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  1. I might be able to help you out and I'm in Gold Basin, are you ever out here, you can pick out the sizes you want from my collection..... IM me. Jen
  2. Jump on a flight and head down to Vegas, rent a car and drive an hour and you'll be on the gold fields producing stuff like this... https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=32966 Yes I know the link's been posted previously potential Karen's, no need to remind me.. simply expressing to Klunker that he's never far from gold, regardless of the weather. 😉 The only limiting factor is you and how much desire you have to succeed. Jen
  3. It's not gold related, nor is it coin and relic but a lot of us also search for space rocks... talk about pennies from heaven... Jen It's
  4. Yes they probably are, but for the little value it added to the thread to correct them as well as the public shaming of them for their error, I didn't feel it was worth doing and served no value other than negative, thank you for doing it for me. Yes, at least in the photo Gerry is referring to seeing, which has Joshua Tree's that is probably what he meant..... See.. zero value add, but thank you none the less for your <fingers doing air quotes>valuable<fingers doing air quotes> contribution to the thread. 😜
  5. Saw the doctor this week, removed the splint from my arm (had surgery) and I am in no where near the discomfort I thought I'd be so am going back to my trusty GPX 5000 and hip stick. For that reason, this brand spanky new GPX 6000 is for sale. As some of you may have seen, my first one was dead out of the box and this was a replacement for it, I personally picked it up at the dealer and brought it home, assembled it, fully tested it and ensured it was working so you will not have any surprises, and then I put it up till I got my arm splint off this week. I am now making it available as I am able to swing my 5k with no problem. I am NOT making any money on this deal as you can see, just want it to go to a good home. GPX 6000 New: $5,999.00 17" Elliptical coil New: $360.00 Docs Detector Cover New: $129.00 Extended Steve G Carbon Fiber Shaft New: $69.00 (I LOVE this shaft for when using the 17" coil as I'm tall, this was a great purchase). TOTAL NEW: $6557.00 I am selling the package for $6,000.00 you pay shipping or you can pick it up in the Gold Basin area. Essentially you are getting the 17" coil, detector cover, extended shaft for free, not paying any tax, AND getting the ease of mind to know it's not going to be defective out of the box as is being discussed in another thread, as it's fully tested. PS: I can take some pictures once the sun comes up but we all know what a brand new 6000 looks like.
  6. When using headphones, I use Sennheiser HD 598's, they're GREAT as they let a little bit of external audio come through (great for bears, cougars (no not the martini drinking ones), and snakes) while at the same time cutting out wind noise. Highly recommended. I use them either plugged in direct or through a Steel Phase SP01. https://en-us.sennheiser.com/audio-headphones-high-end-surround-sound-hd-598 Jen
  7. Thank you for this, it doesn't affect me as I only buy NF and I buy direct from Chris at AZO for said coils. I had a defective out of the box 25" DD that I sent back and had a replacement from Chris within a couple days (he sent the new one back right away before getting the defective one back). Your post and my experience has shown me it's always best to buy from a reputable dealer or if used, a trustworthy forum board member if possible. The used NF's I've purchased from members have all been flawless... it's a good community. I was in Bendigo at a dealers house one day and saw a Chinese clone GPX 5000 and it was crazy how identical it looked.... till you turned it on... LOL Takeaway... you won't get warranty service like this from a clone/Chinese product. Jen
  8. This shot really jumped out at me as they didn't bother trimming the legs off the threshold potentiometer and it was so close to ground potential at the case/case shielding junction point.... but I'm taking the topic off topic, that was a 4500, not a 6000... but I just wanted to add my personal experience to JP's statement about them stepping up and going above and beyond (as did both Steve and JP).
