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  1. Today was my day. Oh no big treasure but the coins was coming to light. I went late today to hunt a playgrounds at my church. This church came into being in mid 60's but the playground is not that old. I started hunting but at first not hitting anything. Then got a Id for a penny but maybe a little higher ID for it. Well I dug it and it was down say 3 inches. I check the hole with my TRX and it said nothing else. I always run over with the coil before covering the hole and when I did I had ID of a dime. Sure enough about 4 inch from the hole lay a dime with some dirt that came from the ho
  2. Hello all. Hit SoOregon this weekend for some pocket hunting and all I found was bullets, more bullets, and poison oak. But the size of the 22 fragments I was finding gave me great confidence in the TDI SL with Miner John's coil. Luckily the factory let me borrow both! Gotta get back out there - we ended up in a great spot with shallow dig holes and were pulling up old square nails, boot tacks, and buttons that were good signs of gold productivity deep in the woods. Last week we shot a video that scared me to film... I was talking with an engineer about the testing process for the MX Spor
  3. I told myself this morning I was going out and coin hunt all day with my MX Sport.. I'd put on that little 6 X 10 DD coil and away I went. I hit just about every school on my side of town. The trouble is you can't get in the play grounds area being it's lock. I don't know what it was today but everything was coming up dimes. Some days I start finding one certain coin and little of others. For all the people out there that in my opinion the MX Sport is hard to beat detector. it's so easy to may any change in the program on the fly. You can turn it off and it will keep your new entry with
  4. In this thread users share tips, tricks and settings to get the most out of this detector. Complain elsewere! Ok. I'd like to start, but I'm a rookie. So, power users, share away.
  5. From the official White's website at https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product-updates/ - 09-13-16 — MX Sport Production Status We need to address a material defect occurring in some MX Sport metal detectors. This summer we received reports of faceplate-plastic cracks which can result in the detector leaking when fully submerged. When we heard about these failures, we immediately stopped production and began troubleshooting. After thorough testing of different solutions we are confident in the corrections we’ve made, and have resumed full-scale production of the MX Sport.
  6. I was a bit surprised a while back when White's started directly selling the DeTech 13" Ultimate as an official White's branded coil. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/detech-13-ultimate-dd-search-coil/ "Very odd" thought I, but I figured it was some kind of one off experiment. The DeTech coil is compatible with the MXT, M6, MX5, V3i, etc. Now it appears White's has turned to DeTech to produce their promised smaller coil for the MX Sport, a 7" round DD coil. From https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/7-detech-mx-sport-coil/ "Tested and vetted by White’s Electronics engine
  7. The furor over the White's MX Sport seems to be gathering force on other forums but has long since been old news on this forum. As such it has run out of steam and I prefer no more threads be started over the problems with the MX Sport. For those who wish to keep going round and round about the issues with the MX Sport there are two threads currently running at http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/white-s/509514-mx-sport-trouble.html and http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,109780 My advice is simple. If you do not have an MX Sport there is no rush to get one until there
  8. My MX Sport arrived last night with the upgrade, took her out for a quick hunt this morning at an old site laced with iron. Was using Relic mode, and White's improved SAT even bumped it up to 8 instead of 6. It is faster, much quicker when pushing SAT speed. Great separation, was using 2-tone mode. What I noticed right away, it has better separation over the MXT, even picks up finds the MXT would miss. Haven't compared with Deus or Racer, but from today's hunt the three are so close on Separation the MX Sport may even have an edge. Plus, even with maximum SAT depth was remarka
  9. This is the most difficult review I have ever written. I am not even sure I can call it a review. The first metal detector I ever got was a White's Coinmaster IV in 1972. As the years have gone by I have gotten very brand agnostic, but if I ever had a soft spot for a company it has been White's and the people that work there. However, after being at or near the top of the heap for a long time, things slipped once the the TDI and V3i were introduced in 2008 - 2009. Since then there have been new model introductions but nearly all have been derivative versions of earlier machines. Now,
  10. I was in Oklahoma coin hunting with a friend with my MX Sport. I had the 950 concentric coil on with it in the Coin & Jewelry Mode. Had the Sensitivity set at 5 and had it on 4 tones. The reason for the concentric coil is I just like it over than a DD coil when coin hunting.. With the sensitivity set at 5 gave me more depth for the ground I was digging in. The ground was like you had stack flat rocks on top of more of the same. I've seen lots of rocky ground but this was beyond rocky. On the number of tones I may up it as time goes by. Like old home sites most can be a high
