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  1. I am thinking of buying a nox 800 would like to know from anyone who has used it in Washinton State and Oregon. Would like to know how it preforms in my areas (I have a Sovereign GT and a AT Pro)the GT to heavy for me to use anymore. If you do use it what setting would you use. I hunt mainly for coins schools old parks. Thanks for the Help
  2. We all know why so let’s not go there. Here are a few ideas of prospecting and metal detecting related activities you can do at home. 1. Research. This is the key to all truly successful prospecting and metal detecting. You need good locations to do well, and they are getting harder to find every year. Time spent researching is never time wasted. 2. Take those detectors apart and give them the best cleaning ever. Make them look brand new! Are there spare parts you don’t have and maybe should have? Extra coil bolt and washers for instance. Think about this while cleaning the detector and get them ordered. 3. Check all those old batteries and discard the ones that need to go away. If you have detectors that have been sitting for too long, take the batteries out if they are going to keep sitting. Charge everything up that can be charged. 4. Time to clean house. Get that stuff you are never really ever going to use again up for sale or give it away. 5. Go though all those finds and get them in order. Maybe some need to go in the trash. The best may need a display case. Good time to take photos and post a story! 6. You know those bench test experiments you always meant to do but never get around to? Time for that and maybe a test garden or test tub to answer some of those questions for yourself that have been nagging you. 7. Change the oil in that ATV or generator. Service all your support gear and vehicles. Please add your own suggestions to the list......
  3. Finally made it to an old park I figured was hunted out. As usual, there is no such thing. This park has a sandy volleyball court which aerial photos indicated is over 50 years old. Other than the (wooden, yay!) posts that the net is attached to there are no impediments. Any advice on approach (e.g. coil choice, ground balance tricks, target depths to expect, target tones, TID's to accentuate/ignore) would be appreciated.
  4. Looking for tips on detecting tailing piles... I have the Equinox 800 and the Minelab 5000. and a lot of trashy tailing piles to detect !!! 🤠 _________________________________- BTW----- Looks like we are running low on masks 😷 and gowns here in LA--- but we will survive-- Vets have been exposed to tougher stuff than this!!! ______________________________________________________ Social distancing does not have to be social--------- but it should be physical-!!!---- I cant see why most of you would have to learn how to do that-??? -- you been practicing it with me for years🤣🤣 Carry on and thanks for any tips on the tailing piles.. paul
  5. Got it off Ebay from a gent in California. I also got an amp for it and it works pretty good for 22 bucks off Amazon. And a straight shaft which fits the lower Minelab shaft almost perfectly for 20 bucks off Ebay. Got the idea for the straight shaft from those crazy Aussies!
  6. Mr. Andy Sabisch is a great metal detectorist and a great man. He after me reaching out sent my husband a free autographed book of his and sent us his business card. My husband has been wanting a Vanquish propack since the mentioning of it being made and Mr Andy offered my husband a great deal. See some people may not know he sells metal detectors. Mr Andy and his wife at Treasure Hunting outfitters have impeccable customer service and truly great deals and Mr Andy will work with me and He's letting me make payments. My husband is going to be so stoked for his birthday present. He is so ready to get back to metal detecting. See not many people know this but metal detecting saved my husbands life he was deeply and darkly depressed and suicidal about 10 years ago. He had his left leg amputated at six in a hunting accident his leg was blown off by a 12 gauge shotgun. At 24 10 years ago. He had his right hip replacement and they told him never work again. He's been on SSI since. Gets very little money I had to work 3 jobs to pick up slack. He felt worthless, useless and he was lonely because I worked kids were always at school and after school programs. He was very close to killing himself. He saw a metal detecting video. And they told Him he could do anything like that but he fell deeply a Passionately in love and was set on fire to get out and find history and discovered a new and free and whole other part of himself in metal detecting. His pinpointer recently broke and he needed one and i mentioned the vanquish to Andy and he ran a amazing deal by me guys I couldn't refuse at all. Period. 590.00 for a pulse dive and a Vanquish 540 propack..... That's major savings and he guys go to Andy for all your metal detecting needs. If he doesn't have it which most likely does he will make sure he gets it for you and as quickly as he possibly can. So go to Andy y'all. Great person. Sales@TreasureHuntingOutfitters.com (734)230-1121. Oh promo going on 100.00 for pulse dive y'all. Crazy savings
