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  1. Yes, thank you very much, the pda has already been replaced .. now it goes better without problems
  2. In the water the detector was crazy, then it showed Cd on the screen and later it did not turn on, so it begins to drown little by little ... until its screen shows water
  3. Of course not everyone submerges it and less with fear .. that is the gain, some but others not .. when the warranty ends, you can make some small modifications
  4. It is a big problem and not only in a few units, more come out every day ... In Europe it works differently, there are 3 years of guarantee in total. 2 years of store and one of minelab
  5. so all equinox are made in malaysia? It is a pity that it is supposedly submersible but you do not know if it will survive ... we hope that in future models the fault is corrected ... the problem comes from the ctx 3030, I think I remember
  6. If it's a shame, in your box it says something similar to mine, there is a small solution to the water filtration, I made a video but it is in Spanish, I only recommend doing it in products out of warranty.
  7. Hello, I had a problem with my metal detector, I was using it in the water, after several months it does not turn on and shows the message "CD" on the screen and then you can see the water inside .. the guarantee I change it for another without problems a fast process I have read, that water enters through the union of the handle to the pda (subjecting screws to the mast), according to what they say, this problem only happens to those made in Malaysia ... those made in Australia do not have that problem, the first series they come out perfect does anyone know about this topic? How do
  8. I lowered the sensitivity to 15 ... the problem remained the same ... I will try in the field or different beach sand Thank you
  9. in the video used mode beach 2.. I understand, but the triangle does not appear anymore, it only appears with version 3. Now many false signals without stability, I have cleaned the coil, removing the protector and I have to try it again
  10. hello please check video in first page..thanks I still have problems with stability
  11. ok perfect..thank you very much for the solution..I'll upload videos soon so you can see it..a pleasure
  12. a day before it was perfect ... after updating it was bad ... I have returned to version 2 and it is not going very well ... I will check the connections ... I will try again on different beaches and record videos ... I have updated it with imac without any kind of problems ... I will inform you in a short time ... thank you all very much
  13. Good answer ... I would have to try another from someone ... I have not tried another detection mode ... right now I have it in v2 but it does not work very well ... it does not identify targets as before ... soon I will upload videos ... Could it be a problem with a damaged plate?
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