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  1. This is for the person who has no experience in metal detecting on what to buy and how to get started. Today's modern metal detectors are more like computers (or more exactly modern signal processors). They are very powerful and often complex. Buying one the best detectors out there, the Minelab Equinox 800 is a real mistake if you have never metal detected. Quite honestly it is too complex for you to learn in addition to learning how to metal detect. Instead buy the Minelab Vanquish 540 for $379 for a packaged deal. Why? It is simple to learn and it uses the same Target Id numerical range and tones as the Equinox 800. Use the 540 to learn the theory of metal detecting. The physics behind metal detecting is the same for all detectors for the most part. Use your 540 for the first year. Once you are proficient (eg finding some good targets on a regular basis) then and only then consider the Equinox 800. But be prepared for a steeper learning curve. But it will be made easier by your year's experience with the Vanquish 540.
  2. Hello All, Just a warning for anyone wearing unsupported footwear! The "malady" referenced above can hopefully be preventable, or at least reduced, for us "older" folks here!! I have occasional flare-ups, if I don't pay attention to my footwear support! My sandybeach footwear, hit me with a vengeance today! As I (stupidity) thought, I was healed enough from a less severe bout, from about 2 weeks ago! I had switched from "water shoes" to above the ankle neoprene "dive boots" with a non-skid bottom, to keep all the sand from grinding my toes to hamburger, on beach/surf hunts last year! They are flat bottomed with little support! And that was with inserts! My initial half mile walk was fine, with only minor discomfort! But upon my first "deep" scoop with that foot, I felt a pop, and it felt like someone had just "shot" me in the heal! But I continued to hunt with the after-effects anyway! Not smart, but I was just starting! You know how it is! Let's just say, the rest of the hunt, and return trip, along with the rest of the day, has not been fun! I'll probably need a few cortisone shots, crutches, and a new pair of "water boots"! If anyone has some "tried and true" suggestions to keep the support, and the sand out, on and off shore, I'm all ears! Thanks!!👍👍
  3. A recent post offering advice to newbies has inspired me to put in my own two cents worth.. My advice to those wanting to take up metal detecting is: Don’t! You’ll be far better off trying another hobby like banging your head against a brick wall, pulling out your hair in sheer frustration, or crying yourself to sleep at night.. Of course I’m only joking but any newbie has to prepare for the never-ending toil of digging junk, lots of it.. If you can handle this without having a nervous breakdown or flinging your detector out to sea, you’ll be amply rewarded when you finally hear that magic sound telling you there’s buried treasure below your feet.. A hard-won experience like no other! Metal detecting truly is a game where dogged determination and persistence will eventually pay off.. The only problem is that when you finally get to this stage, all you’ll ever think and dream about is metal detecting.. Your marriage will fail and your kids will starve but none of this matters as long as you can get a few more swings in.. In metal detecting there’s no such thing as an unhealthy obsession.. A house filled to the brim with all the latest detectors that you’ll never use is not weird at all.. Just rest assured that there’s many others just like you!
  4. I know everyone says hit the sun bathing spots in parks, but around here, people don't seem to sunbathe a lot in the parks. Or I just never see it. I saw 1 woman sunbathing in the park near my work 1 time, and found tungsten close by when I came back the next day at lunch. Typically, where in the parks where you're at, do you see people sunbathing?
  5. I've got the raft drawn up in CAD. I decided I don't want a long headphone cord, because of the difficulty of keeping it dry. I need a wireless headphone setup that will reach 15 or 20 feet. Any ideas? As always, I appreciate any help. I have a Garrett wireless, but though I haven't tested it, I doubt it will reach the distance I need. Jim
  6. Fall is arriving on Vancouver Island Canada with cooler weather and some rain. The forests are increasingly resistant to fire and safe to enter. Our mining claim is at the 4000-5000 foot level on the side of a heavily forested mountain. After testing several washes with a long prob we were finding depth to be in the vicinity of 1 m / 3 feet. I do have an Anfibio Multi which is not suited. Looking for advice on buying a detector for this depth. The washes we surmise hold decent cache of placer and we also suspect a small vein is nearby. So, the washes to be investigated would contain decent sized targets not pickers or flour gold. I have heard "Minelab GPX 5000 machine with Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker coil" and "JW Pulse 8x" would be suitable. I would appreciate your comments. I also am aware of the Minelab 7000. Although the price is high and we do not seek overkill or other uses except for this project the 7000 would have to be considered. Good luck out there and thanks in advance for posting if you do.
