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  1. Version KKGR220316EN


    Nokta/Makro Gold Racer User Guide, 2.97 MB pdf file, 28 pages Nokta/Makro Gold Racer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Gold Racer - Steve's Review Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  2. Version BRGR081215EN

    1 download

    Nokta/Makro Gold Racer Brochure, 2.66 MB pdf file, 4 pages Nokta/Makro Gold Racer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Gold Racer - Steve's Review Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  3. Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum and to metal detecting/prospecting. Hoping to meet some local folks with the same interests and everyone in between! Chris Mitchell (TXAUHunter)
  4. I bought my Makro Gold Racer a while ago and finally got the chance to get out with it. It works fine around my home. The first gold area I took it too, it went bonkers with a pulsing noise and the display target reading bounced all over the place. I was in the all metal mode with tracking on. I thought it might be EMI, since there was a massive radio tower about 1 mile away. I took it to another area away from any known towers and it did the same thing. The ground in both places is highly mineralized and variable. In the last place I turned up the iSat and that helped some. I also turned down the sensitivity which also helped some. Any ideas would be welcome. Maybe there is a problem with the detector or is it me???????
  5. Law 7.77 of metal detectors states that in order to get something, you have to give something up. (What are you giving up from Gold racer to Gold Kruzer?) What edge / advantage will the predecessor Gold Racer have over the soon to debut Gold Kruzer? Is the Gold kruzer undeniable the better machine? The MSRP on the Gold racer is more expensive when you dont count in the nice addons the kruzer has. The gold kruzer is bundled with $119~ wireless headphones in addition an extra 7.5"x4" Waterproof DD coil. My fever is getting me all itchy and I wanna pull in a Gold racer before the kruzer hits the streets. Have I gone too far with this gold racer fever?
  6. Hi got a chance of a s/h racer gold but can’t find anyone who’s used it in salt water or sand ? my Racer 2 is great but what’s the gold like ?
  7. Steve: I spent about a month learning my Makro Gold Racer this summer. I went out almost every day. Most of the time I worked bare red soil over siltstone (ground balance values about 67) in and close to old pocket gold diggings in the Klamath Mountains. I didn't find any gold this year, but next summer I hope to do better. I have a few questions. Your answers might well help me succeed. 1) Would you advise I change the following protocol: In All Metal mode I ignore anything less than ID 5 or greater that ID 90 (lots of hot rocks here). I'm not inclined to dig anything that shows a dominate signal above ID 65 or anything that mostly grabs onto ID 20/21. However, most of my targets show multiple IDs (mostly in the teens and 20s with a few IDs above 70), and I dig any of these that show a few indications in the 40s or 50s amid the other IDs. 2) Do you feel you get useful information from careful attention to differences in the audio response? I discard responses giving the null-beep-null pattern even though I have seen some using a test nugget. Otherwise I ignore differences in the audio. 3) In one of your posts you dismiss using the Gold Racer in highly mineralized ground. I will have to deal with a lot of this next summer. Would you discuss the issues you had with highly mineralized ground?
  8. Hi Steve, I googled the Makro Gold Racer for hints and settings advice and came across your review and this forum. I just purchased the large coil and when I first put it on it went crazy flashing numbers like it was possessed. It was unstable. The manufacturer said to bump the sensitivity down a notch. I did and it seemed to help, but it still freaks out every so often. On one hot day I couldn't get it to settle at all. Have you come across this and if so, what is your solution? I am searching in mineralized red dirt that has been turned by dozers due to recent fire. Settings: Sensitivity 30, Threshold 25, ISAT 10 Thanks for advice, I know this is an old thread... Katherine
