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  1. Hey Bill! I’ve also got a 2200D that I kickstarted my PI detecting with and I immediately got Doc’s Gold Screamer kit for a power supply. It has worked great for me! I believe you can still find the manual to this detector on Minelab’s website or even somewhere here in one of Steve’s many sections on various detectors. I found a bunch of nice nuggets (most of which, I had to sell during lean times) back around 2016-17 with one of these. Quite simple to use, but I’m saying that now after learning the 5000.

    What a score, man!! Hope you do get over some gold up there with it!

    https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/4256/Instruction Manual SD2200d_Scan.pdf

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  2. 1 hour ago, afreakofnature said:

    Your desert glass looks like chert (crypto crystalline quartz) to me.  If hand worked, could be an arrowhead.


    1 hour ago, afreakofnature said:

    Oh…..and your not supposed to remove items from NP’s.  Not even rocks.  Just future FYI.

    It was transparent black with banding, I made out to be obsidian. Especially with so much abundant obsidian over the mountains to the West of there. 
    I’m aware of how stingy the NPS is with their ungodly amount of rocks and minerals lol that’s why the only thing at home from above is the ibutton thing which I picked up thinking it was trash! But thanks for looking out 👍 If you’re into backpacking and don’t mind sand, you could go out to the hidden dunes too and find the mysterious dune glass! It’s really odd to find nice black, sand blasted chips of the stuff sitting right on top of the sands. Didn’t see it on any of the desert floor around the dunes, only in ‘em 🤔

    1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

    I was thinking it's a radioactive source.  Hope you're done having children if you were carrying it in a pants pocket....  🥴

    (Seriously, if it were radioactive there should be a tag/sticker indicating such.)

    😂 I ended up googling ibutton images, like Redz suggested up there and it was a bullseye! Any sort of marking has just worn off the one I found. Probably due to it residing in the shifting sands for years. I may reach out to DVNP to let them know the 5 Ws of me finding it, in case there’s some useful data still salvageable from the device.

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  3. 7 hours ago, afreakofnature said:

    The government is tracking you now lol probably some type of device for some scientific experiment being done in the park


    2 hours ago, Redz said:

    Looks like an ibutton, which can be data logging temperature sensors or electronic tags .


    …ah crap….

    I’ve even been carrying it around like a good luck charm to all my nugget patches 😒

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  4. I was backpacking with a friend last spring to some hidden dunes in Death Valley NP and stumbled across some odd things there. Obviously not metal detecting, but there were interesting things to be found lying on the surface of the sands! It began with finding what I romantically named, Dune Glass, which was probably just flintknap chippings from natives way back in the day.


    That was the biggest piece. From there I spotted something really interesting which I thought would be a huge piece of Dune Glass. But it turned out to be something even more odd! A .50 cal slug, resting contentedly on the sand!


    But aside from these interesting finds, I take you to this strange piece that I picked up and brought home in order to clean up what seemed like trash. Found in the area of 37.14981, -117.84051. But I can’t figure out what it might be. Reminds me of an ant trap, but the hole seems way to small, and what a weird place to find it. Also it looks to be sealed in the mesh by hand with staples. I think I should open it up, but I just wanted to see if anyone here might have a clue as to what it is. I’m optimistic that it contains at least a gram of gold 😂


    I know they’re not metal detecting finds, but since I’m a detector prospector, I figured I could share here! And if you haven’t visited Eureka Dunes, it’s amazing and worthwhile. 


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  5. I’m 30 years old; I don’t trust a single YouTube content creator who gets the massive view numbers and I avoid TikTok like the plague that it is. The metal detector market is definitely performance based in my opinion, because my interest is only piqued due to results and reports from experienced operators. Not flamboyant video makers looking to score free gear and clout.

    I think you’re arguing in favor of getting the companies more sales though, which would be great for them. But I think that would rely on the creation of more detecting-content creators instead of a content creator-detector. Because most likely, the folks swayed by those videos would excitedly fill the pockets of the detector manufacturers and then quickly give up detecting after reality sets in and I’d be content with knowing there’s not a super saturation of detectors swinging over ground I haven’t gotten to yet 😂

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  6. 4 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    You're a natural at video making.

    You've also got some very good ground to hunt there, I am envious.

    Thank you! I am indeed very lucky and thankful for the opportunities I have. Your posts always do stoke the gold fever in me, so for that, I am also thankful for the experiences you share!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Gold Catcher said:

    Awesome, congrats. Job well done. And not a single piece of trash 🙂

    Thank you! No trash in the video, but if you notice in the first photo of this post, there is a small bit of wire. That was the only bit of trash found in the patch. Otherwise, on my hike to the patch as I was pushing the detector along, I turned up something like (1) large wire, (5) .22 shells, and about (7) bits of lead. I was thinking about posting a video from a trip a few weeks ago, patch hunting, where all I turned up was trash. But I don’t think that would be very entertaining for anyone 😂 too much reality of the detector prospector life.

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  8. 2 hours ago, matt said:

    Sweet vid! I enjoyed watching it and it sure made me want to get out and find some gold.

    Thank you! Isn't it wild how infectious Gold Fever actually is? 

    The whole reason I went out that day was because I had a Gold Fever flare up after watching a youtube video of Tassie Boys sniping gold in a river 😂

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