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  1. Buyers Beware! There are fake X-Terra's now hitting the market from China, no doubt they'll be flooding the market soon. This particular one for sale has left the Minelab logo off the control box, but you can bet they have them with the original logo for sale too. I hope the Equinox is not next now that they're standing to clone the lower end Minelab models rather than just the PI's. I would now be careful buying any X-terra new or second hand that's not from a Minelab dealer or trusted seller. I hope Minelab can tell if existing detectors are genuine in an easy way like they do for their GPX/GPZ detectors. Serial numbers are often not enough as if they work out the algorithm Minelab have used to create their serial numbers they can create fake numbers that match real numbers out in the marketplace or they just use known serial numbers on them... https://goo.gl/oieVt4 😞 The same store has a another detector for sale, looks a lot like a Fisher to me which I haven't noticed as a clone before.
  2. For a new kid in town you sure seem to know a lot about detectors, enough to be opinionated.. Anyhow... I'm sorry needing to say this, kind of again, but you continue to hold us to an un-necessary disadvantage.. How can we possibly give you better / best choices, or can you expect better information, when the extent of what we know about where you want to prospect is 'somewhere in the mother lode'.. Further, from what little you've shared location-wise and otherwise it continues sounding to me as though a detector isn't even the correct recovery tool / method for serious exploration and recovery of values.. If you have exclusive access to a land in the mother lode, theoretically meaning you cannot be 'claimed out from under', how about at least sharing with us which county or mining district the property is located -- and better yet the N-S-E-W area of same..? How many acres are you talking about..? Is it private property that just happens to be surrounded by old mines or is it someone else's claim..? If claim, patented or unpatented..? Has the parcel of land ever been worked (mined in any manner) in the past..? Are there any visible outcroppings on this land..? Mountainous terrain, hilly, rolling, flat..? Etc. You really need to give us useful information to work with if you truly expect useful information and recommendations in return.. Because as things stand right now it sounds to me as though a detector would be useful only for picking up surface residual from hard rock mining.. And I again have to ask what makes you think there's near-surface gold on this property when it's surrounded by mines..? What's different about this property from its neighbors..? It continues feeling to me what you're wanting to do is detect leftovers from hard rock mining rather than committing to working the property properly, either because of the hassle and expense of doing so or more likely because it's already been mined.. Please convince me otherwise.. Swamp EDIT: Please understand the above is meant to help you help yourself as well as for us to be able to help you the best ways possible; it is not meant as a slight or cut.. Having a permission to detect a gold producing property is great.. However, if that property and everything around it are hard rock producers and one wants to go in swinging a detector, welll, expectations and methodologies need adjusted..
  3. phrunt

    Metrotech 220

    My pursuit for an old classic metal detector is still in full swing, I've found one I think I want, it looks like something they took up on the space shuttle to the moon 🙂 It's in full working condition and looks to be very tidy At the moment it's on auction at 95 NZD (65 USD) with no buyers interested at all. I am trying to find the manual to it to make sure it's the detector I want for my collection. Does anyone have the manual or know where I can find it, google isn't being of much help. I haven't been able to find too much on it at all except some guys on other forums who have discovered one for sale and snapped it up to try get it running. Fortunately this one is working. Thanks for any help, any information on it would be outstanding.
