ok. We also get hunt the mining piles for gold nuggets, which makes this exact place a fun hunt for those who enjoy a variety. Anyway, my oldest US coin on this hunt was an 1890 Indian Head cent, as well as a couple Chinese Cache coins, a lead soldier on a horse, a coin size sterling flower piece, a cute little shoe bottom (either a child or a Chinamen?). Also recovered the normal suspender clasps, buckles and a few eye candy glass buttons. Even a non metal knife sharpener was spotted in one of my digs. One of my favorite finds besides the "Idaho City, Idaho" token (I love local history saves), was the tire pressure gauge. But the best find of the trip by anyone (at least in my opinion) was the 1918 State of Idaho Chauffeur #1159 Badge. Part of what made this find so unique is the lady digger who found it, was sifting for bottles and not even using a detector. If anyone can share some light on the badge, please let us know.
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    So I took the QED out today with the X-coil 12x6". I first went to a spot I've been to a number of times and only ever found 2 bits there, one a long time ago with my Gold Bug Pro, the other a few weeks ago with the X-coil. My reason for going there wasn't so much to find gold as I don't think there is much left there but to test it around power lines as this spot is terrible with the GPX, The X-coil improved the GPX there but i still had to dumb it down a bit to make it even close to stable and even then it still made a UFO noise every few minutes and you just had to wait until the UFO landed to be able to detect again. I ran the QED in Mode 1 most of the time which is it's most sensitive mode and I had the gain on 10 which is max gain. It ran pretty well, the odd little EMI glitch but certainly nothing I'd be worried about especially considering I was running it flat out. I then went up on a rock, this rock took me up over half the height of the power line, it felt quite weird as I was standing really close to the power wires. So close I could see the individual strands of wire, they're bundle wound by the way The photos have a bit of glare as it was a fog clearing and really bright sun behind it. The photos don't do it justice either, it seems further away than it is in the photo, I could of easily thrown my pick and hit the wires. I took this photo from further away with my pick up where I was standing, you'll see how close to the power lines I was and even here the QED ran well, I had my gain on 10 (max) in Mode 5 (slightly less sensitive to tiny gold). In mode 1 it was getting some EMI but dropping down the modes to mode pretty much solved it. Mode 5 is still very sensitive to tiny stuff, there are 16 modes, mode 1 the most sensitive for mild soils up to mode 15 for highly mineralised soils and mode 16 for the beach. I put a little .22 of a gram test nugget on the ground to show in this video how well the QED worked right at the power lines. In my videos sometimes you'll see I get my phone too close to the coil and it goes wild 🙂 It's because I try get closer to show in more detail, hear it scream and back away You'll see I show option 4 which is gain, and it's on 10 which is maximum gain. I even channeled my inner mountain goat at this spot checking all the bedrock, all it ended up having was pellets 🙂 It's a LONG way down from there. I didn't find any gold at this location today, plenty of shotgun pellets and 22 shells..... I then jumped in the car and moved on to the other spot I've been to a few times lately where I found the 1.2 gram nugget with the Equinox, I wanted to run it over the same bit of hillside I found that nugget to see if the Equinox and GPX missed anything, I wasn't hopeful but it was worth a try. I was getting 22 shells pretty deep, they were annoying as they were pretty quiet signals on the surface but as you got down you got your hopes up of another 1 gram nugget only to find a deep 22 bullet, weird they get down there. The depth I got a 22 shell... how they get this deep I'll never know. I did find one bit of gold for the day, my first QED gold. 🙂 It was near the spot I got my 1 gram Nox nugget but not in the exact same area... a bit further along. That was the depth of it, just over 2 inches. I'm a very slow and careful digger especially when I think it's a small target as too many times with my GPX I've dug a target and lost it in the process. I do a little scrape at a time until it comes up, so this hole is pretty accurate for my find depth. I put a rock to hold up my carrot and a stick over the hole to show the depth line as it's hard to judge hole depths in photos. After recovering it I dropped it back in the hole and took a video to show the target noise on it. You'll see my settings here, gain 10 (max) mode 1 (most sensitive) and ground balance of 76. JW was right too, running my threshold at about 60 instead of the pure silent default 30 appears to give a louder target signal on tiny bits. So far I'm happy with my QED, it does what I wanted it to do.... finds tiny gold and works near perfectly at and under power lines. Here is my first QED gold 🙂 And my massive junk haul for the day, look at all them pellets.... I'm exhausted.