  9. Pros & cons on these two detectors? (one versus the other)----All opinions welcome!
  10. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be offered the use of a Macro Gold Racer with an 8x4 inch coil by a prominent local metal detecting personality. His name is Julian and has the blog at www.marlboroughmetaldetecting.com where he keeps track of all his finds and such. My first outing was with the racer was a lazy Sunday trip to a spot on a local river that you can literally drive right into the river. I was with 4 other guys, one intended to snipe and the others had three different detectors between them. We spent a few hours here which saw me locate quite a number of very small lead shot targets in bedrock crevices but gold eluded me right to the end of the day when I found a tiny 0.12g flake. Initial thoughts about the detector after this outing was that it was quite hot at finding tiny targets and it was the only detector that found gold on this day. My next trip was to a somewhat more remote area that turned out a little trick to get to. I had suspicions that there might be gold in this particular waterway based on local geology and nearby discoveries. As soon as we go to the river it became apparent that the VLF detectors we had with us were not going to handle the local levels of ground mineralisation. Bedrock was a mixture of igneous rock that in some cases overloaded the detector completely. Despite the racers variety of settings to enable detecting in tougher ground I found it impossible to get it to function here. I could get it to run reasonably quiet but then I was only able to detect a half grammer at a couple of cm and the signal was far from crisp. And lucky last trip. I took the detector to a mates’ claim for a run. This spot is also in quite a public spot and myself and others have hammered it in the past. At an estimate I have taken a couple of oz’s from it in the past in the form of predominantly <0.5g nuggets. The racer ran very nicely here with sensitivity at 80 and isat at about mid-way. It didn’t take long before I started pulling tiny lead shot soon followed by a crevice that gave a weak signal. With a bit of chipping I recovered about 20 small flakes and colours to for a total of maybe 0.1g from the crevice (not in picture). The gold was all located in an area the size of a 10c coin. I was impressed at having found such small gold despite it being shallow as normally an aggregation of targets seems to be quieter than one large target of similar weigh. Or so I have found. I carried on for a couple of hours and got 6 further pieces of gold for a total of 0.2g as well as a bunch of lead. In fact, 5 of the pieces together weigh just 0.1g! So, it seems the racer is ridiculously sensitive to small gold and has plenty of scope to be manually adapted to different ground. Personally, I found the detector a bit on the “manual” side with the option of setting a lot of search parameters yourself. I know this is preferred by some and less so by others, just like manual and automatic cars I guess. I’d like to say thanks to Julian for the opportunity to let me use his Racer, especially as he didn’t know me at all. It’s always fun trying a new bit of kit.
  11. bought my first detector which is a gold racer. I detect mainly in the area from octave road to box canyon (Stanton az.) the ground has a lot of hot rocks also just a lot of rocks hard to keep coil on the ground. I started with the sensitivity and threshold on the high end in the 70-80 range just screaming in the head phones. after watching the video that was on this site now have set sensitivity at 15 threshold at 19 can now hear those whispers but no id on screen still dig all (quite a collection of lead and foil) maybe I should have started with a gold bug detector. I will keep swing what I have and hope to try a pi detector some day. being out in the desert taking in the beauty around me keeps a smile on my face also some yellow to make that whisper would be sooo great to.
