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  1. I have to be honest, dilek gave me the best assistance I've ever experience from a metal detector manufacturer. I wish you the best for you and your company! Nokta for life.
  2. Thanks very much for all, folks! Yes, maybe is something other then a coil issue... @Nokta Detectors thank you, i will write an email to you soon.
  3. Hello everyone, i'm Mark from Italy. I'm an impact owner since aug.17. I'm using it every days but i'm experiencing a lot of problems with standard DD coil. Suddenly it stops working in some positions and progressively it stops working in any angle (no balancing, no sound at all...). I’ve already changed 4 coils because i’m still under the warranty period but i really want to solve the problem. My dealer has already sent me the new coil and stem but periodically coil fails again. So the question is: it’s only me? Is it a know issue? Thanks for any support! Regards Mark
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