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Found 358 results

  1. Steve Herschbach

    Rled2005 Read This

    Check your email blockers, junk mail, whatever. I have responded to your emails so no need to keep sending them to me. You need to figure out where they are so you can get the password reset info I emailed to you. Thanks.
  2. rled2005

    Gpaa Membership?

    GPAA Membership. Is it a joke? Are their Claims all worked out? Is it worth $90 to join?
  3. Today I had a look at the shaft that my father put together for his 800. I thought it turned out very well, so I thought I would take a few pictures to share here. We looked at a few options but ultimately thought a true one piece shaft was best and easiest. Based on a previous conversation I had with an experienced water hunter on here, we figured it would be alright to run the carbon fiber almost all the way to the coil. The lower fiberglass factory shaft was cut down to about 6" and secured into the inanimate carbon tube with epoxy. This, along with the lack of clamps really reduced the weight. A couple of holes for the armrest and pod completed the project. Looks like he even got the button on the end of the shaft too. I will be doing something similar with mine, although I still think I want to try a kevlar shaft just for fun as it is basically transparent to RF. I'm in the process of finding one with the right diameters tonight. The main thing for me is to get the 0.875" O.D. (~22mm) to fit the pod, i can modify the lower piece if need be, or print a new one. I'll also tilt the handle a little bit towards myself. I love this because it is light and simple.
  4. I was at an organised hunt this weekend where there were many Equinox's. The fields were small and there was a tremendous amount of interference between the Equinox's during the hunts, almost making it impossible to hunt. Besides noise cancelling every couple minutes, are there any things I can do to eliminate or mitigate the interference? Thanks!
  5. Alluminati

    Question For Calabash

    Since you have been a fan of using Pitch mode with the Deus relic hunting, have you considered using the Gold 2 mode on your Equinox to do the same? I've been using it to tremendous success in the fresh water, just thought it would be right up your alley for the relic sites you haunt. Thanks.
  6. Just a quick one chaps (Do we have any chapess's) ........anyways, what causes pitting in silver coins. I found a 1898 coin yesterday and it has micro pitting in it. Never had that in any coin ive ever found. Thats why i like silver, cus its always in good condition. But these pits baffled me. The soil at this location is generally a mild PH, and very dry sandy soil - which to my mind is great for preservation, but bad on abrasion. But i have found over 15 silvers here, and none have pitting. So considering these conditions, what it is that would cause the pitting? I defer to your expertise, Thank you.
  7. Hi you lot, hope your all well, I'm about to go and hit a local park. Ive found loads of silver coins (1880-1940's), but i now sense that ive pretty much hoovered them all up (Silver). Interesting thing is, there are loads of targets around the 10-19 VDI. I'm ideally trying to target a gold coin and gold rings. I know silver gives a lovely tell-tale indicator, for example a 24-25-26 which 99% of the time is... silver. So what does gold do on the VDI? Any skips on the VDI like silver? Im going to be using the depth indicator for potential gold coins, my thinking is that the deeper it is, the more the chance of it being old and not surface rubbish. But the gold rings could be any depth, hence why i ask if there's any tell-tale signs of the yellow stuff. Any other hints and tips would be mega appreciated. Help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andy.
  8. I see so many new things coming on the seen from other detector companies and I wonder why I can’t have the same. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and that’s why I said 2019 . I have the Sport and it would be great to notch out one ID number at a time. I see some detectors have a internal battery. I myself don’t find it that great unless you can make it a quick change that I can do. I see others getting notice for a up date on their detector and that’s another item you can add to my list. I see on the 24K it came out with two coils and that’s another great thing I’d like to see. You may not remember but when the 66 TR came out but I do it had two coils . It had the standard large coil and it had a small coil too. I know nothing is free in the world but I for one is willing to pay. I say this if you will give me what I want , not what you want to give me . White’s is a old company not some new kid on the block and I’m one of your old customer that wants the best for you . I’m always in the wants for something so you can be sure I’ll be back. Chuck
  9. we are leaving Alaska heading south to Nevada and Arizona for two months do we need to watch out for snakes and creepy crawlers leaving Wednesday thanks doug
  10. jadawg

    Fools Gold?

    Hello guys, new to this site and gold prospecting itself. On my days off i hit the mountains with my metal detector. Dug this rock up, it was hot. Anyway to tell if its the real deal?
  11. Hi All- A friend of mine found a set of Military dog tags today and he was wondering how to get them back to the owner. The internet says, 'send them to the Secretary of Defense'. He would like to get them back to the owner personally. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I know you’re thinking what kind of bull he’s going to shoot us now. A friend in Oklahoma got a Nox 800 soon after I did. He keep telling me he wasn’t finding any silver are any wheats. I’d tell his you just got to get a place where others haven’t been. I told him the trouble your Nox don’t know what to look for. Again I told this boy I would send him some silver and wheats. The first thing he need was run his coil over what I sent and tell his Nox this is what I’m looking for. Now you may not believe me but within two days he was finding silver and wheat pennies. Here he comes again crying on my shoulder that he can’t find any rings are jewelry of any kind. So here I go sending him all different rings with some being gold other silver plus some jewelry. Again after he got the package he started finding rings. What I didn’t tell you I sent one Indian Head penny and later this afternoon he calls to tell me he found his first said penny. I really can’t say this will happen to you and I’m sure some will say hog wash but it won’t hurt to try it. The Best to all Chuck
  13. nugget hunter