  7. All, We have been purchasing the coil wire wishbone style holder for several years direct. We have exhausted our stock, that of repair and other sources. Anyone have information on where these may have been sourced. You can PM me direct. Thanks
  8. More curious than anything else. I would imagine if you were retired and were drawing social security or you and your wife drawing social security you could earn some nice extra money prospectng for gold with a decent gold metal detector. Maybe selling your paid up home and buying a nice truck and trailer and hit the road with wife and of course the dog. Any ideas on what kind of average monthly income could be generated hunting say 4 hours per day, M-F?
  9. I found this strange copper ring near a sand play pit in a park. The writing looks medieval. It is one word repeated inside and out of the ring and is gibberish to me. I wonder if it has a mystical meaning. The ring extention has been done very crudely and certainly not by a jeweller. Can anybody help with suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Well I been out several times now with the ML-EQ800 and I’ll say this …….. I GIT’N IT ! , im git’n it …. That said - I got couple questions. Does this hold true ( first pic ) it seems it is for the most part- I can see now getting use to it that on good clear pings this is right . I haven’t found any gold or silver jewelry yet but SO FAR it seems I bout got the coins down! I’m getting to where I can call them now all except for the nickels . ON EVERY QUARTER AND PENNY I dig I’m waiting for it to be a big nice gold and diamond ring tho ! I’m pretty sure thats the range they for the most part fall into . Seems on Park1 between 19 and 25 maybe 28 I’ll get the pennies and quarts ( flat quarters I think may be higher ) ok so what y’all think the question I had goes with the first pick the second pic is yesterday morning’s learning session #2 pic and today’s finds was the same except I had less trash and more quarters and dimes )
  11. My wife's health is going to require me to take a break from treasure hunting for a few years so I'm packing everything up for storage. What's the best way to prep my headphone muff's for long term storage? For that matter, Do I need to do anything special to my detectors other than removing the batteries and a good cleaning? Thanks, Mike
  12. After the good new I realized when tested a few days ago my machine after It drowned and I've succesfully reanimated It.... Now the horrible gasket Is fighting to stay out of the housing against any kind of attempt😒. So I'm in the middle of a headache manutention session with scarce results. That's the Mood guys😑
  13. Hello metalheads! I’m helping to put together the upcoming 2020 Kellyco Metal Detectors Holiday Gift Guide. Now, I’m not here to plug my site or ask you to look at anything on it (but you can look at last year’s list here if you like). I’d just like to know which gear you think belongs on this year’s list. Are there any new detectors, pinpointers, or other paraphernalia you’ve used recently that you think would make good gift for a novice or seasoned enthusiast? Even if we don’t carry it already – heck, especially if we don’t carry it already – I’m eager to know your thoughts!
  14. Imagine if you didn't have this sight to revert back to when you run into a problem and nine outta ten times Mr. Steve has covered the topic. I'm truly happy to be part of this forum and learning a lot. With that said what is the best settings for heavy iron laden sights? I mean mostly square nails. Keep in mind this is with the standard 11 inch coil. Some say lower recovery and super slow. Some say faster recovery. So I know it can work for some in both ways. What mode? Please anyone share. I started excepting iron but muting it and has anyone else tried this and noticed the unmasking it's truly noticable?
  15. For the newbies. There is this idea that detectors are defined by x depth on some items. I’m coming to discover the difficulty involved in explaining to people that the detector does not directly explain the true situation. The mix of gold type, ground mineralization, EMI, hot rocks, trash targets, terrain issues (steep ground, dense brush or boulders, wet or dry), and more decide which machine is best. Context is everything, but few people ever discuss it when reviewing detectors. The assumption is what works well, works well everywhere. No. The difference can be as stark as a $7000 detector being best in one place, and a $900 detector being a better choice someplace else. If you want the best advice possible, find a genuine gold prospector, one who has years of experience in the same locations you want to hunt, and get their thoughts. Ignore the majority of the people posting anything on the subject, because frankly many have no idea what they are talking about. In gold prospecting, pay attention to those investing considerable time and money, with an expectation of profit. They have to be operating in situations that match up with your mix of conditions. They are serious enough to have considered and tried all viable options. I’ll say this also. Some people who have been doing this five years are better at it than others who have been in it a long time. So it’s not about length of time either. Some people are just better at this stuff. Now, just a warning, some of us prospectors are nuts, and you can find people who think crazy stuff finds gold. But in general, I think this is good advice to help cut though the clutter. Quantity of opinions is not as important as the quality of those opinions. If a prospector measures his gold in pounds, that’s a pretty good sign. Now I'm not saying other opinions are not valid. Not at all. This is just a strategy for weeding it down some. There are people you can follow over time that you can tell you want to listen to, and they may be pretty low key, not showing off gold. And a person may be a real class act, but simply not have much good gold nearby, that limits what they can find. Long story short, the shortest route to success as a newbie would be to hook up with the right person in the field. Probably save ten years of messing around. The easy route here is to meet up with a couple dealers that offer classes. There is a huge divide between the people who are good at this, and the rest. If you can ever hook up with a genuine prospector in the field, expending the time and dollars would be the smartest thing most new people can do. Gerry McMullen and Rob Allison are fine choices. I'm sure there are others, but I will vouch personally for those two. I don't know of anyone else running classes these days. Bill Southern does some free outings, where you can no doubt bend an ear or two. Chris Gholson seems pretty invisible these days. Getting this training before you buy your new detector has big advantages. It could keep you from buying the wrong machine.... or even make you decide to save your money entirely. Nugget detecting is not for everyone.
