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    I have been digging nothing but trash most of the summer and modern clad coins. Been a frustrating season. But I finally hit a small honey pot of an area. We have a historic park and residence thats been used for almost 200 years. and its several acres. I know that literally hundreds of detectorists have been combing this park for decades, they say theres nothing left there. Well, I beg to differ. I have started probing into the least likely areas that most detectorists wouldn't venture into and it paid off the first day. I spent an hour digging stuff just along a 50 foot strip from the car, one modern coin, one really old pull tab etc every 2 feet until I flipped one plug to find 4 coins! 1907 Barber quarter, 1923 Mercury dime, a buffalo nickel(no date), and a 1919 wheatie. continued to dig clad quarters and pennys every 2 feet then a diamond ring, says 18k in the band. Then to top it off dug up this old token from a billiards room, did some research and it was a members only billiards room that ended in the 1920's in town. This one 50 foot strip of grass wore me out lol but I guarantee I will be back next weekend. Even the modern clad was all from the 60's and 70's so thats promising. And some might disagree but as long as I'm digging super old 1960's pull tabs that is still promising to me this area isn't over hunted yet.
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    Expect cool days and below freezing nights. Still, it's the best time of the year! Ice fog rainbow.
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    This was a lot of fun for me anyway and I hope also for everyone else too. The contest is over we had 25 entries and i have the lucky prospectors, every entry was printed on the same size slip of paper and I put all the names in a pot and then drew 3 slips from the pot one extra in case one of the first 2 lucky draws for some reason declines. No more waiting..... drumroll please; Congratulations to, Chris Ben for first place: Kiln and Morgan Dollar 2nd place, Iron Digger: Pen Plating System 3rd place, macumba man : consolation prize coin set With the kiln the silver dollar is taped to the packing material at the top of the box, None of the liquid is included due to the cost and difficulty of shipping hazardous materials if by chance I can ever find a way to pass the plating solution over to we can try to work it out. All 3 of our winners PM me where you would like this shipped and I will send them off to you ASAP
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    I think it is fairly simple. Going by what Tom has posted here Minelab simply extended the Iron Bias range in F2 to go both higher and lower. Tom is equating Iron Bias 0 with the F2 setting of 4 and Iron Bias of 9 with F2 setting of 6. This means four settings below Iron Bias 0 and three settings above Iron Bias 9. As Clive has noted it means a faster ramp up in the middle range but Tom also indicates the lower end is not linear and so less "ramp down" on the new low end. Higher settings mean more aggressive rejection of bottle caps but there is never a free lunch, so more possibility of causing non-ferrous to react as ferrous, more possibility of masking. On the low end, for nugget detecting in particular, less chance of small non-ferrous reading as ferrous in mineralized ground, but also more chance of ferrous reading as non-ferrous. Stuff like this almost always involves a trade of some sort. Note that the original Iron Bias settings allow better fine tuning in what is now the "mid-range".
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    I went out today for a couple hours to a school not visited previously. The old wood chip tot lot was the target area. All I ended up finding were 4 quarters, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, a small button off something, a rivet off some clothing or a shoe, and a strange metal piece that showed up in the foil range. There were indeed some junk items today but not in the picture (can slaw, a zipper, foil, a few pencil tops). I had the feeling someone else had been at this spot before because it was really quiet. Well they didn't get these! It's getting more and more difficult in these places and the finds are more difficult to pull. All the other counties around us where there are probably good things located within school grounds have a strict "KEEP OUT" policy and don't allow any kind of public activity on school grounds.
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    The most efficient method for removing surface material would be up to you. If you do not know where the gold is at you do not want to remove too much at once. I used a D9 bulldozer and a John Deere 450 to do this at my Moore Creek Mine, and I tried to take off no more than a foot at a time, otherwise gold could be scraped away and lost.
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    Madtuna, I know who this person is. So do you. Obviously we cannot name him, and I received a threatening phone call from this grub when I called him out over comments he made on Facebook. He is still involved in his 'tours' to WA, so you best be on the lookout for him next season. He is not only an environmental vandal, but a racist and has left one person that I know of with huge debts over his financial fiascoes. Not at all good for the prospecting scene.
