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  1. Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but with the recent push towards digital multifrequency flagship detectors, why have concentric coils been shunned? I don't think it's an engineering/physics issue although I can't rule that out. The White's Vision/V3/V3i/VX3 had concentric coil options and it was digital multifrequency. Did any of the Minelab BBS, FBS, FBS2 models have compatible concentric coils, either in-house or 3rd party aftermarket?
  2. I like an 8" or 9" coil. I don't care for an 11" coil that much but I relic and lake hunt in Michigan. Bigger than a 9" coil gets tiring faster in the water. I really liked the Tesoro 8" coil in the water.
  3. Dear Minelab.. You've probably never heard of me but I've bought quite a few of your detectors and coils.. So it's time to return the favour, I've supported your business and now I want you to make me a coil.. Just a one-off for now.. I need a bigger coil for my Foxy Noxy to detect on beaches.. I'm thinking about 20" round so it'll punch deeper than current options.. Not just for beach hunting but also to sniff out some deeper silver coins.. I'm not just thinking about myself here.. I'm sure creating a 20" coil for the Equinox will make you a lot of badly needed cash.. You'd be able to settle your huge tax debt in one swoop.. There's no need to thank me yet, we can discuss my share of the pie later.. For now, just knock me up a coil.. I'll give it a trail run and if I'm happy with it you can begin mass production.. Win/Win.. So get off your arse, I want to swing the 20" coil during the Xmas holidays.. Your sincerely, Erik
  4. Looking for information. Which ones are best for the NOX 800
  5. Consider myself pretty handy, a question for anyone. I would like to repair an ATX 12in dd with the typical cracked up coil wire, looking for info on replacement coiled wire and a new connector plug . If none are available then what would be the proper straight cable to use to connect it without the capability to retract it? Just for a “see if I can fix it” project. Thx for any info, Jerseybones
  6. Hey I was wandering If anyone knew where I can buy or get a coil connector plug for my equinox I just broke it very frustrated.
  7. Hey all, I just found my coil connection sheared off at the control housing. (oops, and bad timing as I was just headed out!) Luckily no damage to the control housing connection but the other end was bent and broken right off... I sent some photos to minelab to asses if they will fix it or not but still waiting. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to buy this connector anywhere? If minelab wont fix it then I will end up splicing one on myself and hope for the best (minus the water tightness of course) . Any help would be so appreciated!
  8. For those folks who have used both the 9” round HF coil and 5” x 9” elliptical HF coil, if you could have only one, which would it be and why? Thanks in advance for any responses. 22.5cm (9”) Round DD coil: 13 to 15.7kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 50 to 59kHz 24 x 13cm Elliptical DD coil: 13 to 15.7kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 68 to 81kHz
  9. I own an Equinox 800. I've had it as one of the first ones in the United States and was the first one to find gold nuggets with it after Steve H who found his during testing. I now have 6, 11 and 15 inch coils. None of them has had a 'coil ear' problem. When the Equinox came out with this particular coil design I was very disappointed and knew it was only a matter of time before coil ears would break. How did I know this? It is because I had coil ears break on my 17" CTX 3030 many years ago. At the time the ears broke I didn't even know what to call them. I tried to heat and melt them back into position. I tried every glue and epoxy and it would still re-break. I was on another forum at the time and some suggest an individual who made a 'yoke' out of space age rubber. You see the problem with my ears was that they just did not flex enough to let me tighten the coil to keep it from flopping around. The ears broke laterally just above the coil. The first yoke I received from the guy was not really very good. It was designed to be glued on to the broken coil after you smoothed off the old ears. A few months later the guy in New York sent me his next fix and it still works today. You attach that yoke to the detector with plastic ties. I haven't had any problems. Maybe some of you have fixed your coils the same way.
  10. I sold an essentially new 9” hf coil to a guy who tells me after first use that it won’t stay connected to the remote. Does anyone know what the problem could be? He also says it should have come with a charger but I’ve bought several XP coils and they don’t come with a charger. I’m going to suggest he re-enter the coil serial number and give the coil a full charge. Coil was perfect for me.
  11. I have been detecting an old home site. I started out with my ORX and the x35 9" coil it found alot of targets, and then kinda went quite, so i grabbed the Tarsacci, with its 12" coal and the ground let up again , and in the one spot the east yard it to went silent, but what gagged me was i was digging down 14 inchesand doing what i call a frontabout 3ft wide and just detecting the dirt i was throwing out of the hole and using a magnet to pull out the iron and going over the dirt again but now i was using the Mackro racer with the 5" coil to do this and it was pulling out lots of non iron targets this way but what caught me off gard was when i went out side of the hole and just for the heck of it started scanning the surface the other two detectors had gone over , i started getting hits, pulling up more shotgun shells and other non iron targets , so the 5" Racer coil was doing somthing the other two could not do . it was getting in between the metal and at a good 6 " , this took me back because i figured no way it would do so well but it did and is ,
  12. After reading all items available I am confused. It's probably just me so I apologize if this is a dumb question. In soil that has low mineralization which coil will go deeper and is more suitable, a DD coil or a mono coil of equal size? Or in low mineralization does it not matter if you use a DD or a mono coil? Bill
  13. as I already put in another post, I just bought a second-hand gpx 5000. It comes with the comander 11 DD and 11Mono coils. I would like if it is possible for a colleague to recommend a coil to complement the ones it brings. Its use would be to search for coins. I've been looking at the detech 15 inch DD ultra sensing. If anyone has used it, what can you tell me about it?
