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  1. 2 dates to go 🤔😂
  2. Sounds like that was the problem thanks for the advice! the plan is to go tomorrow to an old property to have a play. Will bury some coins and try learn a bit from there. excited for my first hunt
  3. Haha I like that! I was just watching YouTube and they all tested in their yards, obviously not as urban as mine 😆 2 more dates to go 😂
  4. Yeah I didn’t manage to get out but I will tomorrow thanks for the advice all taken in and can’t wait to try it out
  5. Thank you guys, I was just in my yard when I turned it on I’ll take it out for a hunt today to a park and see if that makes some difference. I was getting 31-34 in my yard which I couldn’t seem to find but I was near my verandah posts, sounds like that could have been interfering?. Thanks again for the detailed advice I will Try it today and will keep you posted! cheers
  6. Hey guys and gals. I just bought my first detector, I went with the 540 just as a newbie never detected before reviews and recommendations pointed me in that direction. I turned it on and there’s constant noise no matter where I point it, it doesn’t seem to stop, to the point I turn it off while I’m digging is this normal? any other tips or tricks with the V540 for a green horn? I have been on YouTube galore but still be nice to hear first hand. Cheers!
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