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    Well, Day 11 had it's ups and downs, first, I arrived at 9 and left at 11 so a shorter than usual day, I still didn't have much stream left after yesterdays dig it all effort and I have lawn mowing to do all afternoon. It started off like every other, coins in short order although on this occasion mostly worthless semi modern coins, maybe they're finally starting to run out. Undeterred I kept at it. And stumbled across a silver, 1933 sixpence. It was stupidly deep, deeper than my carrot, the VDI number was bang on too but very faint Next decent find was a bit of a heart stopper, I couldn't believe my eyes! At first I thought it was a NZ $1 coin as it looks about the same size, same colour and same feel to it, although as I cleaned it off it clearly wasn't a $1 coin. A 1910 Gold Sovereign...... doesn't look that great in the photo as the dirt and sun on it made it look rather bland. Next up a 1965 One Shilling, unfortunately not of the silver age group. Then a nice penny, in good condition too. I don't understand why some go bad and get green growths on them and others stay quite good. It was pretty deep too and lucky last as I was walking back to my car to leave, another old penny.... I now made the drive to JW's house to show him my sovereign. We examined it and I was starting to question it's authenticity as it just seemed to good to be true, it also didn't feel as heavy as I expected it would. Mr's JW pointed out the colour didn't look like that of a gold nugget, not as dark yellowish and more pale, I tended to agree. JW said I should weigh it and compare it to the weight on the internet, he had no scales as he was just at his rental so I took off home to weigh it, unless my scales are out it weighs a little bit less than it should, you would think it's weight would be exact.... so I think it's a fake, I just don't understand why a fake would be there..... The usual semi modern stuff, still fun to find but of no real value. The good stuff and possible fake sovereign. I also realized just how crap I am at walking a straight line, first up in the morning there was dew on the grass, when I got to the end and turned around to go back I saw my walk line...... embarrassing 🙂
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    Regardless of how the other detectors performed against then Simplex, what you can take away from that video is on how far the bar has been raised now for entry or even mid level detectors, and on what features they should offer in their respective price bracket - netherlone on their more expensive models. Features such as adjustable iron audio, ground balancing ability, upgradeable software, screen backlighting, wireless headphones, lithium batteries, fast reactivity, waterproofing and informative audio (vs beep & dig) may well be the new benchmark for any detector from entry level and upwards. That's a pretty incredible list of features that is going to be hard to match, and may cause some real grief for those companies that have sat on their hands for way too long.
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    On Monday morning i went to my best beaches early in the morning , the tide was in but going out and the tides are short at the moment . I didn't expect much . I started to detect and found a few coins here and there , it was enough just to wet my appetite so i kept going . I got to a groin and entered the next beach which i knew would be a lot quieter , i found a few coins and then with my ET i got a target reading 12 19 . I am always suspicious of that number and this time proved why . I dug down and out popped a nice 18 k 5.9 g Gold Signet ring , by this time the tide was showing that the beaches had scuffed out quite a bit . So i searched below the cut and down to the waters edge , i carried on till i reached 2 wooden groins and after that turned round and started back . At that point i found a Silver ring and after talking to a person who saw me and talking about detecting i carried on . Then i saw another Detectorist and we talked for a while . When we parted i found another thin Silver ring and not long after that a bit of Silver from what might be a Chain . Further along i found another Silver Signet ring then a heart shaped locket which broke when i tried to open it . When i reached the area i started i stopped and went to the Bank to pay in my last Months finds then got the Bus home . I stayed on the beach for 4 and a half hours and found the Gold ring , 3 Silver rings , the bit of chain pendent , the Locket and 95 Euro Cents , 2 small other foreign coins and £35.17 p in change which i have cleaned and will Bank next Month. My next hunt will be next Tuesday morning or Friday next week . I might take the Nox but that depends on the conditions and the weather . I get so much more from the target info on the ET and it is easier . But if the beach in the right state i will take the Nox and give V 2 a go .
