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  1. I was backpacking with a friend last spring to some hidden dunes in Death Valley NP and stumbled across some odd things there. Obviously not metal detecting, but there were interesting things to be found lying on the surface of the sands! It began with finding what I romantically named, Dune Glass, which was probably just flintknap chippings from natives way back in the day. That was the biggest piece. From there I spotted something really interesting which I thought would be a huge piece of Dune Glass. But it turned out to be something even more odd! A .50 cal slug, resting contentedly on the sand! But aside from these interesting finds, I take you to this strange piece that I picked up and brought home in order to clean up what seemed like trash. Found in the area of 37.14981, -117.84051. But I can’t figure out what it might be. Reminds me of an ant trap, but the hole seems way to small, and what a weird place to find it. Also it looks to be sealed in the mesh by hand with staples. I think I should open it up, but I just wanted to see if anyone here might have a clue as to what it is. I’m optimistic that it contains at least a gram of gold 😂 I know they’re not metal detecting finds, but since I’m a detector prospector, I figured I could share here! And if you haven’t visited Eureka Dunes, it’s amazing and worthwhile.
  2. I found this button a month ago and posted a bunch of photo's with my other finds. I thought it was just another old button, but today I saw some detail in it and started to clean it. After about two hours of cleaning this is what I found. The button has a steel back and a brass front, the back has writing on it that is not legible. I'm hoping GB can help me out with the id. Any button people out there, your help will be appreciated. Mid to late 1800's ? The design is really unique. Stars, snake, infinity symbol, sailing ships, little circles and cattail plant. too fancy to be an average button ( my opinion) Look at it and tell me your thoughts.
  3. I took the15" coil off the Equinox today to try some relic hunting in a very trashy area. The 11" seems so small! I found this along an old railroad located in a city environment now. In front of the red coloring is glass. My thought is off the center of a wheel. Any ideas?
  4. I Was up in the forest above Graeagle 3 days ago detecting along with my girlfriend getting fresh air and looking for some new ground closer to me to claim. I had my sdc2300 and my girlfriend was using the gm1000. it was a great day even though it was very challenging ground to detect. even with our compact detectors and small coils we had to keep super tight sweeps do to the vegetation. My biggest challenge of the day was when I picked up a target near the base of a dead tree. the deeper I dug the fainter the target got. I dug for 10 minutes at least. I was so stuck in tunnel vision focused on the ground that I did not notice that there was a rusty Panther Martian fishing lure stuck in the tree trunk about 10 inches off the ground. I sure felt stupid but new lesson learned. after filling our pockets with lead and other various things we decided to head back to the car. It was on the walk back towards the car that I picked up a strong signal. I only had to drag the ground with my boot to move the target so I instantly assumed a soda tab or something light. I dig up all targets because you never know plus its just good practice to remove trash weather its yours or not. once had uncovered the target I was sure I found an unoxidized fresh piece of lead that just happened to look like a nugget. tested it with my magnet, did not stick. gave it the good old bite test and chipped my tooth. Oops. at this point I was puzzled. when we arrived home and jumped straight on my computer. after graduating from the geology school of You tube "lol" I ran a few tests on the object. first I weighed it (1.69 g). then I gave it a streak test comparing it to a known lead piece and a steal bird shot. the streak test was done on thick dense paper as I did not have a ruff white piece of porcelain, even checked toilets underside of the porcelain lid but was a raw color not white so was stuck with paper. after that i soaked it in muriatic acid over night, Nothing happened, no reaction, Oxidation or anything. then I put it in some cold aqua regia I made. it took over an hour for me to notice anything. it seems like it just cleaned off any surface contaminants. the next test I did was a density test. My mass was 1.69g and my liquid volume displacement was 0.077ml. entered it into a density calculator and got a density of 21.94805194852 g/m3. My best guess is it is a natural formed Platinum osmium alloy. Platinum has a density of 21.45 g/m3 and osmium has a density of 22.59 g/cm3 sure would be great but I have my doubts after searching for a long time on the internet looking up the history of any platinum found in Plumas county. only thing I found was was info about Nelson creek which is roughly 8 to 10 miles from the location I was at. it said very few platinum nuggets were found there the largest being bean size. barley larger than my alien jelly bean. that all I could find related platinum nuggets in Plumas county. Platinum is also way more rare than gold especially in the nugget form. I have not found a gold nugget with a detector yet so what are my chances that my first good find is something way more rare than gold? could the little alien jellybean be my first valuable find metal detecting? Wanting to do my Hallelujah but cant till i know what i have found. Is it worth sending off to get analyzed please let me know what you all think it could be? Thank you.
  5. a friend of mine found these up in the hills of oregon. they say from what I've read that obsidian cannot be this red maybe a orange brownish mahogany color but this is not slag its bright red has some black in it some dark purples. if not obsidian and not slag then what is it???? the darker piece is small maybe 2 inches the other two are the size of two adult males fist. somebody please tell me what they are.
  6. I think it's a meteor It's not magnetic but it is smaller than a penny. I found it metal detecting came up as a 10 and it's not metallic. And by the way I don't know much about meteors so please explain well if you know wut it is. I mainly collect minerals I just wanted to know if it was a meteor
  7. In gold prospecting, lead ‘trash’ he’s been mentioned. Where does the lead come from - naturally formed or things like bullets and shot?
  8. From the Cargo Muchachos. A good strong but low signal on my nox. I cut it just to see what it looked like inside, I was hoping it would be a little more colorful. Past threads were very helpful.
