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  1. I’m seeking some wisdom in taking the next step in my prospecting journey. Up to this point, most of the gold I’ve found has been in riverbeds or washes. I’m not quite sure how to move from them into the hillsides. Here’s a current scenario, perhaps as a template to discuss. Recently, I’ve found a little desert wash with a fair amount of small, detectable gold. It’s within a broader area generally known for old-time dry washing. I can find no signs of old workings in this relatively short wash. Nevertheless, there are a few, very recent spots where someone has vacuumed and drywashed smal
  2. Ok I was just curious and I have been trying to find out without any luck so I am going to ask this question here...... Who owns the long John Latham magazine and lost treasure magazine copy rights? What if I wrote a little article about metal detecting research or whatever and wanted to use an old article or story for a reference that was in one of these old magazines that are no longer in print.....how would I go about getting permission to use the old articles or the rights to use them?? Anyone know anything about this kind of stuff??
  3. Hi people! I bought a new house recently, and have found a few old medical needles in the backyard. I want to sweep the entire yard before I start gardening. I want to know the cheapest detector I can use that will find me needles. Totally new to this whole thing, so any advice is greatly appreciated! -Grobs
  4. I know just about any machine can be used for coin shooting. However sometimes one unit is better than another. So I have been kind of thinking, maybe I am thinking a little too much but I wanted to see what some of you use primarily for a coin shooting only metal detector??
  5. Photo from both ends What do you do with this stuff from years of detecting. All the gold and silver & diamond jewelry was sent to a refinery and provided me a few thousand dollars spending money, Have a lot more jewelry that is not displayed as there isn't any more room. Hundreds and hundreds of keys and tokens. this is just some of my finds over the years. March box cars, civil war relics from VA. Guess I just leave it and let the kids sort it out.
  6. Hi - I have a mint Coinmaster 1 TRDX machine that I got at a yard sale. It has all of the components and fired right up with fresh batteries. I was just tying to find out when it is from exactly but can't seem to find it online. It has a Date of GG. It's a fun machine to use as it brings back old memories as a kid in the 1970's out finding stuff with a similar machine my buddy had. Thank you in advance for your time, Dino
  7. For several years now I have been dragging my buddy to new places that I thought would be good spots to detect. We both have darn little to show for all our effort. To make up for it, I got a well known nugget detectorist to take us into the field for some lessons. Here are three important take-aways from that trip: 1) High hills in old burn areas are great places to identify new nugget fields. 2) He showed us such an area where there were a great many very small-scale mining features that were invisible In Google Earth, yet the burn made them quite visible from a hilltop.
  8. my grandkids broke one of the battery door push pin connectors to my amigo II, does anyone know where I could find a replacement one? It appears to be exactly like the one on my old whites goldmaster II. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank's to all that reply.
  9. Looking for recommendations on a reliable backpacker model for small nugget/hardrock detecting. likely will be charging it on portable solar for extended hikes. I'll be in remote country over scree fields, rocks, peaks and creeks far from wheeled and motor transportation. I have the Mine lab 5000, but it is a bit to heavy for my adventurous soul. the 5k works great around home country.
  10. I received the following email: "My name is *********** , a logger from ***********. I'm wanting to move to Alaska and start a new life with my family. I don't have much of anything. I'm probably one of the hardest workers you will ever meet and I'm honest. I'm looking for a chance at working a claim and learning what there is to learn. I have experience in running a rock crusher - now that was a fun, six years never a dull moment! Welding, mechanic diesel and gas, can build you a house start to finish, my chain saw sleeps in my bed room next to my splitting mall. How do I get a chance in
  11. Here we go again, when autumn approaches, the evaluation of the most suitable vehicle means to prepare anything to face the peace of the beaches that will gradually begins empty ... Unfortunately for me, no more dinghy this year and considering the terrible weight of all the ballast I'm forced to bring downthere, plus another tool I'm planning in these hours, this time I'm in real troubles. At least 150kg, to be carried by hand and never on my back again, possibly. I tried to build two different trolleys with solid wheels, but with all the weight, I only managed to sink into the first me
  12. I've been sorting silver, and thought I'd ask about this vintage sterling silver Turquoise cuff bracelet. This came from a local estate, and I'm wondering how can I determine if the Turquoise is high quality, or run of the mill tourist grade? TIA!
  13. Hello everyone, can you tell me a list of metal detectors (all brands) which have tracking ground balance and adjustable Threshold? Thanks.
