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  1. For those folks who have used both the 9” round HF coil and 5” x 9” elliptical HF coil, if you could have only one, which would it be and why? Thanks in advance for any responses. 22.5cm (9”) Round DD coil: 13 to 15.7kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 50 to 59kHz 24 x 13cm Elliptical DD coil: 13 to 15.7kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 68 to 81kHz
  2. I have a Sovereign XS2-a Pro and was looking at aftermarket coils. Any of you fellas use one? Does it go deeper than stock 10 inch coil? How's the stability? Any other coils you guys use/recommend?
  3. If you don't want to lose depth and get perfect discrimination in any soil you need custom coil. Here some tests with subs Скачать видео Скачать видео
  4. Been keeping my eyes out for the Nel Super Fly or CORS Butterfly 12w X 11 long coil. Weighs 420g. Seen some for Garrett AT Series and ML Soverign. https://corscoils.com/product/butterfly/ Hopefully more will come over to the states. Looking for a bigger coil for my MK.
  5. After a busy week, doing an effort between heavy rain interruptions, I finally finished this work! Thanks for all people involved in this project for their knowledge shared... Underwater test next week(I hope)
  6. I have a slight issue with my 11'' coil. Almost from day one it does not pin point in the center of the coil. It was about 2'' toward the nose, not that big a deal at the time. Now it hits anywhere on the whole edge, which means I have a 11'' pinpoint spot. This is very hard to find center target now. Also it is becoming knock sensitive on grass and gets a little chattery even on good solid targets. This coil is only about 4 months old. That being said who should I contact first, Nokta or the service center in Georgia? Anyone have any experience sending stuff back?
  7. I was wondering what you serious “Water” hunters use to weigh down your coils. Someone once suggested taking a “tube” sock, filling it with sand, tying it in a circle (like an ankle weight) and sliding in over your lower rod having it lay on the coil. I’ve also seen bandanas (to keep you cool) with Silica Gel sewed in to them. They absorb the water and expand making them heavier than they are dry. I wonder if you had enough in there, would that work also? Thanks! Walt
  8. Fisher makes a cache coil for the F75. 15" DD Nokta makes a cache coil for the IMPACT. 15 x 17" DD Both offer multiple non-motion static all metal modes; F75 has the DE, BP, and CL operation options for their static all metal mode. . Nokta has the STA and STA(D) static operating modes. I wonder which detector is the better cache hunter? I guess I need to find out. The winner gets the cache coil. Any thoughts? HH Mike
  9. There are few things a water hunter needs to be happy when doing his work... A good bottom condition and a well prepared machine to do the job. Many times I found good stuff but really struggling with a coil larger than 10". Vlf or pulse, will depend for the most by the environment type, but talking about coils, there's no comparison for a diver with an 8".Not only saltwater is a reduced problem with it, but between rocks, between waves,between any other thing, I still prefer to use a smaller coil. I'm in love with the AQ performance, for what I can see in multiple videos J
  10. I just happened across this video and thought I'd post it. I still find any of these simple videos to not include 'off the coil' sensing of a target. They show field restricted to just the edges of the coil. We all know the field is larger than the coil. I say I'm drawn to some of my targets like a moth to a flame. Some days I am better at this than others. It's the FRINGE that can make a difference.
  11. Hi all, can anyone advise if the Coil cable attachment to the SDC is the same as GPX 5 pin standard? I noticed that Coiltec have a accessory pack to adapt to the SDC 2300 shaft then use a Coiltec coil instead of the supplied unit. I have old coils that I would like to try out. Wondering what effect using another manufacturers coil would do to the product warranty also, cheers sturt
  12. I'm so bored of my 12" dual field coil on my TDI bH that I now want to change the coil with an 8" mono. I know this can be a stupid question, but I try to ask... Can a Garrett Sea Hunter coil be adapted on the TDI? I need an open design coil to hunt underwater... The only other option is a Detech closed 8" mono...Which will float even more than now cause of the tdi control box balloon like buoyancy... Shoot your answers please mates!!!
