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  1. Hi Guys n Gals. I’ve never ran a detector but very much looking forward to it. I live in the Nth East of Victoria Australia with access to what was some of the richest gold fields. I have no idea as to what the ground is like but it would be a fair guess that it would be at least reasonably mineralised. I know i will be a beginner but i dont want to spend my limited budget on a beginners detector. I’m willing to do the hard yards with the likes of an intermediate detector. The areas that i would be concentrating on is Beechworth and the Buckland Valley etc, so the ground will have plenty of iron and the likes and mineralised. I will be working mostly around the mines on hillsides etc. I noticed a used Nokta Fors Core for sale so did a little research. Nice detector. VLF struggling in the mineralised ground or does the Nokta fair not too badly? A good used GP3000 is going to be twice the price and above my budget but i could work on that. Lack of descrimination would probably be an issue at these workings? Whites SPP? I’m finding it hard to get too much info on these but from what i have read they seem like a good detector. Because of the likes of the trash and mineralised ground, i’m finding it difficult to choose between the VLF and a PI. I could start with the likes of the Nokta and purchase the likes of the GP or SPP further down the road. Does the SPP come under another name or as an updated model? Thanks all. Al.
  2. Does anyone know of any war nickels that don't have silver content except for the 1942.
  3. For the last 3 days I have been taking a friend's grandson detecting along the Atlantic ocean. He is 11 and was having some difficulty using my Minelab Equinox. It was my lightest detector. He seems really excited to hunt but I can tell the swinging and the digging in wet sand is a bit too much for him. Is there any lighter, cheaper detectors that will still perform well along the surf? He only goes in ankle deep water and mostly hunts the wet & dry sand. Thank you.
  4. So there was a rattle inside my T2 when swinging it so I popped it open to have a look what the rattle was. It was a loose black wire, I can't see anywhere it was meant to be soldered on, the wire is stripped at the end but no visible signs it was ever soldered anywhere. This is a photo of a T2 board I found on the web, I've marked the black wire with the Red circle showing the wire in question. There is some hot glue on the back of the control box case that looks like it could possibly be the location where the end of the wire is meant to be, maybe it was just hot glued onto the control housing? The T2 is working perfectly with this wire not connected to anything, it's damn lucky it didn't hit something and short it while it was floating loose inside the control box. It's not worth sending the T2 overseas for this to be fixed and it's out of warranty now anyway, especially seeing it's working fine so I was hoping someone knew what this wire is for and where it's meant to be connected to. I think I'm right it was just hot glued to the case but I'd like to know for sure. I also have no idea why it would be there like that, like an antenna? Also, The T2 is a bit of a pain with EMI, has anyone considered or used EMI reducing coatings on housing to calm down emi? I've always known they existed but never tried one so it would be good to hear from someone who has had experience with them. This is the one I think might be the best, but there is also EMI reducing tapes and the more traditional metal with holes in it method. Super Shield Conductive Coating - 12 oz. aerosol Reduce or eliminate EMI / RFI interference in plastic electronic enclosures. An excellent general purpose EMI / RFI shielding spray. Protects sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic interference. Ideal for use on plastic electronic enclosures. https://www.circuitspecialists.com/841-340g.html Could also do it the dodgy way and stick tin foil onto the inside of the plastic housing 🙂 It would work, if you wrap your mobile phone in tin foil and try calling it, the phone won’t have any signal. These radio waves are a form of EMF radiation. The tin foil acts as a barrier and completely blocks those waves. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. I am kicking myself for not picking one up a few days ago, looks like the prices are creeping up on these and most stores show as sold out. Anyone know where I can pick one up at list in the US (~$179) that will ship in a few days?
  6. Contact problems. The + (positive) tab for the right side battery bends backwards when changing batteries. Any suggestions on a fix?
  7. I have been pounding the beaches with my AT Pro and a Nel Big coil but the black sand gets annoying so I have been looking at some PI machines. I was curious how well the Sea Hunter MKII does with small finds like earings, small silver pendants. Also how well does it do with NiCad rechargeable batteries or are there better battery alternatives like the RD pack I use on my AT Pro that gives me 40+ hours per charge? Thanks!
  8. Hello - I'm looking some help locating an old issue of Lost Treasure Magazine. For years I held on to the August 2007 issue because of an article in it titled "Train Robbers Loot Found in Denver". Unfortunately, I can no longer find the issue and am searching for another copy of it or of that article. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I’m interested in finding a used Tejon. The Tesoro’s remind me of the Sovereign GT in some ways.
  10. I was hunting some pasture a downhill slope where some area has been levelled out looking like a foundation of some kind. For me it looks like there has been some kind of building or similar but nothing left except green grass. I found this item. Cleaning it up I found 6 sun-markings. 3 to the left of the tip and 3 to the right. Could it be a part of a sundial? Any suggestions on the age?
  11. I got this manual at a swap meet in Quartzsite, Arizona. It's a manual written by Ben Thompson, who placer mined a lot in Northern Nevada/ Mill City area. He describes. Terry T bones in 90's that found a 27 ounce nugget, and killed by a train. He also talks about Burns Bros truck stop, and Dick who worked there also found a 24 ounce nugget near where Terry found his (Big Easy). Enclosing pic if his book. Dave
  12. Hello everyone I'm new to this and I would like to ask for any knowledge pertaining to this rock.....or thoughts thanks
  13. Using Wi Stream module is helping me vs Bluetooth wireless headphones. Like to hear some other folks reports using Wi Stream with Nox in difficult sites.