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    I was having a relatively slow morning detecting at La Jolla Shores Beach in San Diego today, about $1 in clad and a euro coin when a young woman came up asking for help finding a ring. She was frantic and her husband was second guessing, saying it must be at home and asking when was the last time she saw it? She kept insisting it was here right here, next to the seawall. With just a couple swipes of my Equinox 800/15" coil I had it in the scoop. She was ecstatic and gave me a big hug. I've always dreamt of finding a big expensive engagement ring whilst detecting. I've gotten a few gold bands but nothing like this! I obviously didn't get to keep it, but it seemed to bring some good karma to the day and I found two large silver rings shortly afterward. She insisted on getting my info and address so I might be getting a reward or thank you letter later. Here's a couple pics of the expensive ring, the happy owner and the two silvers I got afterward.
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    Sorry for not being on DP much and giving love to you posters, but my travels have been many. Early last week I tried a new park and was able to get the usually handful of common clad coins. Also was a fair amount of cheaper jewelry (I need to test the diamond ear ring) recovered. With the amount of coins and jewelry I have a feeling there has to be a couple pieces of gold in the park. It will take time, but I know I'll succeed at getting the Au. Photos of the cheap stuff...which means I am getting closer to the good. BTW, this was a 2 1/2 hr hunt.
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    Dave took 5 hrs out of his prospecting day to meet me and check my coil and Patch Lead. It turns out the Patch Lead was faulty, Minelab Chip probably fried. After talking with Dave, I probably used too much heat on the soldering iron and damaged the chip. My philosophy of more power, faster results may have been misguided. Fortunately, I didn't sacrifice a $900.00 coil since I had already sacrificed the coil when I inadvertently drug it behind the Rokon for several miles. So, I sent my working coil off to have it professionally done for a new Patch Lead. More delays, but a cautionary note to all considering this route. Some interesting insight from Dave that might be helpful for those waiting for more testing. Dave has a years worth of Anecdotal Evidence on the effectiveness of these X-Coils. He shared some of his observations and it's quite impressive. He's more than satisfied with the results but has no interest in engaging in internet claims, debate or justification. The demand exceeds supply already. The coils are now available in the US, drop shipped from Russia and he's set up to accept PayPal. They're produced in small batches, so a wait list is already starting. I believe Jasong is due to receive his coils soon, if he has not already. I look forward to hearing what Jasong has to say after his own testing and observations.
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    Hi Rick thanks for your replies, I hope me replying to you is not taken the wrong way. I am just trying to make sure others understand the importance of the Ferrite and how the detector actually operates to avoid misconceptions etc. The information following is my opinion only and is based around what you have ‘actually written’ asssuming I have understood it correctly. Semi Auto locks the Ferrite balance therefore there is no learning in Semi Auto Mode, Auto Mode learns but is a lot different to the original Auto GB mode in the first release software. In essence in your case you are actually only ever using whatever you locked in originally relative to the temperature so there will be a lot of times where the Ferrite balance is wrong, an easy way to confirm this is to wave the coil over the Ferrite, if there is a BIG signal then your Ferrite balance is way out. IF there is a big signal that means the detector is going to make a noise on any Ferrite-like material in the ground which then means you are going to have unnecessary noise which will then compete with target signals especially deep edge of detection target signals. You have mentioned ground noise, with Volume as high as you have gone the ground noise response will be extremely variable because you have taken a smooth information packed surface (your Audio Smoothing OFF threshold) and magnified it immensely, this means all the little variations are now very loud which then drown out any edge of detection targets. I note you have lowered your threshold from 27, this is a sure sign of what I am describing. The same could be said for lifting the sensitivity especially in combination with a high Volume setting, however increasing sensitivity can improve signal responses a lot, especially the smaller deep targets. Deep big target signals are very similar to ground noise, they are slow responses that require careful coil control to be heard effectively. Increasing the Volume too much on any Minelab since the GPX series (Target Volume) will also lift all the surface signal responses potentially drowning out the deeper target signals. This is especially true for Low/High targets which we all crave so much. Using a lower Threshold Pitch really improves the Low/High signals especially below 40. Not having a correct Ferrite balance adds extra uneeded noise to your signal train, if you can remove it why wouldn’t you do so? Any noise that does not need to be there either through poor coil control or bad ground balance or bad Ferrite balance can cost you performance, this is my constant mantra when I am training in GPZ users. I am unsure how you’re actually listening to the detector so some of this information will vary especially with headphones. Hope this helps and I hope I have not offended. JP
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    Based on my conversations with Dave, he has no technical knowledge about how or why the Russian coils are performing better than the standard coil, hence his lack of interest in internet debate on their merits. He tested them and is confident they are an improvement and he's satisfied to leave it at that. He's not promoting them, they're promoting themselves. Dave was already making a damn fine prospecting pick and by happenstance ended up testing these coils and now as the sole distributor. The Patch Lead will remain a concern, but so far I'm the only one who has f'kd one up. Whether my soldering skills or my $29.95 Walmart soldering iron turned to max heat, others have succeeded where I did not. I'm sorry Jasong isn't in a position to do the methodical testing he's known for. There's quite a few of these coils out there, but many users are not internet hounds interested in this discussion. We've all seen the "detector wars" of the past, and JP was very often at the center of controversy. Our moderator won't let that happen on this forum and I very much doubt you'll find Dave in the middle of any controversy on these coils.