  13. I figured I should post this here as I posted the information elsewhere on the forum that's less relevant than here. Our extremely innovative Russian friends have managed to make a range of aftermarket coils for the Equinox, they remove the security chip out of your coil, reseal your coil and give you an adapter which then allows you to run aftermarket coils. They make a range of sizes too. My pick of the bunch would be the 9.5x5.5! That's the range of sizes and pricing in Russian currency. You can find out more about it here on these Russian forums, you'll have to use G
  14. With the official announcement on May 15 of the (hopefully) mid-summer release of the Garrett Apex there was considerable discussion of the (only) stock coil planned for release and its affects on depth. Within that discussion Chase gave me incentive to do some testing. This post is a result of that, but since I think my testing is applicable to more than just the Garrett Apex I'm creating this post in the general DetectorProspector forum. The gist of the topic there was how much compromise the 6" (wide) X 11" (tall/high - my choice of word) Apex stock would have on depth. As I mention
  15. There is a listing on ebay for this coil and I am wondering if it looks like a genuine coil or some type of knockoff.
  16. That is 1/4" half round plastic on the edge of the coil. It is on with double sided tape so can be removed. The added weight isn't noticeable. It swept in the water easier. On my Gold Kruzer the coils are thicker a 1/2". I added 1/2" half round and it was noticeably easier to sweep in the water. Now I'm just waiting for my T2 rod for the Nox. It's going to be nice.
  17. You maybe thought I sold it - no way! I am the original owner of this Bigfoot coil and it is treated like the gem it is. It certainly is not going anywhere. However, I have bounced it back and forth between several detectors over the years. It started on a DFX, the went to a Vision, then an MXT, then a V3i, then a DFX, then back to a V3i.... and now back to a DFX. I really love the V3i, but the Bigfoot coil was not designed for it, and it has erratic performance that I just can't really get used to. Specifically, the 22.5 kHz frequency target id numbers triple in value, and this makes everyth
  18. hi steve! what do you think of this new coil? do you believe it is good for trashy sites? it appears to be a "compromise" to me! (h.h.!) j.t.
  19. After trying several reinforcements and lasting very little, I have found one that has nothing to do with the others. The person who makes them is an aeronautical engineer. I leave you some photos in case anyone is interested. I have been using it for several months and I can recommend it. It also makes more parts, such as armrests for different crutches, the part for catching the coil, parts for mounting the electronics on different crutches, etc.
  20. Was just getting ready to order the equinox and noticed that apparently minelab only makes double d coils for it. Will a double d coil work ok in non-mineralized soil??
  21. Hello all, I was reading Steve's post on "Best detector values under $500 dollars"! And noticed something! I noticed that MineLab is the only manufacturer that listed the operation temperature, and storage temperature of their equipment! Being a Native of South Florida with its oppressive heat, humidity, and salt air, most of the year! I have experienced first hand what happens to electronics, plastics, adhesives, etc... that many of you in certain States, and Country's, have also experienced! Suffice it to say to the uninitiated, that it is a bad idea to leave thes
  22. I have a question regarding Whites DF coils on the TDI Pro or 'sl' and other variations,i am aware the difference between say a DD and Mono coils etc,but how would the experts describe the DF coils as in the stock and 7.5'' DF coils are these classes as 2 Mono coils within one another or have i got this completely wrong. As far as i can tell both the inner and outer coils within the coil case operate complete independent from one another,anyone have knowledge on how one would describe these DF coils,of course i could be totally wrong and would like some help from the electronic whizzkids
  23. I recently broke my stock dd and replaced it with the 9x12 concentric. For the life of me I could not ground balance the machine in snow, just an inch or 2 it would false out like crazy. I did repair my dd but it is slightly out. Sent the 2 coils to Garrett along with the AT Pro and they repaired the machine, put in new firmware and confirmed the dd was out of wack. Went to use the machine over the weekend and still can't gb it with the concentric. Does anyone have a 9x12 concentric on an AT Pro and can confirm the issue? Not sure if it is the snow or the machine is marginal and sens
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