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  1. Anyone have any idea as to what this is? It is not magnetic at all, and rang in as a 32 on the Equinox about 12" down on an athlete field. Thought it was going to be a silver half, but it turned out to be Andre the Giant's ring! It looks like it was not bent, just mounts at the angle that it is. Old hood ornament?
  2. Kindly inform me of the type of this stone and its price in the market.
  3. EL NINO sent me this link.. Looks like it to me what do you guys think???
  4. I found this in a creek East of Jackson Mississippi. It was 3 kilos. There is iron ball on it and a section that looks like a peice of metal crashed on the side also has a shape of a bullet or a shoe.
  5. I found while swinging an old stagecoach route in AZ, I found what i originally thought was a washer or rivet back. after a closer look, it appears to be a thin 17mm brass/copper coin with a round hole. no designs or images, just characters. 4 on one side, two on the other. see photos, silvery look is sun light on dust. After looking closer, its a Chinese coin. thin brass or copper with round hole in the middle. see photos. anyone out there have a clue what it actually is? thanks see photos. any help in identifying would be appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone. Slowly building up our kit, Ill post another thread about it later on when I get a chance. Drivung Uber all around, stopping whenever i can at interesting places to detect.. I was wondering if anybody could help identify whether or not this is silver. It sets off my GPZ pretty well and I think I know where it could find a lot more. There's a lot of excavation going on around Reno which is exposing a lot of bedrock and other things haven't been seen for a long time. If this is silver, and there's a lot more is it worth any value? I'm pretty sure it's from ground that's never seen t
  7. Hello guys. I'm setting up a 50 gallon aquarium that reflect the local landscape (I live in the UAE, where there are tons of limestones and granites along the hajjar mountains, from my understanding these are mostly sedimentary rocks). I've found a few good stones here (in the pic) in my last hiking trip. https://imgur.com/ZxBgkwv In the vinegar (6% acid) test on them, there was some fizz but only minor and in corrosive areas. There is a common talk among aquarium folks that limestones leach heavy metals and alter PH/Hardness of the water. These usually come from people who aren't r
  8. So it started raining as I got home from an all day meeting at work and wanted to test real quick the Simplex+. So quickly to a pine section of our acreage we have that has never been disturbed by modern methods. However, I hear that there use to be an old logging road that ran across the property and my 7 acres which is mainly the western side of has a descent down to a winding creek bed that still flows. I begin testing real quick the detector and get a solid hit but as I recall low single digit TID of 4 maybe hopping around a bit at a buried depth of about 4-5”. As you will se
  9. Does anyone know the leader/ruler on this pendant? It makes me think of the last King of Thailand but the face is fuller than any pictures I ever saw of him. Is it someone else?
  10. OK so gold nuggets may be the wrong phrase. I'm not quite sure on the words as mainly detect muddy fields looking for old silver coins. I also look for coins in sales and antique shops and I bought this some years ago with some quite nice US silver coins in a lot that all came together. The coins were unusual in that I don't see many good US coins from the 1860's. I put this little locket to one side and didn't give it much thought. Then tidying some things together I looked at it again - and realised that the glass is old, it has degraded. And the contents are tiny bits of gold. The frame I g
  11. Hi everyone, I need help in identifying this rocks,it's is strongly attracted to magnet it was found in Noth west Africa Mauritania
  12. Hi everybody! We need some help on a couple items we found metal detecting last weekend. Here’s a couple pics and our adventure video
  13. while MDing on a turn of the century stage road in AZ, I found this can lid in the main road at 4 in down solidly packed in the hard soil. i figure it's a can lid but like no other I have ever seen. it is 2 3/8 in across. appears to have been cut of at the side. the top has a distinctly been pressed ring. the raised center Circle has a light colored dot in the center that appears to be lead. the underside has a large disc centered with a stub (pin) dead center. The only markings appear to be "22" on the top inside the raised ring. anyone have a clue or a lead to where I might look?
  14. I found this awhile back in a local park it seems to be a old us army collar pin it has a screw type backing on it. Does anyone know why the back does not have a traditional pin with the cap? Does anyone know what year(s) it could range in? I would love to know some more information on it! The guns are a little bent but it cleaned up enough for it to look nice. Let me know what you think!
  15. Good Evening! Sorry if my question is a bit naïve ... I saw a lot of beads being sold as " blue Shou Shan Stone" or "snakeskin jasper" or all of that together. They all look the same like in the pictures attached. But real Shou Shan stone looks completely different (and snakeskin jasper too). So, what is it? Man-made? Thank you, Maria
  16. This is a ring I just found on my last trip to the beach this summer. It looks like some sort of German ring with the iron cross and eagles on the side. It has no markings on the inside. Can it be from WW2? Does anyone have any information on an age or what it means? I would love to hear your thoughts!
  17. This piece was found in a load of locally quarried limestone. It weighs 195 grams. A basic water displacement test gives approximately 11.5 g per cubic centimeter. It exhibits clear magnetic and strong paramagnetic qualities. It also has stony material in/on it. Any input would be appreciated.
  18. Found this coin in an old neighborhood but google has not helped me figure out year or value? Anybody read chinese or japanese that can give me some insight?
  19. Hey all, Today I went out for a quick one hour run on a 18th century site. I have found a lot of good things at this place. Yesterday they started to cut a long driveway around the property, so I decided to hit the cut. I found a 70's penny, a 40's golf club head and half a horse shoe. Then there was this chinese coin, the first I have ever found. I tried to google but came up with nothing that matches. The coin is very thin and seems to be copper or an alloy of copper. I was hoping the DP gang could help with a date for this odd little coin. Any clue's or help would be great.
  20. Any of you coin collectors that can tell me maybe what type of error this is called and what it might be worth? It is a 2006 Nevada Quarter but it appears it was never struck with the reeds on the edges it has very high lip on both sides and measures 1mm smaller diameter than it should but weighs exactly 5.66 grams as it should. Its clearly not worn just not stamped correctly. I googled and couldnt find anything similar.
  21. Hi all, Can anyone help me identify this button I just dug? The tavern site is circa 1740 in NJ. Depth 10". Button measures 15mm in diameter. I believe I see an eagle, with its head turned to the left, two wings open, and two feet at the bottom. I can feel these details with my toothpick as well. In a short video clip you can see this better than in this picture. Corrosion was orange dirt that didn't give me much trouble toothpicking off, but you can see she's pretty corroded. Pewter? The loop shank on the back is crushed against the back of the button. Nothing legible as far as back
  22. The grey thing mounted in this is I suspect a silver coin. Any suggestions on cleaning it to see what it is?
  23. Hello I’m looking for help identifying if this rock is a meteorite
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