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  1. I would like to ask you about the practical skills or experience of using Nokta Makro Pulse Dive in shallow water. Apart from a facial mirror, I just bought an 8-inch coil because it will attract a crowd of spectators to conduct metal detection on the beach, so we can get rid of the crowd by walking lightly
  2. Hello metalheads! I’m helping to put together the upcoming 2020 Kellyco Metal Detectors Holiday Gift Guide. Now, I’m not here to plug my site or ask you to look at anything on it (but you can look at last year’s list here if you like). I’d just like to know which gear you think belongs on this year’s list. Are there any new detectors, pinpointers, or other paraphernalia you’ve used recently that you think would make good gift for a novice or seasoned enthusiast? Even if we don’t carry it already – heck, especially if we don’t carry it already – I’m eager to know your thoughts!
  3. I am in the process of making a Lipo GPX battery, Can someone who has made one verify this is the correct pin outs? also, what is the recommended brand/type of Lipo battery, so many models to choose from. If anyone has made one and is willing to share photos of what they did and how they did it that'd be great. I intend to make one with a 3D printed housing with built in amplifier and speaker. A friend has started to make his own, he's on a roll so far, he's incorporated a built in amplifier that he made as he's added a 3W speaker into the housing, he's also going to
  4. I didn't know where else to put this but I thought I would try here but if it needs to be moved Steve go for it. A little background, I am in no way affiliated with this company other than I bought one of these to help relieve my elbow pain. In addition to detecting I coach golf, do a lot of push-ups/pull-ups in my fitness routine and drag my scoop behind me when on the beach. My elbows always used to hurt and there were times I chose not to detect as my tendinitis was just to painful. I found armaid through a fitness friend and tried it out and bingo, it has helped to alleviate the pain I'd g
  5. Are there a lot of entrepreneurs in the prospecting/detectorist community? There seem to be similarities in the personality traits: curiosity, independence, hopes of hitting it big, good at doing research, sense of adventure , etc, etc. I'm a startup guy myself - been doing software and web development for the past decade and a half, worked on startups in areas like security, telecom, health, social media, etc. Honestly - most of the projects have been kind of boring. A prospecting-related startup could be a lot of fun - and might be a good excuse to do more camping and exploring. Of
  6. I get to share many more stories, photos and sometimes videos of amazing gold discoveries than the average person, mostly do to the fact I sell metal detectors and my customers are usually happy to share their Success stories. On occasion I get to see some finds that I can never show or share as the finder has asked that of me. Boy has there been some crazy amounts of gold being recovered with detectors still. Sure wish I could tell you all but I'd then piss off some of those who take me for my word and I'd prefer not to lose that friendship. My question is, what do you folks do wh
  7. Do I need to say anything about this? Enjoy. Re: Treasure Classifieds - Someone has a question about your listing Reply| Today, 10:39 AM You Good morning John,
  8. Coming from Tesoros I have picked up a NOX 600. I am use to setting threshold to a barely audible hum. Then setting discrimination. The quieter the threshold hum, the better discrimination works. Or so it seems. So what exactly then does setting threshold do on the NOX? According to the manual; it is used to notch out an item, like a nickel or penny. Can someone please explain the differences. And also explain that if I set the threshold on the NOX to a barely noticed hum what are the consequences? Thanks Terry
  9. I live in CA in an area where there are literally 1,000s of old gold mines. I have the gold bug and I've saved up to buy a GPZ 7000 specifically for detecting inside old mines for rich quartz ore and outside for buried nuggets (mostly the later). This will be my very first metal detector and I'd like to know if there are any "must-have" accessories or this particular detector for what I'll be doing? There seems to be a never-ending list of accessories and I don't want to waste money I don't have, nor do I want to cut myself short after buying the best. Also, separate from the d
  10. big seeded hunt coming up in 2 weeks in central indiana and all I have is my old Headhunter Diver water machine. Thick mowed grass hunt. Should I get something with a small coil like an old Tesoro Compadre or Ace 250 or? Will I need my Garett Propointer or just eyeballs to pinpoint? And I do have tennis elbow right now, what to do about that as well? Wear a compression band around elbow and forearm? I know my Garrett Propointer sometimes picks up interference from the Garrett Ace 250 which would be bad news in a speed hunt. Any tips on competition hunting appreciated. Do I need headphones
  11. We all know why so let’s not go there. Here are a few ideas of prospecting and metal detecting related activities you can do at home. 1. Research. This is the key to all truly successful prospecting and metal detecting. You need good locations to do well, and they are getting harder to find every year. Time spent researching is never time wasted. 2. Take those detectors apart and give them the best cleaning ever. Make them look brand new! Are there spare parts you don’t have and maybe should have? Extra coil bolt and washers for instance. Think about this while cleaning the detector
  12. Hello everybody, I have 2 questions today. First, I would like to inform me if there is any trick to understand the mineralization of the ground that you are about to search with your metal detector in the fields and in the woods. Second, I am a minelab safari owner, (I am interesting about coins and jewelry mostly) and except the stock coil (11’’), I also have the Mars MD sniper coil (10’’X 6’’). What would you recommend for bigger coil? Consider that except fields and woods, I do a lot a lot a lot of beach metal detecting. I want something deeper but not losing in target sepa
