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  1. I lowered the sensitivity to 15 ... the problem remained the same ... I will try in the field or different beach sand Thank you
  2. in the video used mode beach 2.. I understand, but the triangle does not appear anymore, it only appears with version 3. Now many false signals without stability, I have cleaned the coil, removing the protector and I have to try it again
  3. hello please check video in first page..thanks I still have problems with stability
  4. ok perfect..thank you very much for the solution..I'll upload videos soon so you can see it..a pleasure
  5. a day before it was perfect ... after updating it was bad ... I have returned to version 2 and it is not going very well ... I will check the connections ... I will try again on different beaches and record videos ... I have updated it with imac without any kind of problems ... I will inform you in a short time ... thank you all very much
  6. Good answer ... I would have to try another from someone ... I have not tried another detection mode ... right now I have it in v2 but it does not work very well ... it does not identify targets as before ... soon I will upload videos ... Could it be a problem with a damaged plate?
  7. I have downloaded the firmware version to 2.1 and now it is better ... I need to test on different beaches ... I think it works slow when detecting targets ... I will have to observe it ... I am on highly mineralized beaches (Canary Islands, Spain)
  8. yes, I did a factory reset by pressing the power button for a few seconds..thanks
  9. Hi everyone ... I recently updated my equinox 800 to version 3. I have gone to the beach to test it ... after trying on several beaches the detector is unstable ... beach mode 1-2 ... the screen always shows -9 (with any sensitivity) I can not remove it ... sometimes a small triangle comes out next to the battery ... these beaches where I have always detected, never any problems ... anyone knows the reason EDIT: software version 2.1, false signals continuously, sometimes with bad sound (centimes or garbage) I locate with pinpointer but without targets, unstable detector in and ou
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