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Found 87 results

  1. This is a button I found not to long ago. It says W.P.Ry. On the front of it. On the back it says it was made by the Bloch co. who is located in Cleveland, Ohio. It stills has its shank, and is in good readable condition. It is a little banged up, but not to bad. It it some sort of railroad or conductor button? Is it from a fashion company? I did look up the Bloch co, but all I got was pictures of other buttons. All I know that it is a button manufacturer. If you can identify it, or have any guesses, please reply!
  2. Went digging a bit in the woods where I had found many 1800's coins and came across this brass loop of some sorts. Looks like a carry handle of some sorts or is it from a saddle? Also in the middle is what looks like part of a buckle, also brass and was in the same vacinity.
  3. I was going through my great grandfather’s finds that my dad saved when he died in 2006. He kept them for a long time until I kept them with my current finds. I will be posting more from that collection soon! I found these in the bag. Are they curtain weights? Or are they some sort of toy? They are different sizes. There is the size compared to a penny. Let me know what you think.
  4. Found In southern WI. Weird one due to the difference between the outside and window cut. Looks like there is some volcanic crust on the outside but a lot of it looks to be weathered away. Last Closeup pic of the outside is not color correct due to the lighting used. Any help with its ID is surely welcome.
  5. Found this coin in an old neighborhood but google has not helped me figure out year or value? Anybody read chinese or japanese that can give me some insight?
  6. I found this today and I am not sure what it is. I think it is copper or brass. It has a hole on the bottom and I looks like gears on it? It looks like it should be round, but has smashed. It was found about 5 feet any from a car thermostat I found a few months ago. Is it related to that? It was found where a old driveway was, but is now part of the lawn and a vegetable garden. I might have been smashed by a tiller.
  7. I was down in northern Nevada this week for some nugget hunting. All I found were two large, what appears to be, copper nuggets. But, the interior color is more silvery, or gray, than copper-colored. The nuggets I found last fall down there looked like a bright penny on the interior. These two have a black skin on the outside, and when filed away it shows a metallic gray. No attraction to a super magnet. They were both down about 10", and the small one was under a large rock. They were about 300 yards apart in the same drywash. The exposed metal leaves a coppery streak. The black skin leaves a dark gray, or nearly black streak. No way to get a specific gravity...my gem scale doesn't go high enough. Both were found the same morning with my TDI SL, with MJ 8 x12 FM. Weak, but repeatable signal. had to drag a 16" rock off the small one. Appreciate any help. Jim
  8. found on top of a ridge, upto 1 meter wide, most with a hole in the middle. cheers Paul
  9. Hello I am new to all this I was out magnet fishing and drug this in. It is very magnetic and i did grind it a little. I was thinking a meteorite but I have no idea really it might just be a chunk of scrap trash lol. Anyways here are some pics any help would be appreciated it weighs 322 grams and I will put it beside something for size in pics.
  10. I went out for a late beach swing because I had an hour or two. If I found something I'd stay but as it turns out I didn't charge the Nox. This was my 4th trip on it. So the trip was cut short but not until after I found a little ring. It came it at 17 on beach 1. It was 6-7" down. There were so few other targets I knew I needed to dig it. Soon after I found it the volume dropped significantly and I looked at the battery indicator and it was flashing. I had about 20 minutes after that before it died. So this little ring has a great bit of trauma that I didn't cause. It would be interesting to know why that happened. It weighs just 1.7g and the marking on the inside is RSC. I looked for that marking online and some say it is a gold mark and some say it is a maker's mark. What say you?
  11. The last few months I haven't been out nugget hunting. I've been on the beach and a couple of parks. My posts have been in the jewelry forum. It was time to tumble those coins and clean them up for use and maybe see if there was a missed silver. I have 'limited' shelf space to keep things and I sometimes just pour things together waiting for a time to tumble. Last night before I went to sleep I did my 3rd tumble and just dumped a cup of stuff into it and got up this morning to take a look and dry the coins. Well I had stuck in a few crusty pieces of jewelry and a couple of odd finds that were not iron. I don't remember where I got them or when. After I saw the result of the tumbling I was amazed at one of the pieces. The weight is 12.8 g and I went and air tested it on my Nox and it says 11. Neither of these things jogs my memory as to where I got it. I do know I had saved this piece and a couple of other 'hot rocks' that were odd to me and they weren't magnetic. There is a 'chance' even that I got this nugget on a beach and that was the reason it has the green color. I just don't recall and I don't think I took a picture of it with my 'finds of the day' which I often times do. I would rush out to my coin dealer with an XRF gun and get the analysis but I think they are closed because of the pandemic. When I picked it out of the coins (after 5 hours) this morning and saw the polished parts and then still the other parts holding the green I was reminded of both gold and copper. I think it may be mostly copper and didn't polish more because it is hard but I also think the density is greater than just copper. What are your thoughts on the mystery nugget? I've included different angles. Don't restrict your thinking to just beach finds. This could also and I think more probable that it is a desert find that I saved but the corrosion ...
