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  1. a friend of mine found these up in the hills of oregon. they say from what I've read that obsidian cannot be this red maybe a orange brownish mahogany color but this is not slag its bright red has some black in it some dark purples. if not obsidian and not slag then what is it???? the darker piece is small maybe 2 inches the other two are the size of two adult males fist. somebody please tell me what they are.
  2. Out detecting the other day and had a signal on the Monster that sounded like your typical hot rock but when I dug the hot rock out it didn't look like my typical hot rocks in this area? So I took the time to flip the rock over and ran the coil over the other side of the rock and the Monster said GOLD! So after some scraping I see nothing and I'm too busy hunting and throw the rock in my pouch to bust it open later at home. Needed to go into my pouch for something tonight and found the rock I'd already forgot about and scraped the piss outta it and saw nothing, ran coil over scrapings and t
  3. Found this brass tire stem and cap down deep. I don't know what it is off of or how old it could be. Strange it was in the water.
  4. EL NINO sent me this link.. Looks like it to me what do you guys think???
  5. Can any of you tell me what this is? A gift from my father when I was young. He traveled all over the world so his location does not help. It is about the size of a large hand.
  6. Meteorite or rock?Found this today kind of looks like possibly a Chromite meteorite but not sure so hoping some one could help. Browsed some pictures ofsmall Chromite meteorites on google images and seen some similar.Dimension is about 1.5" diameter and about 40 grams heavy. Not magnetic checked with magnet and my Garrett Pro-Pointer II detects nothing Found in London, Ontario, CanadaAny help would be greatThanksJohn
  7. Morning! Can you tell me what it is? I found this in Central Florida and the only "rocks" we have here are fossilized corals. But it was near the "landscaping rocks" pile people in FL buy and litter their property with, so it could be part of this pile and in that case brought from out of state. It is very heavy and feels solid. 2 corners are chipped and some different yellow material shows through. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atp2fP1AWl8Bl28KWLlCxx1Bwukc?e=QXyZYX Thank you for suggestions. '
  8. Are these diamonds? And/or possibly a piece of a meteorites?
  9. Is there any value in these (can i sell em)?
  10. I was in a schoolyard searching for old coins when I got a 20-21 hit (zinc penny zone) but also a weak signal (5 bars on the Equinox 'depth' meter). Since Indian Head pennies and early Lincolns can TID there, weak signals are always worth digging. About 5 inches down out popped a dirty piece (metal?) which felt light, so not lead. At first I thought it might be melted aluminum but it sure doesn't have the right shape. It appears to my eye to be naturally formed. After arriving home and washing it off it still looked natural so I did some more investigation. Here is what I found
  11. Was out hunting a big field which has coughed up some decent finds over the last two years. The property has history from the 18th and 19th century. The day was pretty much a bust until my last signal a 55-56 on my MK, I thought it was an indian head penny because the numbers were close. Low and behold when I popped the plug I saw what looked like a hammered silver coin, Very thin, odd shape and then nope!!! What I found is what I thought to be a watch case back, But looking at it closer it seems to be a piece of jewelry? I also noticed stamping marks. So my problem is the odd numbers for silv
  12. Hello, I was out this weekend by Dollan Springs with my Gold Monster 1000 and came across this one speciman. I actually found 3-4 different ones, this one being the biggest. It is very attracted to magnet. I found the second one i have a picture of here but this one showed all gold. Two different times in two days. It is black tho on the outside. Both of them have weight to them and the small one actually weighed 24 grams. I have not weighed the big one yet but it did not show gold on the big one. Maybe anybody can have some answers. If they are Meteorite's. Then I found a nic
  13. Found this in waterline today with AQ. Bone or ivory with lead tip. Really stumped 🤔 Any help greatly appreciated
  14. I found this while hiking in a remote part Montana. Any idea as to what it is?
  15. Decided to visit the river this morning, over the weekend I got permission to search the steamboat landing near my house. It was my 61st birthday Sunday, and the permission came in the morning. My wife got me a Predator Barracuda shovel! What a day. Of course it rained all Sunday. Just threw some high insulated boots on, it's cold out but not freezing, about 40. Not five minutes in the water and I got a solid 14/15 with the Equinox in Beach 2, all metal. Tried out my CooB sand scoop, and the result is this about 1/2 inch paper thin round object, this is exactly how it came out of the wate
  16. Out to a local park today. About the 3rd dig along a walking path there was a 26-27 I'd on the Equinox. Maybe a couple dimes, a quarter and nickel together, or...a silver pendant! Anyone have an idea what the stone might be, assuming it is a stone and not plastic? Park 1, all metal, 7 recovery, 15" coil
  17. OK so gold nuggets may be the wrong phrase. I'm not quite sure on the words as mainly detect muddy fields looking for old silver coins. I also look for coins in sales and antique shops and I bought this some years ago with some quite nice US silver coins in a lot that all came together. The coins were unusual in that I don't see many good US coins from the 1860's. I put this little locket to one side and didn't give it much thought. Then tidying some things together I looked at it again - and realised that the glass is old, it has degraded. And the contents are tiny bits of gold. The frame I g
  18. Hi all!I found this with my metal detecting pinpointer in a park here in the UK. It was just beneath the soil (about an inch down). I couldn't believe the strength of the signal given how tiny it is (maybe 4mm on the longest side). I initially thought it was iron or lead but after closer inspection - I have absolutely no idea!It's 0.24g, and doesn't react at all to a very strong neodymium magnet. It does however make my pinpointer scream from an inch away! Any ideas?Cheers,John
  19. Anyone have any idea as to what this is? It is not magnetic at all, and rang in as a 32 on the Equinox about 12" down on an athlete field. Thought it was going to be a silver half, but it turned out to be Andre the Giant's ring! It looks like it was not bent, just mounts at the angle that it is. Old hood ornament?
  20. Kindly inform me of the type of this stone and its price in the market.
  21. I found this in a creek East of Jackson Mississippi. It was 3 kilos. There is iron ball on it and a section that looks like a peice of metal crashed on the side also has a shape of a bullet or a shoe.
  22. I found while swinging an old stagecoach route in AZ, I found what i originally thought was a washer or rivet back. after a closer look, it appears to be a thin 17mm brass/copper coin with a round hole. no designs or images, just characters. 4 on one side, two on the other. see photos, silvery look is sun light on dust. After looking closer, its a Chinese coin. thin brass or copper with round hole in the middle. see photos. anyone out there have a clue what it actually is? thanks see photos. any help in identifying would be appreciated.
  23. Hi everyone. Slowly building up our kit, Ill post another thread about it later on when I get a chance. Drivung Uber all around, stopping whenever i can at interesting places to detect.. I was wondering if anybody could help identify whether or not this is silver. It sets off my GPZ pretty well and I think I know where it could find a lot more. There's a lot of excavation going on around Reno which is exposing a lot of bedrock and other things haven't been seen for a long time. If this is silver, and there's a lot more is it worth any value? I'm pretty sure it's from ground that's never seen t
  24. Hello guys. I'm setting up a 50 gallon aquarium that reflect the local landscape (I live in the UAE, where there are tons of limestones and granites along the hajjar mountains, from my understanding these are mostly sedimentary rocks). I've found a few good stones here (in the pic) in my last hiking trip. https://imgur.com/ZxBgkwv In the vinegar (6% acid) test on them, there was some fizz but only minor and in corrosive areas. There is a common talk among aquarium folks that limestones leach heavy metals and alter PH/Hardness of the water. These usually come from people who aren't r
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