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    I was out a couple of days ago, the temperature was in the low 90's and I was trying to stay in what little shade there was. Those conditions made me really slow down. I thought I heard a very faint squeak,it was repeatable at just the right approach and swing speed. It was one of those signals that says, "DIG ME". After moving several limbs I was about six inches closer to the target and it turned to a low warble. Then after scraping off about six inches of organic duff it turned into a screamer. After several inches I was rewarded with this nice little chunk Norm
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    Finally found my fist Virginia picker with the GM 1000 on the private land that i have access too! This is my first piece of detected gold from here. Ive found lots of nuggets dredging the creek but nuggets have eluded my detecting efforts. I found this one in a small feeder creek. I have since detected most of the feeder and found nothing else. I still have yet to find any pickers or nuggets outside the creek at this location which is frustrating to say the least. I also run a GPX4800 outside the creek but no dice still. Up to 12 gram nuggets found dredging in the creek but nothing outside of it. One of these days lol.
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    Good week for me including my best day so far. Hunted wed, thurs, and today. Today I got my smallest and thinnest piece with the Monster. The nice "patch" ended as fast as it started but I sure had fun for 2 hrs of my 4.5 hr hunt!!!! You guys have a good weekend....!!!!! Wed. (4).....Thurs. (11),...Fri. (2)…...
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    I never regretted selling a detector. There are a couple I regret buying however!
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    I put all my gear in the car the night before ready to roll as I was intending to go for a solo mission to try find a nugget, or a flake, which ever comes my way, I am happy either way 🙂 I sent Kiwijw a text message that morning as he hadn't been on the forum asking if he'd like to come along as I knew he wasn't working that day and he was all for it. It was unusual he hadn't been on the forums but it's because his computer had broken down so I told him I'd take it home with me and fix it up. The day was off to a cool start, I left home and at the time I think it was -5 degrees celsius and very icey on the road, black ice everywhere. I was in a thick fog when I left home to head to John's to pick him up but that cleared up about halfway to his house, it was about -2 when I got there I think and nowhere near as icey up his way. We jumped in the car and off we went, the roads were much better up his way as it was nice and sunny. We went to a spot we have been to quite few times before and had success, I call it the shotgun pellet place as there are zillions of them there. I think I've even done a solo mission there, I don't have any record of that as I obviously was skunked if I did but John mentioned I have been there before myself and I vaguely remember it now I think about it. I've done a few solo missions to various places but rarely have any success on them for some reason and I only tend to remember times when I do well. Cool looking rock at the area I was first detecting, looks like a broken easter egg, it looks like its a big hollow rock that some has broken off over the years. Maybe old timers used it as a hut, I know I would. We started off detecting, John on his Zed and me with my 4500 and my new Nugget Finder 14x9 Evo coil which I'd been dying to try out but just hadn't had a chance. I'd found nothing by lunch time except junk and If I recall correctly John was up to number 3 My days junk collection, I had quite a few more shotgun pellets but they fell out of a tiny hole in my pocket. That little bit of wire on the far right side screamed out as loud as a 22 shell, puzzled by that. In the process of recovering some junk I used my GM 1000 as a pinpointer, the spot was really muddy so I tried to take my coil cover off to give it a clean as I was right at a creek as I was going to put my Monster in my backpack so it's not left sitting there out in the open in case some passer by stole it, unlikely but I'm cautious of thieves after living in Oz for years and having house and car break ins and so on over there. John leaves his Zed lying around like that, it scares me 🙂 So I tried to pull my coil cover off and my coil cracked, a big crack too just by me using my fingers to push it in a bit to get the cover off. I wish they were tougher epoxy filled coils. I've since spoken to Minelab service who said they will replace it for me, see this link for photos of the crack More excellent service from Minelab, thanks 🙂 John come walking over and showed me his finds and we had some lunch. John suggested I go try detect some throw out piles from the old timers as it may increase my luck and showed me where they were and off we went detecting again. It was only about 20 minutes and I had my first hit, right next to a big hole someone else