  9. Oh that's right... I totally forgot all those details... that's wild.... thanks for filling in the missing info Steve...so the warranty that was covered was because you'd just had it in for the upgrade... ok... makes sense.... My feelings still stand, once I cracked it open, regardless of my reasoning, they could have denied it plain and simple and for not doing that, they have my eternal gratitude. Jen
  10. Thanks JP, appreciate the response..... great point re man vs aut, I'll have to give it a go more in the auto settings and see how it does.. . feel free to augment your post after watching the vid if you have anything else to add, your opinion is always important to myself and others I'm sure. Jen
  11. I can vouch for what JP states here from personal experience. Back in November 2008 (I just looked at the receipt, damn time flies), I purchased a 4500 from Steve, his personal machine which left his office in Alaska in working condition, sadly after several trips to the gold fields it became apparent it was not working properly. Knowing it was out of warranty and having nothing to lose, I cracked it open as I could hear stuff floating around inside.... white vibration dampening material and a couple solder balls had broken free in the trip from Alaska to the BC gold fields where I was at the time, the components now being loose on the board and solder floating around caused MASSIVE noise and made it unusable. In the 4th pic you can see a short piece of loose wire etc. It also had some issues with a brown substance that appeared to be possibly leaking caps causing RF leakage issues or solder paste splatter from the flow solder process, you can see one solder ball loose on the board. Overall, as you can see by all the photos, it was a mess, components barely on the board etc and probably never should have left the factory.... but it did and it worked great for Steve and he had no idea of the issues. I discussed it on a forum we were all on at the time, both JP and Steve helped make Minelab aware of it, I drove it to Seattle on my next trip down (I was commuting between Vancouver, BC and Seattle for Boeing at the time) and sent it to Vegas where Minelab was at the time and it was covered 100%. This item was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY outside warranty, I'd opened it up and shown pictures of my opening it.. clearly they had EVERY reason to justifiably say nick off.... but they didn't.... they were GREAT.. now granted I had some pretty heavy knee cappers standing behind me holding bats in the form of Steve and JP but I was VERY impressed by the way this was handled.... and I've never looked back on being a Minelab owner since then and never will... they will ALWAYS be my NUMBER 1 choice for detector gear, gold or otherwise. Including most of the photos for those interested in what it looks like inside of a GPX machine but are too smart to take yours apart like I did.. LOL This was a fluke.... probably the first machine of the day on a solder flow table that wasn't up to full temp yet... the takeaway here is... Minelab owned it, without even TRYING to make excuses or say it was out of warranty for time or opening issues.... and I have rewarded that many times in subsequent purchases and will forever be indebted to both Steve and JP for helping me get this visible to the right people in the firm. Jen
  12. Hi JP, what are your thoughts on this issue I mentioned in another thread, it appears that the delta between running thresh and not is a bit too wide on the opening of the front end or audio chain (akin to the squelch set to high on a radio), have you seen this in your dealings? From what I see here, there's a serious risk of a miss running no thresh as you suggested, has this improved? Thanks Jen
  13. ... yea, and leave more room for me on mine.. LOL (agree 100%, about knowing the limits of my own personality I mean)... I just turned down a job offer with the DOD in DC, not because it wouldn't be a cool job, but because I'm smart enough to know my lack of filtering would have me in Gitmo within 48 hours... LOL
  14. While not gem related, one of my favorite Youtubers had a series a while back on finding an old sluice box that had been left in an old hydraulic site.... just think of the possibilities...
  15. Thanks.. my vote is for all the women AND men out there who never show their gold on the forums... they're the ones who are cleaning up...... 🙂
  16. Thanks JP and thanks for supporting her, I saw your logo on her video and smiled.... I'm a huge fan... I told her if she ever needs a break and wants to fly to Vegas, I'll come get her at the airport, host her and set her up with gear and a detector for some AZ gold... she's a GREAT role model for not just women but for all of us!!!! Great choice to wear your logo..... great choice!!!!
  17. Newbie where? (looking around).... you have a mouse in your pocket Gerry? LOL (I know what ya meant). GPZ7000 stock battery is 72wh, GPX6000 stock battery is 100wh, while larger, if you're truck charges one or more zed batts no problem, you're laughing with the 6k.... should have no problem whatsoever. You're also saving a few mah by plugging the bat direct to the power source on the 6 rather than going through the desktop charger with LED's etc like on the 7... that's a bit of savings on the 6 over the 7 charging architecture (granted there is one small LED in the 6 battery if I recall).
  18. Jack's an awesome guy to spend time chatting with, last time we chatted in Rye Patch he was out there putting in many more hours than I did, swinging his Gold Bug and cleaning up like a detector had never been swung there.. LOL.... and wow has he found some large copper up in Michigan. http://www.mylandmatters.org/Library/Bill_and_Linda/jackbeebe.html Please feel free to remove when you do the aisle mop up. 😀
  19. Anyone who thinks prospecting is only for the young needs to spend a few dinners with Jack Beebe in Rye Patch like I have...he has some stories. http://www.mylandmatters.org/Library/Bill_and_Linda/nevada2010.html
  20. Go back to your dry washer Adam, leave the nugget hunting to the professionals... 😜
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