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  1. GPZ 7000 In Noisy Ground

    Thanks for all the advise from everyone, I will try everything mentioned and see how I go. Cheers outback54
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me what settings I should use on my Z in very noisy/salty ground? I have been working a patch and up until now the ground has been very easy to work, but now I'm into very noisy ground and feel I am missing gold. I have reduced the "Sensitivity" and running in "Difficult Ground Type" but still, it's too noisy to work. Any help will be much appreciated. thanks. OUTBACK54
  3. Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    Mike I tried what you suggested, and had no issues. Due to the new knee/ leg still being very stiff and a little tender I don't kneel on the ground, I remove the Bungee cord and lay the coil on the ground, than bend the old back and check the hand full of dirt that way. I had the toe of my boot touching the coil and no problem while bending over. Plus I'm only a short person and still no issues. Hope this helps? Outback 54
  4. Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    Hi Northeast, i don't want to push my luck, the 19" might be just too much to ask of the knee, so it might very well be for sale. 👌
  5. Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    Hi All, I am a very happy prospector. Recently I asked if anyone knew the effects of a knee replacement while detecting. As mentioned, I recently had a full knee replacement and I was very concerned that my GPZ7000 would pick up the Titanium in the knee. Well, I am currently at one of my favorite goldfields and came here to check for myself the effects that I might encounter. I have been detecting for two days without a problem, I am over the moon. My fears were that I might have to sell my detector. Not only is there no interference, I have found three small nuggets. Happy Happy. The only thing I had to do was change the way I put the handful of dirt onto the coil to find the nugget/rubbish, bending too close to the coil, my knee would be picked up, but a few trials and now all is good. So to anyone out there who is reluctant to have the knee operation due to their concerns of interference, I can tell you all, don't be concerned, all is ok. Thanks to all who sent a post to me on this. Merry Christmas to everyone ( i know Santa has already come to me) Outback
  6. Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    😂 yeh forgot about the airport drama I will have to go through. I'm heading bush on Thursday to try the detector and see if it is going to go ballistic on my knee. Fingers crossed. I will let everyone know how it goes. merry Christmas 🎄
  7. Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    Thanks for the tips 👌 I'm looking forward to getting out swinging.
  8. Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

    I have just had a full knee replacement and very concerned about the effect using my Z. I'm still on the recovery road only a month since surgery. I'm heading out in about 2weeks, fingers crossed. I will inform you how things go. There might be a cheap Z up for sale