had dug to recover a nugget, probably John as it was a big hole like his pick makes My little hole at the top, someone elses big hole below it, my little nugget was down about 10cm to 15cm I would guess. About 30 minutes of swinging later on top of another pile which was covered in soil and grass and not rocky like the last one I had another good target, It sounded promising and it seems junk in this area is uncommon as I'd had no junk digs since moving to it. I had to smash up the ground here to retrieve this one, it was in the shade and the ground was frozen solid, it actually made the recovery quite easy as the clumps of dirt were coming up as frozen blocks so I could sweep each chunk over the coil until it sounded off, then melted the target clump in my hand to get the gold out. I started swinging around further along this pile and there was a giant bit of schist and it was giving me a good signal, I spent about 20 minutes scraping the moss off and checking it all for the target and also breaking away the top layers of the schist trying to find where this signal was coming from, it had me stumped. I wasn't sure what to do, I was going to go ask John thinking possibly it's some sort of hot rock situation but I could see him off in the distance, too far away and I was unsure I'd find the spot again if I left it so I decided I'd try move the rock, maybe the target is under it. It was in frozen ground and had suctioned itself down, it was also FAR to heavy to lift, I used my pick to dig around it a bit and lever it up, this took a good half an hour and I was exhausted, I managed to move it a tiny bit which relieved the suction, it also had me rolling down the side the of pile as I took a tumble when the rock finally gave way. You can see the top part of the rock here where I was chipping away at it trying to find the target inside it. Now that the suction was gone I was able to lever it enough that I eventually slid it down the side of the pile. I eagerly checked the area where it was and bingo, the target sound was still there. You can see the size of the rock here with the indent in the ground where it came from. The rock would of been about 20 cm thick too and then the nugget was down another 5 cm or so in the soil under the rock. and it was my biggest nugget of the day 🙂 I went to go show John my find and tell him the story and he said I should go scan that area a bit more as there could be more, we only had about an hour of light left so I wandered back to try find the spot, and wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find it, lucky I didn't leave earlier to try get John to help move the rock. So all in all a good day out, fixed up John's computer today so he'll appear back on the forum tomorrow no doubt as we are heading out for part two of this mission so he'll get it back tomorrow, it needed a new motherboard. He had someone nearby to his house look at it as it was running very slow and they did the usual things like spyware checks and cleaning the dust out and so on and had broken a fan mounting clip for the CPU in the process of the dust cleanup I guess, John said it got really noisy after they looked at it which is normal as the fan would be going top speed trying to cool the CPU with the poor contact of the heatsink and shortly after it died and wouldn't post (display a signal on the screen), I guess the cpu heatsink being so loose caused the CPU to overheat by not being clipped down properly and caused the motherboard to die, or else it was a huge coincidence the motherboard dies the day after they clean out the fan and break its mounting clip. In saying that I've not seen a motherboard die from heat in this manor before, although I've never seen someone run one with the heatsink not clipped down properly. As for my first proper detect using my new Nugget Finder Evo 14x9, I love it, It seems just as sensitive to tiny gold as the little Joey coil if not even more sensitive but punches deeper, It's ability on small targets feels like using a high frequency VLF. It's going to be my stay on coil from now on, the little Joey will be perfect for tight places and creek detecting and situations where a smaller coil is required. I can highly recommend the Evo coil. Thanks to all the people who recommended to me to buy the Evo coil. I am very happy with it. Stay tuned for John's portion of the mission when he gets his computer back tomorrow 🙂
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    Looking back over some of my finds in years past and my favorite detectors, I keep coming back to the tried and true MXT. Well balanced, user friendly, great selection of coils, is good in England on lower conductor targets and also a champ at finding solid gold nuggets. So many of my friends have had great success with the MXT as there is not much to setting it up. It is almost a Turn on & Go detector literally and the older folks like it that way. I have years of fond memories of the MXT and even the newer versions of it. What are some of your favorite White's detectors and if you have photos of finds, please share with us. A few pics of MXT success I have enjoyed.
