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Found 43 results

  1. Hi, Dan from U.K. I have been using a V3i since November last year and enjoy it immensely. However, today I had an issue with the machine flashing random numbers and beeping even when held at shoulder height. This continued when I tried single frequency modes and when I changed to a different coil Also in different locations. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  2. This is just a fun comparison because there is no way I'm going to buy another detector at this point but near me I see a good looking used DFX for the price of $250. That is so similar in price to the Simplex that I am interested in which would be considered the superior detector or at least how they stack up. From what I know they are both considered coin and relic detectors, the DFX is multi-frequency, and the Simplex is considered to have many of the newest features at a low price point.
  3. Hi Jeff. Did you have some testing time with your new Spectra? How do you like the SpectraSound WHP? I do like them a lot since I use them.
  4. The manual says something different than the detector will show.
  5. I have really been enjoying using the Whites DFX for the last month. Mine came with the stock 9.5" coil and I bought a used Detech 8X6" SEF for it too, all of which cost way less than half the original retail price. It won't get much depth in my area, but it is a very feature rich detector with a ton of information using all of the display functions and full tone ID. It almost IDs 4" low to mid conductor targets (don't laugh) with good numbers in the moderate to highly mineralized dirt in my area as well as the Equinox and Vanquish, although they will give correct numerical IDs down to 8 to 10" targets easily. I love the full tone ID, Signagraph display and the excellent ergonomics of the DFX. I do not like the lack of depth and the feeling that I am walking over good targets mostly caused by the limitations put on the DFX with how it was engineered......Salt compensation is always on, underpowered single frequency operation, EMI susceptibility and nebulous ground tracking. So, I started looking at Whites other multi frequency VLF: the Vision, VX3, V3 V3i series. Why have I never been interested in these detectors before??? There was a fully equipped, well taken care of V3i for sale in my area with multiple coils and other extras for about half or the original retail price plus I knew the original owner who is now deceased. I picked it up for even less than the asking price. When Steve says there has never been any detector like the V3i he is making a gross understatement. This detector is incredible. It is definitely not perfect. I may eventually not keep it and I may grow to dislike it BUT, what a fine detector. No denying that. If you have never owned/used one and you are even slightly interested, I would get one before they are really hard to find. Yes, it is a complicated, highly detailed jumble of possible combination of settings, but for the most part I think I can handle them eventually. I probably would not use it for prospecting or for iron trash infested sites but for everything else it would be like driving a well made luxury car that actually performs as well as its luxury price tag. It is a bit heavier than the DFX but it has even more features, adjustability, and power than the DFX. In my area, the V3i handles EMI as well or better than my DFX. I actually dug a 6" nickel yesterday in pretty bad dirt with the V3i. That is not a big deal except that the DFX (which I had with me too) totally missed it in modified coin and jewelry mode (I mean silence over the target) and the V3i with similar settings and the same Detech coil hit on the target AND identified it well enough that I knew it was probably a nickel before I dug it. Up until now, only simultaneous multi frequency detectors made in Australia/Malaysia can do that in my area. Jeff
  6. Looking at Uber expensive detectors. As we all know White's is on the way out and the V3i will not be available long. This may be the last chance to get hands on a factory new unit. In light of that it has crossed my mind to get one as a historical investment. Now with all that out of the way, we know it is heavy and that it loves batteries but can use Ni-MH batteries in the pack. Weight, nothing we can do about that. My mind is more about the longevity of the V3i, is it a very durable detector? I know all about the multitude of settings, and that is one thing that draws me to it. A Tinkerer's dream, more like a computer than a detector. Bottom line, is it worth the price? XP Deus. Had an ORX a while and loved the weight and ease of use. Hated the wireless headphones and they dug into my ear but I tell ya when it is hot weather that would sure be better on you. The ORX was somewhat crippled compared in settings, only giving 3 tone audio. It also had higher frequencies than the X35 coils do. The model I am looking at is the one with WS4 headphones and 9" round X35 coil. Between those 2, which is worth the bucks?? Thanks Rob