  7. A great metal detector but I am looking for new one for a beginner, I want to start to search for coins in my area
  8. so all you guys know your Detector? Or so you thought maybe or maybe so you thought?  So lots of you may be asking or have been asking or are curious about which Detector is better and probably assuming the 800 is way better and stronger than the 600. Or which is better for the beginner? The Minelab Equinox 600 or 800? What Detector is more powerful? Therefore producing more finds and at better quality? Or are they in a nutshell the exact same Detector besides A extra mode ( Gold ), and 20 and 40 khz are available to be single frequencies on the Equinox 800 and not the 600. Does The Equinox 600 have 20 and 40 khz in multi frequency? And the 800 has more adjustable tone pitches in more tone brackets and recovery speed is more adjustable and iron bias as well. But are as I said in a nutshell are the same exact animal. Truly deep, capable of all types of metal detecting adventures, fully submersible and the actually find amazing finds. Whatever you buy make sure it's a Minelab Equinox. They produce. Just don't go about it like I did and dying to set up most advanced settings and trying to copy someone's program. Let that metal detector talk to you and you'll create a bond with it and only tweak it when you feel the need to be able to comprehend it better. It's preset modes are incredible and this detector is truly worth every penny.... Thanks for listening guys
  9. I'm requesting help on which detector to buy for hunting gold nuggetts. I live outside Barstow, California which is located in the Mojave Desert. I'm new to this hobby but have researched the topic and have narrowed the search to five detectors. They are; Minelab 1000, Whites Goldmaster 24K, OP ORX, Nokta Gold Kruzer and Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. As many of you know, I live at the beach, Santa Monica to be exact. I detect the beach often. I oftentimes hear faint signals and dig deep holes for coins, trash and jewelry. I can dig much deeper for targets on a beach than I do in the desert. I can read a beach, slow down and grid it and find stuff others miss with an 800, 3030 or even my 5000. I've trained with several detectorists over the years in order to improve my efficiency in the nugget game but I'd have to say I don't have the confidence after all of these years that I'm doing it right. The recent JP thread once again emphasizes coil control and settings as a way to hear the little nuggets and deep ones. It is still a technique I'm unable to master. Are the signals just that much more subtle in the nugget game? I've found hundreds of nuggets over the last 10 years and a couple of big ones but I'm far from efficient. Let me put it this way, if you were to take me and a group of other detectorists out to a nugget patch and make teams (I would be picked near last) or let everyone take a shot at a location and then you would follow, I would be picked nearly first (expecting I would miss more than others)! Each time I'm in the desert I enjoy it even when I don't get nuggets but I have to do a better job of putting myself where the gold and the coil meet. No doubt a better understanding of geology would help but I can't make myself look at topography or geology maps. Is that it? Mitchel
  11. We all seem to use a fair bit of technology these days in the pursuit of gold and pleasure. We have detectors, maps, gps's, phones, books, scans, photos, videos, cameras, stories, etc. etc. not to mention our computers and drives we use to record and back these things up. Some are mobile and some stay at our homes and some are in the cloud. A few months ago one of my devices stopped working and I know I lost some data. It is data I may not 'need' but without it I don't have it as a record. I may have lost some find points for the Minelab 3030 on XChange2 because I didn't have a backup of the backup so to say. Steve sent me some private messages about it but I think it would be a good topic to help us review, store and share our data with someone or not lose it easily. What do you do with your computer backups? Do you just backup online? When you travel, how do you sync your data so that all files and pictures are current on your devices? How do you purge your duplicates so you don't run out of storage space on your external and internal memory? How do you prepare for a trip and what do you do when you come back from a trip? I hope to copy someone's procedure or modify mine to a more simple system. Mitchel
  12. Hopefully this latest plague will pass without terrible cost to us all; Many normal activities will likely be impacted and perhaps restricted. but then there is us - solitary headphones on - interacting with no one - just doing our thing. Great plan for avoiding a virus transmitted by touching or breathing in near discharged aerosol virus. Metal Detecting is a great survival strategy!!
