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  1. Can someone please help me identify this rock I found today in Morgan hill CA. It is definitely the most interesting looking rock I’ve found. Any input is appreciated!
  2. Out to the ball field again after the rain and wind. Thankfully there was not much damage here. Using the 15" again with the Equinox gave great depth. The Mercury dime (only my 5th ever) sounded sweet using 50 tones. I have found quite a few silver coins where the sandy soil meets the layer underneath with just sand and shells. I'm guessing this layer was dredged from the gulf and put down many years ago. Either the coins came with the fill, or the coins stop their migration through the sandy soil when they hit that layer (second-to-last pic). Two wheats (1944 & 1955) and a Canadian penny (1955) also sounded nice. One of them was in the high 30's... thought for sure it was silver. Elizabeth looks much better than Abe! Anyone know what the cylinder-like item is? Maybe a percussion cap? Do those have holes in? Park 1, 4 recovery, 50 tones, all metal, 24 sensitivity
  3. So I was detecting at the same park I found a old silver capped bust dime. Seen a dude I know who just talks to much and didn’t want this guy following me around like a puppy dog. I got in my car unseen to him, and went to another area. Looked like original ground, finding square nails in this area. Using equinox 800 with the 10 by 5 coil using Andy’s coin program but not discriminating anything, iron bias 0, recovery speed was 8. Gain 22. Found this, was about 9-10 inches down. Looks like a large cent? Thanks for any input anyone may give.
  4. Found this in a vacant lot where the coins have been mostly 1910 to 1965 or so. Any ideas? Seems like a pin, or what looks like 2 broken pin anchors. Feels like cast; it's heavy. Merc for size
  5. Dated June 20, then maybe 11 or 17. Cant find anything like it so far.
  6. Not sure if this is the right area to post - completely new to metal detecting but really enjoying as have found a couple of what appear to be very old items and I’m hoping someone may be able to help me identify? one appears to be a fired musket ball, and the other I’m unsure of but it looks quite old. I almost thought maybe it was a musket pin that you’d use to put down the balls? any help or insight much appreciated!
  7. Is not crumbly and does not have any trapped air. Is very hard. I know its some kind of oxidizing iron formation, but I don't know its name. Thanks. 🙂
  8. Cracked this one open and there flakes of gold / blue / red & silver colors inside - I'm thinking it must be pyrite & galena? The rock is not especially heavy, especially when compared to others nearby where the galena had a darker blue color overall.
  9. I’m not sure where this came from, I think we were in China visiting friends in a carving studio I don’t remember where exactly? but it sits a a windowsill with other rocks and to me it looks like bone but just a guess? Anyone have a guess?
  10. Detecting a old mining camp last week and found this item. I believe it is type of tong, but what for as it is small in size. It seems to be made of brass and has a little nickel or silver plating left.
  11. Hello, I used pan to find alluvial gold in the river. But recently I have become interested in searching for gold with a detector, on a hillside, but so far without success, so I need your advice. And so I use a Garrett AT Gold with Garrett AT sniper 4.5" coil, I surveyed a hillside in a gold-bearing place, where in creek I found gold in the form of 3-5 mm flakes with a wash. Therefore, I decided to go to the hillside with a metal detector in search of gold nuggets. But I couldn't find anything with a metal detector. But in my personal opinion, the place is still promising. I am adding a photo of quartz from this hill. Help "come" to the first gold on the hillside with a detector.
  12. Hello I found a collection of these rocks in very close proximity to each other and wondered if anyone had idea what they are. The image of the smaller rock also has a magnetic repulsion where the multicoloured part of the rock is. Is this a meteorite ? Any info is greatly appreciated Jake
  13. Found this in Minnesota where land was dug up. Very very heavy. Wondering if it's petrified wood?
  14. I found this years ago while sniping a creek. Went to throw it out of the crack but it was very heavy for its size. Sticks very hard to my pick magnet.
  15. went out on a short 45 minuet hunt today with the Legend went over this weird little rock and the Legend was screaming can someone tell me what this is
  16. When trying to learn new Makro Gold Racer, I found a strange rock in my creek this week. Am in an area where the original NC Gold Rush started in the 1830's so after decades of part time coin hunting, I'm trying to broaden interests due to a disability. Makro Gold Racer read solid 36 climbing to 37. Garrett AT Gold read solid 37 bumping to 38. Fisher Gold Bug Pro read 40-41. My minor background in geology goes back over 50 years, but: 1. It is black 2. It is porous 3. It does not float 4. Rough texture 5. Streaks black 6. Feels and almost weighs like Pumice, but I think heavier. 7. Much harder than a fingernail, but does not appear to scratch glass. Photos below if I can figure out how to attach them. THANKS for any suggestion as to what you think this is. Take care, "Bo"
  17. Hi Guys, new here so hope you can help. I recently purchased 250Acres of bush land in a known gold region in Australia. I found a large seam of quarts breaking through the surface. I picked up a few pieces to investigate, i broke them open with a hammer and found what looks like gold and coper? Can anyone help identify this?
  18. I was given this by a friend, he told me he thought it could be a meteorite, I took it to the gem lab to get tested but couldn't afford the fee at the time but they gave me their opinion of what it could be and they said black jadeite. After looking into it further I noticed there were markings and what seems like lettering of some sort. Any ideas?
  19. I'm not very knowledgeable with this relic stuff, but I found a gold site that I'm trying to research historical info on and coming up short. The only thing I've found that I might be able to get a date on is this rifle cartridge. Google looks to infer this company only existed until 1896? But I'm hoping for something more accurate. The bullet itself looks to have been slightly larger than 7/16" diameter but my calipers are packed up as I'm moving right now so can't get more accurate. Close to a 44 - 40 I guess, but longer shell. Hoping someone can narrow the years down for me a bit more or potentially this round's use? Would this be a calvary/government issued round? Or an old trapper's round? Buffalo hunting? Any kind of info is helpful to potentially give me a research lead.
  20. Hello all, Had about 4 hours detecting yesterday on my new moor side pasture permission & had a couple of decent penny’s/ half penny’s a few smaller totally toasted copper coins and a 1939 silver sixpence amongst the usual trash plus a few bits including these 2. Again I know they won’t be that interesting to the hardcore member but I was hoping someone could throw so light on these items please. One I would guess is a Victorian pendant of some sort with it having a hole at the top and the 2nd item is a thin plaque with an old ship on it “hopefully you can make it out on my photos” maybe could be off an old model ornament ship with this being a plaque attached to maybe a wooden base but I’m probs miles off with both guesses. The ship item gave a jumpy 14-17 with a decent but scratchy tone about 6 inches deep and the possible pendant gave a loud clear two way 23-24 signal about 9 inches deep on my Nox Again any help would be appreciated
  21. Good afternoon. I found this very old looking button while hiking. It appears to be brass, has some design, and is not magnetic. I was hoping someone could point to an age or historical time period. Thank you very much.
  22. Those of you that go after meteorites will likely have a much better idea than i. While out metal detecting old west Nevada in the mountain southwest of Caliente, I hit on this target. It's shape is irregular, and it dose appear to have heat smoothing on the surface, particularly on leading edges. It is magnetic (when tested on my rare earth magnet), but not as strong as say a steel bar. Still clings right to the magnet. When I took a file to the surface, i get a nice silver hue (iron nickel?). Hits in the foil/nickel range on my detectors. 43g and the penny is for comparison - quite heavy for its size. Has no appearance of slag or worked metal to me. I find plenty of that along the old railroad sidings. Picture 5 may be the clearest. I do see that there are some meteor strikes North of LV, and not too far from where i was. Any other sure fire tests?
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