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    I pulled the trigger on the 15" coil (and 6") and needed to make sure all was OK with it. So, out to the football field again for 2 hours. After hoovering about $3-$4 in change(one hole had 4 quarters and a large chunk of aluminum foil that was really jumpy in the numbers), I headed to the area where my silver chain was found. There was a strong and long signal which showed up as a 9. About 5 inches down came the start of this day's highlight. I had to dig more as it was stretched out underground. Not quite as heavy as the last one, but it was enjoyable seeing another silver chain come back to life. Again, I was using Park 1, ground balanced, 7 recovery, and 20 sensitivity. The coil sure covers ground, and it actually does a good job of picking through the clutter.
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    Everything is true. Had a blast.
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    Hi Bill, Salt is always going to be a problem, especially if you want to also achieve depth. Deeper targets are slow responses, salt signal kills slow signal responses. My advice on salty areas is to try your most sensitive modes first and go down from there, in this instance it would be High Yield, then General then Xtra Deep Normal before I changed any of my other settings. Your Threshold is too low, stick to 27 especially if Audio Smoothing is in the Off position, I would also recommend using Semi Auto mode because Salt signal messes with the Ferrite Balance in Auto mode. There is a huge difference in Salt signal if you go from Normal to Difficult, this also might have been a good option for you dependant on the ground in your area. A lot of people shy away from Difficult especially in quieter soils because there is a perceived depth reduction, however on Half ounce nuggets Difficult actually gives a better signal response than Normal does in any of the Normal modes (HY, Gen or XtraDeep). Minelab introduced the Ground Smoothing mode in the last update, this mode was specifically designed for Salty ground conditions, essentially they are Motion filters so there is a depth reduction when you select either Patch or Salty mode so I tend to avoid them but it does smooth the machine out a lot. Finally, having a controlled swing speed helps immensely with Salt signals, try not to suddenly vertically lift the coil as this exacerbates the salt signal immensely. To confirm it is salt signal just lift the coil from detect height to abover your head, as the coil transitions from your waist height to shoulder height you should hear a moaning sound, the level of salt signal is determined by how loud this response is. The other way is to place the coil in the air out in front of you with the coil parallel to the ground then rotate the coil from left to right and listen to the audio response, the greater the noise the greater the salt levels. This will help you to decided how aggressive you need to be in reducing sensitivity via the Gold/Ground type Modes or the use of the Ground Smoothing filters. Hope this helps JP
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    I'm back to Santa Monica. Lots of things for me to do to catch up with the family while I lick my wounds about all that gold I didn't get. It IS what it WAS now. That trip is in the books. When I get a chance I'll put up some pictures or a video or two that I didn't make time for during the trip.
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    Thank you. I appreciate it and I am sure Gerry does also. I spent a bloody week doing the report I did and I know Gerry put in the hours so it is nice to get a little recognition for it. I do very appreciate your efforts also and hope you you keep sharing them on the forums here. Again, thank you. 👍 Truthfully part of it is the machine is very new and came out in the fall here... not the best timing. And in the gold world like it or not... Minelab gets more attention. Machines like the Makro Gold Kruzer land without any sound made at all really. I still have a Gold Monster, Gold Kruzer, 24K, and of course Equinox. I had all four out not so long ago doing some head to head testing with small coils. I refuse to say any one of them just puts all the others away because they are all good performers. Yeah this one there has an edge, and that one there, but the biggest difference at the end of the day is the control set and how it jives with a person. Some people really need a Gold Monster while others thrive on the more control the better. I do like the 24K very much but I have to be honest and say I enjoy using all of them, and don’t feel I am at a distinct disadvantage with any of them either. No matter the machine, the best thing for anybody is just learn that detector and put in those hours. That and research is what gets the gold, not any one “magic machine”. When it comes to hitting tiny bits we actually have not come very far since the Gold Bug 2 in 1995. It still runs with any of them.