  13. Hey guys n girls I have a doozie of a question for anyone that may be in the know. I'm not sure how to ask this without being negative towards a great detector Minelabs GPZ7000 approx $9000 Australian dollars. I was watching some YouTube videos on the Ajax Segma 3d metal detector. It has an 8m depth. Finds all types of metals, water even under ground caves. The cost is A lot less than a GPZ7000 My main question is why have we not seen or heard more about this in Australia. I mean if not for general gold detecting, but for bigger companies using it to find the depth of the gold they need to mine. Check out the detector by Ajax and I think the other one is a company called Ger from Germany.
  14. Hi, I work for a district water company and we frequently have to turn the water service on and off at a home or business. This is an area where it gets fairly cold in winter so the cut-off valve is buried in the ground and access to it is just down through a small tube with a cap about the size of a half dollar coin. We have a tool that we put down the tube to turn the valve. Often/Usually the caps that should be at ground level get buried under an inch or more of dirt or grass or snow or whatever is in the area and can cover them. We use a metal detector to help find them which sometimes works very well and other times not so well. I'm wondering if there is something we can put on the caps or bury beside the tube to make it a lot easier for the detector to pick it up and maybe distinguish between what we put there and other random junk that happens to be lying around in the area. Or is there a way to get more specific than that like some type of detector that will or can be set to only pick up a particular substance we could put in place that's not likely there is other similar material just lying around the area...something not expensive like gold. I may not have explained what we're trying to work out very well but hopefully you people get the idea and may have some suggestions on how to improve our situation. Thank you for any help with this!!! David
  15. This is for all the new and just starting detectorist's out there. For many years I hunted with the detector I could afford, mostly cheap or used. Did I want a so called better detector? YES, was I positive it was going to make me find more things? NO. That's where I was stuck. Did I risk my very hard earned money where the guarantee was low? Answer is no !!! My early years were tough and with paying rent and other bills, I had to go cheap to to keep enjoying what I found to be the most rewarding hobby I had. Today I've been very fortunate and with hard work, I now can afford any machine made. But I choose not to run the most expensive because of the old guarantee thing. I have found most of the things i'm after with a lower priced machine. What I'm getting at is you don't have to spend a ton of money for the satisfaction of finding cool stuff. There are dozens of great lower priced detectors on the market. Please do not get caught up in the price/technology thing. Starting with an entry level machine will make you a better detector. It will force you to learn the sounds of treasure. Learn the basics first, you just might find that the so called cheap machine is all you need to satisfy your lifetime enjoyment of this hobby. Don't be ashamed of what you can afford, in most cases once you learn, you can out find someone with an $1000 rig. And I've seen that happen. One of my favorite detectors was only $150. For many years I found many wonderful things coins, relics and such. To me the best part of it was the finding. It was not what I dug, it was the questions I asked myself. Who was the person who lost the item, What was it really like in 1790 ? (others might disagree) But these are the most important things in detecting not your machine. In today's technology based society we loose site of what was behind us and only focus on the future. Most everyone on this site does not earn a living off of detecting and do it for the same reasons I do it. The love of being outdoors, the magic of history, and the wonderment of how things got into the ground we dig. We all started at the bottom, don't be discouraged because of a so called lesser machine. SO TO ALL BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED remember it's about learning and enjoyment of this great hobby !!!! HAPPY HUNTING TO ALL
  16. (Update... im not taking the ctx3030 and instead I’m buying a equinox800 and practice with that and take it to the digstock event. there has been some very good advice offered I the comments... things that as a newbie I wouldn’t have considered.) I’m recently retired and decided to start some new hobbies, metal detecting is one of them. i bought a CTX3030 used at a great price from the president of the Ohio Detectorist association. It included the stock coil and a 17 inch. I’m still learning how to use it and so I basically dig every signal I get. my question is this... I’m going to travel to Chazy NY for DigStock 2020 and will be hunting relics and coins... in open fields. should I use the CTX3030 or should I also invest in a Garrett ATX and deepseeker for this event or should I take both? thoughts? ~Django
  17. 1) Anyone have any advice and Best settings for the Minelab Equinox 600 for relic hunting like civil war relics buttons stuff like that? 2) Also when coin shooting for silver coins and gold coins anyone have suggestions or find there conventional or unconventional ways and programs better to locate Silver and gold coins? Like notching out vdis, or running it in beach in a field similar to Neil Jones program? 3) Also best settings on the beach for jewelry?
