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  1. I am chasing some advice, I recently swapped my QED PI detector for a Garrett AT Gold. I basically never used my QED and it was gathering dust and wasting cupboard space which with my growing collection is becoming an issue, I've never gotten rid of a detector before, I even have my first detector from when I was about 9 years old but I decided the QED had to go. I offered to give it to a friend but after trying it out in my backyard he decided detecting isn't for him as it was too complicated 🙂. An opportunity came up to swap it for an AT Gold to a guy in Australia who offered to swap his
  2. Right, this one is a true classic, the counterfeiters in China have outdone themselves on this one. It's a cross breed of a GPZ, GPX, Digital Photo Frame, Mp3 Player, Movie Player, Ebook Reader and all metal gold prospecting metal detector all in one. You name it, it can do it. It comes with various colour schemes, one to suit every taste. The shaft looks like a cross between the GPZ and GPX. The Arm cuff looks like a GPX arm cuff somehow they've mounted on a GPZ body using wing nuts. The battery clips look like a decoration.
  3. I have a question please help me I found a site containing gold nuggets, and the problem is that it is next to a microwave or radar tower The detector is very noisy, as if the whole earth is aluminum cans with GPX 5000 and Double D coils and Z7000 no pilot, and our choice was to use the gold monster What is the solution? Is there a detector that provides better depth than the monster and can work in these conditions I hope who found an actual solution Heuristic Thank you all I thank Good forum
  4. I will be retiring in 3 months...yaaaa hoooooo! I have been detecting for relics for about 2 years. I plan on buying a new or used Minelab detector in the next couple of months and trying my hand at gold detecting. I will be roaming around in a custom 5th wheel set up I've been working on for the past year. My question is, how advantageous would it be for me to take gold detecting training from a store I buy from or from a private party that offers it?
  5. I've got the raft drawn up in CAD. I decided I don't want a long headphone cord, because of the difficulty of keeping it dry. I need a wireless headphone setup that will reach 15 or 20 feet. Any ideas? As always, I appreciate any help. I have a Garrett wireless, but though I haven't tested it, I doubt it will reach the distance I need. Jim
  6. I've already posed this question on Jim from Idaho's post in relation to gold bars, but I'm curious about the general consensus among detectorists.. Is there a time period after which the 'finders keepers' rule applies? I'm asking because I face this dilemma every time I find valuable jewellery (especially wedding rings) on the beach, whether to turn them in at the police station in case someone has reported them lost or to hang on to them and keeping quiet.. Value could not just be monetary but also sentimental.. Thanks for your feedback to a question I'm sure plagues the co
  7. I thought about this I am sure we can all learn something about each other and maybe remember who to reach out to if we find ourselves in a situation that we can draw from everyone’s experience what do you mainly detect? Dirt, Beach, Water, Parks or something I missed me dirt relics occasionally I will coin hunt but not very often items searched for ? Jewelry, Coins in general, old coins at cellar holes, relics pastures and house sites swing speed? Fast or slow me faster than I probably should swing height? Scrub the ground, coil raised i scrub the g
  8. Does anyone on here know anything about the laws regarding detecting for gold in the Philippines? I know gold has been found all over the Islands and sits #2 in the world for gold reserves. I would like to know about requirements, permits,where to contact for any Geological/Gold maps or production journals,are you allowed to keep the gold, staking a claim in the Philippines, regions that produced nuggets, etc... I know of one area that produced nuggets and it was placer.
  9. I sure do!!! I'm probably spelling his name wrong but, Great Britain's Jim Fiveash built custom detector's that was among the first to successfully hunt in the coke, coal, & iron debris of the Thames River shoreline. His last three improved versions of The Red Heat XD 17s. Were sent to America. For myself & two friends. Jim was a brilliant mind, that was dying of cancer while completing our machines. It took Jim a long time to complete our three custom built detectors, they were improved version of his legendary XD-17. Jim died shortly after we received our machines. He never even got
  10. The other day I went down to the beach with a friend to kill some time with the detector. I didn't find anything great. Just a several coins. Jokingly I said to my friend "THIS IS A TOP POCKET FIND" and put it in there. Well as we were walking home It got very hot/muggy so I took my shirt off. When I got home and went to take the coins out of my shirt pocket. They weren't there. Well today I went back to the same beach and found 1 of the coins. There should be several more in the same area so I'm going to try to find them with the MD tomorrow. Lesson learned: DON'T PUT YOUR FINDS IN YOUR TOP P
  11. I am still need to metal detecting and learning an original tdi. So lately I have been experimenting with the different controls and how they affect the machine. I read some instructions that mentioned running the gain at the point that the threshold remained steady and did not waiver. This typically leaves me with a gain of 3 or 4. Does this sound right or am I missing something?
