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  1. I have a unique looking rock that I found in a field in Oklahoma, and I'm curious of it's a meteorite. It's magnetic, and about 4.7lbs. Anybody have any ideas? Feel free to email me.
  2. Brand new permish. So I meet the homeowner and get the grand tour. Like Disneyland for detectorists. Great family, and they are friends of my brother. I have no friends, lol. Old place. Cellar holes, abandoned well, the works. I do a quick scan and because I am an idiot and forgot my shovel I just dug a couple signals with my hand tool. So I am just scanning, listening to the iron, kinda just seeing what is obvious. I look down and I see what the Legend beeped at and there sticking out of the ground was a spoon. I grab it and give it a look over, saying....hmmm could be old. Maybe pewter. Possibly colonial. I head home and look over the spoon. A ground find essentially, and I think to myself, dang, this looks old. What do you guys think? Looks primitive and thin.
  3. I dug this near an elementary school bike rack. It’s copper, with slight traces of silver-colored plating. The name “LEAH” is bracketed with shooting stars. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the outside is a clear, convex acrylic band. At first, I assumed it was a child’s ring. But the interior diameter is only 11/16” and the acrylic band is somewhat rubbery. If it’s a personalized ring, good thing the wearer’s name is only 4 letters. JACQUELINE would have been a tight fit! It seems both too cheap and too over-engineered to be jewelry. So I’m wondering if it might be a part of something. I tried searching internet for companies named LEAH with a shooting star logo but no luck.
  4. A super nice couple on 1750's farmhouse Place ooozes history. My first time out I found a great Horseshoe with Nails still in it. That was awesome because the place used to be a horse farm....at one point.. Then I found the button. I can't place the date, but looks like half of a two piece button. Maybe late 1800's? but could be more modern. Also 7 9mm bullets, golf balls lol and some other garbage. There is also a bottle dump there I didn't even look at yet. I guess this is my first good permission! Such wonderful people, I insisted they keep the horse shoe and they flatly refuse, "Keep everything just send me a picture" Just got one thing to say about that.....Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!!
  5. Hello all, newbie here and I would really appreciate some help. I bought a crystal sphere being told it was Lepidolite. After receiving it, it looks nothing like I'm used to with Lepidolite and have since been told it's possibly Kunzite. I am attaching photos without flash and with flash. Any help at all please?
  6. Last night I had an unexpectedly fruitful hunt at a farm here in eastern Massachusetts. I hope the shoe buckle, mangled, but complete, will admit me to the 1700s club. I know nothing besides what it is and hope we have an expert on these things here. It's on the small side, and the frame is pretty thin, so perhaps it's for a lady or a child? I expect the material is brass, but surely the pin is steel? If so, I'm surprised it survived. Any info is appreciated!
  7. I had a good friend want to go metal detecting for his first time and he found this old button. Looks to be some sort of brass/copper metal. No markings on either the front or back. About 1" in diameter but was wondering if anyone knows the approximate time frame. Thought the shank would be the best judge of age. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys! New to the forum world but could really use some help identifying this little statue and figuring out what it’s made out of. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Much Love
  9. Apologies for the unclear photos. I found two like this and cracked one open and I would love to know what they are.
  10. Last weekend I was finally able to get out and detect something other than park turf. Detected several sites from the 1870's and up. Got snowed on quite a bit, rained on quite a bit, the wind howled most of the time, but it was a blast! Some of my finds: Lower right, are a couple of brass or copper tags. My Google Fu is weak, as I can't find what they might have come on. One says "Mon Choix", the other "Unique". I had to clean the "Mon Choix" a bit with a wire brush to read it. Anyone have any idea what these came from? "Mon Choix" sounds like some sort of ladies item? "Unique" could be darn near anything. Although, the one possible thing I found is a sewing machine from the early 1870s, which is the right time period for where I found it. One of the more interesting items to me, I think I know what it is. I think this is part of a shotgun that died in a fire. There was a lot more of it in the hole but it was all crumbling to the touch. Only this chunk of what I believe to have been part of the forearm/magazine held together. The site where the Unique tag and the shotgun part were found. The Mon Choix tag was found here. Also found at the site above was a little piece of silver decorative trim. Thinking it might have been horse tack decoration, but not at all sure. Wasn't totally sure it was really silver, but acid says it is. And straightened out a bit. Anyone know what this might have come from too? A bit heavier than it looks, at 6 grams. Totally wild guesses as welcome as well informed opinions! - Dave
  11. Anyone ever seen this before? I used a very strong magnet and picked up no attraction so rules out iron pyrite. Did a volumetric displacement test and ran some calculations and getting 9.09 grams of gold contained within the specimen. Love to see what others think.
  12. I find these in an orchard I work in every now and then we don't use chemicals or fertilizer that would create these ,when I find new ones they have black covering them but irrigation removes it white under black ,I broke one open baby blue inside .just wondering were there coming from magnet does not stick to it .any help figuring this out will be appreciated.
  13. I know you guys are probably getting tired of my questions, but I was inspecting this little thumb scraper, see photos, and noticed this:
  14. Found this, looks forged. Maybe an old chisel?
  15. Seems big and also dont think its lead, green patina throws me off.. found on farm that dates back into 1780s. Ideas?
  16. Please help me identify this if possible😸. I found this while Hounding around Louisiana. At first I thought it might be a meteorite but then I started thinking it’s melted metal haha. I’m not sure though. It is slightly magnetic and it’s streak is too hard on some sides and just scratches the plate. BUT other sides leave a brownish gold and gray streak. It’s odd. I might need to clean it and do the streak test again. It’s weight is 19.0grams. Thank you so much!
  17. I dug this on the beach yesterday with the Impulse AQ and it rang up loud and proud. At first I thought that it had to be just costume jewelry because who would wear something like that to the beach? It weighs 7.9g and while it has no hallmarks, it tested 14K, both electronically and by acid test. Each "stem" has 6 diamonds and it has 15 stems for a total of 90 diamonds. (and yes, they are real) So I guess that I have a bouquet of diamonds. LOL Each "stem" is like a post on an earring and is a live mount as it fits into a mounting hole and is "flared" to keep it from coming out of the mounting hole, and freely spins. It has one free hole that may have had a bail attached. Or it could have had just another "stem" of diamonds and attached to something else. I am just sorta lost on what it is-pendant, broach, pin,?,?,? Air test on the Equinox had it ringing up at 3-5. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  18. Found today in an old pasture in eastern Massachusetts. It looks oddly familiar, but I can't place it at all. I appreciate any help! Front: Back:
  19. I had another go at panning today and apart from the rocks/stones,I didn’t find any shiny.Since I’m a total newly to the art of prospecting,(and it is an art) I wonder if someone can put a name to these stones,as I’m not sure what they are or wether they can help to conclude wether there’s gold about.All advice would be much appreciated thank you. the bottom right is a dark red round smooth stone,and along with the three small round ones on the far left,we’re the last stones to pan out,so they are heavy. The middle bottom stone is a yellow green colour and I’m also getting left with tiny yellow flakes in the pan.I think the flakes are from the same type of stone,but more yellow.They appear as the last of the sand is panned back and it’s really annoying cause it can be vivid in the sunlight. the stone third from right has a greenish hue and is much more heavier than the rest,apart from the biggest stone probably. Thanks for taking a look.
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