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  1. This is another one of those, "What the heck is this?". It is 3 1/4 inches and jumps to a magnet and rings up a solid, LOUD -54 on the Manticore. Those are not threads on the end and appears to be a hard rubber type covering on the handle end. I am used to finding fingernail and or makeup type tools on my beaches, but this doesn't look like anything that could be used in that way. It is fairly heavy for its size also. Can anyone enlighten me? Also, show it to your spouse as they may know what it is. Thanks, Joe
  2. Anyone have any idea what this might be? I doubt it is mission related but you never know! Found on the beach near a mission...
  3. Does this look like a martian meteorite it has a specific gravity of 3.45312 the image is a piece I broke off it's greyish white.
  4. This seems to be slightly familiar but not enough for me to recognize what it is. It is 41.1mm and weighs 8.6g vs 22.45 of the Ike Dollar. It appears to be well worn but no real corrosion on it. From the weight I would say it is aluminum and it rang up a solid 93 on the Manticore. It was on a freshly sanded in beach. This beach replenishes with a lot of greenies on a daily basis this time of the year, so I detect it often. The winged side is symmetrical, but the triangle side is not. The edges are smooth and not reeded. Anyone know what I have found? Please enlighten me. Thanks, Joe
  5. Ive had these since i was a kid. i have no memory where i got them. some were gifts, others Im sure were store bought. site did not post pics in proper order. last three were with 1st four. the image with 4 rocks, the second from left is a darker dirty green. paul
  6. Found These Two Artifacts In Oregon, On Some Farmland Dating Back To The 1800's. I Believe It To Be A Buckle, And A Button But Not Sure. Can Anyone Help Identify Them Please? Front side of buckle. The buckle is 2 inches in length and 1 inch 5/8 in width. When My Nokta Makro Simplex+ detects it the id number shows up as a solid 90. It's not magnetic and appears to be silver. (the artifact is still dirty and needs more restoration) Top side of button. It's about a size of a pea and when detected by my Simplex+ the id jumps around 55 and 60. The button is also not magnetic.
  7. Found this in my garden. Probably an ornament by previous owner. No idea what it is. It weighs 25kg though. Any help would be gratefully received!
  8. Hi guys, what is the explanation for these thin white layers between the limestone? Also What is the explanation for the layer cracking around it? Can you say it's calcareous clay?
  9. I found this odd rock out in Gold Basin. I've sent some photos to some experts who think it is not a meteorite, just thick desert varnish. It sure had me wondering for a while since it seemed so out-of-place compared to other material nearby.
  10. The first 18 seconds of the video are of the inside then when it turns green that's the outside, looks like olivine crystal maybe, I sent in some samples for testing, looking forward to the results next week. Take care. Video link -
  11. Hi everyone From Jurassic , could it be a fossil?What are the gray lines? regards
  12. So I went hiking one day and I have come across this rock and others like it. I have no idea what kind of rock this is. Do you have a guess of what it can be?
  13. Hello, I would love to know from you experts that can identify these different stones I have in my private land. Thank you 🤗
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out this odd rock I found today. About 3/4 inch long, textured on one side, broken on another and smooth aside from some dimpling on the rest. Found in Doña Ana county, New Mexico. It's a very fossil rich area with an abundance of petrified wood, but I'm not sure this falls into either of those categories. Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. The light colored stone found on Arsenal island between iowa and illinois. The other in north east iowa from pipeline creek crossing. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hi, I found these stones in CT among others that I'll post after and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks
  17. Hi everyone What are these dark spots (light brown)?
  18. I'll keep this short as this find could be of no interest at all to many - it is very interesting to me. This two pieces of rock were found resting next to each other and immediately caught my eye due to the gold/yellow surface that was facing up as I walked by and noticed it. After picking them up it became apparent that they were two thin pieces of the same rock and that they fit back together perfectly with the two gold/yellow sides facing one another. I've never seen or found anything like it and I'm just trying to identify them. Any help is greatly appreciated, I have a few books and have gone through carefully finding no matches to what I have here.
  19. Fairly recently I was hiking a mountain in Montana and came across these mysterious “glass” shards that appeared to be completely random in shape and some having rock minerals and possibly ash trapped within the “glass”. I’m curious if anyone can help me identify these and figure out what happened and how they were created. Thanks so much Whitemountainexplorer
  20. Roughly 8 months ago I was hiking along a trail in New Hampshire and stopped to take a break. It was at a stream crossing and I peered into the stream to look for interesting rocks and came upon this one. It appears to be some kind of rock/metal incased in another rock or some sort of hardened substance. Almost like it was created with volcanic activity. This rock being found in New Hampshire tells me it most likely wasn’t form with volcanic activity. I’m hoping someone can help me identify what I’ve got here. Thanks so much Whitemountainexplorer
  21. just wanted to know if anyone could tell me about this button...thanks
  22. From what I can tell, relative density, mohs tests and visual similarities from other samples across the internet all point to a platinum nugget. Found it beachcombing along the PNW.
  23. It's not magnetic, silver metallic core, extremely heavy, flat black shell and looks almost identical to pics on numerous gov't web sites. The 3rd, 4th and 5th pics are the same. The red area has been torched/burnt. The small blue area is a fresh cut, the core appears to be the same throughout.
  24. Greetings! I am wondering if someone can help me identify the types of rock/minerals that compose the attached sample? The sample was found along the NE shore of Lake Winnibigoshish in north-central Minnesota. The sample was found near the shoreline (steeply sloping shoreline); the shoreline is almost exclusively sandy, and the lake is relatively shallow in this area (6' deep about 100 yards from shore). The sample itself measures about 4"x6"x2". Please let me know if you have a good idea of what I am looking at, and/or if you can recommend a good resource to learn more about the sample/composition. I appreciate your support and consideration! Best, Matt
  25. I friend of mine found this rock. He seems to think it has some value. On his monster 1000, and Equinox 800 it reads as having some gold in it, or it at least has some non-ferious properties to it. It just looks like lava rock to me. It is very light for it size, less than a few ounces. It was found a little west of Phoenix, Arizona. Any ideas?
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