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  1. Any of you coin collectors that can tell me maybe what type of error this is called and what it might be worth? It is a 2006 Nevada Quarter but it appears it was never struck with the reeds on the edges it has very high lip on both sides and measures 1mm smaller diameter than it should but weighs exactly 5.66 grams as it should. Its clearly not worn just not stamped correctly. I googled and couldnt find anything similar.
  2. Hi all, Can anyone help me identify this button I just dug? The tavern site is circa 1740 in NJ. Depth 10". Button measures 15mm in diameter. I believe I see an eagle, with its head turned to the left, two wings open, and two feet at the bottom. I can feel these details with my toothpick as well. In a short video clip you can see this better than in this picture. Corrosion was orange dirt that didn't give me much trouble toothpicking off, but you can see she's pretty corroded. Pewter? The loop shank on the back is crushed against the back of the button. Nothing legible as far as back
  3. The grey thing mounted in this is I suspect a silver coin. Any suggestions on cleaning it to see what it is?
  4. Hello I’m looking for help identifying if this rock is a meteorite
  5. Hey all, Today I went out for a quick one hour run on a 18th century site. I have found a lot of good things at this place. Yesterday they started to cut a long driveway around the property, so I decided to hit the cut. I found a 70's penny, a 40's golf club head and half a horse shoe. Then there was this chinese coin, the first I have ever found. I tried to google but came up with nothing that matches. The coin is very thin and seems to be copper or an alloy of copper. I was hoping the DP gang could help with a date for this odd little coin. Any clue's or help would be great.
  6. So I found this rock in front of an apartment complex in San Diego. When I looked closer, I noticed something inside it. To me, it looks like a fossil of some kind. (Included a close-up pic) But honestly, I really don't know much about rocks, fossils, minerals or gems but I've always been fascinated with them since childhood. If I saw something pretty or interesting looking, I kept it but never really did research on them. Curious to know what anyone thinks of this rock though. Thanks for any help in advance.
  7. Hello I am new to all this I was out magnet fishing and drug this in. It is very magnetic and i did grind it a little. I was thinking a meteorite but I have no idea really it might just be a chunk of scrap trash lol. Anyways here are some pics any help would be appreciated it weighs 322 grams and I will put it beside something for size in pics.
  8. Wondering if someone can help ID the two bullets I dug today? They were about 3 feet from each other and fairly deep...7-8". They measure .510" in diameter. One weighs 433 grains, the other 435 grains. Would they possibly be .50-70 Government? Thanks in advance for any guidance...Jeff
  9. Found what looks like to be a commemorative coin or medal minted by the Heritage mint for the Mormon church. Does anyone know anything about this, there is very little information online about this coin? Silver content, how many minted? Thanks
  10. Is this possibly a meteorite?It's very hard and appears to have been extemely hot at some point also its magnetic.Im super new at this so please bare with me on my learning curve.Thanks for any help.
  11. Im very new to hunting meterites and have basically just started.Ive found some magnetic strange looking smaller rocks digging down in a creekbed on our land as well as some rock with what appears to be gold.However upon digging a trench to attempt to locate a lost water line on my grandparents old homeplace i inherited i came across a rather strange larger rock.For its size its rather heavy ,its about id say a pound and a half maybe a grunt more.I havent hung a super magnet but it does feel somewhat magnetic in spots.It appears to possibly have a fusion crust that is almost gone on the rounde
  12. This is a button I found not to long ago. It says W.P.Ry. On the front of it. On the back it says it was made by the Bloch co. who is located in Cleveland, Ohio. It stills has its shank, and is in good readable condition. It is a little banged up, but not to bad. It it some sort of railroad or conductor button? Is it from a fashion company? I did look up the Bloch co, but all I got was pictures of other buttons. All I know that it is a button manufacturer. If you can identify it, or have any guesses, please reply!
  13. Went digging a bit in the woods where I had found many 1800's coins and came across this brass loop of some sorts. Looks like a carry handle of some sorts or is it from a saddle? Also in the middle is what looks like part of a buckle, also brass and was in the same vacinity.
  14. I was going through my great grandfather’s finds that my dad saved when he died in 2006. He kept them for a long time until I kept them with my current finds. I will be posting more from that collection soon! I found these in the bag. Are they curtain weights? Or are they some sort of toy? They are different sizes. There is the size compared to a penny. Let me know what you think.
  15. Found In southern WI. Weird one due to the difference between the outside and window cut. Looks like there is some volcanic crust on the outside but a lot of it looks to be weathered away. Last Closeup pic of the outside is not color correct due to the lighting used. Any help with its ID is surely welcome.
  16. Found this coin in an old neighborhood but google has not helped me figure out year or value? Anybody read chinese or japanese that can give me some insight?
  17. I found this today and I am not sure what it is. I think it is copper or brass. It has a hole on the bottom and I looks like gears on it? It looks like it should be round, but has smashed. It was found about 5 feet any from a car thermostat I found a few months ago. Is it related to that? It was found where a old driveway was, but is now part of the lawn and a vegetable garden. I might have been smashed by a tiller.
  18. I was down in northern Nevada this week for some nugget hunting. All I found were two large, what appears to be, copper nuggets. But, the interior color is more silvery, or gray, than copper-colored. The nuggets I found last fall down there looked like a bright penny on the interior. These two have a black skin on the outside, and when filed away it shows a metallic gray. No attraction to a super magnet. They were both down about 10", and the small one was under a large rock. They were about 300 yards apart in the same drywash. The exposed metal leaves a coppery streak. The black skin leaves a
  19. found on top of a ridge, upto 1 meter wide, most with a hole in the middle. cheers Paul
  20. I went out for a late beach swing because I had an hour or two. If I found something I'd stay but as it turns out I didn't charge the Nox. This was my 4th trip on it. So the trip was cut short but not until after I found a little ring. It came it at 17 on beach 1. It was 6-7" down. There were so few other targets I knew I needed to dig it. Soon after I found it the volume dropped significantly and I looked at the battery indicator and it was flashing. I had about 20 minutes after that before it died. So this little ring has a great bit of trauma that I didn't cause. It would be i
  21. The last few months I haven't been out nugget hunting. I've been on the beach and a couple of parks. My posts have been in the jewelry forum. It was time to tumble those coins and clean them up for use and maybe see if there was a missed silver. I have 'limited' shelf space to keep things and I sometimes just pour things together waiting for a time to tumble. Last night before I went to sleep I did my 3rd tumble and just dumped a cup of stuff into it and got up this morning to take a look and dry the coins. Well I had stuck in a few crusty pieces of jewelry and a couple of odd finds
  22. 7 1/2" long x 5x5 approx, 6.6 lbs. A magnet is attracted to it. The stone is unusual for around New England where I am. Any idea what kind of stone it is or is it a meteorite? May have to cut a chunk off and send it out but if someone knows offhand will save me the effort. Thanks
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