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  1. I live in the wrong place. Amazing finds! Smiling and crying at the same time here.
  2. Why do a lot of people say the SDC is great at tiny gold but rarely talk about it's obvious ability to get bigger nuggets too? Yes I understand the small coil limits its depth compared to my 18" NF but still, Ive seen pics of SDC's finding 1/2oz pieces down a ways. Sometimes it sounds like if you use an SDC you are only looking at 1g or less, if anything.
  3. Ah ok. Well the rods on mine are plastic of some kind. I assumed it was stock. Maybe not.
  4. The ones from Doc is what pops up all the time. Just in general. How different can they be anyway?
  5. Anyone bought the carbon fiber rods for a GPX? Wondering if its worth it and how fragile they are.
  6. Thanks, all taken under consideration. Though as far as the SDC goes, I have heard the opposite at least once. I think it would be very useful or even more so for some of the spots I was in. There's also something to be said for a detector you can just grab from behind your seat and GO! I think I need both actually.... just need some winning lotto numbers now.
  7. All much appreciated. I could very well not have the best settings engaged but I was finding really small lead bullet fragments and micro wires so I must be in the neighborhood. I had doc's handy pocket guide with me too which helped bring me back to earth. I have a couple more big areas in mind to retry some days on. One being a known producer but also is secured by a club so Im off to join them (they are cheap too!). On a technical note, I've started to wonder if an SDC wouldnt have been a better machine for me. I struggled a lot with the decision (for months) and was glad about it but after seeing how I've worked the places I've been so far, I may have been better off with the SDC. I have had few chances to really put a decent size coil to use yet. I was also around several dry creek banks and working the 5000 on that was tough. Anybody switched from one to another? (maybe thats another thread)
  8. I'm well aware it takes time, which is what I've given and keep giving. I found a lot more than that, the pics are just a sample... The AMRA claim toward the NV boarder had 50x that amount in nothing but bullets, for example. I have learned to stay away from the crazy big targets too but bullets can't be ignored, especially pellets and bb's which seems to be really close to gold in behavior. Finding that closer producing area with known history is the issue I guess. Not sure where else to confirm that kind of thing since people are sometimes overly protective of a known area... as in, not even mentioning the region they found something in. I think that's taking it a little far. Im far from the famous Rye Patch area and am not aware of other rich spots near SoCal region, other than vague reports of finding a hot spot "in SoCal"....
  9. I've had a detector since I was about 9 years old. I got my first "bigger one" from Radio Shack as a gift when I was 14 (big nerd). That was all relic type hunting at the beach. parks, etc.. I was then out of it for most of my adult life until I got a Garrett 1150 in 2010 and did more beach combing around the LA area. I stopped over time with the trash on those beaches being overwhelming after a while. I got the bug to start looking into gold a few years ago, and I do a lot of 4x4 exploring with some serious equipent so it seems like a great combo. I researched all forums, reviews, videos etc for a year straight. I went to gold shows, in Vegas and SoCal. Sat in on lectures and asked guru's lots of questions. and 6 months of thinking and studying more, I finally got a deal on a GPX5000 with a great coil package. I'm just now getting back from another trip to gold claims run by AMRA and another small prospecting group Im a member of and I'm starting to get that feeling... The one where you want to give up after digging countless holes and getting nothing back but bullets and junk. I think I got my technique down as Im finding even tiny bullet fragments and pellets. Never a nugget of any kind. What do you guys do if/when you feel tired from trash? Do you ever team up with someone that has had luck? lol maybe that's a stupid question because who would share good location ideas!? I do all the suggested things Ive read here. I went to a few old gold mines as well but the bullets, WOW... one had 1000's of shells everywhere so i just left. in fact two guys pulled up when i was leaving with rifles and targets. ENDLESS lead in the ground there. Same with the others I ran into. I dont know anymore. I've spent countless hours out there since, from NoCal around Placerville to Nevada to Mojave. The claims I hit are all full of junk to the point where some would take a year of digging to find anything, to others that never hit on a thing other than a rare nail or washer, with one wire being about like a human hair! (the 5000 with a nugget finder is sensitive !) I need to rethink what Im doing I guess. I can't afford the fuel to keep randomly driving down miles of rough roads and hours of highway. Either it's all dug out and I wasted a lot of my savings and need to sell it, or I need to figure out a whole different way of finding places and/or team up with someone more experienced on the gold side of things to share ideas with. And yes I study maps of old mines, join gold clubs and even try to figure out what western US region people are in that post youtube clips of finds... but so far, nothing, and I'm all out of gas money for the month. Pic samples of my "success" so far!
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