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  1. Good luck out there, sounds like a dream. Loved the comment about the wool socks, I’m currently at the Moose fire in ID, relating with a bag full of wool socks 🤣
  2. These videos were my earliest inspiration to start detecting. Can’t get enough of the “hot rod” target response. And here’s a personal one I find interesting 😜
  3. Thanks again! Real prospecting. I’ll plan on backpacking then 👌 😂 I’m excited and very curious to see if placer indicators I’m familiar with correlate out here. Just bought a nox the other day, so I’m excited to have a lightweight detector now. We’re headed to Oregon for the next couple weeks, I’ll be researching if I get the chance and dreaming of nuggets.
  4. Man, this is a motivating post. I’m working in Northern Colorado for the summer and I brought my detector just in case I get the right motivation. Those little flat nuggets you’re finding are EXACTLY what I’m finding back home on some sort of residual patch on top of a mountain out in the desert SW. Reading about your boulders that are split rough, in addition to the flatties, and your theory on an old sedimentary deposit that did some geologic press activity really harmonizes with my own theories about my patch. Hope you’re still having luck out there, maybe we’ll run into each other if I go hunting some ancient placers. Respectfully.
  5. Those old PIs are still gold killers. I was inspired by all of Lanny’s old tales where he was using a 2000 or 2100?… and I bought a 2200d under all the excitement and hope spelled out in his stories. Worked out great for me and I started finding nuggets immediately in an area I was originally hunting with a Tesoro Lobo. If there’s gold to be found, any upgrade will improve your odds, ie. vlf->PI IMO you made a great buy. Also, as far as the battery. I got rid of those brick batteries right away and went to Doc’s Gold Screamer with the 7.2v batteries. At a full charge the batteries will read at 8v+ and end up draining down to the stated rating. My 2200 ran great with them.
  6. Hello! Just throwing out a feeler if any reputable members here in said vicinity might be interested in meeting up for some detecting this week. I’m staying in the Oroville area and attending some short meetings in Sacramento until heading home Sunday morning. Shoot me a message if there’s any interest in connecting! Thanks!
  7. Love these stories! Sounds like a great time and some great conversations. I’m sitting here wishing I could join you one day in those far northern reaches!
  8. Awesome! You sure did give me quite the itch with this trip report…. Awesome finds, best of continuing luck!
  9. I’m sure the finder was referring to the mountains upon the asteroid mentioned above 😂 Let the space race for gold commence!!!
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