  13. Hey All, I posted my one an only post in May and I was looking at potentially buying an ORX or a 800 NOX. My uses would be roughly 2/3 gold 1/3 everything else. Here in Canada the prices are about $100 Can different. I was leaning toward the ORX due to its higher frequency response light weight and simplicity of use. But then life and COVID and closed US Canada border stepped in and I have procrastinated in buying one or the other. Trouble is this has given me more time to think about it. The apparently note I said apparently overwhelmingly underwhelming use of ORX in the goldfields
  14. So there was a rattle inside my T2 when swinging it so I popped it open to have a look what the rattle was. It was a loose black wire, I can't see anywhere it was meant to be soldered on, the wire is stripped at the end but no visible signs it was ever soldered anywhere. This is a photo of a T2 board I found on the web, I've marked the black wire with the Red circle showing the wire in question. There is some hot glue on the back of the control box case that looks like it could possibly be the location where the end of the wire is meant to be, maybe it was just hot glued onto
  15. Hello every one i am honored to be a member in this forums and i am a beginner in this field . i want to know if any one have this machine Pulse Star 2 pro and has review on it . i am looking for treasures and relics . do you suggests to buy Pulse Star 2 pro or GPX 5000 for my search . http://www.tb-electronic.de/start/index2.html
  16. I’m seeking some wisdom in taking the next step in my prospecting journey. Up to this point, most of the gold I’ve found has been in riverbeds or washes. I’m not quite sure how to move from them into the hillsides. Here’s a current scenario, perhaps as a template to discuss. Recently, I’ve found a little desert wash with a fair amount of small, detectable gold. It’s within a broader area generally known for old-time dry washing. I can find no signs of old workings in this relatively short wash. Nevertheless, there are a few, very recent spots where someone has vacuumed and drywashed smal
  17. I would like to introduce to you my new favorite hand digger. After about three weeks of detecting, I have come to love this new digger I have come across. It's small, light weight (about 10 1/2 oz.) and super strong. The handle design is not your typical T handle, It is reversed and angled for better leverage while digging. Great for some of us with bad hands and It's made from heat treated Chromoly steel. The edges are serrated and the tip is perfectly designed and sharp. The handle has a bed liner type grip and 3/4 inch tubing. The blade is 2 1/4 inches wide and 6 inches long. The overall l
  18. Ok I was just curious and I have been trying to find out without any luck so I am going to ask this question here...... Who owns the long John Latham magazine and lost treasure magazine copy rights? What if I wrote a little article about metal detecting research or whatever and wanted to use an old article or story for a reference that was in one of these old magazines that are no longer in print.....how would I go about getting permission to use the old articles or the rights to use them?? Anyone know anything about this kind of stuff??
  19. Photo from both ends What do you do with this stuff from years of detecting. All the gold and silver & diamond jewelry was sent to a refinery and provided me a few thousand dollars spending money, Have a lot more jewelry that is not displayed as there isn't any more room. Hundreds and hundreds of keys and tokens. this is just some of my finds over the years. March box cars, civil war relics from VA. Guess I just leave it and let the kids sort it out.
  20. Hi - I have a mint Coinmaster 1 TRDX machine that I got at a yard sale. It has all of the components and fired right up with fresh batteries. I was just tying to find out when it is from exactly but can't seem to find it online. It has a Date of GG. It's a fun machine to use as it brings back old memories as a kid in the 1970's out finding stuff with a similar machine my buddy had. Thank you in advance for your time, Dino
  21. For several years now I have been dragging my buddy to new places that I thought would be good spots to detect. We both have darn little to show for all our effort. To make up for it, I got a well known nugget detectorist to take us into the field for some lessons. Here are three important take-aways from that trip: 1) High hills in old burn areas are great places to identify new nugget fields. 2) He showed us such an area where there were a great many very small-scale mining features that were invisible In Google Earth, yet the burn made them quite visible from a hilltop.
  22. my grandkids broke one of the battery door push pin connectors to my amigo II, does anyone know where I could find a replacement one? It appears to be exactly like the one on my old whites goldmaster II. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank's to all that reply.
  23. Looking for recommendations on a reliable backpacker model for small nugget/hardrock detecting. likely will be charging it on portable solar for extended hikes. I'll be in remote country over scree fields, rocks, peaks and creeks far from wheeled and motor transportation. I have the Mine lab 5000, but it is a bit to heavy for my adventurous soul. the 5k works great around home country.
  24. I received the following email: "My name is *********** , a logger from ***********. I'm wanting to move to Alaska and start a new life with my family. I don't have much of anything. I'm probably one of the hardest workers you will ever meet and I'm honest. I'm looking for a chance at working a claim and learning what there is to learn. I have experience in running a rock crusher - now that was a fun, six years never a dull moment! Welding, mechanic diesel and gas, can build you a house start to finish, my chain saw sleeps in my bed room next to my splitting mall. How do I get a chance in
  25. Here we go again, when autumn approaches, the evaluation of the most suitable vehicle means to prepare anything to face the peace of the beaches that will gradually begins empty ... Unfortunately for me, no more dinghy this year and considering the terrible weight of all the ballast I'm forced to bring downthere, plus another tool I'm planning in these hours, this time I'm in real troubles. At least 150kg, to be carried by hand and never on my back again, possibly. I tried to build two different trolleys with solid wheels, but with all the weight, I only managed to sink into the first me
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