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  1. I did a coil test some time ago using a Tdi Pro OZ, quite a variety of coils involved. Just a bit of information not wanting it to go to waste. The test area was located in the middle of the Golden Triangle in Victoria, Australia. Looking at the images the test site is located on a area that produced large nuggets. Heavily mineralized to give the depth tests some authenticity. Targets were varied as were the coils tested. The Tdi Pro was ground balanced, gain was at 5, conductivity was in ALL, pulse delay was 10. Frequency was set in the middle and the audio was boosted by a Nokia MD-11 external speaker. Only clear repeatable signals were recorded. All targets were buried in the ground sideway from a miners hole, so as not disturb the soil on the surface or above the target. Only the 1 grain ingot and one 0.5 gram gold coin were buried from the surface disturbing the ground. Not sure how useful this is for Tdi SL users, deduct 10% maybe.. Just gives a sense of what is realistic is this one location at that one time with the Pro with the variety of coils available back then. All the best, Karelian
  2. I figured it was time to change the battery for my X--35 9" coil, I watched all the videos on how to do it , I figured it would be a cinch, but after i got the little plastic plate off the bottom of the coil a hard piece of foam was glued in so hard over the little battery connector I could hardly get it out , then i looked to find the connector to unplug the old battery and could not even see it , It was totally covered in epoxy glue I pulled on the wire and it broke off, apparently the temp worker filled it with glue and completely covered the battery plug in making it impossible to remove, why me ? why does it work for everyone else but when i go to do it its covered in glue, ? I was pissed now it will cost me 300.00$ to get the HF coil . I will never buy another X-35 because I have no assurance the battery plug will not be glued over again . at least the HF coil its possible to change the battery
  3. I have 2 coils for my Equinox 800, the normal 11 inch and the 15 x 11 coil…. I have the aftermarket coil supports and would ask if there is a 2 part epoxy glue that could be applied to fasten these coil supports to the coil WITHOUT causing any interference with the coil’s performance ?…. Or maybe use CRAZY GLUE ? … thanks for helping…Al
  4. I currently have a White's 6000 Di/Professional detector which came with the standard and larger search coil. If this won't work what do you think I could get for it? Thanks9
  5. Hey all, I just found my coil connection sheared off at the control housing. (oops, and bad timing as I was just headed out!) Luckily no damage to the control housing connection but the other end was bent and broken right off... I sent some photos to minelab to asses if they will fix it or not but still waiting. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to buy this connector anywhere? If minelab wont fix it then I will end up splicing one on myself and hope for the best (minus the water tightness of course) . Any help would be so appreciated!
  6. Back when I started using the AT PRO back in 2009 Garrett recommended doing a factory reset when you changed to a different coil on the ATP my question on the Garrett 24K is this also the recommendation when changing to a different coil, or is performing a factory reset UN necessary on the 24K when changing to one of the different coils still learning the 24K and liking it a lot
  7. With the release of the Xterra pro showing that all these coils are only limited to a chip and not the coil itself, it should be possible to hack the chip or override the chip with another. When I was younger this was easily done in gaming systems to make copied DVDs work to play copied games. Anyone know if this might be getting “worked” on for the coils? Small market though, maybe not worth the time of an ambitious electrical engineer unless they were an avid detectorist. @phrunt I’m winking at you 😉😁 You seem to have the “know how” or the “contacts”, plus all the coils😂
  8. Yesterday I went to my beach and left the 6" Equinox coil on for an extended hunt. I had used it a couple of days before on a high iron beach so that I could hear targets clearly. Yesterday's hunt turned out to be an experimentation of sorts. What could I really find on a 'tough' beach with the little coil. I've found gold jewelry on the beach with it before. When I first got the coil I wasn't able to go nugget hunting so I went to a beach. Right out of the box as they say I found 4 little gold rings many years ago. I pretty much put the little coil away over the years in favor of the 15" coil and occasionally the 11" coil. Coverage is the operating logic to that. I feel 'naked' without the big coil. Yesterday I was willing to experiment. After selecting the frequency and then ground balancing I was able to go to 25 on the sensitivity/gain. This let me hear my threshold and without chatter so it was a matter of swing speed. There weren't a whole lot of targets so each time I'd find one I would try to find a patch. I managed to find a couple of them as you can see and some interesting targets in the 1.5 hour hunt. The rack on the left is one of the largest objects I've found on this beach. It was down about 8" and it weighs about 5 lbs. Some of the quarters were down about the same depth. The knife blades were iffys I think because they are mostly stainless steel. The silver Thailand earrings were in the wave wash and are very light at 3.2 g and were found together as displayed. After a bit of learning the capabilities of the little coil again I then wondered what is best. Do you take a small coil and use it at maximum sensitivity or do you take a larger coil and turn down the gain? This would go for other types of detecting as well. This is certainly a reason to have multiple coils.
