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  1. I recently broke my stock dd and replaced it with the 9x12 concentric. For the life of me I could not ground balance the machine in snow, just an inch or 2 it would false out like crazy. I did repair my dd but it is slightly out. Sent the 2 coils to Garrett along with the AT Pro and they repaired the machine, put in new firmware and confirmed the dd was out of wack. Went to use the machine over the weekend and still can't gb it with the concentric. Does anyone have a 9x12 concentric on an AT Pro and can confirm the issue? Not sure if it is the snow or the machine is marginal and sensitive to the cold or not. Thanks
  2. Anyone have any idea why my coil is overloading??? I checked up and down the cable to see if it was shorted to no avail.... It works fine with another coild. Trying to upload or link a video.... Standby---- https://photos.app.goo.gl/W1Nwk2kCRQixPE5H9 BTW Hey all you crazy Aussies-- Im still kicking---hope all is well with you all there...
  3. I was reading about coils. They said a round DD coil has a lot of advantages over football shape coils. It has been a long time ago. Can't remember why ? Any one can help with this?πŸ˜•
  4. I figured I should post this here as I posted the information elsewhere on the forum that's less relevant than here. Our extremely innovative Russian friends have managed to make a range of aftermarket coils for the Equinox, they remove the security chip out of your coil, reseal your coil and give you an adapter which then allows you to run aftermarket coils. They make a range of sizes too. My pick of the bunch would be the 9.5x5.5! That's the range of sizes and pricing in Russian currency. You can find out more about it here on these Russian forums, you'll have to use Google translate or something similar to read it. Original thread http://foxmd.ru/index.php?route=product/category&path=77_92 More information http://foxmd.ru/index.php?route=product/category&path=93 And videos from them about the coils and lucky last πŸ™‚ When nobody can do it, the Russians do and they do it well.
  5. Dose anyone where I can get a coil end that's goes on the black control box. I have a 9.5" coil that someone changed the end for another detector. I can't find where to order on Whites forum. Thanks Dean
  6. When I bought my tdi sl it came with the 12 and 7.5 coil. Recently I have sold the detector but I still have the 7.5 dual coil and I will sell it. Seeing photos to see the price I could ask for it turns out that my plate has something on the cable that I can't see in the images of other dishes I've seen. I would like if a partner could tell me what it is ?. Thank you
  7. Now that Coils are being made for the GPZ with more and more coils becoming available it's time the discussion came up as to what size coils for the GPZ people would really like to own. What sizes of coil would you like to be swinging?
  8. Guys, I wonder, does anyone know or have a diagram of the coil connector pinout? Many thanks! Apologies, didn't mean to start new topic, but it was moved separate. It may come handy for others perhaps. I'm going to tap into those wires to find out what they are once I have an inline connector made.
  9. I had snagged my dd coil on a log and didn't realize I had put a hairline crack in it until I had noticed it was falsing on me and every time I tapped a small branch or brush it would sound off. I had made a small vacuum degassing chamber/pressure chamber for casting resins out of a paint sprayer and luckily my coil just fit inside. First thing I did was use the vacuum chamber to draw out any moisture. Next I built a small barrier out of some tape, filled it with epoxy then used the pressure chamber at 60 psi to force the epoxy into the crack. Not perfect but the coil does gb now. I think there are internal cracks that would be impossible to fill but at least I have it as a backup until my new coil comes in. My next project I think is to give some lexan sheets a go for coil scuffs that cover the bottoms so branches don't get caught up. Friend of mine wants one for his Nox 800 so will see how that goes.