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    No it is not a monster, but the young lady was quite happy to get it back. I always enjoy hugs and good Karma too. She is all smiles as I hand over her lost 14K yellow gold with diamond engagement ring. Equinox 600 did its job. Have you ever found a ring and returned it? Lets hear your story and see some photos if you have them.
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    Hi guys, Mrs JW had a wedding to video not far from a gold detecting location of mine. The plan was to stay in this location over the weekend so I could get two days detecting in. We went in my 4X4 so she could drop me off up in the hills & then carry on to do here wedding video then meet back up with me up in the hills. When we got there it was a cold, bleak miserable day with pea soup thick fog. Even going up in the hills we were still among it. Just to draw your attention to the above photo. You will notice in the schist outcrop immediately to the right of my thermos the white quartz impregnated through it, like a reef or stringer laminated through it. This is very typical of the schist country throughout Central Otago & it is widely believed that it is the breaking down through erosion of this type of material that fine small gold was released over vast areas of Otago. The surrounding land being a jumble of scattered quartz & schist. Bigger gold being released from larger more defined gold bearing reefs. You will notice the two big quartz boulders on the right. Iron rust staining. These parts of these boulders were probably buried in the ground for a long time, the white portion being above ground. The farmer has moved these to this location to clean up his paddock. These are solid quartz & not quartz conglomerate, which also frequent this location. Another angle looking over the quartz in the schist & on to those two quartz boulders. Mrs JW dropped me & my gear off before she went off & did her thing. As you can see I came to cover a few avenues of detecting with the extended family of gold detectors. I started off with the Zed. The ground was soft & mushy on top but still frozen half an inch down so very damp. I thought I was going to be in for a hard time trying to run my usual top end settings but no...it was good as long as I went SLOW. I knew there was gold here from past times so I was in no hurry. First signal in about as many minutes. Damn shotgun pellet. Two feet away I was scraping another signal when Mrs JW came over to say goodbye...see you later...good luck. After a few scrapes the signal was still in the ground, no iron fragments on my magnet, so my expectations were raised. Suddenly the signal was out but the zed was having a very hard time relocating it. Been here before. So I walked up & got the Gold Monster to save time. To cut a long story short/shorter A small bit of gold. Signal found with the Zed, recovered with the Gold Monster. I had to be very careful with my coil control due to the damp ground & my settings of high yield/normal & 18 sensitivity. Needing to maintain a slow & very steady, even coil sweep. Most important, I couldn't raise & lower the coil. Even slightly without getting the Zed warble. Needing to keep as close as I could the coil height to the ground. In my case just skimming & skuffing over it keeping the coil as close to the ground as possible. Focusing hard on any threshold variations, of which there were many. But a solid signal is always a stand out to the trained ear & always repeatable in the same spot. My next almost "imagined" signal was right beside a rock of which I slowly & evenly raised the coil up & over it as steadily as I could. I still got that warble for lifting the coil. So I got the coil back on the ground & slowly scanned around the rock as I was sure I heard a positive signal. Not really convinced I hooked the rock out & rescanned. It was quite a pretty water worn & polished greenstone type rock. Unusual for this location. Glacial deposit perhaps. I meant to bring it home but forgot. The signal was then a lot more positive & here's why. I then got a succession of shotgun pellets & I was hanging out for a coffee break but said to myself, not until you get another piece of gold. Done this many times & got nothing else for the rest of the day. But I was Confident today. I was mentally ground balanced, the conditions were good. Cold, damp no solar influence, no grass & the detector was purring under my careful controlled manner. Another signal came along & lived through a couple of scrapes. I was confident that this was not going to be another shotgun pellet. Such a tiny piece for that 14" coil I didn't even need the GM to retrieve it That called for a