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    Back in 2015, we asked Minelab for smaller coil options for the GPZ and they said you can't wind enough wire (1 mile in the 14" coil) for the GPZ to operate properly in a smaller coil profile. Well, they have been proven wrong and some creative person has provided a solution for the customers. Maybe now they will listen to us...we've waited too long! Bill
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    Last weekend Spud Digger Johnson of the "Spud Digger" YouTube channel hosted another outing at the 1863 ghost town and gold mine located on private property near Idaho City. About 30 avid detectorists were in attendance, lots of goodies were found, and a good time was had by all. Two attendees found their first natural gold, needless to say they were delighted. My 9 pieces weighed in at 2.8 grams (GM 24k) but Craig's baseball sized chunk will far beat that in gold content. Several nice coins were found, among the ones I found were a Shield nickel and "fatty" Indian Head Cent, both "firsts" for me. Likely some video footage of the event will be posted on the "Spud Diggers" and "Tough Run Metal Detecting" channels. It was fun. HH Jim
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    Yup, all further talk of sycophants, knockers, etc. just expect the post will be deleted. I am well and truly done with past history elsewhere and want none of it here. Just let it go folks. Make your observations about detectors, not people. No harm, no fouls, no worries, but I have to hold a firm line in this. As the lawmen say “thank you in advance for your cooperation”.
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    There's a small stream not too far from where I live that has a smooth rock bed that you can slide down. So, the other day I took my kids there and I also took my nox. In fairly shallow (18"), but swift water my third target rang up a solid 12. I was in park 1. Got a 2.2 gram 14k ring. I don't have a scoop yet but I did just order one.
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    We're still getting dialed in for the WA conditions. In many places we can run the GPZ on High Yield, Difficult, with a Sens between 10 and 15. We've hit some old patches that have been scraped, then trying to venture out around them to see if the patch might continue. These places have been detected pretty well, all have dig holes scattered through them. We've had some minor success, I hit a 3 gram piece right off the go, from there it's been nothing but tiddler scraps. Surprisingly small pieces that Difficult mode sings out on them. All very shallow though. The weather is crazy. Cold mornings needing a hoodie, then warming up to weather more suitable for shorts. We've seen a few 'roos and a couple Emus, other than that it's just flies and more flies. We've tried some cream they use for the horses, seems to last an hour or so then the flies are back with a vengeance. The quit just before sundown and don't come back till it starts to warm up in the morning. Just part of the challenge. Our totals to date. Dennis had a couple day headstart, but I'm trying to catch up.
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    Just back from 5 days detecting, 10" X-Coil and 12" spiral X-coil, first 2 days 12 grams on an old patch that had been done with 7000 and GPZ14 coils over the last few years. Picture shows the type of ground and the 10" X-Coil on the 7000 12 Grams of gold in the first 2 days here on the old patch 5 days later and alternating between the 10" X-Coil and the 12" spiral X-Coil, ended up with 38 grams of gold. cheers dave
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    Got out today for a few hours in between showers and managed to get one nice little 1.5 grammer in an area I have carefully gridded with stringlines. Was detecting in HY Normal, sensitivity 18 and no smoothing. 17 inch X coil. Ground was damp and normal moaned a bit, but the targets still yelled out. Normal general ran noticeably quieter that normal HY. Filmed in 4K with a new dedicated video camera, hope you enjoy. The X coil is dynamite, and I can see many more nuggets coming ! 😉 Cheers, Rick
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    Just wanted to thank you guys. I have learned SO much the last couple weeks from this site! My equinox 800 is arriving Thursday. It will be my first detector since I bought a lobo supertraq about 20 years ago.