  12. I received this question via email, edited to remove any tips as to the source: "Steve- been reading your reviews of detectors from way, way back. Now I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've got a claim where I've pulled nice gold, but the biggest single nugget has been just about a gram, pretty small stuff (but it's pretty plentiful). My GB-2 has really shined in this environment - shallow bedrock, low mineralization, and plenty of small gold. The issue is that my son doesn't want to let me use the GB-2, as he wants to use it all the time. That puts me in the market for another VLF machine. I've tried the GB-Pro, and didn't really care for it. Your review of the Nokta AU Gold Finder, and the Makro Gold Racer, both look pretty good. Other than the display and control box itself, are these machines really the same, or would one do better (coil size being equal) than another on small gold with low mineralization? The reason why I just don't go get another GB-2 is that it would be a nice bonus to use the new detector close by my son, while still hopefully having it excel and finding small gold. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. If there really isn't anything else that comes close, then I'll certainly go for another GB-2, even at it being as old as it is, but if there is another one that would excel in the above environment, I'd certainly appreciate your opinion on it." Well, in my opinion the 71 kHz Gold Bug 2 with 6" coil has been and continues to be the top of the heap when it comes to finding the tiniest bits of gold. So the real question is whether you feel like giving up that little edge the unit has over all the rest in order to run a machine right next to your son without the two machines interfering. You also have the advantage of being very well versed in the use of the Bug. Let's assume you do want to get something else however. You have mentioned the 56 kHz AU Gold Finder and Gold Racer, and they are indeed the same circuit in two very different packages. Coils from one will work just as well on the other. Other current new model alternatives would be the 48 khz White's GMT and probably the very soon to be available 45 kHz Minelab GM1000. Finally, I should mention the XP Deus V4 high frequency coil options hitting the market now in case you might consider a more exotic option. There also have been hints of a dedicated gold machine from XP this year. I would assume a small coil as being a must have, and an advantage with the Gold Bug 2 is you can get it with the small coil as a stock variation. So let's compare internet prices. Fisher Gold Bug 2 with 3.25" x 6.5" coil = $764 Makro Gold Racer with 5.5" x 10" coil $699 plus 4" x 7.5" coil $119 = $818 or Pro Pack $899 Nokta AU Gold Finder with 5.5" x 10" and 5.5" round coils = $999 White's GMT with 6" x 10" coil $729 plus 4" x 6" coil $127 = $856 Minelab GM1000 with 6" x 10" coil and 5" round coil = $799 A Deus runs $1250 plus the 4.7" x 9.5" elliptical HF coil at $425 = $1675 so not a good fit here for price and no smaller coil option than the elliptical. The only hope of that improving is if the dedicated gold machine shows up with the HF coil as stock. I have to admit that the reports of warranty issues with early Gold Racer models have me concerned. This despite the fact I have what must be the oldest Gold Racer and AU Gold Finder units in the country, and both are going strong. I have to assume the issues, whatever they were, have been ironed out. I don't know that for a fact however. If you got one and still had a problem, Nokta/Makro is famous for resolving issues with customer satisfaction. The units carry a two year transferable warranty. The GMT is the safe tried and true made in the U.S. option, and as far as performance the 56 kHz Gold Racers and 48 kHz GMT run neck and neck. The big unknown at an attractive price is the 45 kHz Minelab Gold Monster 1000. My best advice - wait! The flood gates are just now opening as regards reports on the GM1000 and at $799 with two coils it looks on paper at least to be an option worth waiting to find out more about. If you have to do something this minute, the GMT is the safe option if the reports of problems with the Gold Racers worry you. Personally, I have been very happy with my Gold Racer and would not trade it for a GMT. I have to note I finally did get another Gold Bug 2 with 6" coil however. If you are the sort of person who can't live without having that last small edge of performance, it is still the machine to beat for tiny gold performance in milder ground like you are describing. Click picture for larger version.
  13. Those of you that use this machine what are your favorite settings? Any advantage of using Disc 2? I may get to use mine soon and would like any advice to speed up my learning curve. Any problems at Rye Patch or Arizona with it? Info appreciated.
  14. Hello Finally the big rains and snows are slowing down, so my partner and I decided to hit the hills. we tried a patch of ground in the thick manzanita between 2 sets of old hillside diggings. we were able to hit our own patch. Awhile back I let my partner use my Gold Racer and I havent been able to get her to give it back. ive been using the Racer 2 which is also a great gold detector. today we made a bet who could find the most. if I won then I would get to use goldracer next time. But I lost to my partner on the gold racer with her skills again. So I will still be on the Racer2. Good luck
  15. Hi Steve, in your posts you mentioned several times that you are using the Makro Gold Racer as a go-to detector for the jewelry detecting in parks, which surprised me quite a bit since I originally bought it as a micro-jewelry detector based on advice from Tom Dankowski. could you please share a few tips on how to best utilize the gold racer for that purpose? e.g. are you greatly reducing the sensitivity to ignore the smaller (aluminum) junk, what exactly you are looking for in the signal, do you ignore the no-number-just-audio signals, etc? I also have a CTX 3030 and was wondering how you'd compare the two for this particular purpose with the goal of digging the least amount of junk and using the screwdriver method of recovery. and last question - do you ever record yourself in process of detecting/recovering? It would be super helpful to see how its being done by someone like you - there is a Russian proverb that says "its better to see one time than to hear a hundred times". thanks in advance for your time, Sergey
  16. A big hello to everyone. I've had a great season so far this year, and I've found lots of nice smaller nuggets, with the largest ones coming in around six grams, so nothing big, but a good collection this season with nice overall weight regardless. I'm curious as to what has happened with the reliability and product quality issues with the Gold Racer, as I haven't heard much lately. I'd love to hear an updated report from people that are actively using it to find nuggets. All the best, and thanks for your time, Lanny
  17. I'm new to detecting and just purchased a Makro Gold Racer. No gold yet...but I'm trying. Anyone have any experience with a Gold Racer? I'm thinking I should have spent the extra bucks and went with the Garrett ATX...