well deserved coffee break & the fish & chips I had brought up. Although they were not too warm at this stage. Getting back into it & another signal with the Zed I needed to use the GM to retrieve the target. A small piece of gold This happened yet again with the Zed & I needed the GM to retrieve the target. Another piece of gold Then things dried up for me. I think it was more my mental ground balance wondered & I was no longer in the zone. The fog was coming back, not that it went away, but was getting thicker. Mrs JW turned up & we decided to come home & not stick it out for another day. End result 5, all found with the Zed but three recovered with the GM after being disturbed from the ground for .45 of a gram. No bigger ones today but the Zed just continues to blow me away. A photo video clip added. Cheers. Good luck out there, JW
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    I was out early this morning on a negative tide. I got started about 3:30 AM and ended about 7 AM. I was using my new metalless boots. The Equinox will not tolerate a boot with metal. I walked for about a mile before I found my first and only quarter. Someone had already been on one of my preferred beaches with a PI and they were leaving open holes everywhere. Whenever I see these guys I want to walk up to them and ask them what would happen if they stepped in any of the holes they left. They make no attempt to 'turtle' the hole so a jogger or old lady walker won't break something. When these guys try to be friendly I avoid them because I have gotten into shouting matches of this subject before. So please, if I can step in YOUR hole and feel a twinge of pain then I'm not your friend. This goes for the desert too. Anyway, I avoided this guy and got the hell back to a beach that had produced in the past but that was the way that I came. Just before I left to drive to another beach I observed a difference in the bottom. The other low (an ebb) had left a trough. The waves all night before had little energy and I figured I would hit this and end my hunt for the day. I crossed the point where I had gone right two hours before and I was now going left or south. About 100 yards in I got a little 9-10 signal in Beach 1 and I was surprised to have a 2.2 g/10k/nugget style ring. It proved to be a one off and when I finished that pattern I got out of the wet sand and used Park 1 on the dry sand until the end of my day. (Less than $1 in change.) It is always nice to see a full moon and get gold. Mitchel
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    I am glad it seems that way to you guys. I have been experiencing periods of extremely slow server response that are frustrating me. The software vendors are pointing the finger at my hardware hosting. My hardware hosts are pointing the finger at the software. So on top of copying all the old pages to be locations I am shopping for a hardware upgrade. A couple hundred pages done, about 70 to go so I am over the hump. I have a busy July lined up so am sacrificing all my detecting time now trying to get this all done in the next couple weeks.
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    Daggers Up. This cool recover is an Idaho find by Parley George. "Thought I would share my latest weird find. Stuck in ground perfectly vertical with hilt up (thank gracious). Equinox 800 picked up at a TID #21 one direction & #17 other direction. I dug down to approx 7 ½" & found the hilt. Carefully dug another 5" then pulled out of ground. A dagger, pointed end of blade is thicker than hand guard end". Anyone have info on it?
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    Cal, your criticisms are fair and well-deserved. FTP has been focused on owning the low-end mass market (which has been successful) but allowed the higher end to stagnate. It's been a struggle, and continues to be, but I now have people in place who can change this. It takes time and there's nothing I can do but keep working until it's done. Hopefully the result will speak for itself.
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    I was at the beach in dry sand next to an embankment that came down from the highway, running Beach 1 with the gain cranked. It was unlike any hit I had gotten after about 200 hours with the Equinox 800. All the numbers were pretty good but very confused and the varying signals had different strengths. It was an area about a foot and a half across. Each time I rescanned the hole there were more hits. Now, none of these coins are valuable beyond their face value, but look how many there were by the time I finished going over the little area. I had never had anything like that happen - 28 coins in the same hole. fwiw...