  11. I was wondering if anyone has been using the MXsport for prospecting and what your opinions might be? Thanks...
  12. Well done video showing the responses on found targets compared between White's MX Sport and Garrett AT Pro. These machines are fairly comparable although the AT Pro lacks the true threshold based all metal mode that is offered on the MX Sport. The Garrett AT Gold adds that mode and might be a better match up feature-wise with the MX Sport (all three being waterproof to ten feet) but the AT Gold comes with a much smaller coil geared for nugget detecting. The coil on the AT Pro and MX Sport are roughly comparable. This is how I test detectors myself though on way more targets. At Pro
  13. I don't know how long it took to get the MXS to production, But I know it took over 2 years to Iron out the wrinkles out of the MXT before in went in to production And when you look at the people involved with that project from Dave Johnson, Jimmy Sierra and many others, Which is why the MXT is a True work horse and it is as close to a prospecting machine as you can get without buying a mid frequency machine, And it was the first True multi-purpose machine made, I have used it from Australia to the north of England in the Blood red soils in OZ to the thick black peat Bogs of the north Yorkshir
  14. What follows are "scribblings" based on my time with the White's MX Sport detector. It's lengthy, and I hope it might cast some light on this particular detector that has seen it's share of negative comment. Steve has given me permission to reproduce it here. Thank you Steve. White’s MX Sport Review A new MX Sport was received for tests but it soon transpired there was a problem/s with it and it was subsequently returned to the Factory. As soon as I heard about the MX Sport, I knew it was one detector that I really wanted to see the ‘who, why and
  15. Ok, big experiment here, so please take this seriously. I have the ear of a person at White's to whom I have expressed a few concerns. I am posting this here and on Tom's forum only because both forums have knowledgeable, thoughtful members and no censorship of honest opinions. Let's live up to that here with some quality responses. Please, no bashing, and no people trying to sway things. Just honest opinions intended to be helpful to White's. If you have a problem, offer a solution. The question at hand. Did White's do enough to notify people of the firmware issue? If you have an MX Spor
  16. Here's a video I just found for those thinking of using the MX-Sport at the beach john Also checkout this Silver Haul
  17. All know I've been running some air test on my MX Sport. Like I said I'd did get out in the country today for more test in sandy soil. The first thing I done was put 3 pennies at 4.6. And 8 inches in the ground. I made sure all lay flat at the bottom of the hole before filling it in.Tom wanted me to run the sensitivity at 9. I ground balance and lock it at 63. I was in the coin and jewelry program with the tone at 4. The coin and jewelry program was like it's set as it comes from the factory. I was going to start my testing but the cursor as I would swing the coil was jumping all ove
  18. Spent about three hours the past couple days before work at a local dry river, using prospecting mode because mineralization is a bit touchy with the black sand. What I've noticed is the Firmware upgrade helped with stability over version 1, can operate with less SAT and auctally was a joy to use and that's with the 10" coil. What surprised me, when stitching to the smaller elliptical DD the 10" coil had more stability. Quite the opposite, but started to think of my conversion with Tyler at White's this firmware upgrade I received may be the reasoning. So next week, my MX Sport goes
  19. No I haven't received my MX Sport from White's yet. I'm like everyone here when I sent it in and that was I got in the same line you did. I'd like to hear from each and everyone of you when your MXS gets home. Here is a positive thing about White's. In 91 I got my Eagle 2 for 725.00 from Kellyco and today for a little more I got the MX Sport. The Sport has more to offer that the Eagle ever had just in the electronics. If I'd got the Eagle wet that could have been the last of it. Just looking at the waterproof of the MXS and the other I got the waterproof free. You go buy anythin
  20. Here's a Link to the first real review on the Whites forum. http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/showthread.php?75586-MX-Sport-Test-Results-Continuous-Update-4-4-16 Enjoy,, John
  21. I've been on the hunt lately for a reasonably priced New VLF Detector that I can use primarily for the beach and prospecting trashy areas but any other additional modes I would consider a bonus such as coin and relic modes as I know I would use those modes at times also if available. I have tried to include all the positive and negative features I could find or think of but I invite any of you, especially those of you who have used one or more of these 3 machines for your opinion positive or negative. If you know of a better machine you feel I should look at please feel free to ad
  22. yesterday i tested it on a dutch old peat field in the beginning they remove on a depth of 2meter all the peat, and spreat it to the whole country with ships, when the ships come back they where filled with city mud and trash, the fields were in 1600 till begin 1900 in use to get city mud on it to fertilize old coins and other stuff like musket bullets faucets old weights and jewelry etc where in it, we have miles of those fields here, if you check google earth from hoogezand to nieuweschans thats the terrain i search on, so i start i used coin and jewelery, sens o
  23. Found this from Carolina Coin Hunter testing out the mxsport
  24. Includes 6" x 10" Sport Double D search coil, 9.5" Sport concentric coil, black MX Sport baseball cap, and sport bag. If sold separately, a retail value of $359.80 for a limited time price of $284.80. Offer good until June 1st, details on White's website Link to MX Sport 6 x 10 DD coil Link to MX Sport 950 concentric coil
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