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  1. I had posted in another thread about how many prospectors do not take the time to accurately pinpoint and therefore spend a lot of unnecessary time chasing their target, resulting in less gold found. I thought it might be better to have a clean thread specifically on the topic. Its important because taking an extra 30 seconds to pinpoint a target carefully can save 5 minutes or more of digging and chasing. Multiply 5 minutes per target (more or less) by 20 or more targets a day and it really adds up. Plus the less time you spend digging and chasing your targets, the more time you spend actua
  2. Hello, I was in search for a hobby That takes me outside. I was a rock climber, kayaker, backpacker, Ect...... Bu know at 50 I had a heart attack, and a bad back so a lot of the extreme sports are done. Living near The great Lakes and spending a lot of time in/on/ and near them might be a good place to spend a day metal detecting. I was wondering if anyone has the time to share what is a good detector for around 1000.00-1500.00, All the reviews I have seen so far are trying to sell me something. So un-biased reviews and thoughts would be great. I would like to buy something that I would not ha
  3. Last season I started hunting with my SDC and would mark 10 targets with those construction flags, then fire up the Goldmonster, scrape off a couple inches and chase down the target with the Monster. I found this helped me PP faster and also be able to use the discrimination on the Monster and help speed things up for the way I hunt. Wash, rinse, repeat. I've actually lost sight of those construction flags laying on the ground a few times and wasted some precious time looking for my target marker(s). I found these packs of 10, in many colors, heavy duty markers, 7" diameter. Looking forwar
  4. Hello all, A number of years ago I was one of the the first people to come upon a motorcycle accident in which 3 people lost their lives. During the passing of one of the women she took her wedding ring off at some point which was found about a week later by someone who had come to see the wreck site. I thought it was strange that I didn’t see it since I was by her side at the time of passing but it was good that the ring was returned to her family. I also remembered seeing somewhere that apparently when someone passes quickly they will sometimes take off clothes and restrictive items.
  5. I just recently got one of these Russian boards, which IMO looks like a good piece to work with. I read over the supplied build instructions which are fairly clear, but in a way are not totally, at the same time. I have worked with circuits quite a lot over several years, I went back to a site that discusses working with timer IC's of which in this build uses the 7555, a CMOS version of the vaunted 555 that uses 1/10th the power. This is where the MD transmitter freq. is produced. There are several ways to construct the oscillator and in the case of this design, I find one very small issue. Si
  6. Hello, New to the forum, just wanted to say hello before I started to ask questions here haha. Several years ago I bought a junker metal detector to test out the hobby, it died a couple years later now I'm back. Wondering how good Kellyco customer service is. Ordered a new MD from them and after 10 days of patiently waiting, I was sent what Is obviously a used machine. I paid for a new one so I'm a bit irritated about it. It's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow to call. I could have ordered one through Amazon, but thought I'd give them a try. Any issues with Kellyco before? Not
  7. Used Cherry Pick settings from the Handbook for a brief session in a local park. Found a penny, the handle of a spoon. If it ever was silver plated, that is long gone. Then found a quarter-sized disk, a token of some sort. It says "Where a kid can be a kid" on both sides and one side was stamped OTTS.ORG. I just tried that website and it is apparently closed. There was a message to the effect to leave your contact info if you have any business with this site. Question: is there something more than the Lesche Predator but less than a shovel -- a mini shovel, perhaps?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has ordered anything from this company before. I'm assuming my headphones dies on the AQ, so I wanted to get the cable and have someone build me a new set of headphones. This company has the 5 pin M8 connector needed for the AQ I think. It also has the ones that are "L" shaped which would look to be a better way to have the cable come out of the battery. The video shown sounds promising and the price seems extremely reasonable. Let me know what you think. Will it work? https://www.automationdirect.com/videos/video?videoToPlay=gV0yX9qSAds
  9. We’re heading over to the Hauser beds (near Blythe, CA) this week (11/25/20), has anyone been there recently? Any suggestions on good locations? 😁 I’ll post a collecting trip report with recommendations when we return. Thanks!
  10. I sure do!!! I'm probably spelling his name wrong but, Great Britain's Jim Fiveash built custom detector's that was among the first to successfully hunt in the coke, coal, & iron debris of the Thames River shoreline. His last three improved versions of The Red Heat XD 17s. Were sent to America. For myself & two friends. Jim was a brilliant mind, that was dying of cancer while completing our machines. It took Jim a long time to complete our three custom built detectors, they were improved version of his legendary XD-17. Jim died shortly after we received our machines. He never even got
  11. Hi everyone I have a troy X5 metal detector what is it worth if I sold it, Its in really good condition and still works fine would be very grateful for your views many thanks Clive
  12. Here are a couple things I've run into detecting lately that I figured I could share here for some motivation! This first one comes from a patch where the trash is elusive and the hot rocks are warm at the worst. This one gram specimen is the first specimen I've ever found at this location. I found it detecting a small gully on a big hill sitting near the top of a cut bank about 2 feet above the surface of the bed of the gully. It was the first gold find on that particular outing and in an area near my main patch which I hadn't yet found gold, let alone detected much at all.