  18. I recently tried Neil Jones's beach to land program - exactly as he advises. I don't know if I'm the problem or something else, but I was sorely disappointed, especially since I've read so many positive comments about it. I was on an iron infested colonial site with lots of EMI via livestock fencing. I was using the 6" coil. I hit 2 tombac buttons in factory Park 1. Switching to the custom program, the best I could get was broken signal that I would not have normally dug. Suggestions? Thoughts?
  19. Do I need to say anything about this? Enjoy. Re: Treasure Classifieds - Someone has a question about your listing Reply| Today, 10:39 AM You Good morning John, I am okay with the Terms and Condition of sale as seen on the advert including Your Final asking Price as Stated.I have gone through the content of the advert once again am very satisfy.Payment will be made out via a Check which will be issue to you for the payment and pick up will be arrange after the Check is Fully Cleared by your Bank.I will not be able to come over to view it because i'm always busy at work but i believe that all the details of the advert are right and will want update about the Service History. You don't have to worry yourself about the shipment, My Shipper will take care of pick up as soon as you confirm the payment is Cleared by your Bank. let me know if there is any other miscellaneous payment like,the tax charges, etc that will be added to it.Transportation and maintenance cost will be added to the Total amount that will be issued on the Check. it will be used By My shipper who will be coming for the Pick Up at your location after your bank confirms cash available for use.My shipper is the one that will act on my behalf regards the documentation of the change of ownership so any signation will be sign by my shipper pick up and other all necessary detail information will be fill by shipper so don't worry yourself about the change of ownership documentation will be taken care by my shipper.Get Back to me with information listed below in order to make out the Check and payment will be issued and send via first class Mail Name to Be Write on The Check Address To Send the Check To so you receive and get it Deposited in your bank. Your Phone Numbers. Many Thanks. Daniel.
  20. "The proper threshold on hot ground, any ground type for that matter, is a nice and high full sound, stable and rock solid threshold that cannot be wavered on that ground type.. Allowing the highest sensitivity they can muster. Causing lovely repeatable dropouts in the threshold on deep signals on heavy ground." Hello All. I have an old Minelab GT16000, and in the process of searching for Coils, came across a post(above) by "argyle" that suggested a completely different Threshold setup for some of the early VLF detectors including mine. Just wondering if anyone has used this procedure, as it is different to the manufacturer's instruction? Cheers.
  21. It has come to my attention when using my Apple iPad mini (with latest update btw) accessing manufacturer’s main site I cannot access support pages on site. A work around for folks is to do a google search. For example doing google search for Simplex+ manual one will see a good site that will get them to their destination for access to needed data. It has been reported the same thing happens with use of android cell phone. I have put a thread together elsewhere here in order to notify marketing rep Dilek of this issue. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,172246
  22. HI! Just wondering if it is worth selling my garrett sea hunter and Equinox 600 to buy a TDI beachhunter instead? of couars the money i will make selling thoese two detectors is not enough to buy a TDI Beachhunter and i have to put som extra money on that.Please help! I want just more depth in saltwater and think TDIBeachhunter goes deeper than thoese two
  23. I have located two gold mines that I have access to after much research. one mine about 4 ft tall in the side of a hill and has a nice pile of quartz rock tailings pile. rocks are about 12" wide. Should I remove all of the larger quartz rocks to get down to the smaller rocks before I hunt with my 800 using a six inch coil? the other is in the side of a creek bank about 2 feet high. No sign of tailings pile, so I guess just hunt the creek with my Equinox 800 and 6" coil in front of the mine and down stream and on both sides of the creek in case they had their washer equipment set up at that location. both sites are rather remote so should not be much trash in the area. thanks for any help.
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