  12. For those of you that carry a PLB or EPIRB, I’m not sure which Minelab or PLB and EPIRB models are affected, but there’s an interesting discussion and a Minlelab advisory about accidental activations due to a PLB sitting too close or touching an active coil. Just something to look out for if you carry one when you’re out and about. They recommend keeping it further away than 10 cm from a active coil. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=35628
  13. Nothing too hard even for a rookie technician like me with not so High knowledge on boards whistles and bells... I'm Just posting a couple pictures at the end of the work, but really (again) misappointed regard the gasket system in the TDI beachhunter. To give some value to this post, I Just want to Say: please BE CAREFUL doing surgery on this control box, as the plastics are something to severely review to the death White's factory, now Garrett property. Not only the gasket tunnel between the upper and the lower part of the box is been made to create gasket's cuts and leaks at
  14. Traveling to let's say, Mexico, Cabo or Cancun. Going to be using an Equinox 800 on the beach. Going by airline, I assume a hard case, ie: rifle case? Maybe a Pelican. Is this overkill? Do airlines allow this? Is it expensive? Do hotels allow you to hunt on their beaches? Thanks
  15. I have an easy and maybe stupid question to present now... Observing my TDI Bh, with both of the coils I own (the original 12" and the aftermarket Detech 8"), I can clearly see way too long wire around the shaft and I'm forced to make several loops up to the control box near the handle. Supposing to measure the right lenght for the maximum extended shaft, and to cut away the hipmount mile long cable.....Am I doing a disaster or not? I actually can't remember the technical cable's specs in the amazing pdf Steve posted time ago, but if I'm correct it talked about to reduce some cu
  16. This is for novices and the things covered are basic, but very important. I even need to remind myself of this stuff now and then. We all take it so much for granted, that things like loose cable near coil rarely are mentioned on the forum. And coil control? Probably one of the most important factors in success for successful detectorists. People obsess over a detector getting another inch, when so many people could get that just with better coil control.
  17. I live in Northern Idaho (Moscow) and bought a gold monster 1000. I can't really complain that it is hard to find gold, as I was warned by the Chris Ralph Fists Full of Gold book to not invest in a metal detector right away without prospecting experience. Frankly it was a bit of an impulse buy as the activity just looked like so much fun, and I read books you can detect outside of the desert I really want to make it work. I haven't had any luck so far despite being out roughly ten times. Went out for the first time this season to a placer mine dump. This time of year there is still snow i
  18. Does anyone know where Reg Sniff might be hanging out since Findmall removed the White's forum?
  19. My wife's health is going to require me to take a break from treasure hunting for a few years so I'm packing everything up for storage. What's the best way to prep my headphone muff's for long term storage? For that matter, Do I need to do anything special to my detectors other than removing the batteries and a good cleaning? Thanks, Mike
  20. As someone that prefers to go when not many people are around, what times would you suggest? Also would rain/stormy weather be worse for plugging hole using digger tools?
  21. There are many misconceptions and uncertainties when it comes to gold hunting. Gold expert and Executive Director of Development for GPAA, Kevin Hoagland, sat down with us briefly to give us a deep dive into the world of gold prospecting. The following tips are based on his knowledge and experience, and of course his success with finding gold. VLF Metal Detector vs. PI Metal Detector VLF (Very Low Frequency) Metal Detector A VLF metal detector is a single or multi-frequency machine that consists of a continuous sine wave. The sine wave(s) goes down and into the ground to find a
  22. Just received my NEW metal detector "anfibio multi" Is that the usual appearance of a new machine 🤷‍♂️ ? Also the pulse dive seems to make a small noise from the inside every time I rotate/shake it , like there is something small "floating" inside!! (+they were partially charged) 🙄 PS : it was bought from an official dealer!! Maybe I am overthinking about it 😅what do you think?! Thank you in advance
  23. Hello all, I'm new to this and almost never do a lot of online forums. I currently have an old Goldmaster V-Sat and a MXT. Even with these I have very little experience actually using these. We have recently retired and now really wish to start detecting (and especially gold). I am at the point to of investing in some newer units, (specifically the Minelab Equinox 800 and the Gold Monster 1000). First, I would like to know if anyone thinks it is worth trying to compare the older units I have with the newer ones that I am considering to purchase. Second, if I do decide
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