  16. Right, this one is a true classic, the counterfeiters in China have outdone themselves on this one. It's a cross breed of a GPZ, GPX, Digital Photo Frame, Mp3 Player, Movie Player, Ebook Reader and all metal gold prospecting metal detector all in one. You name it, it can do it. It comes with various colour schemes, one to suit every taste. The shaft looks like a cross between the GPZ and GPX. The Arm cuff looks like a GPX arm cuff somehow they've mounted on a GPZ body using wing nuts. The battery clips look like a decoration. The buttons are fancy, I wonder what identify mode is, maybe they've done a ZVT detector with Target ID's! My dream has come true. A calendar would be very handy while out in the field, don't want to miss those appointments. And without further ado, a video of this bad boy in action!!!!! The specifications: High Precision Underground Gold Scanner Machine ZVT Technology For Archaeology Quick Details Signal Frequency:9.6KHZ Audio Frequency:400HZ Power supply:DC12V Certificates:CE/ROHS/ISO9001 Single package size:85X40X15 cm Single gross weight:4.0 kg Package Type:standard package Specification: Application: Gold Prospecting (Waterproof coil to 3ft) Technology: ZVT Frequency/Transmission: Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) Coil (standard): 14" x 13" Super D Configuration with skidplate (waterproof to 3 ft) Audio Output: 1/4" non waterproof socket, Wi Stream wireless signal transmission Headphones Supplied: KOSS UR 30 100 ohm with 6.3 mm plug (1/4 inch) (non waterproof) Visual Display: Full colour LCD (320 x 240 pixels) Backlight: Yes USB Connectivity: USB interface for XChange 2 PC software Detect Modes: Gold Mode (High Yield, General, Extra Deep) Ground Type (Normal, Difficult, Severe) Discrimination: All Metal Audio tone: 1 100 Ground Balance: Auto and Manual (Quick Trak trigger button) Sensitivity Adjust: Level (1 20) Tune / Noise Cancel: Auto and Manual (256 channels) Threshold: Level (1 50) Pitch (1 100) Target Volume Adjust: Range (1 20) Limit (1 20) Battery: LiIon Rechargeable Pack (7.2V DC, 72Wh) Low battery alert: Yes Feature: High-brightness LED panel can generally displays the detected metal type according to the signal strength. The all-metal detection mode is suitable for searching metal objects on the ground, and can be a simple recognition of metals In addition to LED panel display, it can distinguish metal type by tones 9.5-inch disk waterproof probe that can detect in the shallow water. Equipped with an external headphone jack ,connected to a single-channel headphones (headset-owned), easy to use; built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery Worked continuously for more than ten hours when full of power. I assume I don't have to warn anybody here not to buy one? 🙂
  17. I am chasing some advice, I recently swapped my QED PI detector for a Garrett AT Gold. I basically never used my QED and it was gathering dust and wasting cupboard space which with my growing collection is becoming an issue, I've never gotten rid of a detector before, I even have my first detector from when I was about 9 years old but I decided the QED had to go. I offered to give it to a friend but after trying it out in my backyard he decided detecting isn't for him as it was too complicated 🙂. An opportunity came up to swap it for an AT Gold to a guy in Australia who offered to swap his AT Gold plus some cash for a QED, I just took the direct swap with no cash involved to keep it simple so I jumped on it and sent the QED on it's merry way on an international flight the next day. So now I have an AT Gold, I've messed around with it and the gold performance is not near the VLF detectors I prefer to use for gold more on par with my other 19kHZ detectors from other brands that also spend their life in the cupboard and nowhere near the performance of the higher frequency VLF's that I do use so I figured I'd get a bigger coil for it for coin hunting, not because I'm expecting it to compete or compare to my other coin detectors but just to give it another purpose as I'm unlikely to use it for prospecting, although maybe the odd creek trip being waterproof might be in it's future. It's in tidy condition, the owner was a GPX 4500 guy and in the land of OZ with high mineralisation so the AT Gold was a cupboard decoration for him too. He sent the Garrett headphones for it too but I have a phobia of headphones so they're stashed away now never to be seen again. So, what should I do for coil options for it? The Garrett NZ dealer only has the coil I've already got for it in stock and the 9" x 12" PROformance Concentric Search coil, I am in mild soils so perhaps this concentric would serve me well for coins? I prefer aftermarket coils in general and especially in comparison to standard Garrett coils that I've