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    I'm late getting out week 4, but unfortunately there wasn't much to report. We've had wind, then some wind & rain, then some really fine days. We lost a day here and there between weather, then the meeting with Dave on the X-Coil. We had 2 long days at the very southern end of the lease and did a great deal of exploring. We found a few crumbs. Dennis actually found 12 nuggets that weighed a total of 1.2 grams. It was enough to keep us busy and always thinking we were one coil swing away from a really good strike. We just couldn't get that coil over the big stuff. I'm using our backup GPX5000 with the 14X9 Coiltek Elite coil while I'm waiting for my Patch Lead to be completed. I was amazed at how quiet that machine can be. I cranked up the RX and cranked down the Stabilizer just so I could hear some noise. I found 3 tiny crumbs, 1 of them in one of my own boot scrapes from last week. Clearly, the 5000 can find tiny gold. My Patch Lead is delayed for another week, apparently one of the 5-pin connecter screws twisted off during reassembly. I'm satisfied I'm not missing much if anything with the 5000, but I really want to get that 17" X-Coil in motion. We're making our move to a new lease tomorrow so we've got a full day of packing and hauling Camp Yank. The flies remain a constant distraction during midday. I bring out the bug hood the minute one dive bombs my eyes or nose. They are persistent little buggers, Dennis is a lot more tolerant. Paul made it back safe and sound. He's chomping at the bit to get some of this $1400 an oz gold out of the ground. Their backhoe is up and running again, so good things should start happening soon for their team. Sorry for the short and relatively uneventful report. Maybe next week, it's all about the possibilities not the probabilities that keeps us swinging those detectors.
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    Yesterday my buddy stumbled onto another hot spot at the 1850's site we've been hunting since the beginning of the year and found a Dragoon and an R button along with a really nice rosette. He wasn't able to go out today, but he gave me his blessing to head over and hunt it today. I'm sure he's not to happy about that now 🙂 I got there at 05:30 this morning and right away period items began to come to light, dropped musket ball, pistol ball, percussion cap and a trouser button on the first pass. That's always a good sign when you start to pull some keepers right from the get go. On the next pass, a percussion cap, 2 pulltabs, a pistol ball and then I get a 21-22 on the Nox 800. We seldom get very many items that hit in the 20's except aluminum slaw or deeply buried aluminum cans, most hits are in the 9 to 19 range. I fully expected to dig a piece of trash and was totally unprepared for what came out, when I saw what it was, I just threw it back onto the dirt pile, stood up and started walking around stunned. A major bucket lister that I always wanted to dig, but just never figured I'd ever see come outta the hole, my first Spanish Reale. My goal for the day was to at least dig a Dragoon or maybe another R button. This was the last thing I thought would ever come from this site, I'm still in awe that I was privileged to find such an awesome coin. Somehow I was able to compose myself and continue hunting for another 9 hours and ended up with some excellent relics to add to my display case once I finish hunting this site. I did dig a lead, 1 piece button, my 3rd from here, anyone have any idea if it's period and what it's from? Once again my settings on the Nox 11" coil Sens 23 Recovery 4 Iron bias 0 No disc GB at 3-6 Park 1 2-tones Tone break -9 to +8
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    Out early this morn. to a shallow patch that produced nuggets up to 3 grams, the very first patch I found with the Z when it was less then a month old. 4 hours of detecting with the new 10" X coil, like both the 15 & 12 I found I could run the Z in normal on some fairly hot ground. Gold...…………. WOW it gets them small and that`s all it got small scraps, 10 to the gram stuff. Now the 10 " runs a little noisier then the 12 & 15, thus I dropped the sensitivity to 8, no knock sensitivity at all, I was amongst rocks and tall grass. The patch I run this on, was the initial patch I run my modded SDC with the 11" Coiltek Extreme, by doing so I thought I`d be able to perhaps see some difference in the ability of the Zs 10" X coil vs SDCs 11" Extreme coil, not so, both are top small gold coils. Whilst retrieving a nugget, the Zs threshold disappeared, I found the machine had turned itself off. I took the battery off and put it back, restarted the Z and no further troubles. Whether this was caused by a bad battery conx, or is related to the X coil I don`t know. I have never experienced an unexplained turn off before, thus will be keeping a eye on this should it occur again, I was using my sons Z as mine has the 12"X on it, back in the ute. Am I impressed with the 10" X coil, I sure am, it is a top addition to my coil armoury, will see much use amongst rock and narrow gullies where the larger coils will not go, although I do prefer the 15" X which has replaced the ML14 as my go to coil on the Z, I love nothing better then new patch hunting, just haven`t the patience for the clean up of patches, although they are there for the days my legs can`t do the yards.
