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  1. I dug two silvers today on the beach. I thought that the ring was gold until I found the hallmark. The hallmark in not on the inside but instead on the outside and says 925 A2 and weighs 4.1g. The necklace is hallmarked 925 and Italy. Although the pendant isn't hallmarked, it appears to be silver also. At first glance, it looks somewhat like a key. BUT it has an alien head on one side and a pyramid on the other side. On one edge side it has SD and on the other edge side it has 2016. Total weight is 21.2g. I thought that maybe the SD was San Diego and the 2016 being the year. Maybe Comic-Con? Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Any ideas on both the ring and necklace/pendant would be appreciated.
  2. It's symmetrical both sides. It is flat on both sides and the edges rounded. I kept it because it looks interesting. Could that be a blood stain on the rock after hundreds of years.
  3. a friend of mine found these up in the hills of oregon. they say from what I've read that obsidian cannot be this red maybe a orange brownish mahogany color but this is not slag its bright red has some black in it some dark purples. if not obsidian and not slag then what is it???? the darker piece is small maybe 2 inches the other two are the size of two adult males fist. somebody please tell me what they are.
  4. Hi All, I've found some quartz pieces in England with very small metallic minerals (see below). It's clear silver / grey colour and looks very different to other minerals I've seen like Galena, Cassiterite & Zinc. There is a history of gold being found at this location in very small quantities. Does this look like it could be genuine, or is it possible it's something else like Mica? Thanks for any help provided. Leon
  5. I was out metal detecting a few days ago. I found this is a sealed container(maybe a time capsule). It is some sort bowl container. It has the swastika emblems on it. The second photo is the other one I found in the container with it. I am wondering if it is from ww2 era Germany, or maybe something before the Germans used the symbol. I think it used to be a good luck symbol. Could it have been a ww2 vet bring back and buried in a time capsule? I found it in PA, USA
  6. It rang in like between silver and copper. I can see some iron oxide in it but not quite enough for a magnet to stick to it. Tossed it in a graduated cup with 500ml of water and it displaced 10ml. Weight is 102g, unusually heavy. So if my cruddy maths are right is has a density of 10.2g? Seems to have some quarts in it as well but not sure.
  7. Is there any value in these (can i sell em)?
  8. Please help me identify this if possible😸. I found this while Hounding around Louisiana. At first I thought it might be a meteorite but then I started thinking it’s melted metal haha. I’m not sure though. It is slightly magnetic and it’s streak is too hard on some sides and just scratches the plate. BUT other sides leave a brownish gold and gray streak. It’s odd. I might need to clean it and do the streak test again. It’s weight is 19.0grams. Thank you so much!
  9. I was out in a area that I was in last week and came across this today. There was a vein running between the Quartz’s. Here are some pictures of what I found. Anybody have any thoughts on this.
  10. Hi Everyone, I recently found a bunch of decent-sized quartz when hiking in Wales, UK. My guess is that these had been left over by an old mining operation from around 100-200 years ago and moved from their original location due to erosion (they were laying on open ground, covered in mud). I've had an interest in collecting rocks and crystals since a young age but am unable to identify the mineral type/s. Originally assumed it was iron but none of them are magnetic and when tested with a test kit from a local store, I couldn't find any trace of lead on the rocks either. Is it possible that the mineral is Galena or Silver or something else? (the local mine was an abandoned Lead & Silver mine) Thanks for any help. Leon
  11. Hey there, I have found some very interesting rocks and saw there was a new meteorite classified and made me wonder about mine. Some posses nickel, others are stoney. Some look burnt and I just get this other worldly vibe from them. Anyway, let me what you guys think please and thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, happy 4th! My daughter found this rock years ago and I cant recall where (likely Florida or Maine). We always wondered what it was and haven’t seen anything like it since. If someone knows do you mind to tell us? Thank you! Justin and Josie
  13. I was out this past Sunday and my gold monster 1000 showed this big piece and several small pieces as gold. Of course it is not yellow any help is appreciated The yellow you see is sand still in the rock
  14. My detecting buddy found this a couple of weeks ago and we can't make heads or tails as what it is. I was thinking colonial being that the shield looks a lot like the shield on a New Jersey copper. The other half is obviously missing but I'm guessing it is a mirror image. Crossed guns with a shield. If anyone has come across something similar, We would like to know what it is. Hope you all can give me some direction.
