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  1. hello to all guys, I recently joined this forum. My name is Luca and I write from Italy. I am a passionate collector of metal detector Compass, I am interested in buying an XP PRO with pre-fire series varifilter, possibly with Keith Wills mod, the important thing is that it is completely and fully functional! I'm also interested in the coin scanner series. my mail: denario@live.it greetings to all luca
  2. Devilpookie I'm interested in your metal detectors Compass, you can write me on my mail: denario@live.it I'm seriously interested and please contact me thank you 


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    2. Luki


      devilpookie please send to Italy, I want to buy your Compass metal detectors and I can pay well for them...

    3. devilpookie


      I unfortunately do not have much free time these days. If you really want them, I would accept 775 usd via paypal friends and family BUT, on one condition. You would be required to figure out and pay for all the shipping required in order to ship it to you. I can give you the weight, dimensions, and origin address and then you can email me the label as well as customs paperwork which I will affix to the package and take to the required courier. Preferably Fedex. If this sounds like it would work for you then we can proceed. Sorry for the hassle but the last time I had to ship oversees, It was very time consuming and tedious. Thanks for your interest. Anthony

    4. Luki


      anthony unfortunately I do not know what customs documents to send to you .. I'm not aware of international shipments, because I always bought on ebay and shipping costs with the documents always concerned the seller. I have no difficulty in paying you $ 775, but you must let me know the total cost including shipping, and also buying it as a friend or family, you must avoid paying the customs taxes, so you have to send as a free package for relatives or family, in this way I do not pay any additional taxes. we should be safe as the purchase is private and not tracked on paypal .. give me a total price to ship everything to me tamite feedex or other international express courier like DHL or UPS .. you can write to me on my email: denario@live.it

      thank you