  12. 7 1/2" long x 5x5 approx, 6.6 lbs. A magnet is attracted to it. The stone is unusual for around New England where I am. Any idea what kind of stone it is or is it a meteorite? May have to cut a chunk off and send it out but if someone knows offhand will save me the effort. Thanks
  13. Greetings, Today was my first time relic hunting and I really enjoyed it. A tip from my neighbor led me to an area that was frequented by prospectors. I wasn’t sure what I would find today, maybe a stash of $20 gold coins or perhaps something more modern. Well of course my first target was a bullet, then the casing and of course square nails. It wasn’t until I detected under a tree that I got a booming iron grunt. Since I knew it would be deep, I decided to dig. After about a foot down I could see the iron staining from the target. I knew I was getting close so I slowed down on my digging. The iron staining is a great indicator of where the target lies. Once out of the hole, I was optimistic that I had found something special, at least I hoped, but what was it. After about 10 minutes of staring at this item, I decided it was very cool and I would figure it out later, because I had no idea what it was. Once home, I cleaned it up and I could see writing on it. It appears to say patented July 17, 1849. I searched the internet but found no useful information. I have pictures of the item below and I’m hopeful that someone on this forum will be able to identify it or provide some ideas. Thank you, Brian
  14. I found this in my yard today. It looks like cooper or brass and has threads on the bottom.
  15. Found this with my XP Deus. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  16. A couple of weeks ago i found a medallion that no one here has been able to identify . The site is pre 1900 through to about 1940 . Unfortunately fertilizer , and probably fire see it in very poor condition . It clearly has the Statue of Liberty on one side and i can make out the word Liberty between 6 and 9 o'clock . The reverse appears to have a rippling flag with the flag pole on the left side . The diameter is about 24.5mm [ one inch ] . I hope the brains trust here can come up with an identity . Thanks in advance all .
  17. My hunting buddy, Gary, found this button yesterday at the Seminole Indian War site we've been working. Any assistance in identifying it would be most appreciated. We think we can see CHI and ARMY on the back but we're not sure. Thank you.
  18. Found this yesterday and I don't remember seeing a rock like this in Tennessee. Thanks for looking.
  19. I found this today along with a pewter button in a field that was in use for hundreds of years. I am interested in finding out what it is. Thanks!
  20. Went out to gold basin yesterday for a long day of hunting with the 7000 For meteorites, gold and collecting hot rocks, I saved about 30 #’s of interesting (to me) for crushing at home in a new cast iron 1qt dolly pot from Royal Mfg I just ordered. Two of the specimens I have question about the first I’m wondering if this is hydrothermal pyrite in quartz like matrix that may in fact be other than quartz? the other hit very hard on the 7000 is only very very slightly magnetic looks like a densely packed conglomerate with very small quartz pebbles cemented in the matrix and lots of mineralization weighing almost 13 #’s, is this worth the time to crush and pan?
  21. I took the15" coil off the Equinox today to try some relic hunting in a very trashy area. The 11" seems so small! I found this along an old railroad located in a city environment now. In front of the red coloring is glass. My thought is off the center of a wheel. Any ideas?
  22. Here's what I know: 1) Specific Gravity is between 6.1 and 6.3. (Weight is 55 g or a bit under 2 oz.) 2) It's not attracted to a magnet. The brown color is dirt, not rust. 3) The hole indicates it is likely some kind of hammer head, but for what? 4) It was found in my yard, just a couple inches from the street curb, and about 2 inches deep. My house is 50 years old, one of the first in its subdivision, and previously the land was pasture with no nearby buildings shown via historicaerials.com. (There likely were fences in the vicinity.) 5) From its reaction to a file, it is a relatively soft, white metal. 6) Based upon the metal flow at both ends it was (ab)used in a way not intended. 7) There is a mold line along the center of the two side faces, so it's cast. 8)) I can't find any manufacturer's marks. Your help in determining its intended use would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Why is it so much oxidation on this rock? Is it oxide of iron? Thank you
  24. OK experts what ye say, I think a couple of these might be good, detecting out at gold basin no gold this trip but these got a pocket ride home they all hit on the 7000 and are magnetic I cut rough Windows with a right angle grinder no polishing or chemical treatment to the surface.
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