  7. Maybe it's just in my neck of the woods, but I'm seeing Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Treasure Classifieds, and EBay with more of these for sale than I've ever seen before. I have to believe it's due to the past and present releases of waterproof and multifrequency models. That and what seems to be a discontinuation of the VX3 for a dwindling supply of certain components. Just a note to anyone who might've wanted one to keep your eye out. Some pretty good deals to be had. To me it's still a relevant and awesome platform. The V3i remains my number 1 go-to even after having machines like the XP Deus and presently having machines like the Equinox 800 and CTX-3030. Aside from the CTX you're really not going to get as much target information from any other machine. For those that hunt in places where there are a lot of deeper isolated targets that warrant some interrogation it's hard to imagine a better machine at the moment. I've seen some sales that include the wireless headphone and several coils like the Ultimate 13 go for $500.
  8. My Craigslist Whites DFX purchase happened successfully......... I brought it home, stock 950 coil and original 1.0 software with two battery packs, $250. After making the mistake of turning it on in my backyard using preset Coin and Jewelry mode and listening to R2D2 have a heated conversation with me I almost called up the guy that sold it to me in order to return it. Then I had a momentous, cogent revelation and remembered that the DFX is simultaneous multi frequency, so I figured out how to get into the basic adjustment menu and lowered the AC sensitivity to 40. Whewwwww. Problem solved. In my house I have to run it at below 30 sensitivity but that is fine for learning how it works and learning how it responds to targets. I have to do the same thing with the Equinox. EMI in my area sucks!!!! I really like this detector. I can usually tell in minutes of actual field use whether a detector is going to work for me in the short or long run. This Whites model looks like a keeper. My DFX has already been on two 2 hour hunts and even though I did not challenge it with super deep targets or with lots of trash (2 baseball/soccer field hunts) I can easily see both why this detector could drive some people nuts (in full tones) and why some people that I know personally, absolutely cleanup on coins and jewelry in the shallow to 6" depth with a big foot or SEF coil. I have seen them do it repeatedly at club hunts. It happened again yesterday at an impromptu wild targets club hunt......... I have the mighty Equinox and I am coming in second or third to a guy with a DFX in both quantity of coins and value along with good jewelry finds too and I worked my butt off. I did out hunt the XP and Garrett guys however...... The DFX has really good target ID and I particularly like the full tones (which I still don't like much on the Equinox and could not stand on the Deus) and all of the easily accessible settings. Now I have to learn what those adjustments do and how they may help in moderate to high mineralization. The in-ground and air testing that I have been able to do in the coin and jewelry mode and the prospecting mode with the 950 coil has been very comparable to my previous M6, MX5 and MX7 results. It will hit sub-gram gold ( .25 gram) easily in prospecting mode. It actually has more accurate target ID than the M6, MX5 and MX7 in my dirt and I really like those detectors except for their single frequency and slow recovery speed. I look forward to picking up a decent 10X5 elliptical DD coil for my DFX and maybe a small concentric down the road. Very impressed for an 18 year old detector Jeff
  9. This used to be a deep, dark secret although the process was leaked and posted on various websites. It was kept secret because this process gives you access to the factory calibration process, and if you mess with the calibration your detector may need to go back to the factory. Do Not Do It - STAY OUT OF THE CALIBRATIONS SETTINGS! However, a Master reset can put you back to the way the setting were the day you got the detector, and cure various oddball problems that may arise. A good idea for a used machine you have purchased in particular. White's V3i metal detector Master Reset Process
  10. Anyone that has read some of my posts knows the problems I have with high mineralization. There are two Whites DFX multi frequency detectors for sale in my area with stock coil that are in great shape and will be less than $300. Is there any reason I should consider purchasing one of these detectors? Will the DFX have anything that the Equinox is missing? Will the DFX even compete with the Vanquish or the upcoming Apex? Jeff
  11. ...or is this only because empty stock? Seems since a week the VX3 isn't listed anymore on the White's sites (US & UK). Are there any informations floating around?
  12. This guy did a beautiful job waterproofing the V3i.
  13. Steve or if anyone have any testings done or recommended settings for the White's Spectra V3i regarding nugget shooting using prospecting or Alluvial programs?
  14. What's your guess about where the dongle would've plugged in? Headphone jack?
  15. What is White's DFX Spectrum worth these days? Is it worth the effort to learn? Does it have a place with today's detectors?
  16. How can I find gold rings better with my Spectra V3.. if I dug every Target that sounded like a ring or said it was a ring I would dig Millions I'm just confused and would like to narrow it down better does anybody have any pointers
  17. Hello all. I was wondering if it's possible to customize the tones on the VX3. I know you can assign tones to all the vdi #s on the V3i and even change the tone pitch on the XLT and DFX, but I did not see where you can alter the tones on the VX3. Maybe i missed it in the manual. Does anyone know? thanks.
  18. Hi, I have found several references to this but none of the links work, does anybody have a copy please?
  19. Version 2011