  10. I am being sarcastic but it is true. Back in the day when I had these on the shelf new they were hard to sell. Now you see them like this one on eBay going for crazy sums of money used. How is it there is a coil that goes for up to $500 used and not one of the aftermarket coil manufacturers will take a stab at it? Yeah, I get they need to be hand made and tuned but Jim Karbowski managed to do it and they retailed for $219.95 new. Was it black magic? A lost art, now known to none? The BigFoot is a 3" x 18" coil specially wound internally in a figure 8 pattern that eliminates electrical interference and allows the use of the front half of the coil for pinpointing with the DFX, which was designed with the coil in mind. The coils were hand made by Jim Karbowski who called his company Applied Creativity. They were sold exclusively through Jimmy Sierra. Jim Karbowski unfortunately passed away in 2007 and the coils now go for far more used on eBay than they ever did new. http://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/obituaries/james-karbowski/article_c8505ae6-50ec-5639-8a21-33a96b718ad4.html The coils are labor intensive and despite lots if lobbying I never could get White's to make them. BigFoot Technical Report BigFoot Field Test Diagram (in Russian) More Technical Tidbits/Guesses This report on coils has some interesting notes on figure 8 coils on pages 4 and 5. It mentions that the field reverses from front to rear and this is true if the 14 khz BigFoot is used on the MXT. The DFX is specially designed to compensate for this and so has uniform responses front and rear. There is also a more conventional elongated DD design made by Tesoro called the Cleansweep. The BigFoot has a soft spot in the detection pattern in the middle where the figure 8 crosses over. The Cleansweep DD design is easier to make and eliminates that issue. The problem for me was I really got addicted to the DFX ability to trigger just the front half of the BigFoot for quick pinpointing - it is so good it is better than most dedicated pinpointing devices. No, you can't have mine, not even for the absurd price of $500! Oh yeah, beware. There are at least three BigFoot versions for different frequency White's machines. The most sought after are the DFX/MXT versions but there are others, and they do not go for as much. Here is a real beat up one for the old Eagle II I have been lobbying Makro (gave up on White's years ago) but they have not bit - yet. Sure would be a great reason to buy a Racer, having a coil like that for it! Here is my BigFoot and a friends in the U.K. on our MXTs. And here is the same one on my old original White's Vision when they first came out.
  11. Something I've been wanting to do for a while now..I got another x ray generator couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out on my DR System.. Heres most but not all of the coils I have. 1. CTX 6" 2. TDI Pro 12" double mono 3. CTX 17' 4. XP Deus 9" 5. Miner John 8x12" mono 6. x cal 8" 7. Gold Monster 6" 8. Fisher Gold Bug two 6" 9. Nox 6" 10. Nox 11" 11-14 GPZ 7000 stock coil
  12. I have a new sharpshooter, but now I want to replace the factory coil on my F44. The one that came with the machine is the teardrop,not a big fan of it. Looking for one roughly the same size or a bit bigger that would out perform it.Thoughts?? HH to all!
  13. I have had my 800 since the end of April. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of all the hype but after using it a lot I the last 3 months or so , I am very impressed. This past Friday I was at a new site and when I picked up the detector to take it out of the truck the coil fell off. Both the mounting tabs were broken. I am pretty particular with my equipment so I really don’t think it was anything I did. I emailed the repair center and has been my experience in the past, they were prompt in their response and had shipping instructions to me that same day. They said the coil would be replaced under warranty but would take a few days because the service center had run out of coils and they were currently on backorder. This leads me to believe their must be a lot of people who have had the same issue. It will be interesting to see if this new batch of coils has beefed up the mounting tabs. They really are kind of flimsy when compared to the Explorer series of coils. I don’t mind the wait, it gives me a chance to get to know my 6 in. coil.
  14. These are used in MRI machines. The weight ,cost and flex might work with Metal Detectors For a state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI machine, the price tag to buy one new can reach $3 million. I remember a few years ago on another forum suggested a spiral coil using a printed circuit board.
  15. Another coil question. Given that a mono coils sends a signal that is cone shaped into the ground what would the field of detection be on say a 12 in mono at say 10 inches vs a DD coil that has a blade shaped signal. Say this is in mild ground. Just how much depth is actually lost using a DD coil in the same soil conditions. Would a broader signal at that same 10 inches of depth have an advantage with coverage at that depth?