got with my Ace 350, 300i and now the AT Gold, so would I be better off getting a Detech Ultimate, Nel Superfly or Tornado for it? I have both the Ultimate and Tornado for other detectors and really like them and I love that I even have the option of getting these coils with the Garrett as it is one of the things I absolutely despise about the other brand that doesn't allow aftermarket coils. I've tested the stock coil on it and the target ID's are pretty poor on my usual coin digs, my Ace 300i with Nel Tornado is giving me deadly accurate Target IDs on deep NZ coins at 6+ inches in depth and the AT Gold with stock 5x8' is all over the place on the exact same targets, very unreliable ID's and won't even detect a 8" coin that the Ace 300i hits on with ease with the Tornado. Yes I know, big coil, little coil.... this is what I want to improve. On Ebay there are a brand of coil I've never heard of available for the At Gold, Magic Coils, made in Russia and they look quite good, Youtube personalities like The Hunter GT have left them very positive reviews but I can't find too much info on them, I'm always willing to try new things though, you never know when you'll discover something special others aren't willing to try. Here is one for sale for the AT Gold https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/292834716248?hash=item442e4f2a58:g:ijgAAOSwkB5b~EMv So what's my best option from people using one of these higher end Garrett VLF's, Nel? Detech? Magc? or the good old trusty stock coils? if so which one? As at the moment for coins my Ace 300i is flogging it for target ID stability and depth using the Nel Tornado vs the 5x8" Garrett DD on the AT Gold, even on shallow coins the ID's are more stable on the Ace. Also, is it worth getting a Nel Snake for it to get a decent little gold coil? I have one for my GBP's and it works well, again no match for the higher frequency detectors I prefer to use, has anyone used a Snake on an AT Gold? I don't expect it to compete with higher frequency detectors but even if it handled hot rocks better or anything it might be an option worth considering.
  18. I have a question please help me I found a site containing gold nuggets, and the problem is that it is next to a microwave or radar tower The detector is very noisy, as if the whole earth is aluminum cans with GPX 5000 and Double D coils and Z7000 no pilot, and our choice was to use the gold monster What is the solution? Is there a detector that provides better depth than the monster and can work in these conditions I hope who found an actual solution Heuristic Thank you all I thank Good forum
  19. I will be retiring in 3 months...yaaaa hoooooo! I have been detecting for relics for about 2 years. I plan on buying a new or used Minelab detector in the next couple of months and trying my hand at gold detecting. I will be roaming around in a custom 5th wheel set up I've been working on for the past year. My question is, how advantageous would it be for me to take gold detecting training from a store I buy from or from a private party that offers it?
  20. I've already posed this question on Jim from Idaho's post in relation to gold bars, but I'm curious about the general consensus among detectorists.. Is there a time period after which the 'finders keepers' rule applies? I'm asking because I face this dilemma every time I find valuable jewellery (especially wedding rings) on the beach, whether to turn them in at the police station in case someone has reported them lost or to hang on to them and keeping quiet.. Value could not just be monetary but also sentimental.. Thanks for your feedback to a question I'm sure plagues the conscience of other detectorists as well.. Edit: just realised I've posted this on the wrong forum, it should be on the 'Metal detecting for jewellery' forum.. Not sure how to change it..
  21. I thought about this I am sure we can all learn something about each other and maybe remember who to reach out to if we find ourselves in a situation that we can draw from everyone’s experience what do you mainly detect? Dirt, Beach, Water, Parks or something I missed me dirt relics occasionally I will coin hunt but not very often items searched for ? Jewelry, Coins in general, old coins at cellar holes, relics pastures and house sites swing speed? Fast or slow me faster than I probably should swing height? Scrub the ground, coil raised i scrub the ground favorite Frequency to hunt in ? from the ML line 7.5 kHz for deep stuff 18.75 kHz for small stuff I don’t know about the Tarsacci yet but I will hopefully have it in hand next week. Throw stuff out here on this thread. Y’all have been super helpful on my first post and would like to know each a little better and what you like to look for.
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