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  1. Awesome! Love that it was so close to home, you’re walking over gold every day. It’s all yours, you just don’t have it yet 😂
  2. I like how they’re even nestled into a fault in the bedrock. That’s not just any old run of the mill crevice 😂
  3. I can’t be the first one to think this… but doesn’t that OKM thing seem like the scammiest scam that could ever be scammed up? What is the deal?!
  4. Dig about 80% of that overburden off for as much of the length of those washes as you can manage first and then maybe you'll have a shot at finding something with a detector. 1m of overburden is quite the unrealistic depth to think of finding nuggets beneath, especially when you consider extra depth that crevices and unconformities in the bedrock present. Digging beforehand will be 100% necessary with that kind of depth unless you discount the bottom of the wash and hunt the banks. Then get what you can afford, learn how to operate it, and if there's gold present, the detector will see it. Gold ouck!
  5. Hope to see some photos of some amazing gold and scenery upon your return! Will be prospecting vicariously through you 👍
  6. A prospecting trip to Australia is #1 on my dream list. Hopefully within the next 5 years!
  7. Awesome gold! I get mostly flat gold like those at my active patch. Little satellite dishes for our detector beams to reflect off of!
  8. Dude! That is an awesome chunker! Love these extra dense ones. Great find, thanks for sharing! Could we get another angle??
  9. I tend to fantasize about gridding the pits out of 5x5 foot sections of ground at a time. With nice little corner markers and all the skill from years of not coloring in the lines applied. But! That level of patience is Diamond and the best I can muster is only about Beryl. So it's off to aggressively push at the boundaries of patches with loose grid fundamentals or follow some mysterious terrain features! It's nice to feel as if you've covered a sizeable amount of ground.
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