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    You aren't the only one JP, look at my posting history and you'll see I've asked every tough question about the X Coils I could think of asking even if it ruffles feathers, for a month ongoing now. And I'm buying my own coils in order to answer the questions people are not interested in answering for me. I also mentioned the business model in a post a few days ago. And I've pointed out a number of times that the only real conclusion here with the silence from ML and other companies is what I think you are also hinting at yet contractually unable to say: ML themselves or another 3rd party ARE working on a range of legit licensed coils and this Russian company put their coils out quickly before proper testing in order to make money before the legit coils were released. Feel free to correct me here if I've read between the lines too deeply and come to a wrong conclusion. I think I'm probably on the right track though and I don't like that I'm probably going to cut my coil just to find this out for certain down the line when I wouldn't have had to do it if I waited, but c'est la vie. I'll be more than happy to test some of these concerns and put them on video. The saturable soil thing is going to be an issue though as most the ground I work is probably as mild as it is in NZ. But i do have a yellow ferrite to test on. But if there is anything in specific you think needs to be tested, tell me how you think it should be tested here and I have no problems putting it on video. If you think it's not getting enough exposure, this is a good chance to change that. I have some 4 millions views using Minelab products and if just include the keywords "GPZ 7000" in a video it will usually find it's way to the front page of Youtube search on the GPZ for a while, sometimes Google too. I'll post here too which also get a lot of exposure.
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    The part I really don't get is the radio silence. If so, I don't get the point of the security chip at all. What exactly is it protecting? Why require a chip when they have nothing economically to lose if someone else makes coils? That chip indicates to me they were wanting to create their own coil market and be exclusive sellers (or sell licenses to 3rd party manufacturers). The only other explanation I can fathom is it was intended to prevent knock off GPZ's from using a real ML coil, but they are punishing customers way more than counterfeiters there if so. I also don't get why JP, ML's most well known tester, is himself testing X Coils and was provided a chip bypass by ML themselves. Does ML have some sort of interest in X Coils like rebranding the coils as their own or buying them out, or...? If not and they make patches for people to use for their own benefit, why can't we buy one too? So many things don't make sense to me here. I wish they would just say something. A large amount of people are about to chop up machines, some still under warranty and close to new, and still just...nothing, not a peep letting anyone know wether to wait or not.
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    Hi, we have one of the first 18" X coils and also smaller 10×9" coil. This is what we have found so far with the 18". The first time we used it was at a test patch that nenad met us at to test against 14" and 19" at euchunga, near adelaide in south australia. First thing we did was to use factory settings. Then we ground balanced using ferite. The 18" did have trouble balancing out ferite. We then went over various targets with all coils to see various results. Moving on, since then we have used this coil on various areas in the adelaide hills region and sometimes we ground balanced with ferite, other times just normal without it. While detecting in all these spots we found that ground balance was as if had 14" minelab coil on machine. I could tell no decernable difference. Re hot rocks it reacted no different to the 14" minelab as always had others with who had 7000's. We constantly ran the machines over same area to see if the xcoil was picking up signals that minelab coil didnt and visa versa. In one area in particular there was a lot of iron stone which seemed heavier than lead and was as magnetic as steel. Naturally both machines were the same response. We purchased the 18" coil for depth and that has found gold and targets deeper than any other machine on a particular area that had been methodically hammered by various good detector operators with various machines including nenad. (PhaseTech) We wanted to go to WA to detect a spot where we know there is deeper gold as we found gold every foot to meter in this spot. Lots more there but to deep for current setups and the xcoil was the next step. Due to cancer and on chemo daily that is out of the question. We however are hoping to be in Tibooburra in the next week and will try both coils there to see there performance. After the ferite came out we used for a while but then never used until the x coil came and really thought there was no decernable difference. I know JP has explained why we should use it, i will use it now to try and balance as best as machine will let it, but saying that, we are really happy with purchase and in our opinion is a great step forward in detecting technology. WAif we got to the one particular spot we would have liked to get back to would have shown plus or negatives for the xcoil as was in very highly mineralised ground, almost all iron stone. TG