  18. So I was out today for a couple of hours detecting, haven't even used the first set of batteries yet since I received my detector. After a couple hours the threshold all the sudden stopped working. Replace the batteries and still nothing. Sounds off on some targets but no threshold. Makes a crackling sound when I turn the detector off.... anyone know what the heck's going on with this thing?
  19. Hi friends. Greg here in Maine. So I've been gold panning and dredging here in maine for a few years now and decided to get a detector for use and fun when I'm not in the mountains and to use up there as well. Ended up buying a Makro gold racer as most of the gold here in maine is small and supposed the GR can hint other stuff as well. In all metal mode the IVD numbers seem to bounce around a lot. Is this normal? I'm having a hard time telling if there is a target or if it's mineralization.....
  20. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie looking to purchase my first detector. My budget is up to 1.000 €. I'm in Portugal, Europe. I'm looking to primarily look for gold nuggets as I live in areas where gold has been mined before (granite with quartz veins abound around here. The soil is highly mineralized and several streams cut through these granite rocks). But as I also live near the beach and also possible historical sites, I would like to try my luck with some coin / jewelry / relic hunting. I would say 70% gold hunt and 30% coin/relic/jewelry hunt. Will a more specialized gold hunting machine be able to also find coins? I don't quite seem to find that answer. Preferably I would like a machine where I could switch frequencies without having to change the coils. But I guess that throws me into a much higher price tag? I narrowed it down to the Makro Gold Race and the Minelab X-Terra 705 Dual. I'm slightly more inclined to the Makro because its coils can be submersible. Any other suggestions within the set of functions I'm looking at? Having two machines is no option for me, not only because my time is limited, and also because my wife might divorce me ;)) (unless I get rich doing it, that is...) Thanks for your tips.
  21. Well I'm mostly healed from knee surgeries and decided it was time to get back at it. Despite all the smoke in the air in siskiyou county from the gap fire, it was not too bad outside. I headed out to an area that is one of many areas that ill be detecting this winter. it is not a well documented gold area, but it has good coarse gold. Most of the diggings in the area are shallow, but there is some good deep ground for pi detector work. For today I brought along my trusty friend Makro Gold Racer with the new 5x7 eliptical coil. I ran it about the same as other coils. in all metal and some isat adjustment. The place is plagued with alot of small iron and the little coil did a great job of sniping good signals out of the junk. it is extremely sensitive to micro sized targets and fits nicely under the bushes and between the rocks. it has a really nice sensitive tip for pinpointing. . all in all the 5x7 eliptical performed very well and would be a great accessory to hunt especially in the iron areas. well I ended up finding 16 pcs and 2.5 dwt for the little coils debut. I cant wait to try it out some more.Good luck
  22. Good day everyone, I'd like to tap in your knowledge for my next MD choice. I've been using the teknetics delta 4000,then I saw that a local dealer is offering on sales a Makro Gold Racer and a Makro Racer 2 at the same price. I'd like to find small pieces of gold and the high freq of the gold racer should be ideal and i saw plenty of vids on youtube of its very high sensivity. But on the other hand I don't like the idea of getting stuck in a over specialized md. So my question is the following: is the gold racer viable also for coins, jewelry, or is built only for very tiny gold specs? Is the makro 2 more advanced? thanks!