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    Hi guys, It was quite obvious to me from my last two times at my little hot spot that it was cooling off. The gold take was dropping off by about half each time on my last two visits. From 23 bits on the first day. 20 on the 2nd. 13 on the third & 7 on the 4th. I didn't think I would bother going back. But Simon put the challenge up to me. So this afternoon I decided to give it one more shot. At least the hoar frost had gone & the ground a bit softer but there was some EMI giving the GM a hard time. I just couldn't get rid of it or calm it down good enough to be able to hear those faint tiny gold signals. Turned my phone off & it made no difference. Turned the sensitivity down to 7 & it was better but still getting spikes & it was not going to give me the sensitivity I needed for these very faint tiny gold signals. Luckily I had also brought along the GB2. I was able to run it flat out. Full max sensitivity, Audio boost & low mineralisation. I got a very faint signal with the GB2 after scraping out a bit of the schist bedrock. I then tried the GM but couldn't get the thing to settle down enough to give me a positive hit. So I gave up on the GM. Got the signal down to a little ball of dirt Smeared it onto the scoop to free the target. Tiny piece of gold. Bit more scraping of the bedrock. Another signal & in the dirt again. I am not sure how many I got at the little hot spot but it wasn't many for the effort. Maybe 4 So I gave up on it thinking it has done its dash & went off on a mountain goat trail. Walking along that little ledge I poked the detector out ahead of me into the bedrock & got a signal. MMmmm.... Bit of a drop off down to the river beloooowww........ But it was a little piece of gold This carried on for me poking & proding the GB2 sniper coil in among the schist bedrock & getting the occasional signal. And gold All up 12 bits for the GB2 for .24 of a gram Cheers Best of luck out there JW
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    Hear ya loud n clear. We have stuff in the works but I can't tell you to delay a purchase based on "it's in the works." The Equinox convinced a whole lotta people to sell their AT Pro, my goal is to come out with something that convinces a whole lotta people to sell their Equinox.
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    After yesterday's success & the little hot spot still producing when I had to leave due to dark & the cold chasing me out, I just had to get back there. Again it was pretty cold & bleak with a bit of a hoar frost going on & the bushes clothed in ice crystals. Again, this was 2pm. Note the same in the background. Fired up the Gold monster, full max sensitivity on 10, deep all metal mode & we were off. I had hardly put the coil to the ground & had my first signal. And first tiny bit of gold It was just a continuation of yesterday. When the signals stopped coming it was just a matter of scraping out a bit more of the rotten schist bedrock. And the gold kept on coming. And coming And coming When it stopped, just scrape some more bedrock Again the dark & cold drove me out. The scrape hole was getting bigger but still producing when I had to leave. 25 pieces for just .55 of a gram. I am going to have to put the dirt through my sieve buckets & then put the concentrates through a sluice box. I can see that happening. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Ok, back on the Keweenaw Peninsula detecting on copper mine tailings. I quickly knocked off all signals below 18 and learned to not dig anything below 20 (in Park 2, sensitivity 18, speed 6) Not sure the number of tones, 5 maybe. It's like cheating! 20 and up, except some 30's (big iron, go figure) were all sizable copper metal. No hot rocks, no ores, just copper metal. Seems the larger the piece or vein, the higher the number. I dug more copper in the first hour than I'd get in a day with my F75 or Vaquero. It ran silent until something worth digging was there. I may have missed small bits but I am not disappointed in the quantity and quality of the metal found this way. I will dig the higher numbers as there is sometimes silver mixed in with the copper, and I do not yet know what that would read, but suspect above 18. If you get a chance to come up this way and don't care to dig nails or hot rocks, try the numbers above. I got to them by example, the hot rocks I'd dug were 16 or lower on plain ole Park 2 so saw that flakes of metal were 20 and up so knocked off all below 18. It did not take long to do. I worked a pile that was recently crushed, destined to be laid down on logging roads Bet they won't miss the copper I left with. The Equinox 800 is such a versatile tool, it is almost cheating!