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    Tough sledding out here in WA. We've put in a lot of miles exploring along the "line of strike" gold producing zone. We generally start from old Drill Site roads or old pushes and do a 1/4 mile up and back grid along the likely areas. The few we're finding are where weathering has exposed deeper ground on the old pushes, plus the Z 7000 can find tiny gold the original detectors missed. They didn't miss much based on our return so far. Our hearts were thumping yesterday when I got a deep low tone way down in the caprock. Luckily Nurse Paul was nearby and brought over the jackhammer. Paul put in a yeoman's effort on the hammer, Dennis and I traded off digging out the hole. We waved over the hole with everything we had, GPX, GPZ and 2300, and with the exception of the 2300 it all sounded good, but it just never improved even after we were down over a foot. Finally even the 2300 was giving us a signal and we gave up for the evening. Paul went back this morning and finally pulled out some kind of hot rock, the story is much more detailed, but that's the jist. No doubt Paul has his version of events. The weather has turned nasty, threatening rain and gusty winds. Camp Yank took some damage from the wind, turned over the prep table for cooking. Pots, pans, plates and everything associated got dumped into the dirt. Paul cleaned it up considerably, but I think he left some soap on my dinner plate, cuz I'm feeling a bit puny this morning. We have the gazebo anchored on each end with an ATV to keep it from blowing away. Dennis gold photo is his cumulative, mine shows this weeks finds only. It's just a matter of time till we hit a big one. Flies continue to be a menace, they just don't quit. They're having a tough time today with these gusty winds, but they'll find a way.
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    Editor note: split from https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9945-my-salt-water-report-card/ I agree with ya on some of your points and grades. After a year of using the Equinox, I can give a fair assessment on where it ranks and how it compares to other detectors for the uses that I do. If I were solely a beach hunter, I would personally feel more confident with a CTX 3030. I personally feel it has more depth to it in that arena. Even in freshwater, I put a good season of water hunting in with the CTX and all last year with the Nox. I found more rings last year with the Nox but I also found triple as much small junk that slowed me down...stuff that fell through the scoop, and or just disappeared. This alone has me wanting to snag a good used CTX. On saltwater beach...this is an even stronger feeling of favoring the CTX to me. I personally didn't mind the weight of the unit. I find the screen is easier to see on the Nox, particularly in direct sun light. I even like the feel of the Nox. I just feel from what I see, that the 3030 has more muscle to it in that area. I can't ever remember having a target that disappeared/vanished on me once I scooped a hole while hunting with the CTX. I had some I almost gave up on cause they were so deep though. The Nox will do the Houdini act in salt sand and in dirt....it doesn't like open holes at all. When it comes to hunting in mineralized soil and coin/relic hunting back home...this changes big time. Even though the CTX is revered as a great coin machine, it is handicapped a lot by red dirt. The Nox runs circles around it there. Like night and day difference. Hunting in iron...same thing. Heavily favored to the Nox. This leaves me in a split mood. Most of my summer hunting IS in the water for jewelry, albeit freshwater. The Nox will find the same rings as the CTX...but it also wants to lock onto those small pieces of crap that fall through the scoop. I need to figure out a way to have both and hope the wife doesn't find out 🙂
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    I wanted to get this posted on the anniversary of D-Day. I'll let the picture of this copper plaque speak for itself. The back story is personally significant, but is inconsequential to the recovery itself. I am honored to present it to this forum on this date.
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    I think that's a question only Minelab can answer, I suspect it won't be long and Nugget Finder, Detech and Coiltek will be coming out with coils too, why wouldn't they? Basically Minelab missed a massive opportunity.... If the manufacturer won't do it people will find a way. Maybe the other coil manufacturers thought nobody would be interested in cutting their coil cable to use aftermarket coils. Now so many people have done so they'll see how desperate people were for other coil options. The X-coils however aren't just giving people other size coils, they're actually performing better too.