  14. Forum- can the coin pros recommend the "1" to buy or what seems the overall standard" best brand" and digging tool for Grassy areas? Best Shovel Length and single edge or dual edge? Left or Right side Lesche? Whats Best🙄 Thanks Ig
  15. Anchorage ak beginner. Just purchased. any good for gold prospecting? Thoughts? Feedback? much appreciated.
  16. So I'm debating trading my v3i towards a Equinox 800, or a Xp ORX, I am torn about it because the v3i is a good machine just challenging to get setup Everytime I go to a new site, I occasionally hunt beaches so that's why I was considering the equinox to have a machine that could cover all my hunting grounds in one. And a orx because it intrigues me. I would like to hear your argument for and against the trades and tear into it. In the end I'll make a decision I just want to hear what you guys think!
  17. Hey all, I'm a newbie here, thinking about getting into this hobby. I have no clue who to trust with my business, for purchasing equipment. So far, I haven't seen any links for website sponsors, if this board even has any. Who do you folks praise when giving them your business?
  18. I recently broke a vow and took my Tejon to the beach and surprisingly did pretty well. I came across this ring about 4-6" down in the damp sand. It has no makers mark or any marks, the diamonds look like cz's not real diamonds as they refract some color and huff test they do not fog. When I compared the vdi on it from my AT Pro it comes in as a solid 55. Stainless rings come in at 48, titanium around 50 and 14k come in at solid 52 on that machine. Jeffersons come in at 52. Usually in my past experience 55 is a square tab or junk. Anyone know what range white gold comes in on? Weight is .3 oz
  19. Hey, I'm new here, but I come here time to time to read, you all are a knowledgeable bunch it seems. I have for a couple years been on the search for an alleged cache of gold coins, in a jar or something similar. It's a solid story, I've done my research, etc. I am currently looking into a GPX 4500 for the hunt. I had bought a CTX 3030 and learned it for a few months, but I buried some test targets (using bottles of nickels, or pennies), and the damned thing was nearly worthless past 12" deep, a $2500 toy in my opinion. Most caches are said to be found at 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep, and I'd say 3 feet wouldn't be out of the question here. Any informed opinions welcome, thank you!
  20. I wanted advice from all of you. I have an MXT Pro, and I'm thinking about changing it for something more current and with new technology, "if that's better". my thought, if you see that it is advisable is to sell my MXT Pro with the dish ultiamte detech 13 "and super 12, and collect some more money and buy the XP Deus or the Equinox 800. you think it would be worth the change ?, I would use it only for field, since my area in winter is usually wet, and in dry summer. The areas where I detect are low grass grasses, plowed fields, and in summer hard and dry fields, mineralization in some areas is very low and others are quite mineralized, so in these last areas the MXT Pro looks like a cricket when there is a lot of mineralization I go with the dish detech ultimate 13", I have to lower the power a lot. And if it's worth changing it, (since I do not want to regret it in the change), what detector do you think is better? and because? thank you.
  21. So I'm doing a lot of research here and other message boards about making the most of your time while metal detecting. One thing I knew (and have subsequently seen confirmed online) is that you REALLY need to know your machine well (features, how it responds in different conditions, etc.) to make the most of it. Given this, how many of you factor in similarity among metal detectors when upgrading (aka: staying within the ecosystem)? For example, I will eventually upgrade from the F2 (assuming I stay in this hobby). Most likely, that will be several years from now because I've told myself any new machine must be funded from finds made by the F2. By that point, I'll know my F2 like it's nobody's business. I imagine it would be "best" for me to stay within the Fisher Labs ecosystem due to my anticipated familiarity with the F2. So given inherent time limitations in learning a new machine, I figure I'd be making finds faster with say an F44 or F75 than a Minelab CTX-3030. Is this true and if so, how many of you out there take this into consideration when upgrading your machine? I ask because I'm surprised by how little "brand loyalty" I see among metal detectors users. Not that this is a problem, but I just figured more people would find one or two brands and stick with them. Luckily, I have plenty of time to figure out whether I'll stay with Fisher or move on to Garrett, Minelab, White's or some other brand.
  22. So I was out hunting today with my F2 in my backyard. There's a good deal of trash so I ramp up the discrimination all the way. I notice that I will sometimes hear the high pitch beep on the outer portion of my swing, whether it's to the far right or far left. But when I go back and check out it to figure out the exact spot, my F2 picks up nothing. I'll spend a few minutes scanning the area from multiple angles, but I can never repeat the high pitched beep. What's going on (or what am I doing wrong)?
  23. Hi Steve, I have a question for you or any of the other more experienced users. I am looking to buy a couple of new detectors. I will be using them in the rivers where there is some thick bedrock in some places. The first detector will be a primary and the second will be a backup. What would be your first two choices for PI detectors and your two choices for MLF? I already have a CTX, ATPRO and NOX800. Thanks
  24. Hi all users DetectorProspector.. I want to buy detector for thin gold jewelry : chain, earrings (underwater search) . Now I use Tesoro Compadre but not enough depth . And I think what need to buy detector PRO - level with high frequency. But I'm confused. My choice fell to 3 devices:GoldenMask One 24Deeptech Vista Gold / Gold GainWhites TDI Beach Hunteror Yours alternative's. Please tell me, what metal detector is the deepest for thin jewelry? And can good work to heavy soil? ThanksP.S. Sorry to my English
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