  15. Hi! This rock was recently discovered in the garden after deep digging. It has a blackened outer surface which appears to resemble a fusion crust, and is mostly stone with iron streaks throughout and rusting present. It weighs 38 lbs/17.2 kg, and is roughly 27cm long and 15 cm wide. The rock is rounded on one side and has a straight(ish) edge on the other where it likely broke off from a larger rock (I have dug further and can't find anything else). The rock is lightly attracted to a reasonably strong magnet but the attraction is not strong enough for it to stick to the rock independently. I have attached pictures here. Any help identifying it would be appreciated, though I appreciate it's unlikely to be a meteorite as these are very rare findings! To summarise: Is a magnet attracted to it? Yes (light attraction) Is it heavier than other rocks ? Yes Does it have a dark, thin crust on the outside? Yes Does it have a lighter color on the inside? Yes
  16. Found these today up stream from my normal digs. Look like game pieces too me. They are stamped on both sides.
  17. I was hoping it was piece of a meteorite but it isn't. I was using the Equinox 800 and this piece hit hard. It is very light. It's not magnetic. The ID is 1. Could it be a piece of coal?
  18. I found this years ago while sniping a creek. Went to throw it out of the crack but it was very heavy for its size. Sticks very hard to my pick magnet.
  19. Saturday I was at an old farm house when I happened upon the token below. After some minor cleaning with my ultrasonic cleaner I was able to read what it said. I have no idea what it is or why it is, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. The item is about 3/4 the size of a dime, or closer to a trime, and is from a local town here in Illinois. That is about all I can say about the Item, but would love to know more as to what it is. The farm house was built around 1890 and was removed about 25 years ago. Thank you for your help!
  20. I need help identifying this rock please. I found this around Louisiana a few weeks back. To me it looks like raw Platinum or an ore maybe. I’m not really good at this yet haha. It’s not magnetic at all, it’s weight is 3.7 grams, and it’s streak is too hard to get, as it only scratches the plate. So possibly even a meteorite? Idk heh. Thanks you!!
  21. Detecting a local park today and hit a 33-35 with the Equinox. I had no idea what it was. It took a Google image search to finally come up with it. Anyone less naive than I am and know without looking it up on Google?
  22. I found this what looks like natural formed metal about 2 1/2 inches long by 3/4 of inch wide and 3/4 inch high. If anybody could possible identify the metal on it. I found this in Nevada and very curious as to the type of metal it is. There is no other mining claims in the area. and the wash I found it in is about 100-200 feet wide. and runs about 5 miles. I am really interested to see what type it is. thanks for all the help here are some pictures.
  23. My day started by taking my wife to breakfast and a trip to a local greenhouse. On our way back we drove by a place I have wanted to hunt for a while and couldn't because the owners were just not to friendly. But low and behold I noticed some new house development signs. I did a quick title search and found out it was sold and being developed very soon. So I grabbed my stuff and headed back to this 1830's house. Today was the first day since I got the 800 I could spend more than an hour and a half detecting. My first two hours were a pretty much a bust except a cool silver plate spoon and my wife texting me to see if I found anymore jewelry? (NO) I was getting a little frustrated and decided to focus on a small strip of grass (three feet wide) next to the driveway and an overgrown pasture. After five feet I got an OK 28-29 signal that was kind of bouncy. First good coin popped out a 1905 barber quarter (yes) Things were looking up. I jumped across the driveway and hunted near a rather young pine tree. Two swings and boom a 24-26 and out comes a 1919 mercury. Things are getting interesting. I stood up after digging the merc, swung again got 23-24 at 9 inches out comes a coin that had me wondering what the hell is that. after a little quick cleaning I realized I had a 1832 classic head 1/2 cent. But this was no ordinary 1832 this has an over stamp with a cross and the initials FZ. It seems that it was stamped early in its life. I'm wanting to know if anyone has ever found a coin with stampings? I have found a lot of good coins, but this has now become my favorite. The day came to an end and I had to go and enjoy some burgers on the grill. Almost forgot the spoon, Its an american airlines made in the 1930's with the shape of a dc-3 and the words flagship on it.
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