    Pyrite And Gold

    what can guy small scale do if he has plenty of pyrite ????? whats u do if theres no free mill gold just sulfides ?? theres a old prophry copper gold mine about 30 miles west of this area ..... am in a hydrothermal zone with thermal vents and a river at the base in this area never seen anyone find any gold in this area only 20 miles south ........ could the heavy sands from this area also maybe have sulfide trapped gold ???? i seen the chinese about 20 miles north are interested in the heavy sand in different river maybe rare earth metals or gold ??? ...i know theres magnetite and what looks like chalcopyrite , iron pyrite , arsenopyrite, .....where the steam comes out the rocks are covered with green material and maybe 10% of the large rocks look like they are bleeding rust .....am not a miner so any information on what to look for or what to do would be very helpful ....so far am just metal detecting looking nuggets no luck .....
  14. I repaired the coil ears on my Teknetics G2. I bought a sheet of ABS plastic on Amazon .177" thickness. I made a paper template by laying a piece of paper between the ears and shaping the paper to fit. I cut 2 pieces of ABS to stack between the ears for support of the new ears. I roughed the ABS a bit, then used Oatley's ABS glue(medium black); The Oatley's contains acetone and MEK which melts the ABS surface. I put glue on the coil surface, glue on the first bottom piece, clamped those together for 15 minutes. Then added the second piece on top, glued them together and clamped again for 15 minutes. Then I cut a couple of squares off of the sheet big enough for the ears(a little bigger than the original), I clamped them together and the shaped them on my belt sander copying the original. After shaping, then while still clamped, I drilled a pilot hole for the rod/shaft. I grounded off the remains of the coils original ear sides with my Dremel to make a flat surface to glue the ears onto. When gluing the ears to the sides, I placed the rod/shaft end with the rubber washers in between, as to not allow the clamp to cave inward. I glued and clamped the ears for 2 hours. After 2 hrs. I removed the clamp and let it cure overnight. Done! 10 times stronger than the original.
  15. Getting geared up for my beach hunting season. Not the usual sunny day morning clad hunts. I like to go behind big winter tides, preferably with a hefty sea ripping into the beach giving me some cuts to work. Pretty use to the Excal running in pinpoint mode and my SDC hunting with a SAT. Trying to figure out how I can fool a NOX 800 into thinking its an Excal. The Nox 800 has allready given me some gold in Beach 1 and pretty basic settings, just curious if I can really get her to Hunt in pinpoint mode with a SAT.
  16. Glenn in CO

    Settings Or Specimen?

    I, my wife and a friend went nugget hunting for a couple of days last week before the snow starts falling in the high rockies. I and my wife were using our gold detectors and my friend decided to try his Equinox 800 with the 11" coil. I found this small crystalline specimen with my gold detector which weighs 1.543 grains and is 1.48cm x .499cm x .058cm in size. We set the specimen on the ground and my friend tried with his Equinox both gold modes with the sensitivity set to max and could not get a response. We then tried the all metal mode and got a clear response. My question is what settings or setup would you recommend for the gold modes or other modes to get a clear solid response? Or is the gold specimen not detectable because of the type of gold using the gold modes on the Equinox? The ground is somewhat mild with random hot rocks. Thanks for any input!
  17. fredmason

    Where Is Klunker???