  13. Looking for tips on what to carry in the field for nugget hunting. I have a metal detector, skid plate for the coil, an Apex pick with super magnet, a plastic scoop, a plastic flat sided cup, a small plastic bottle for nuggets. Which is better, a back pack or finders pouch? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  14. A lot of interest around these new Equinox coils. The 10x5, like for many, is tempting. But darn that $219 price tag! So just for some fun discussion, what choice would you make if you hunt parks or lots for jewelry and coins mostly? Not talking hunting for gold nuggets, urban hunting : ) Coiltek 10x5 for you Equinox at $219? A whole Vanquish 340 that comes with a 10x7 at $199? If you already have a Simplex, pick up an SP24 coil AND a Pulsedive that connects to your headphones fIr around the same price? Wait for one to come up lightly used for nearly half the p
  15. I’m posting this due that we still have lots of detectors that have tuning knobs on them and just by bumping your detector they can get off. The first thing you do is take the knob off the pot you’re having trouble with. Then get you some O rings that fit tight around the pin of the pot and slide one over the pin .Now you take knob for it and push it back on so the knob will rub on the O ring . The O ring will drag on the detector housing and by magic you have fixed your problem of your settings getting off . I’m sure a lot of the old times knew about this little trick that can be
  16. Sounds like a simple question But I know it's not. Once this pandemic is over, I would like to take my wife and myself to the best place in the US to hunt for meteorites. She's a pretty tough women, But still likes the shopping/site seeing/quality time thing. I'm more into the rustic adventure. But I'll loose that battle. What are your best choices for a combo visit? My chances of finding the real thing I know are slim, But it's more about giving it a try and having fun. Are there any people out there that maybe do some guided trips or hunts? (meteor/relic/gold) or just plain fun. Please poin
  17. How about offering the Nox 800 with the 11'' coil plus the 6'' coil for $999 plus with a pin pointer as a winter special in the USA.With all the money the government is given out it would be a good time to do it.
  18. When going on a hunt do you take 2 different gold detectors or stick just to the big guns? This last season with Covid and all, I was more fortunate to be out in the field. On one of my trips to Oregon a Staff Member and I were eager to swing our GPZ's over some ground that held gold. After about 2 hours of digging iron bits and old lead bullets, I decided the extra depth of the 7000 (overkill) was not proficient for this sites and hiked back to the truck to get the NOX... and what a smart decision it was. Lighter, faster, better target ID (I like the way it - NOX talks to me) and
  19. Sage advice for nugget shooters from the late, great Jim Straight! I always get excited when I come across the old drywasher tailing piles (dryblower heaps) of long abandoned mining claims in the desert. The efficiency of gold recovery using this dry separation method depends on many factors, including the moisture content of the material, its degree of consolidation, the angle of the riffle box and amount of air flow and vibration. Even if all of these conditions are optimal, recovery is never 100% and some gold inevitably ends up in the tailing piles. So, slow and methodical searching of the
  20. Coming from Tesoros I have picked up a NOX 600. I am use to setting threshold to a barely audible hum. Then setting discrimination. The quieter the threshold hum, the better discrimination works. Or so it seems. So what exactly then does setting threshold do on the NOX? According to the manual; it is used to notch out an item, like a nickel or penny. Can someone please explain the differences. And also explain that if I set the threshold on the NOX to a barely noticed hum what are the consequences? Thanks Terry
  21. Okay everybody, I just picked up a gold monster 1000, and now I'll be either looking for it another cheap one second hand for my wife / child, and possibly an SDC 2300. Honestly though, I see two toes really likes to use his SDC, and I see some other people who defend using their SDC, say it's a great machine, but I'm not sure if they're saying that because they already made the large investment, or if it really has its place. The thing is, one of my children will be using the f-75 ltd in all metal mode, and I really want to keep it because it's good for relics and I think it's better on
  22. I am curious to hear from other 800 users on this one. I have detected many different sites in three different towns. Most are old public places with a good bit of activity throughout the years. My issue is this: almost without exception, when I am hunting, there is an overwhelming amount of target signals coming through on almost every swing and it is frustrating to try and discern a good solid repeatable target to dig. I have ground balanced and kept the sensitivity down enough to cut out any EMI as needed. I run in park 1 typically. Also, when I have the horseshoe on, I have a hard time fi
  23. Hello! I’d like to hear from some folks experienced with the GPX detector sounds. There is a lot of talk out there of how much quieter these model detectors are over their predecessors, but I am not so sure. I have found that hot rocks my old detector would scream on are ignored, though as for noise, there is a lot of it. I’ll do my best to describe what I hear in a relatable way, a bit deeper than the general listening to little harmonicas in the headphones. To begin, I can absolutely discern a nugget response. I am lucky enough at this point to have found nuggets every day de
  24. I have been using a Garrwtr 350 but have come up something I dont understand. I get a signal and a a depth of 6 to 8 in. there times i have dug a hole 10 in deep and the machine is still telling me something is there at 6 to 8 in dead cent in a 10.in hole! I have re swung and did both pinpoint techniques with the center of the hole still where it is. if there is nothing but air at 6 to 8 in, what is the machine telling me?
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