  9. For those of you thinking about buying yourself a bigger coil for your Equinox, here's how big they are compared to a size 10 foot (see table below).. I find that measurements on paper (like 15x12'' or 15'' round) are hard to picture in my head without something to compare them to.. Hope this helps.. 🤪
  10. I have a question regarding Whites DF coils on the TDI Pro or 'sl' and other variations,i am aware the difference between say a DD and Mono coils etc,but how would the experts describe the DF coils as in the stock and 7.5'' DF coils are these classes as 2 Mono coils within one another or have i got this completely wrong. As far as i can tell both the inner and outer coils within the coil case operate complete independent from one another,anyone have knowledge on how one would describe these DF coils,of course i could be totally wrong and would like some help from the electronic whizzkids 🙂 Many thanks
  11. Something I've been wanting to do for a while now..I got another x ray generator couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out on my DR System.. Heres most but not all of the coils I have. 1. CTX 6" 2. TDI Pro 12" double mono 3. CTX 17' 4. XP Deus 9" 5. Miner John 8x12" mono 6. x cal 8" 7. Gold Monster 6" 8. Fisher Gold Bug two 6" 9. Nox 6" 10. Nox 11" 11-14 GPZ 7000 stock coil
  12. The chart shows current GPX-6000 coil sizes, weights, and areas. I hope this chart can help you find out which coil to bye in the future. Phrunt- the 6 X 8.5 specifics have been added to the chart.
  13. While reviewing some more of my archived files I found the coil winding specifications for one of White's Electronics BFO metal detector coils. Data was provided by the White's Factory. This coil was called the "Triplet Coil". It was manufactured in the late 1960's and early 1970's. My information is from May 1969. During this period there were several BFO coil sizes offered: a 3-inch coil for nuggets, a 6-inch coil for coins and a 12-inch coil for large objects. The Triplet was designed to combine both the standard 6-inch coil and the 3-inch nugget coil with an additional 2-inch coil for added sensitivity for small objects. Single coils were wound using a wood based enclosure. The Triplet Coil was encased in a molded plastic housing. For those of you who have a vintage White's BFO metal detector and would like a combination coil or those of you who wish to build a replica of a vintage White's BFO metal detector I have attached a PDF of the winding details for your viewing pleasure. BFO Triplet Coil winding instructions.pdf
  14. trying to decide , 11inch coil x35 or the 11x13 x35 anyone have experience with both
  15. But how is it for pinpointing? 🤦‍♀️
  16. I've watched a bunch of videos showing the Nexus coils doing air tests and on newly buried dirt with a GPX 4500, but can't find anyone that has done a video showing it in real action on undug targets. Has anyone tried these coils? I'm going to assume since the videos were done in places that appeared to be away from a lot of EMI, that they probably do better in the woods than at the shore where I would want to try them. I did see them hunting some serious magnetite laden soils though. Impressive, but not enough for me to try one without hearing some feedback on them. Anyone ever use one? Thanks.
  17. I'm looking for opinions on the Minelab 6 inch vs the Coiltek 10x5 for my Nox 600. I search a lot of trashy and brushy sites. Anybody have any experience with both coils? Any opinions? Thanks.
  18. Hello Guys! How Do Different Coils Affect The Performance Of A Metal Detector?
  19. Merhaba arkadaşlar sizce 18 elite mono veya 18 inch commender monomu başarılı
  20. Curious if the Infinium coils are compatible with the Seahunter. I hunt some crappy ground where a pi would be usefull and the mono coils get slaughtered with emi. My thoughts the 5x10 would do well not only for emi but because it is a closed coil it will be easier to work the gravel and rocky beds.