  4. I didn’t realize this. Example https://www.whiteselectronics.com/cart/
  5. I had an idea some time ago to add a switch to my Gold Bug Pro for easy changing between Disc mode and All Metal mode without having to adjust my threshold every time, I got the idea from seeing KiwiJW flicking between All metal and Disc on his GB2 to check targets when we were creek detecting, I thought that's a good idea, it's a shame it's annoying to do that on the Gold Bug Pro.. I also wanted an easy way to be in Disc mode and do a ground balance without again having to switch to All metal to do it so I thought a 3 way switch with on / off / momentary on would be perfect for the task.. I mentioned it here and EL NINO77 pointed out it's been done already but just with an on/off switch on this thread here Anyway, I had myself some spare time today so I ripped it open and started modding. You'll see on the photo I indicated what needs cut to add the switch No, that's not a short and curly 🙂 This seemed the best location for the switch, it was a tight fit but it's by far the most comfortable position for the switch to be once it's all assembed again All done, now lets assemble it again and test it out And there we have it, I can now use the switch to change between Disc and All metal modes so you don't have to keep messing with your threshold, Disc is in the middle, All Metal pushed forward where it locks in position and if I pull back on the switch it goes to All metal and as soon as I let go the switch reverts back to Disc mode by itself, this is very handy for a ground balance as you pull the trigger switch backwards and hold down the GG button and do your ground grab and then just let go of both the switch and GG button and you're back in Disc mode balanced. Quite a nice simple mod to do but resolves one thing that annoyed me about my Gold Bug Pro. I think my next project will be to backlight the screen. I'm not claiming this to be my idea as it looks like it's been done before using an On/Off switch as someone else has had the same idea, I just modified the idea to have my momentary All Metal mode for quicker ground balancing in Disc Mode. My switch type is an On/Off/Momentary On switch. The switch has an optional water resistant cover which I don't know if I'll put on it, as the detector isn't waterproof anyway and it makes the switch feel weird as then it's all rubbery. Keep in mind this will void your warranty, I didn't care about that as I bought my GBP's in Australia and I would never bother to send one back for repair as postage would be a killer, if it developed a fault. I'd try fix it myself.
  6. Has anyone used the DP (Delta pitch) setting on their T2 or F75 or other Fisher/Teknetics detector that has the mode? I've been experimenting with it as my standard choice was always 2+ tones but I figured DP would give me more information but perhaps it doesn't as it overloads my brain a bit. Would there be a depth loss using this mode? Are any particular tones mode deeper than others? At first I felt a bit of a brain overload in DP but after time it started to grow on me and it seemed alright, I was able to use the tones to identify coins without having to look at the screen as I was able to recall the tone noise of the coins but then it's not like I'd be able to know the tone of every decent find and 2+ feels more comfortable on the ears 🙂 , I assume DP mode has 99 tones. I tried 3b which is meant to reject bottle caps but it sure doesn't reject NZ bottle caps, no difference at all on them so I guess it's optimized for American bottle caps like Budweiser or something 🙂 The T2 seems a bit of a weapon with the stock 5" coil, very good at separating trash from good finds in a trash ridden area so I'm spending a bit more time on it lately.
  7. You asked for it, @Steve Herschbach! 😂 This one might be fun for y’all though. I hope so! Let’s say your best friend was brand new to the hobby - maybe they have a brand new detector (maybe an Equinox 800 on order - totally hypothetical, you understand) and a basic digging tool or two but that’s about it. The friend told you they were heading to a gold and treasure trade show that weekend (maybe the show in Quartzsite, and of course invited you along). What would you tell them to buy? What would you tell them to avoid? If you want more info before advising them, let’s say that they had a strong interest in beach jewelry and gold detecting and a moderate interest in everything else. 🙂 Thanks in advance! -Julie the n00b
  8. I always said that when i turned 50 i would treat myself to a metal detector. i am fortunate enough that i can afford an equinox and everything i'm reading says it's really packing a lot of punch for the cost. i'm looking for something to work across a lot of environments, including beaches. i couldn't have less of a specific need in mind- i want something that works pretty well anywhere i might pull up. if i dabble with a cheaper Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro will i notice where it comes up short? will i quickly wish i had just bought the nox? and i'm also worried about the learning curve. i don't want to spend all my time fine tuning if i don't really know how to fine tune. i realize i kind of want it all so that's why i am here for a reality check. being honest with myself, it's not something i am expecting to do too frequently right now- i sadly don't have the time. but i would love to take it on road trips and vacations as an extra something to do. maybe 10-15 days a year.