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    On Thursday/Friday 29-06-18 after finishing work at 9pm Thursday i went to the beach when the weather was very warm , i searched from 1am to 7am and found £37.25p , a Silver ring , a 50 Euro Cent , a US Cent and another small foreign coin , a 13000 mah Power bank , a nail file and a pen . When i got home i had to go to London Guy's Hospital with Mum on the 10.30 Bus then a Train so Mum could go to see her Surgeon at 2.30pm that will be operating on her right Lung which is possibly Cancerous but they cannot be sure of it in a few weeks time . She definitely has a lump in her Lung so being she has had Breast Cancer in the past we can assume it is Cancer. We got home from there at around 9pm and stuffed into take away Fish and Chips . Saturday i worked. Today Sunday 1st July was a really warm day here in the UK and the beaches i go to to detect were heaving big time . I went early at 4pm to see if i could hunt for rings low down and i would hunt the dry tops later when the crowds cleared a bit . Well i started at around 4pm and searched the lower beach in the surf as the tide went out being careful not to drop ET in the oggin , not long into the search i found a small Silver ring and had some coins turn up too . I occasionally searched some spots on the tops which were clear of crowds and found more . At about 7pm i was disturbed by a Romanian woman that her Husband had lost his Wedding ring , she said its the same as hers at 14k and hers read 12 16 on the ET . So for a while i searched for the ring where he said he lost it but didn't find it . So for a while i kept looking for other stuff and found more coinage and another small Silver ring . After a while another detectorist turned up and the man that lost the ring asked him if he could look for it , he was using an older XP machine so as i didn't want him to find it as it would have been embarrassing for my ET i got stuck in looking for it again . The couple were obviously thinking that the ring was lost and had started to leave the beach when i had a 12 15 on my ET , i dug the target and i saw it was the ring . But it wasn't where he said it was . I shouted i have found the ring and they came back to me . He said he was going to give me a reward and gave me £50 . I think that he was happy just to have the ring back , being their rings were the same except for size . After that i went hunting for more rings and had another bigger Silver ring and a junk ring , when the crowds cleared a bit more i did the dry and found more coinage . It is harder than in the past now most people use cashless means of payment but today was quite good though not as good as a few years ago when i could score a ton through the night . I could have stayed through the night but my knees are getting a bit knackered for that and by 11 pm i was knackered so called it a day . My total for this search was including the reward £94.34p , a US Cent , a 20 Euro Cent , 3 Silver rings , a junk ring and the returned Gold ring . Thats the first Gold ring i have found that was found with my present ET and my first 14k . The picture of the Gold ring is taken by my phone on my upturned rucksack. I would go to the beach on Monday but i have other things to do so my next search is next Friday night or Saturday .
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    Hi guys, I have put together a little photo clip from a trip that Mrs JW & I did a couple of years ago on New Year's Day up to the Tops of the Old Man Range in Central Otago here in NZ. New Years Day is getting well into our summer months but it can & does snow on any day of the year up here. As it happened it had snowed the night before. The medium average temperature up here is zero degrees celsius. That is freezing point. I did a bit of exploring & detecting & managed two small bits of gold right up in the headwaters of the Fraser River. The huts you will see are all gold mining related from the early gold rush days. Many a prospector perished up here by leaving it too late to come down before winters icey tentacles took hold. Enjoy. JW 🙂
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    In my opinion the Goldmaster 24K is a truly new detector, not a GMT in a different box. It is not possible to use the GMT circuit board - way too big. It is far more likely this is a variant of the MX5 family, as are the MX Sport and MX7. Or an entirely new circuit pressed onto MX5 size boards, with the GMT as inspiration. Boosting voltage to the coil by over 50% will make this detector act more like a Minelab Gold Monster than a GMT - extremely high gain. This causes issues with ground and hot rocks, leading to a new ground balance system that attempts to keep this kind of power under control. Yet with far more options than the Gold Monster and with a standard threshold based all metal style performance that most experienced people will appreciate. Note that the boost in coil voltage will require that the coil be built to tighter tolerances, and so just like the MX Sport it is unlikely existing GMT compatible coils will work properly on the GMK. There is that new connector again, and even if you used an adapter, the old coils are likely to overload, though a few here and there might work. So while for sales purposes you might say this is a GMT in a new package, that is no more true than it is of people saying the MX Sport is an MXT in a new package. Nope, new detectors. They may be based on and inspired by the earlier models, but they do act differently and need new coils - that means new detector in my opinion. I look forward to getting my hands on the Goldmaster 24K and giving it a spin in the fall. Looks like presales in August so that might mean not until September before I get one. It is on my list of things to do however. I can't get much interested in detectors that are truly a new packaging job (like the TDI SL Special Edition) if I have already run one of the variants. Something genuinely new I like to try however. I have handled the MX7 package and physically I like it, lightweight and perfect balance, with a grip that suits my hands at least. And watching the video I really liked the audio I was hearing from the GMK - seemed very smooth and clean, nice tone for my ear. A 14" elliptical would be nice but not if based on the existing Jimmy Sierra mold - that needs to get retired. A smaller "Shooter" 4" x 6" coil is almost a given, but it also could be thinner. Fisher has it right with the Gold Bug 2 coils - thin, durable, and knock resistant.