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    The fact is all detectors miss targets, and any detector can make good finds. The real difference is in the operator, and not the detector. I am sure I can take a detector deemed as “junk” by somebody else and do just fine. Today’s junk is 100 times better than what I started with in 1972, and I did just fine back then also. My motto is “go detecting, be happy”! Leave the drama for others.
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    With ice on my bird bath this morning I officially don’t care now and am hitting the snooze button until next year. Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Specifications
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    I’m not sure I understand the question. The Equinox in Multi is more powerful on gold than at 40 kHz single frequency, but single frequencies may work better at alleviating hot rocks or certain types of ground. As far as CTX all metal detectors can find gold. The CTX does well on larger gold but not so well on the tiny bits. If you have detectors in hand then performing your own field test comparisons is the way to go to explore the capabilities of the machines under local conditions.
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    Well my father is 88 and going strong and my mom 80 and the same. Barring misfortune at 61 I should have a few years left in me. Impermanence is the nature of things however, so tell the ones who matter that you love them today and give thanks for another morning on this planet. Got the drive space... just copy the whole website! https://www.httrack.com/
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    Totally agree Reg, and yep we keep an eye out on him each season. That Lanacoorie (sp?) gold bash thing coming up should not accept his sponsorship
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    I've certainly experienced big iron giving ID's up around 13, so if they're fixing that, excellent. I'm sure 600 users will appreciate the lower light backlight.
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    It is very frustrating and very hard to not sound like a broken record everytime this topic rears its ugly head, though we keep on keeping on in hope that US manufacturers will listen, cull their excessive detector line ups, and consolidate existing technology into a few new multi-use detectors to remain competitive and relevant to the market. Why it is so hard to even come up with a selectable frequency detector to replace aging flagship models like the F75, T2 and AT Pro series is beyond me. And that doesn't necessarily mean having to innovate with new tech or be in the form of a cell phone on a stick style detector which may take eons to develop, simply rework existing units into new weather/waterproof lightweight housings that offer the sorts of features that other manufacturers consider now to be standard offerings on their detector lineups. The positive feedback from the Simplex+ so far from our European counterparts is proof that if you package existing tech into a new lightweight platform and market it at an attractive price, then it can be a recipe for a good financial success. Sometimes I look at my trusty G2 and think of the possibilities if they were to rework it with a couple of extra frequencies, multi-tone options (including 99 tones with good modulation), with a refreshed weatherproof housing and maybe a boost mode for a bit more depth capability. Probably just dreaming, though something that should be relatively easy to develop if the will is there, and if they are willing to listen to customer feedback.
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    What I see above is a prime example of how a company should operate, outstanding and thanks for being honest and upfront and not trying to hide the facts. The company has turned what could of been a real public relations disaster into a massive positive, no potential customer could be unhappy after reading how that issue is being dealt with.
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    Hello all, Just finished the 7 pages of this thread! Wow, that was alot of information and opinions to digest! I will be cherry picking from this for awhile! Being new to this forum, I appreciate all views and opinions here, and fully agree with Steve on following his rules! ( Full disclosure Steve, I'm not a dealer or distributor, and am not, or have ever been affiliated with, related to, or working with any of the aforementioned individuals)!!! I own an AT Pro, and an Equinox 800! I have no ego to bring here, and just want to learn and share with other people of the hobby! I chose to start participating on this forum mostly because of Steve's knowledge and videos! And thought this was the next logical step to becoming better at the hobby! I'm also a Big fan of the Treasure Beaches Report, and have followed his blog religiously for years! That was a mouthful! I had to consult with a lawyer for that!! LOL Happy Hunting All!! Joe D. (Full disclosure; not my real name)!!