  16. Hey all, I just found my coil connection sheared off at the control housing. (oops, and bad timing as I was just headed out!) Luckily no damage to the control housing connection but the other end was bent and broken right off... I sent some photos to minelab to asses if they will fix it or not but still waiting. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to buy this connector anywhere? If minelab wont fix it then I will end up splicing one on myself and hope for the best (minus the water tightness of course) . Any help would be so appreciated!
  17. what is the best Coil use gpx4500 for Small nuggets weighing 0.2 g or 0.4 g Elite or N Finder Nuggets And circular or elliptical shape
  18. Fisher / Teknetics 2018 Coil Compatibility Chart Official Fisher Search Coil Page Official Teknetics Search Coil Page
  19. This is the best video I have seen yet explaining the basics of search coils and why some may be better at some uses than others. By Garrett May 2019.
  20. Does anyone know any information on the new coil for the TDI SL and if the coil will be available separately? TDI SL is now ... TDI Hi-Q A new high performance coil design for added depth - in two options TAN Part Number: 800-0334-Hi-Q CAMO 800-0334-Camo MSRP: $1199.95 MAP: $1099.00
  21. I just got back from Rye Patch, Nevada; found 14 small nuggets; 6.2 grams total. I found nuggets with all three of my X-Coils; 10” round bunch wound; 17” round spiral wound; and 17”x 12” elliptical spiral wound. I have attached a chart that is compiled from testing of the 10” round and the 17” round coils as compared to the Minelab GPZ 14 coil. The testing was accomplished in a Rye Patch gully by placing a two foot PVC pipe into a freshly dug hole. Gold nuggets of various sizes were lowered in a medicine bottle by a cloth measuring tape. This test was for my own relative comparisons; so those that want to critique the methodology feel free to do it another way. Two obvious depth improvements would be gained by increasing the Threshold setting and using headphones to listen for barely perceived target responses. After discussions with Lucky Lundy and Gerry McMullen I now have found a middle ground that works for me with the following settings; High Yield, Normal Freq. Auto, Sens 20, Volume 12 Threshold 1 to 27 depending on EMI noise level Tone 53, Vol Limit 12 Auto Smoothing Off, Ground Balance Auto, GS Off The 10” is very sensitive but noisy. When roaming across the desert it has me swinging back over false targets much of the time. But it works quite well to slow down and get into small openings between the sage brush and close to bedrock in narrow gullies. Some quick checks make me think that the 17”x 12” will have similar depth performance to the GPZ 14. But will cover three inches more ground on each swing. I will chart some depth comparisons when I get time to do some more testing. I use the 17” Spiral Wound Round coil when I want to cover a lot of desert. The extra inches in circumference with a little extra depth penetration over the GPZ 14 coil is an advantage. At this time I am retiring the Minelab GPZ 14 and the GPZ 19 coils. I have no connection to X coil, or to Davsgold except as a customer. X Coil and Davsgold have both been very responsive to my emails. Have a good day, Chet
  22. I have 2 coils on my Tejon. 8x9 conentric I use in high trash areas and parks (same thing) and a 10x12 i use for woods and fields. I got lazy and left the widescan on and hit a local park and came across bottle cap after bottle cap and could not find a good tone break to cut them out without losing too much range. I saved a couple and tucked them in my back yard 6" down and did a quick test. I set my 2nd discrim for break on the widescan and the primary for the concentric and there is a huge jump between them. Both discrim match up on other items such as coins and rings, pull tabs. Note that both coils actually ground balance the same and the widescan can pick up the tiniest pieces of lead and foil. I have found lead pellets from a pellet gun 4-6" down with it. I can also place a cast iron hammer head half over a dime and still hear just the dime though broken signal It's there. So I am really stumped on the bottle caps. Maybe someone here knows why.
  23. Has anyone found a lower shaft for White's TDI to adapt to Minelab coils or coils made for Minelab correctly without extra rubber washers? Tecknetic's lower shaft comes close but is too short.
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