  9. My wife and I have never used a metal detector but have both wanted to search for little treasures since we were kids. Even if it doesn't turn into a passion, I would like to start with quality entry level equipment to ensure we have the best experience possible. Any advice on equipment, how to get educated, where to do it and any other important considerations would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I love turning people on to detecting. It is the real reason these forums exist. The truth is I don’t know much about anything, but there are a couple subjects I know pretty well. Metal detecting is one of them. In my over 35 years as a major multi line dealer (retired) I have personally answered almost every question that can be imagined about metal detecting. I did not know the answers all the time, but I am the sort that if I don’t know I will tell you that, go find the answer, and get back to you. I find it very valuable to my own learning because on the next go I will have that answer already. It is those decades of people asking questions that stuffed all that detecting information into my head. In particular, I have a huge amount of experience with detectors of all brands and types and I could care less about who makes what politics. I only care about what works. I enjoy people new to this oddball thing we call metal detecting because I am so passionate about metal detecting myself. I just think it’s the greatest hobby in the world - no offense meant to you more serious types. Metal detecting has provided me with countless adventures and memories and I would wish anyone to have had as much fun as I have had over the years. Are you new to the forum? I see lots of new people signing up. Are you new to detecting and here to learn? Don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is not the forum where you will get told that the question has been asked before so go find the info or whatever. Forums exist for people to ask questions, but I see behavior on other forums that I do think intimidates people and makes new people afraid to ask a simple question for fear of being made to look dumb. If it helps I am dumb as a post on most stuff. There is no shame in that. I don’t know everything so how to learn but ask the questions? Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there because I really am here to help new people as best I can. There are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people here and frankly they don’t need my help. My hope is they are also here to help people. Lots of them are better prospectors and detectorists than I am. I don’t claim to be the know all of detecting and I sure don’t claim to be the best at any of it. But I do know this. I really enjoy helping people. It lights me up and makes my day. If you have a simple question of any sort, please ask. Why not make Steve’s day by asking that question? The only thing I ask is be patient getting the answer. I do have busy times where I need a little time to get back but I will in almost any situation reply same day or at most the next. 😀😀Steve Herschbach
  11. Hi All I’m just wondering if there’s anyway to tell the difference between gold rings/ jewellery and trash eg pull tabs as it all seams to come in around the same numbers!. I’ve dug many many targets between 10 and 15 and all have been trash I spent a few weeks at the beach and dug hundreds or targets between them numbers in the hope that one of them might have been a gold target but without luck!, I don’t usually dig much between them numbers as a rule but being the beach I didn’t want to miss the chance of it being something good. Anyway I just thought I’d ask the question if there was anyway of being able to see / telling the difference between a good target and trash between them numbers??, I know there’s Guys / Girls that would do a Lot more Detecting then myself and might’ve found a way or know some tell tale signs between trash and good targets between them numbers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  12. Hey all! I’m super-new but wanted to say thanks to everyone because I’ve read soooo many excellent posts on this forum before joining and have learned a ton! I’m an obsessive newbie in the Los Angeles area who’s recently picked up a Garrett Ace 250 to kick around with my Dad when he visits (we used to detect parks and schools in Maryland when I was a kid with his old Compass). The Ace is fun and great in parks - I’m fond of it - but I’m really more interested in wet sand detecting on the beaches and in gold prospecting. And it just doesn’t handle salty wet black sand well... or find tiny gold.... So of course I’m looking at getting a second detector. My Dad is thrilled. My Mom is horrified 🙂 I was trying to decide between the Goldmaster 24k and Gold Monster 1000, but then the idea of the Equinox 800 snuck in and I was thinking maybe it would be a good beach AND gold detector. But then I really like the Goldmaster 24k in the few videos I could find. But the Gold Monster 1000 is blue and has that lovely little whoop whoop sound.... I know there’s no “best” detector, and from what I can tell those are all great detectors. But I’m hoping someone can nudge me off the fence. Does anyone have any thoughts about these or other models for use in Southern California? So many beaches, so many reports of gold... SO MUCH BLACK SAND! Thanks in advance for any advice! I know this was long but I wanted to provide enough details of where I am and what I’m looking for to be useful. Also, I’m chatty. 🙂 -Julie
  13. Well I was out today in a remote locating looking for nuggets with my 2300 and it sounded off on this rock. The area is noted for a lot silver. Not saying it is silver only my PI machine is pretty quiet unless it hits some kind of metal. It was lying on top the ground. It's dark gray to black. Maybe Hematite. Any one no for sure looking at a picture? Has some quarts in it also.