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    If the voltage did not drop almost instantly to 1.5 volts that might work. Reality is probably “no”. From https://data.energizer.com/pdfs/lithiuml91l92_appman.pdf: From ”Although the higher OCV of the LiFeS2 system is 1.8 volts, the nominal or rated voltage is 1.5 volts which makes it a suitable replacement for alkaline and nickel systems. The battery voltage will drop when it is placed under load. For this reason, the higher OCV will typically not damage electronic components, but device designers should take into consideration that the OCV of fresh batteries can range from 1.79 to 1.83V. LiFeS2 batteries fully meet the ANSI specification for a 1.5V battery. When a drain has been applied to the battery, the OCV drops dramatically and then slowly recovers with time.”
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    Well, since all Equinoxes are still under warranty (3 years), why not get them replaced by ML? I have heard of this happening to other users and ML has honored the warranty for this issue. Just a word of caution, I have had a couple of reports of people not being able to pair these newer version Miccus phones (same model number as the original SR-71's, but some cosmetic and electronic "upgrades" have been incorporated). Miccus support has been responsive, but they acknowledge some sort of compatibility problem now with the Equinox (they have had a number of reports) but say it is up to ML to address. I think they will accept a return in any event, if you run into that problem. Note, one individual I was in contact with couldn't pair the new SR-71's either before or after the most recent Equinox update (i.e., the new Equinox firmware did not fix his existing SR-71 pairing problem). I know this makes no sense if everything is truly BT APTX LL compatible, but there you have it for what it's worth. BTW, I have had the older Miccus SR-71 phones since BEFORE the Equinox came out (I use them with my GPX too and figured they would make a great backup to the ML phones). I've basically been using them instead of the ML phones for both detectors for over a year and a half and the are still going strong. I wish I could confirm the new compatibility issue first hand because I actually like the audio better on the Miccus phones than the ML's (they have better high end response for some reason) and would like to eventually be able to replicate that with a replacement pair should they ever give up the ghost.
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    That’s because you keep comparing apples to oranges Chase. Compare the Vanquish to the Ace series and it all makes sense.
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    Nice find! It appears that originally this item was flat and someone along the line decided to bend it into its current shape. The 'sterling' mark gives you a lower bound on how early this piece is. Here are some webpages you may want to browse: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sterling_silver https://www.realorrepro.com/article/Confusing-marks-on-silver-and-silverplate https://www.kovels.com/identification-help/silver-identification-guide.html According to the above articles, the simple mark 'sterling' was used in Ireland and US, but since found in this country it is more likely the latter. Although a US industry standard was declared in 1868, apparently that backstamp was used for some time prior. Most likely, though, it was made after 1868. AFAIK that backstamp is still used today. I notice the inscription 'INRI' on the decorated face of the cross. This is common in Catholicism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus,_King_of_the_Jews#The_INRI_and_ΙΝΒΙ_acronyms but doesn't really help much determining its age. A history of the property you were searching might give you more clues.
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    Looks like a nice day to be out swinging a coil.
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    I have vol 3 Follow the Drywashers, the nuggetshooters bible... fifth edition. Jim signed it "search systematically" and it is 240 pages. Larry Sallee "Zip Zip" is another good read.
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    The sense I get with this upgrade is that you could draw two "bias curves". The F--is lower and flatter--not quite beginning to break up the range of caps--but there are fewer consequences. It also attempts to bring them into the center of the ID scale for a more defined ID. F2 is a steeper curve that does get the entire range of caps but carries with it your typical high bias tradeoff--sluggishness around iron and alloys as all this filtering takes place in software. At the higher levels Recovery Speed does not seem to do nearly as much. While its pretty good at higher levels on "clean" metals such as high kt gold, just as with any "power curve" there is still a loss of overall effectiveness at the higher ranges--where the audio becomes a bit corrupted--the bias takes up a lot of the machine's "work" capacity. Where you are trying to tame diverse fq's to begin with--adding the muting of a scattered type of target (caps) has got to involve "dialing back" the machine's ability to detect all targets. I think the way to get the most from this upgrade is to run a low setting but then--practice speeding up the sweep to knock out a higher range of caps and iron. It's great to have this additional tool to run extreme high bias but there are for sure some tradeoffs to be managed. cjc
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    Had a free half day to work on the album, got to the end of page 8. Phew! Hell of a lot of fiddling about, but this website is absolutely brilliant for editing. Simon: The file names you supplied don't match the original images I have (perhaps they were Tinypic names) Now I can't always remember precisely which were the original images used, and there are hundreds and hundreds of them on Jannines memory stick, often multi images of the same piece of gold. Some are self evident, others may now be different but I have tried to be as faithful to the originals as possible. Let me know here if anyone has comments, advice, etc, best not clutter the album pages. Thanks everybody.