  9. Found old bullet 5-6” down near 1840’s homesite. It has civil war patina, about ½ inch in diameter, weight 26 grams or 401 grains. I can see two rings clearly and faintly the third ring. It is a fired bullet. Any idea what type of bullet and is it really a 3 ringer?
  10. I thought maybe it's petrified wood? The second rock I found detecting and a magnet hits it. I think it's magnetite.
  11. It is fairly heavy for it's size, I'll try to figure out the density. Magnets are attracted to it and I can see a couple sparkles of some crystalization but haven't cut it open as I need to get a diamond blade for my tile saw.
  12. Found my heaviest piece of lead today in a local park along with some additional old parts to railroad cars (I think). I'm guessing this came from when they used lead to join pipes together. Anyone familiar with that process is welcome to confirm or disagree.
  13. Hi, I found this rock out my back yard that is very metallic and porous plus very light. Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? It looks a lot more shiny under a light than in the photo.
  14. Hi all, Please I need help identifying a rock that felt on my friend's garden some time ago and he was keeping it since. He told me when it felt, it was so hot and couldn't touch it. The rock is attracted with magnet and is shiny. Any help will be appreciated and thx in advance.
  15. Hi, i am wondering if some can help me. I get stranded due covid in the dominican republic. and once i was invited to walk in the jungle. then i was surprised by the rocks and formations. afterwards i was reading a bit of this island, and found out it is the biggest gold country in america. like this, and due missing ocupation, i starting to search for it. but i can not find it. but my gold detector give me a lot of positive signals. some rocks are attached. i will be very happy if some whant to talk about this with me. thank you very much
  16. I recently was looking at a new place when I was hiking and found some interesting samples. I bought a cheap digital microscope to get a closer look and think I found something good but want some opinions before I get them assayed. Anyone want to help?
  17. I found it in Alberta Mohs 7 can't scratch it but 8 does , not transparent , looks dark green to me The fossil or (rock not sure what the wrap around it is but it is too hard ) Mohs 8 Im trying to remove it from the wrap with my Dremel rotary tool but it looks like it will take forever , no rush do not want to brake it I will add more day time taking pictured tomorrow
  18. My trips to the beach (1/2 mile) have been sporadic lately and my postings even more so. I just thought I'd show some pictures and ask a 'What is it?' question. Here goes: This is an interesting 'A' that I found today marked 14k GF and a 925. Does that mean it is 33% gold with silver? It doesn't look like gold plating. This is men's wedding band that is the first one that I've found in over a year I would say. It is 5.5g/14k. Don't men wear them any more? I don't wear mine but this one fits. By the way, I found my wedding band on the beach (I used it) and I found a wedding ring that fit my wife (the same night) about two days before I proposed! We've been married over 7 years now. This is some sort of little 'weight?' If I had to guess I'd say brass but ... It weighs .391 ozt and doesn't match up with any other unit of measure on my scale. The rusty ring in it means it is probably not as old as I might think. Does someone have an idea? It is pretty rough and stretches my imagination that it would be jewelry quality. These are a couple of little beads. I have no idea of age. I met a guy with a story a few months back and he said he found local native American beads on the beach quite often. He also said he found other things which I know was a 'crock' so I'm left wondering about how old these pieces might be. This chain was all knotted when I found it. It is pretty well made but I don't know the material yet. A Chinese coin that I toasted in vinegar ... Silver faces This is a rutilated silver quartz ring. Just an interesting earring. A silver chain and HEART which is somewhat correct. A 15 year gold and diamond. Stainless footprint jug and chain. Australian 50 cents that was down about 14 inches in dry sand area of the beach. Gucci Silver Wrench earring Silver ring Silver crystal heart And finally a stainless cross
  19. Hey y'all, been busy out there but not finding much. Got permission to mow one place so that may change. Most interesting thing was a little cat pin: Went to one of my original places today, what used to be a racetrack in the 17-1800s. Unfortunately a couple of detectorists spent 3 weeks there every day, and pretty much wiped it out. No one knows what they found. I did get a Merc there in the spring when they turned it. I grid searched one area hoping I'd find something, dug some clad (about$1.75) and lots and lots of molten metal, turns out the barn there had burned. Today I got another rein guide, parts of a Rogers silverware spoon, and these things that I wonder if any of you recognize: The first one is nickel plated brass and somewhat larger than the next, about 2" across. It is heavy and has a threaded hole, and on the other side has holes for pins and obviously fits something precisely: The next one is a bit smaller (about 1-1/2"): It has the same threaded hole and less pin holes. I'm thinking rein guide boss, but the threaded holes are conical.
  20. Hi everyone. Can someone help identifying this rock? Found it in Northern Morocco and is quite heavy (455 g) for its size. I wasn’t able to find anything similar the internet. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  21. OK Super Sleuths out there. Image search was a dead end, and thats not unusual. Looks like some kind of vehicle badge/emblem? Backside seems to be copper. Found in an agricultural field, northeast USA. I think Gravely tractor uses a capital "G"? But perhaps farm equipment is a red herring. Measures approx 3/4" X 5/8"
  22. Hi , A friend of mine has found this US ( identification pendant? ) in a field where was a field hospital during the 1st WW Location : France / near Braine / approx 100km North East from Paris . Metal alumininum , size approx 40mm . The soldier name is : WILLIAM S S...... , from Massachussets , unfortunately the name is damaged and cannot be read. Found with a Vanquish 340 Any help/infos will be greatly appreciated .. Thanks Alain
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