  14. This is one of the few sites remaining in my area of Alaska that the incoming Stampeders used and also others that came a little later.. The site is easily spotted but unfortunately most of the area surrounding the actual spot is under the Highway at the top of Thompson pass a few miles North of Valdez..Not anything is left to identify this location but thru careful searching and studying I was able to definitely say this is it. Not a large area now but you can see the tumbledown remains that lay scattered almost entirely reclaimed by nature. I have an idea there probably was more to be found but that is now under the Main Highway. That's ok as I realize that most of the other stopping spots on that trail are completely gone..I was able to squeak 2 coins from the site and both were dated after 1898 but close enough to know they had been lost by others that chose that way to come into the area after the Stampede. There were other gold bearing deposits along that trail that were discovered by these prospectors that were mined for a while, those might be stories for another time..The 2 coins found were a Barber dime and a nice 5 cent piece.... I was very happy to have found some dated coinage as that always gives you an idea on timeframes of travelers.....
  15. Forum- can the coin pros recommend the "1" to buy or what seems the overall standard" best brand" and digging tool for Grassy areas? Best Shovel Length and single edge or dual edge? Left or Right side Lesche? Whats Best🙄 Thanks Ig
  16. vanursepaul

    PTSD And Detecting

    Quick story-- As most of you know i work with Veterans, and a lot are dealing with PTSD --- I always thought detecting would be good therapy because they can get away from the crowds, carry a firearm in most cases (so they feel safe) and they can relax a bit. One guy showed up last week with a Minelab GoFind60---[maybe the only mInelab i havent bought ...Yet...lol] He said he was new and he hadnt found much but trash...I told him to trget places people would be sitting on the ground... like ball fields, picnics and such..I told him that I like to go around old trees. Mind you this is on an old Army base so there can be some neat things there. So far the first day he got half an old spur, second day---1912 penny in good shape!, third day- two Taxca Mexico sliver bangles with the floral design....($25ea!) So he is feeling better , he isnt so jumpy, i see him smiling now, and he is sleeping better after going to classes and then detecting the rest of the day.... That's all it took....a little detector and a place to detect---- Im happy I got to meet this new detectorist.
  17. So I responded to a classified add on the forum from a guy named Sourdough Moe. He has several items posted for sale. I agreed to purchase his book Unabridged ZipZip. I agreed on his price and even added shipping cost. He provided his Paypal info and I sent payment. That was on Jan 2 and I haven't received the book. I have tried to contact him twice through PM's and no response. I have purchased several used items from guys on this and other gold forums without issue. Anyone know this guy Moses Jordan? Sure would like to get the merchandise I paid for.
  18. Hi all! Found this rock by a river last summer.. anyone knows what it might be? Looks like a rock inside a rock 😉 Curious for any answer.
  19. Hey everyone Ive attached a lidar map of an area that i have permission for and am planning on detecting this coming weekend. The thing that i know is going to be an issue is large high voltage transmission lines to the north east of the site (Green Line on map). I plan on bringing all three of my detectors (GPX 4800, GM1000 and EQ800), as well as mono, DD and an a coil-tek anti-interference coil for the gpx. Ive walked the site before and from that as well as looking at the lidar its still hard to figure out exactly what the old timers were doing in that small valley. It almost seems like they were setting up to work it, then never did. This particular area is known for rich bench deposits and supposedly quartz boulders on the ridge that had visible free gold in them at the surface (Probably along the vein trend line where they had shafts, red dashed line on the map). Anyone have any ideas as to what the old timers plan of attack was for this small valley? Also with those power lines so close do you think the mono coils and the EQ800 will work due to the emi? Which detector would you use first and what would your plan of attack be. Im currently planning to focus on the southeast facing hill slope below the probable vein trend, starting with an 8 inch commander mono on the gpx. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts! Mine overview.pdf
  20. Do I know of anything coming out the doors of White’s Electronic for 2019 ? Well let’s just say that I know about as much as you do and at this point that’s nothing. It’s a fun thing to dream and I’ve long been a dreamer. We have seen MX this and MX that but is this a good enough name for what’s on the way? Just maybe White’s will like one of the names we post here and it will be attached to this unknown detector. Even I got to put my thinking cap on for this . Chuck