  14. White’s you have maybe a month to three months to come out with a new detector line , That’s if you want to keep up with the Jones better known as Minelab and Makro . Hope to see the lineup real soon. I know you don’t spend money on flashy videos and beautiful girls and that’s okay with me. What I want to see is American made on the housing somewhere and White’s number one detector company again. You make it I’ll buy it! ( I’ve been doing it since 1966 ) Chuck Anders
  15. Hello all. I have done a small amount of detecting years ago with a Whites detector (don't remember the model) and really enjoyed it. I search mostly on Iowa farmland that I own where old homesteads were. Sold detector several years ago but want to get back into the hobby. I would like to find coins, jewelry (not really any gold laying around here except corn!!) and such. Looking to spend around $1000 for equipment. Been researching some companies and Minelab looks like it has good detectors but never used one. Would appreciate any advice on what equipment would be appropriate of this type of
  16. Ok, so my GPX has an issue, I know exactly what the issue is and I know what part I need which is the Mylar strip, what I need to know is if the part number of the GPX 4500 is the same as the GPX 5000 part., it appears to be so. Unfortunately Minelab don't let you purchase internal components or find out anything about them without logging in to their website as a repairer. The local service agent won't sell me the part but I have access to a GPX 5000 part by other means, however I need to know if the GPX 5000 Part is the same as the 4500 part. When I bought my GPX second hand the selle
  17. Fancy an Equinox 800 for $200 USD? Look no further, you can now buy a proper Chinese version! It looks like they've now made Fake Gold Monsters too, Mine Lab ones ?, it really never ends does it, now people even have to be careful buying a trusty GM1000 ? And the Mine Lab SDC ? I guess Mine lab is safe to use but Minelab isn't. And to top it off they sell a detector more expensive than the GPZ! The high performance Titan Ger 1000! $14,500 USD!!! I think the lesson to be learnt from this is to buy from Au
  18. So, I'm going to get another pinpointer for a backup, and would like something to compliment (or replace) my Garrett Pro-pointer AT. I've heard good things about the Teknetics Tek-Point , and the Fisher F-Pulse, which I believe are essentially the same product. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  19. Sometimes while out detecting I wonder about the likelihood of digging into utility lines. The obvious one is sprinkler heads or lines, but those I've encountered seem pretty sturdy, although if plastic there could be a problem. In my current park site I uncovered a Romex electrical line (not in a protective conduit) -- sample photo below. It was only about 6 inches deep and my detector was picking up the copper wires inside. Fortunately it turned out to be inactive although I don't think I broke through the insulation. I just covered it back up and made a mental note since its signal
  20. I found this strange copper ring near a sand play pit in a park. The writing looks medieval. It is one word repeated inside and out of the ring and is gibberish to me. I wonder if it has a mystical meaning. The ring extention has been done very crudely and certainly not by a jeweller. Can anybody help with suggestions? Thanks!
  21. What are peoples thoughts on Ferrite Choke's/Core Filters on coil cables? I noticed that with my QED detector a Ferrite Filter came with it to clip onto my coil right up the end where it plugs into the control box. As I have a few coils I clipped one on each of them as I had a few of them laying around, I was a couple short so I'll have to buy some more to do every coil. Seeing the QED uses them I was wondering why other detectors don't so I googled images of coils, Well it turns out they do... Above is a picture of a CTX 3030 coil, note at the end where the cable plugs i
  22. I've been updating this guide for almost twenty years now. It started back when there was little to offer in way of objective opinions on gold nugget detectors. That's not so much this case these days, but this is still the most comprehensive roundup available, along with some admittedly personal opinions about the models. These days we honestly have almost too many options, which can be confusing for beginners. So a few years ago I added my own short list of three models I recommend as safe picks for anyone around the world. The list was updated mainly to change my notes on the various F
  23. Wondering if anyone else has this issue with glare when detecting with the sun behind your back. The big screen reflects back. I was wondering if anyone has tried any anti-glare film and have any suggestions.
  24. Hello everyone, I am a treasure hunter from the Loess Plateau in northern China. I am very happy to come here to meet you. With my current simple experience, I cannot determine the use of a machine suitable for our local soil. I would like to ask all the experts to consult. The pure loess plateau here is less mineralized, the soil layer is pure, and there are very few rocks. I am currently optimistic about the machines, Whites Spectra v3i, AKA SiGNUM MFD, mostly Xp35 and Minelab. I want to buy a deep A good machine is mainly looking for silver coins and copper coins. I hope you can give exce
  25. Hey All, Iv been trying to locate a Refiner here in the USA that can process a small batch of placer gold (2oz) and fabricate some 18/22k jewelry stock. I am an amateur jeweler and have tried many times to smelt my hard earned gold into some usable material and have not had any luck thus far. So, I know I can send it off to a refiner and get generic stock back but the point is to use my own gold for some special pieces. I know someone else out there has gone down this road before, and i would so appreciate a lead on a reputable refiner/fabricator. cheers!
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