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    Hello to all went for a bit of digging on Sunday ,next to home.I could not carry all the gear on the motorbike so i walked ,loaded like a Trooper from Easy company on DDAY.....peeps were looking at me i was expecting to hear: -NORMANDY??That way!!➡️➡️➡️!🇫🇷 Anyway when i am digging alone on the foreshore i decided to do trenches long and not very deep to check the layers of different soils and try i took the GMPwith the elliptical coil on her maiden voyage. It is hard work and i was sweating like a pig ,and i am fit,i stopped at 2.5 feet So on the menu we got: 2 early clay pipes 16/17th century Pieces of crap and a brass bracelet The silver bit was found while testing the coil ,and the best find was what i think is a Pilgrim Pendant with a scallop maybe 12th century/14th century nothing amazing but why got to the gym when you can exercise doing what you love :):) Enjoy RR
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    Boys, all I care about is any QED user’s experience and observations. I don’t think I need to hear about the mud slinging so common on other forums ... I certainly don’t care! fred
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    Tracking info says my copy is in my mailbox. Will dive into it tomorrow and see what is shaking. Am interested to see whom he tapped for settings and such. It is my opinion that the people that had them the longest, are on this particular forum, and thus would have more experience behind them. I ran across a self proclaimed expert a few days ago on social media. He is one of the YouTubers that actually lives near me and hunts the same areas...so the dirt is similar. He was telling how bad the Equinox does and that it's a terrible over hyped unit and he is extremely disappointed in it. I called him on it as my experience is the exact opposite of his. As it turns out, he's had it exactly 2 months, but was going on like he knew everything there was to know about it because he has been detecting 25 yrs, knows how to set metal detectors, etc. Turns out he didn't even know how to noise cancel it or GB it. But yet he was giving advice and his expertise on the machine itself. Lol Hopefully Andy didn't tap someone like that for the book. Just cause they are popular on social media or YouTube, don't mean they are knowledgeable..
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    I gave it a go this morning at Whipstick again. A second pointy finger sent me to nearly the same place we were yesterday. I wish I could report the results were different but they were not. What was different was my 'technique' of using the Zed. My hipstick canvas/nylon strap at the top wore out. It came off the shaft and can't be repaired and I wasn't near a shop to buy a new one for just today. That means with my scrawny little arms I was holding it straight and slowly swinging it. That is what everyone wants me to do anyway! haha I do have a strap that can attach to just the harness but that puts a torque on it and a twist I just hate because I'm fighting it every second. The new technique got me just as many bbs as the old technique. We just don't have this many where I hunt in the states! After a while you start detecting in reverse. You listen for ANYTHING that doesn't sound like a bb! I'm using an SP01 now and it makes those little suckers really sing. Can we put a setting on it or in the software from Minelab that ignores that set of waves? After I finished my job of removing hazardous waste from the hills and gullies of Australia I returned my picks to Reg. Thank you very much for the use of them (I didn't get a chance to use the big one with a long handle) and the conversations we had in the beginning. I was a bit 'out of it' the first couple of days from the flight and getting over a cold. This time of going back to his lovely home was quite different because I was familiar with the area. Last night I had gone sightseeing in Ballarat. What an interesting place with a lot of history ... at least long history. They have a lit up Catholic Church in the middle of town and the Flying Foxes come out by the hundreds. Sometimes they fly around it. What a great scene for a movie. I'm sure it has been done. After I left Reg's I had promised myself a trip to the beach. There was some rain and I knew the tides were not going to be good but I said I'd check in at my hotel near the airport and go. To my surprise and utter dismay I have booked a hotel room on the second floor of a building without an elevator. I had to haul all the stuff upstairs for packing which I haven't done yet and leave for the airport about 5:30 AM. I haven't been on the second floor anywhere the entire trip. I checked in and headed for Ocean Grove. Did anyone ever tell you the bay Melbourne sits on is BIG? I'll tell you. I'm in St Albans (not the best area of Melbourne) and it was still a 1:30 drive to the beach. I got there just at dark near the Ocean Grove Hotel. It was raining and there was storm surf (it cleaned some of the dust off my boots) and you could see your breath but I had to try out the 800. I did and found one spike that is used for tents and 40 minutes later I was done. This is what I learned on the drive. Everywhere there is a McDonalds there is a KFC near it. There are no Starbucks (I didn't see them) but the McDonalds here have full barista bars. The 7-Elevens don't have drip coffee in a pot it grinds it fresh and you fill up your cup one at a time. There are many Dominoes pizza places. Woolworths and Coles are everywhere. I paid $1.35A for a liter of 10% ethanol gas. They have Mercedes pickup trucks. Liberals are conservative and labor party is liberal. They have ABC and CBS here on both radio and TV. I don't remember NBC. There is lots of Fox. The Triangle is MUCH different than the city. Tea, instant coffee and milk are part of every room. Roundabouts are everywhere. You don't turn on red. There are lots of old American cars here and a few new ones like Mustangs. There was graffiti all over the stopped trains. Driving after 7 PM in the dark is very easy because most cars are off the road. More later ... packing time.
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