  23. It has been said that the Gold Racer is probably not your best choice for hunting sites with lots of iron trash, Probably true, especially when hunting cellar holes and such, but detectors that do better give up sensitivity to small gold like micro jewelry which is what I like to hunt these days. I have begun a concentrated learning process on the idea of target masking and applying it to the use of the Makro Gold Racer. The idea is to read what can be found, then apply, then read some more, rinse and repeat. So far, these techniques have proven useful. Gleaned from posts here and other places, they are fundamental ideas that come up a lot wherever the topic is discussed. Use a smaller coil. For this the 4X7 elliptical was purchased Increase recovery speed. Using iSAT of 9 seems to work best here Decrease Gain. I have been doing this with good result, but still keep it pushed as high as the specific site will allow. More iron=less Gain thinking. Slow sweep speed. Though the owner's manual recommends a faster sweep, slightly above a crawl is working well. Hunt in All Metal Mode Dig iffy signals The idea of working on this particular idea was originally started simply as a way to work some really trashy sites visited recently, but the idea has much greater application, as was found today. The study of target masking shows why loud and clear. The presence of junk influences the sound and TID of good targets if they can be heard at all. All Metal Mode sees everything and lets you sort out the iffy yourself, which can be very tedious and slow, but it will work. More good targets can be recovered even from relatively clean sites. Plus you will get a lot of exercise. So this is the idea in mind, and the current set of techniques to make use of it, and this morning was applied to a volleyball court hunted before with stock coil and normal sweep speed. Three stud earrings were recovered, all iffy signals. One garnet, two cubic zirconias. I do not think any of them were even real gold, which may contribute to the iffiness, but these were targets of the size and shape I want and would not have been dug before. It appears useful to not be overly reliant on the screen id, and pay more attention to the tone. Having issues with this small coil now again too, a large number of false overload signals were found today. Removing the coil cover and replacing it did not help this time, lowering the gain did, though I pushed it back up whenever I got the chance. No metal at all could be found in these various hot spots. The ground is saturated from recent rains, but the phenomena did not seem to correlate with low spots and the ground has had a couple days to dry out.. This replacement coil does seem to relieve the constant overload problem I had with the first one, and usually does not do this, but I am kind of wishing I had gotten the small round dd. Who knows. Any who have suggestions and ideas concerning target masking as a concept or technique to get around it, please chime in. Learning to unmask with a Gold Racer could be a great tool. What I know so far for what is worth.
  24. I bought a gold racer with both std coil and smaller 7"DD. Did some air testing and well this is opposed to conventional wisdom, but it easily sees fine gold in a bottle with water. In fact do not have a bottle of fines it can not see! Settings very much affect the depth. In all metal the finest gold in a bottle is seen at 2.5" IDs at 1.5" and IDs at 16-18. In Discrim it varies but generally less. Discrim #2 is better of both. Medium fines 3.5" at some Discrim settings and IDs at 38. It works about the same with Std and small coil. Have not tried in field yet, that is tomorrow. There is one good thing about this, people lose gold bottles, if its 3" or less would expect to be able to find one. So this was pleasant surprise. On downside the better pieces in air tests are not as deep as would expect, The small coil with "all metal" sees medium fines bottle at 4" yet can only see a pickup with thickness that is 3/16"x1/8" at 3.5" even though it is much bigger than anything in bottle. And a small piece at 1/16"x 1/12" can be seen at 2.5", so only increases depth 1" for a piece that weighs likley 6-7 times more. BTW the bottles do not have a lot of gold, bigger fines maybe 1 pennyweight, finest fines about 1/2 pennyweight. Thought this info on bottle fines may be of interest, next step see how gold racer works in the field. Love the adjustability of this detector. Cheers
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