  21. Hi everyone, A few years back, I came across an older Metal Detector at a garage sale and it came with a “Bigfoot Coil” , I thought I’d be using it more often than I was and decided to see how much they cost. After a Google/eBay search, I listed it on eBay for a price that I felt was fair that they were selling for. I ended up finding someone interested in it on eBay and sent it out to them for cheaper than I even had it listed for, as well as paying for the shipping. About a week after he received it, he sends me this message; "I finally have a chance to check out the Bigfoot coil you sent and thought after hooking up to 1 of my 3 DFX detectors that this is not the correct coil as you have listed for DFX. I went in the basement and found my DFX Bigfoot coil I have not used in several years and testing them against one another. You coil has to be for different frequency Whites detectors as it’s different looking upon top of coil and testing with my wedding ring I get a pretty consistent 20-22 VDI which is normal number even with 9 1/2” coil and with Bigfoot coil it shows a VDI number of close to 85 consistent so I would like to receive a return label as this coil you sent is not correctly working for a DFX.” Just wondering if I can get some input from someone that actually knows what he’s talking about 😅 from what I originally saw, it looked like the BigFoot Coil only came in one model? But could there be different types? I’d really hate to pay shipping again and go through all the hassle of returning it and trying to resell it again. Any help or input is appreciated! Attached are pictures of my Bigfoot coil , and the last picture is a pic he sent in comparison to his other one. Thank you in advance!
  22. So most detector companies make different coils for their machines. So why don't they optimize programs for specific coil sizes? For instance with the Equinox would using Park1 with the 11" work just as good if you changed to the 6" changing nothing. You could go into Coil Size in settings and designate what coil your using and once done the detector would change each factory program to be optimized for the size coil you picked. I know optimized for one site might not be optimized for another, but factory settings have to be set where they are for a reason. It just seems that changing coils should require Sensitivity, Recovery, and maybe even frequency tweaks etc. to get the most out of a smaller or larger coil. It seems like a selling point to me.
  23. GPX 6000 coil makers information Nugget Finder Xceed 6000 series Nugget Finder has now announced there will be 3 Minelab approved coils in the Xceed 6000 range at this stage. It looks like there will be Mono coils in 8x6", 12x7" and 16x10" sizes, which represent some great options for bushy or tight spots! If you would like to be kept in the loop regarding pricing and release date, visit our website here and click on the size or sizes you are interested in and hit the 'Notify me' button to receive news as it comes in! Coiltek Goldhawk Gpx6000 Series Coils Will be available in 3 sizes - 10x5", 9" and 14x9" Mono configuration Precision pinpointing and great manoeuvrability Fully approved by Minelab Visit our website here and click on the size or sizes you are interested in and hit the 'Notify Me' button to receive info on pricing and release date as it comes to hand. Once we have firm intel from Coiltek we will begin taking pre-orders!
  24. What was your last detector related purchase? Let's do our best not to stretch this too far..... a new winch for your gold getting rig counts, a new wench for your arm does not.... 😉 I'll go first.... I bought a new scoop yesterday, a 36"/914.4mm one to be exact. While normally Doc is my go to source, I was forced to go elsewhere, I wanted black and larger than he sells.... what can I say... all he has are green and blue. In all seriousness, I have a Kubota M62 tractor loader backhoe that I use for doing pushes and digging settling ponds. I have a caliche ripper tooth for it, a 12" trenching bucket which is great for loading the hight banker and a 24" main bucket but I've been digging a settling pond this week and realized how much I needed something a bit larger... so yes, this is gold related... pushes and ponds.... your turn, what was your last purchase. PS: Prior to this, was my Axiom purchase a week or so ago. Link where I purchased it (local Kubota dealer wanted $2,600 for the EXACT same bucket, even with shipping, it was $600.00 less ordering it from the east coast): https://www.ebay.com/itm/144660447847 Pic of the 36"/914.4mm bucket.... whoops, I mean SCOOP, front view: The ones I have already: Loading the high banker: Ripping up calichi:
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