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    Life is short...if you have the money, buy what you want! fred
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    I hit the water early again this morning to see what the weekend crowd might have left. Targets were sparse with 2 bling earrings and the nemesis of water hunters in a Tungsten ring. At 17.7 grams I can understand why it flew off the wearers finger, would have made a nice chunk'O gold. 😥 I have started to pass up the new bottle caps. Have not dug a one that didn't bounce erratically reading Iron/15-21 or there about. T
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    Hi Gerry… thanks for a timely post highlighting White’s Metal Detectors, an American company that historically has set an innovative engineering standard by which all other metal detecting products have been compared. And for those eye-catching photos depicting a variety of extraordinary recoveries using a White’s MXT metal detector, they illustrate the ultimate in successful treasure hunting. I currently have a White’s MXT 300 and an assortment of coils used primarily for prospecting native silver ores and nuggets in northeastern Ontario. Aside from silver float searching in natural environs where bedrock is generally near the surface, we contend with an abundance of iron and other trash signals in the abandoned mine tailings. We also struggle with conductive pyrrhotite hotrocks, niccolite, and cobalt minerals that generate good positive signals from both VLF and PI units. Those conditions make the MXT’s 13.88 kHz operating frequency, target ID meter, discrimination modes, and particularly the motion all-metal prospecting mode featuring iron probability, VDI and ground phase readouts an excellent choice. The MXT and wide selection of coil types and sizes is ideally suited to this application, and especially so because the most desirable targets weigh ounces and more. Below is an excerpt from a recent article entitled Recreational Prospecting in the Silverfields of Northeastern Ontario. It describes a rewarding field experience a year-and-a-half ago utilizing the White’s MXT 300 equipped with a 12” diameter concentric searchcoil to successfully recover large native silver. A Tale of Two Target Signals Late one afternoon, an elongated signal, correctly indicated by the MXT’s iron probability readout, proved to be a sizable iron bar that was removed from several inches below the surface. Rechecking the immediate area produced another signal that was slightly offset to one side and perhaps a foot deeper. It consistently read at 20% iron probability, and resulted in the large silver sample you see below. It was a special moment to find it so close to the surface, and to realize that the encouraging audio signal and target ID had been produced by silver. If the iron bar hadn't first been removed, that silver signal would have been entirely masked by it regardless of coil size or type. The overlying shallow iron bar had produced a completely dominant, blaring signal. The specimen below was HCl acid treated to remove excessive carbonate rock. It was cleaned with a rotary tool silicon carbide bit, followed by a soapy wash and rinse to produce the silver specimen depicted in the photo below. While not exactly a handsome sample because the silver is embedded in a dark blue-grey carbonate rock, it is a fine example of massively structured dendritic native silver that accounts for most of the sample’s total weight.................... Jim.
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    There have only been a few metal detectors that are real classics, and the White's MXT is one of them. One of the first truly "do-it-all" detectors that pulls its weight equally well for many uses. I am going to take a lot of the credit for popularizing it as a gold nugget detector. I got to run the first MXT at Ganes Creek - actually one of the first MXTs anywhere - and it was like the perfect machine for the place. I advertised it as such and it did indeed become the machine of choice at Ganes Creek for several years. That in turn led to a steady flow of incredible nugget finds from Ganes Creek, with Gerry and his yearly visits playing a prominent part in that. My own 6.85 oz "Ugly Nugget" was found at Ganes in 2002 setting the stage for it all, and creating a nice bookend for my story Thirty Years with White's Metal Detectors - 1972 - 2002 Great subject - thanks for posting Gerry!
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    I need a crane & a flat deck truck for my big ones. 👍 No pussy scoop for these ones. JW