    I have not seen a Klunker post for a long while. Where are you, Klunker...aka Norm L. fred
  18. In the latter part of the Summer/early Autumn I found myself thinking more about a kayak for river hunting and magnet fishing. It was probably all those Aquachigger videos that did it. So I set my mind toward finding one before the leaves began to change much. I found a barely used Sundolphin Aruba 8 SS for $100. Next I began looking at sources of propulsion. I found a used Kota Minn 17ib thrust trolling motor for $35. I pulled a battery from a klunker for a trial power source and installed it hidden behind the seat. I cut a 7"x7" slit to slide the battery in on top of a thick foam seat pad. Then I found an old wheelchair to cut down and use as a kayak dolly to tow behind my mountain bike. Also, as a second source of propulsion I've rigged up a cordless drill trolling attachment, which works far better than I could've imagined. Everything else has worked on a rudimentary level so far, but some refinements are needed. The motor Kota Minn 17ib thrust does power the kayak sufficiently enough, but I find myself wishing I'd gone for a used 30ib thrust. And there are now wireless remote kits for trolling motors these days. Secondly, because I have a very light sit-in kayak the back end sags in the water more than I'd like, so I have to increase the boyancy back there and possibly even move the battery up to the very front of the boat. I'm intent on keeping the motor mounted in the back and out of my way when I use it. The Sundolphin Aruba 8 is the only sit in kayak I've seen that can mount a trolling motor (with a special kind of dual vice) in the back without cutting a bunch of holes and creating more fuss. I also need to settle on a way to steer the boat. For now I've extended the steering handle above my head and it works well enough, but is awkward. I've seen some guys use bicycle wire attached to pedal, some use remotes etc. I'm also considering the drill method as a more permanent power source with some electrical refinements. It is actually just as powerful as a trolling motor, if not more. A trip to Harbor Freight could net you a drill and several batteries for less than $60. Each battery powers the boat for 20 min or so at a speed of around 4-5 mph. A full sized trolling motor and battery will power the boat for around 2-3 hours on max speed of a few mph or so. More photos and and video will follow, but here's a couple pics from early on in the project
  19. Possibly tboykin may be able to find out if there is going to be a "Christmas" Special that will include the 24K ?? Inquiring minds want to know. Hapy Huntn Dirtman
  20. jrbeatty

    Pieter Heydelaar

    Just wondered if anybody here in the US knows of author and prospector Pieters whereabouts? Some old friends and I had a lot of fun prospecting Western Australia with them back in the mid nineties, while he and Debbie were living at Gwalia WA. As far as I know he left years ago. Steve: Apologies if this is off topic or in the wrong place, please feel free to move it somewhere more appropriate. Thanks! Juvenile fun in the "outback" Left to Right: Me, the late Jim Stewart, Debbie, Reg Wilson, Pieter Heydelaar, John Hider Smith. Pieter with a fuel tank off a Soyuz spacecraft. He had a good meteorite collection as well. A much younger me (with camera) and Australian detecting legend and prospecting buddy Jim Stewart:
  21. I just came back from a beach hunt with my 3030. There was not much there (a 2g silver ring) and a few coins. Most of the 3 hours I was out I was thinking about another thread that has brought up in my mind the difference between hearing targets or ground listening for targets. The 3030 gives you choices of Low Trash, High Trash, Ferrous Coin and Ground Coin as examples of how you want to separate the sounds. This would have to be a bit of a speed control choice. The Nox has different settings of course. I've found gold with both detectors. I'm a fair beach hunter and reader of a beach with the 3030, SE Pro, Equinox, 5000, etc. I swing for target sounds and dig'em. I pretty much ignore the ground and the salt water. Often times I go to our local gold fields and I'm not as successful as others. I don't seem to get some of the little nuggets or the deep ones. Most of the time I've described my nugget style as beach hunting for nuggets. The bottom line is I want more nuggets. I just read Steve's tips on setting up the Nox in a way that will allow it to identify nuggets. I've got a 7000, 800 and a 2300 and some other detectors (GB Pro) that can also hear nuggets but maybe this is not what I should be doing for nugget hunting. Maybe what I should be doing is listening to the ground! Let me give a couple of definitions: listen to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing; give ear. to pay attention; heed; obey (often followed by to😞Children don't always listen to their parents. to wait attentively for a sound (usually followed by for😞to listen for sounds of their return. hear to perceive by the ear:Didn't you hear the doorbell? to learn by the ear or by being told; be informed of:to hear news. to listen to; give or pay attention to:They refused to hear our side of the argument. The reason for these definitions is to show myself that hearing is not listening unless I concentrate. Most of the good nugget hunters that post here talk about getting a smooth threshold. They learned their techniques back in the day when ground balance was much more difficult than it is now. I think those guys intuitively listen to the ground even with this new technology. I've always wanted to hear targets. (Is this too find a difference?) So, I could go on and on but the question becomes: Do you listen to the ground or concentrate on target sounds? Mitchel
  22. Hi there folks, I have been prospecting for the better part of two years now (I’m 23) and have for the most part stuck to my grandparents property in California finding pickers and occasional small nuggets. I’m now living in Eugene going to school at the university and trying to find the time to get out and put my SDC to work. From what I have heard there is pretty great gold in Southern Oregon and I’m just putting the feelers out to see if anyone might have some useful advise or resources that could point me in the right direction. I’d also like to start making connections with folks in the community so feel free to let me know if you would like to let a young guy tag along or if you have a need for a big truck -Hayden
  23. Here is another one for you guys to figure out. I haven't the slightest clue, this one makes my head hurt. It was found in the water. This old bay has an insane asylum built on it dating from the late 1800's. It is also has a ghost town, a failed colonial type trading settlement dating from around 1825. Before that it was a native village but I think it's safe to say this is not native American. It has three stars, or starfish? and a small hole on each side. It measures about an inch across. It weighs about 17 grams but has at least some sand and clay remaining inside. There is no way you guys are going to guess what it is.