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    Are you saying you felt the good targets were a bit cleaner after the update just on normal everyday settings? I ask because they mentioned that F2 feature being added, the backlight correction on the 600 and MUCH MORE.... I want to know what the much more is.
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    Nah Reg, Ticking the post, not the rubbish bit. BTW, Worst rubbish I ever saw was at a Rolling Stones concert back in the 70's next morning while looking for my wallet. Naturally, never found it - but found some illegal substances - - -
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    Do a little more research...the weights and purity of coins changed from time to time.... the one I found had no denomination on it...easier to adjust the value I was told. fred
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    Must have run out of money as that stainless roll holder looks pretty average .
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    That is pretty much where things are settling out for me, too. The big test will be central VA nasty soil week long relic hunt planned for Nov. I will pretty much run it through it's paces there.
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    Nice find; too bad about the nick and other dings on the rim. Looks to me like a relatively weak strike that didn't see a huge amount of circulation. I've never paid much attention to this series since it was gone from circulation (with a few exceptions, mostly dateless) before I got into collecting. The 1916 and 1918/7-S are the keys to the series; knew that. I see your find is #3 in value (assuming a fixed, intermediate circulated grade such as F-12) even though both the 1927-D and 1927-S are below 1,000,000. I count 11 of the series with mintages between 1 million and 2 million, your find being one of those. I'm wondering if a reasonably large fraction of the 1923-S were melted or for some reason few were held in collectors hands until it was too late. I'm sure the Whitman Series book on the Standing Liberties will answer this, but I don't have that in my library. Anyway, good find (twice!) and now you get to keep this one.
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    Hello 🙂 I'm Sam from Tasmania, Australia. I'm new to all of this and I had a children's metal detector when I was bout 9 years of age and loved the thrill of it. Now being 26 after all these years the passion to metal detect is still strong yet I haven't since being a young child. I've done literally about 30+ hours of research into metal detectors, highbanker, dredge set ups etc. I'm going to focus at the moment on my first purchase being a metal detector. After much research. I've decided to proceed with the NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX + (with wireless headphones) - $629 AUD ( I can afterpay this - how exciting ). I plan to use this for everything except gold hunting. Soon as well after as mentioned much research, I'm falling towards to the QED PL2 ($1950 AUD). This detector just had a new update and reading reviews from different forums are mind blowing the price for this pi machine. It's best for my budget I've decided with the Detech 11" Ultra Sensing Coil then I will when I learn the device have an addition large search coil being a 18".. undecided but I don't need to worry about this yet! DD coils are now able to be used on QED PL2 so will have to do research on coils. Anyways, Just wanted to say hello and you'll be hearing plenty from me as my future kicks off with this as I've chosen to not work at the present moment for an employer I will be spending much time prospecting and soon will have a GO PRO HERO 8. I have a friend here near me with a GPX 5000 so I will run some comparisons with SIMPLEX + and also eventually the QED set up if I proceed with that unless I decide to get the GPX 4500 used for about $3500 AUD. DECISIONS!!! Much love 😉 Sam
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    In my opinion I don't see the threads as negative, I see them as missed opportunities for White's introducing new products by limited information and details. Can't buy a new coil design without buying the whole detector package? I want to see White's stay in the game and become a leader or stiff competition in the metal detector industry. Who knows maybe this is their new way to "hype" new products or marketing strategy. We will see!
