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  1. i was delivering mail to a house last monday 5/4/20 i was to busy what kind of dog was licking my leg as i was putting the mail in the mail box .The owner yelled be nice to the dog i looked down and it was a pit bull ! LOL
  2. i just recently today tried to turn the equinox on with a quick press of the power button.You are right it brings you back to where you left off.My mistake .
  3. But if he just gives it a quick press it wont be long enough to turn on the machine.At least turn it on and go wherever you want to go from there
  4. even though i dont own a GMX but a xlt spectrum , mx7 and the equinox 800.The first 2 arent waterproof.Even on the beach and in the water i always do my balancing on the ground.Never heard of balancing for the water in the water.All balancing is done on ground thats what i have learned.
  5. It was explained to me if the equinox is chirping alot.I was told to turn down the sensitivity by the plus and minus buttons until no noise.I tried it around 17 would work as it did for me.
  6. Hello!Actually the first button on the equinox screen on the button that would take care of that situation.But as you press the reject and accept button keep pressing and point the equinox towards the sky until its done doing what its doing Because some of us dont lift it up and let it face the ground.Happy Hunting Stay safe!
  7. Pictures, i found the ring 10/7/19 on a beach. I just joined yesterday.I dont take any pics of anything i find ,but until now i will THANK YOU all for giving me advice for next time!Happy Hunting Stay safe !
  8. I also found a ring.Inside it says PD950.I brought it to a jewelery store.The girl said it was platinum.Her boss came over and explained to me it was Palladium.I asked him whats Palladium he said its high than gold!!PD stands for Palladium the number after that tells you how much is in the ring 95 is 95% of the kind of metal.
  9. Always pack a magnet ! If the jewelery you find sticks to the magnet NOT REAL!!
  10. On any detector machine.If it gives you a steady beep low or high dig it.If the signal is choppy and humming (If you are using the iron bias button).Pass it by.Dont waste your time!
  11. That it turns on press the button until FP Factory preset is shown on the screen.Because some of us just do a quick press.A quick press does not turn the equinox on.Look at the tutourial from beginning to end.I always need to go back to it.Not to be ashamed of at all.The tutourial is on you tube.Be safe Happy hunting!
  12. In Jult of 2018 in a park near my church i ahd my mx7 detector,I came across which seem to be a nickel or ring symbol so i started digging.Low and behold it was a 14kt gold wedding band.Surprisingly it had a date 2-18-50.Also first initial middle initial and last initial going to someone also with first middle and last initials and love always.I went to my church put it on facebook never give out much info let them give you the private info that the owner will only know.No luck with church bulletin board nor facebook.Took it to the police station they kept it for 6 months.No one came to claim
  13. My name is George im from long island ny.I have been metel detecting since 1992.From finding fake teeth with gold filling to coins rings and trash never a dull moment for me.The machines i own is the xlt spectrum,mx7 and the one and only equinox 800.I have found great treasures with each one and trash also.The first 2 machines are a single freq.The equinox has 40 freq.The rings i have found with the equinox the id number was always 7 or a 8.The ring i have found which looked like a washer but when i turned it around it had 24 tiny little diamonds half way around the ring.What surprised me was
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