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  1. Today I visited the neighboring mountain (closer to the car) with a metal detector. My goal was to find a place for a thorough search. Visually examined the narrow creek, there were cobblestones with quartz veins, but did not find the place where they lived. How promising is quartz?
  2. By the way, here is a photo of the hillside where I searched with a metal detector (photo screen from my video).
  3. Thanks for the support, small hillside climbs as gold accumulation areas are also great advice. Is it possible to determine by the appearance of quartz whether it can produce nugget gold? What should it be?
  4. On a 3-5mm Garrett At Gold flake with a 4.5" coil gives a signal within 1 inch, the creek below the hill has no long-lived cracks, the bedrock of the Creek is mostly conglomerate and clay. Therefore, even if there are nuggets in creek, it will not be possible to check. Because nuggets behave differently in creek than small gold. Therefore, I believe that on a hillside there are more chances to find gold that is captured by the detector, the more often gold is larger in quartz than in free form. We have deciduous forest here, there are no bedrock outcrops on the hill. The presence of forest organic matter also makes its own adjustments.
  5. I did not know this, on the contrary, I focused on a steep slope. That is, it turns out the alternation of the steepness of the slope makes the accumulation of gold on a gentle slope? By analogy with the bends in the river?
  6. At the top of the hill there is also quartz but a little different (there is no reddish hue). This hill has quartz everywhere, not too much but enough.
  7. Hello, I used pan to find alluvial gold in the river. But recently I have become interested in searching for gold with a detector, on a hillside, but so far without success, so I need your advice. And so I use a Garrett AT Gold with Garrett AT sniper 4.5" coil, I surveyed a hillside in a gold-bearing place, where in creek I found gold in the form of 3-5 mm flakes with a wash. Therefore, I decided to go to the hillside with a metal detector in search of gold nuggets. But I couldn't find anything with a metal detector. But in my personal opinion, the place is still promising. I am adding a photo of quartz from this hill. Help "come" to the first gold on the hillside with a detector.
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