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    If your Chromebook has enough memory you can install Windows inside Virtualbox and update through the virtual machine. I only run Linux at home and keep a virtual Windows machine just for this sort of thing.
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    swung a Tesoro Golden Sabre II for 22yrs that is almost identical with the notch, 2 tones, etc. Bought it new in '92. Dug a LOT of old coins with it. Sold it last yr as I got spoiled with the eTrac and all the info it gives (more deep coins and less trash). That GSII was definitely a tuff old warhorse....!!!!!!
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    Discrimination and iron bias are two filters that work in tandem. Applying too much of any filter (disc or iron bias) always impacts performance in some way or another as there are no free lunches. In the case of iron bias, too much and you will negate iron falsing but at the expense of possibly causing nearby non-ferrous to be masked. If you outright try to disc out bottlecaps or aluminum tabs in the mid target ID range (e.g., 12 to 15), then you will most certainly also notch out nickels and gold rings that fall in that target ID region. I like to minimize filtering (disc or otherwise) to the extent my brain does not get overloaded or fatigued by the constant chatter, so that invariably means dialing in some disc or perhaps even iron bias. Since Equinox does not have a true all metal mode (there is always some signal processing going on under the hood) even when all discrimination filtering is removed, even iron bias at 0 (either FE=0 or F2=0) does some level of iron bias filtering, albeit low levels and also note that FE=0 and F2=0 do not "turn off" iron bias filtering and those "0" settings are not equivalent (see this post by Steve). If you want to remove all iron bias filtering, your only alternative is to go to single frequency because the iron bias filter relies on the multi-frequency signal of Multi IQ.
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    Nice! As shallow as that area is, too bad they don't make a BIGFOOT coil for the Equinox :)
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    EQX 600 backlight data as far as update also reflected on page 32 in the link below posted. https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/408020/EQUINOX 600 800 Instruction Manual (EN)
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    Okay, when you see Fe in menu after accessing iron bias, hit the accept/reject key once. Then you should see F2 in the window.
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    I'm out using the T2 now trying it out as the weather cleared
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    Unless, as an older detectorist, are looking for something lighter weight AND that combines the capabilities of those two detectors should you want to eventually downsize the arsenal OR are hunting in sites with thick junk target densities as the higher, adjustable speed of the Equinox will bring better target separation and unmasking to the table vs. Excal or the V3i. Otherwise, if that is not the case, I agree with GB and really wouldn't recommend looking around until one of those two detectors bites the dust because other than versatility, weight, and speed Equinox does not bring a whole lot else to the table that those detectors don't already have. Nokta/Makro and Minelab might be focusing their next detector releases at the higher end detecting crowd in 2021 after taking on the entry level detector market place in 2020 with their Simplex and Vanquish offerings (respectively). That might be a good opportunity to entertain an upgrade, but you should really have a reason for doing so (dying detector or a specific capability or feature objective you desire that you are currently missing).
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    I don't like it, they put the multi-iq in the car with the brake applied.
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    The Mode advantage of the V440 was primarily due to Multi IQ and it's performance on wet salt sand (which ML appears to be attributing to "Jewelry" mode based on their marketing literature as there is no dedicated beach mode as there is on the Equinox) vs. the single frequency ACE. I threw in the ALL METAL comment primarily as a neat feature (not an additional mode) due to the fact that you are one touch away from running with no discrimination (what ML calls AM but which is actually just NO DISC). I am not aware of that feature being present on the ACE other than setting up a custom program slot with NO DISC. HTH
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back on here been dealing with family health issues. I did do a factory reset on it, and auto balanced it I tried the park 2 setting and it would not pick it up at all the gold 2 setting picks it up but the number goes from 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 and when i lock in 4 or 5 the detector is like detecting phantom things it will show something is right there, dig, sift through even take any rocks found out run it past and nothing and then check again and now the focus mode shows it several inches away from where it previously showed. It picks up at the earring at currently between 1 - 1.5 inches at my best guess here is the detector running over the earring
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