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  1. Thanks for all help, they are helping me a lot. the equinox performs well in the field??
  2. The truth is that the sound of the deus, is like inflating 2 balloons and rubbing them together.?? the sound I like more the equinox Where I will use it will be only field. Winter, wet earth, summer, hard and dry earth. Type of soil, low grass, harvested land, dry grass. Some very mineralized sites, and others very few mineralized, some areas there is a lot of oxidized iron. what I'm looking for are relics, coins, jewels, everything that is old, it would be bronze, silver, copper, gold. EMI, where we look are many kilometers away, from populated areas, so everything is clean of signals. the XP Deus has my brother and I see him work, the pity that I do not know anyone who has the equinox 800, the truth is that I decline a little more for the equinox because of the good discrimination, what I'm looking for is that it be deep, but having very good discrimination having is the most important thing.?
  3. Of those two, which do you think is better? someone else is encouraged to give their opinion thank you Strick
  4. I wanted advice from all of you. I have an MXT Pro, and I'm thinking about changing it for something more current and with new technology, "if that's better". my thought, if you see that it is advisable is to sell my MXT Pro with the dish ultiamte detech 13 "and super 12, and collect some more money and buy the XP Deus or the Equinox 800. you think it would be worth the change ?, I would use it only for field, since my area in winter is usually wet, and in dry summer. The areas where I detect are low grass grasses, plowed fields, and in summer hard and dry fields, mineralization in some areas is very low and others are quite mineralized, so in these last areas the MXT Pro looks like a cricket when there is a lot of mineralization I go with the dish detech ultimate 13", I have to lower the power a lot. And if it's worth changing it, (since I do not want to regret it in the change), what detector do you think is better? and because? thank you.
  5. Odin


    helped me from google translator?
  6. Odin


    hello to all, the first to forgive for my bad English, I am fond of the search for 6 years and I love this great hobby, I am from Spain where the soil is hard and mineralized hehehe, and I really like this forum, as there is very good professionals of the hobby, and I am learning a lot by reading the forum and I hope I can contribute my grain of sand, now I have a mxt pro that has given me many joys. Greetings to all and thanks
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