  14. I’m looking for an after market COIL SUPPORT for a COILTEK 10X5 EQUINOX coil…. I just finally bit the bullet and found one…. I’d like to put a coil support on this coil to hopefully not break the tabs too soon on it…. Does anyone know where a coil support for this coil can be obtained ? ? ?………thanks …..Al
  15. I am 80 and having problems trying to figure out the difference between COR'S coils and Nel coils.Looking at a 9.5" x 5" d.d. coil for my F-70,seems the Nel coils are harder to find ,but the Cor's are easy to find.Rumor says two brothers own both coils companies is this right?🙂
  16. Hi, I just bought an Xp Deus lite version (WS4+ 22 x35 coil) and after the first charge of the coil the battery level is shown as very low. The charging clip works fine, the led stays on for several minutes before turning intermittent on-off every 3 seconds. I reset the WS4 with no succes. Any ideas of this problem? Video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/dtFGBvrGuMk?feature=share
  17. They have the coil molds for a 9'' coil from the X-terra which is a waterproof coil and one that I never broke the ears off.I have all 3 of the 9'' concentric coils for the X-terra and liked the 18kz the best because it was good on gold.Maybe this machine is like the T2 and can't handle a concentric coil.They also have a 6'' coil mold which would be nice for small gold if this machine could use a concentric coil.Could a concentric make this machine even better in iron?
  18. Coil ear bracing has been the subject of numerous posts so I thought I'd add my approach. Yes, I've used several different designs of stiffeners and sad to say, my coil ears still cracked and I was out of business until I could replace the coil. Fortunately, those coils were still under warranty. My concern was finding a way to prevent this recurring after the warranty expired. The ultimate solution is, without doubt, for Minelab to field a redesigned coil ear that is a lot tougher than the current design. Failing that, the best approach in my opinion is to epoxy the stiffener to the coil making the stiffener, the coil and the ears one solid unit. Midalake has done this and as I see it, ensures a solid repair. My concern with this approach would be two fold. One, would that void whatever warranty remains and two, if the coil is sent to Minelab for replacement, there goes the stiffener. I wanted a method by which I could attach the stiffener to the coil, be able to remove it if necessary and still use the coil cover. mn90403 has done this as shown on another post within this forum by using zip ties. A workable approach but his method shows the zip ties over the coil cover so you couldn't remove the cover to clean the coil without cutting the ties. Having said that, his system will work as he intended. I thought I'd share my approach which I've found to be simple yet effective in accomplishing my goals. The key is making the ear stiffener one with the coil so even if the ears snap, the stiffener holds the coil and shaft in place. I decided to use zip ties but in a somewhat different way than mn90403. I wanted the stiffener to be solidly attached and still be able to remove and replace the skid plate. I threaded the zip tie through and around the stiffener and bare coil without the skid plate attached. I then installed the skid plate over the coil as before covering the zip ties. The skid plate remains in place, the stiffener is solidly attached to the coil and there is no modification to the coil which risks voiding the warranty and if I have to return the coil, I can save the stiffener. Bottom line; with this approach, even if the ears break, I'm still in business. It works for me....
  19. I just talked to the guy at Colonial Detectors back east. His distributor sent him a message that the 17" coils had arrived and were shipping this week. I'm not sure how that affects all the dealers, but at least he had some. Minelab GPX17 17″ Mono Coil part # 3011-0427 US$369.00
  20. Who among you has experienced a coil ear breakage? Among those who have experienced a coil ear breakage, how many use or have used the coil/machine under water? I ask because I’m wondering if the added pressure of resistance under the water is the primary cause of breakage (aside from obvious design flaw). I use mine under water occasionally but haven’t had a breakage yet, and trying to avoid one until I buy a coil ear stiffener. Being aware of this issue I try not to over tighten too.
  21. I had one coil that had a cable that was badly sun burnt and brittle. A bit of heat shrink and tape fixed it, but looked nasty. The Snake Skinz covered the mess nicely. Looks like a useful solution to a common problem. Probably will fit most coils, certaily good camo for repairs. All the best.
  22. Well, after over 3 yrs my 11" coil broke an ear. Here are pics of my attempt to make it stronger than new.🙂 Put the fiber glass on with super glue then a layer of epoxy over that. I'm not sure it needed the epoxy but it smoothed it out. Little black paint coming.
  23. FWIW, I notice Serious Detecting is showing the Coiltek 10x5 NOX as in stock this morning. $235. https://www.seriousdetecting.com/product/coiltek-10-x-5-dd-search-coil-for-minelab-equinox-600-800-metal-detector/
  24. is it possible? something beyond the norm and what we are used too. could coils be more than the type of coil they are now? could they play a greater role with advanced tech?
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