  21. I just read "phrunt's" post.: December 23, 2018 in Minelab Equinox Fan Club ...about black sands. I did post on another forum about this and I hope I am not violating an etiquette but the topic is recent here and comments helpful. I am newly using the Anfibio Multi but beginning to realize perhaps this detector was not the best choice and perhaps a PI better. I liveaboard my boat on Vancouver Island pretty much year round voyaging the entire coast Vancouver to Alaska including islands. Today, first time using on the beach the AM could not settle down over regular looking sand interspersed with layers of black sand. Since most all of my detecting will be coastal coves, harbours and their beaches most all with black sands I am wondering what detector would be more suited. This was said by poster "phrunt" which was interesting with regard to making the "right" choice for my hunting grounds. "I find the fine coatings of black sand to be the most difficult no matter if I use a multi frequency or a PI." Thank you
  22. any idea what the material / mineral it is? it`s very shiny, the green reflections are from the plastic lid i had them sitting on
  23. So I’m a total noob. I’m getting my first detector later this week, an Equinox 800. In fact, it has already arrived at my local dealer but my Garrett Carrot won’t be in for another day or two so I’m waiting to get everything all at once. I want to create a test garden and have read various bits here on the forums about folks using them but can’t really find any information on how to actually create one. If this has been covered somewhere already, I’d appreciate any direction on how to find it. I’m sure creating a test garden seems pretty intuitive to experienced detectorists but there’s got to be more to it then getting some stuff you want to find and some stuff you don’t want to find and sticking it in the ground. I’m looking to make best use of the liimited space in my suburban lot to maximize learning and continually refine my detecting skills. I’m in southeast Michigan so (I’m assuming) I have very mild soil. Temperatures right now are bouncing around from 20-40 degrees F so frozen ground may limit what I can do until spring. I’m guessing that with mild soil, bench (air) testing may be a close second best to a test garden. I intend to start doing mostly coin shooting in parks and approved public land, then as my skills improve, add in some Lake Michigan fresh water beach hunting. Then, if I can gain some research skills, perhaps do some relic hunting on private land (with permission of course). With these parameters in mind, any advice would be appreciated, not only for how to create and use the garden but tips for bench testing too. Thanks!
  24. Do I need to say anything about this? Enjoy. Re: Treasure Classifieds - Someone has a question about your listing DB Daniel v Brandenburg <danielvbrandenburg@gmail.com> Reply| Today, 10:39 AM You Good morning John, I am okay with the Terms and Condition of sale as seen on the advert including Your Final asking Price as Stated.I have gone through the content of the advert once again am very satisfy.Payment will be made out via a Check which will be issue to you for the payment and pick up will be arrange after the Check is Fully Cleared by your Bank.I will not be able to come over to view it because i'm always busy at work but i believe that all the details of the advert are right and will want update about the Service History. You don't have to worry yourself about the shipment, My Shipper will take care of pick up as soon as you confirm the payment is Cleared by your Bank. let me know if there is any other miscellaneous payment like,the tax charges, etc that will be added to it.Transportation and maintenance cost will be added to the Total amount that will be issued on the Check. it will be used By My shipper who will be coming for the Pick Up at your location after your bank confirms cash available for use.My shipper is the one that will act on my behalf regards the documentation of the change of ownership so any signation will be sign by my shipper pick up and other all necessary detail information will be fill by shipper so don't worry yourself about the change of ownership documentation will be taken care by my shipper.Get Back to me with information listed below in order to make out the Check and payment will be issued and send via first class Mail Name to Be Write on The Check Address To Send the Check To so you receive and get it Deposited in your bank. Your Phone Numbers. Many Thanks. Daniel.
  25. So I've done a bit of beach detecting lately, every time I go I'm spending a lot of time cleaning sand out of my gear especially the coil covers, I hate taking them off as they feel like if I do it too often they might crack. It wouldn't be easy to tape an open coil design but I'd like to tape my closed coils if possible and give it a good go on my open style coils. I suppose I could just not use a coil cover on the sand as sand's not likely to do a lot of damage to my coils however I see on my Nugget Finder EVO coil and my Coiltek Joey there is tape around the coil to keep debris out of the coil cover. Is this tape just electrical tape? Would electrical tape cause issues as it is used for shielding, so does it prevent the coil from operating correctly? Is there a special tape I need to get or is there a recommended tape if electrical tape isn't the right option, it sure looks like electrical tape. I would like tape on my Monsters coil too as I've cracked a coil already on it and I'd like to think the tape would give it a little bit of protection. Any advice on this would be appreciated