    White's Spectra VX3 Owner's Manual, 1.13 MB pdf file, 88 pages White's Spectra V3i Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  20. Version 6/2010


    White's V3i Advanced User Guide, 1.07 MB pdf file, 43 pages White's V3i Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  21. Version 621-0525 3/2010


    White's Spectra V3i Owner's Guide, 4.66 MB pdf file, 64 pages White's V3i Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  22. Version 621-0454-1C 5/2008


    White's DFX / DFX 300 Owner's Guide, 10.15 MB pdf, 64 pages White's DFX Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  23. Finds first for the TLDR people. As the finds in my current primary patch dwindle in numbers from being worked heavily the past two years, I'm scouting for a new primary patch to begin working. Using the criteria and method outlined in a previous post, I've located a very good location that is certain to hold gold, silver, and more. Today will be my first time boots on the ground at that location and I'll walk the reader through it along with my scouting method. Maybe it will help someone and provide insight or encouragement. Here is the sat. view 5 playgrounds, one skate park, basketball, tennis, two soccer fields, two softball fields, two shelters, one former 1890's to 1950's church location on site. Here are my paths while scouting. Deus in red, V3i in green. So, from the sat. images there are many hot-spots to strike, and I won't try to get them all as this is a long term prospect, and I only desire to determine 3 primary things today. 1. Pressure - hunting pressure from other detectorists. 2. Trash composition and density. 3. Presence - Is there jewelry where I expect it to be. Deus gets the top spot today as it's the ideal scouting unit. Light, fast, great tones to read the trash. From the parking lot I begin and move to the skate park since it's close and can hold silver and junk jewelry along with lots of coins. Foil seems to be the primary trash along the way, and around the skate feature the aluminum kicks in - light can slaw and tabs primarily. I can hear lots and lots of coins, zinc and copper cents mostly, but a healthy quantity of dimes as well. I select a few targets I know are quarters and pennies, then intentionally sample some of the larger better sounding trash before moving on. The primary traffic flow from one side of the park to another is divided by a slight drainage ditch with the easiest pass being on either end... and people naturally take the easiest route, so I do too. Pennies everywhere! Zinc mostly, healthy dose of copper, decent selection of dimes, quite a few quarters...light trash mostly foil and ferrous bits... but I keep on moving through without digging a single target. Not interested today. Moving to the goal at the primary soccer field I work my way over to the nearest corner, then down the sideline to mid-field before cutting over to the center. Then I work my way to the opposite goal before coming around the back net. From there, and because of its close proximity to the goal, I briefly enter the playground before hitting the nearest corner of the soccer field diagonally opposite from the first corner I hit. Quarters everywhere! I decide to spend some time here sampling, cherry picking the best sounds. Within 10 minutes I found the heart pendant necklace. Jewelry confirmed, nice. So I pause, crank up the notch to 93 and take all the quarters before moving on. Erasing the notch I notice an area of the playground is different. Something was removed and not replaced. I suspect one of the super dangerous merry-go-rounds that children today get no experience or joy from used to be there. Clad everywhere....move on. Swing-set looks vintage so I check that and the mostly abandoned softball backstop area nearby. The trash picks up and bottle caps start to appear below the coil. I dug a first (for this park) beavertail ring pull, nice...a sign there might be some silver coins lurking around here. I'm getting hot by now so start thinking of shade and where to find some. It's scarce, so good places to concentrate. I mentally discriminate everything but quarters. Lots of nice signals, lots of trash and rusty caps. So far this is the trashiest area and I'm impressed it's not worse. Out of water and thirsty, I head back to the parking lot where I started, taking any quarters I come across. There are so many coins around it's obvious to me this park has never been heavily worked over by much of anyone in a long time, if ever. This place is a clad mine. Exactly how my current patch started out! I switch out units for the V3i and head towards the nearby secondary soccer field goal. I work one small corner of the goal net taking everything in a 6 foot diameter...clad and tabs mostly. Then I work right down the field towards the only clump of trees between the two fields and casually work the area randomly, still cherry picking signals but expanding the range down below zinc cents a little plus taking all nickel range targets as I find them. Getting tired and hot I'm thinking of wrapping it up so I head out to the sideline and try to find the trash zone where people sit and spectate. There isn't much trash to detect so I decide to just pick a line inside the playing field and take everything not obviously trash out of the ground. As I reached the corner of the field the silver ring shows up. Someone threw the ball into play and lost a ring perhaps. Now we're talking! Satisfied with the mission I walked off and swung over the curb area near the parking lot to get a feel for the trash there, too. With light to moderate trash, tons of clad signals, two pieces of jewelry - I have all the intel I need to know that this park is going to produce a few gold items, eventually. I'm hesitant to give 5 stars so we'll rate it at a 4 plus star park, IMO. Next hunt the tedious process of clad layer removal begins, oh, joy. Thanks for your time. Good hunting.
  24. I have been bouncing back and forth between the White's DFX and V3i for many years. In theory the switch to V3i should be a no-brainer. However, the original Vision model I got had bad EMI issues in Anchorage, Alaska, especially with buried power lines. When the V3i came out I tried again with no joy. When I moved to Reno I tried again, and EMI was less a problem. The next issue is the main reason I have a DFX is to run a BigFoot coil. Most coils need to be tuned for the specific detector operating frequency. The BigFoot is tuned for 3 kHz and 15 kHz especially for the MXT/DFX series. My BigFoot works well enough in V3i 2.5 kHz and 7.5 kHz single frequency modes. However, in 22.5 kHz single frequency mode or in three frequency mode the target id (VDI) numbers all skew very high (they tripled on the last V3i that I had). This more or less limited the BigFoot to being used only in 7.5 kHz mode on the V3i where I would generally prefer to use 22.5 kHz single frequency mode. The coil runs just fine on the DFX in 15 kHz mode so after lots of back and forth I finally settled on the DFX. The DFX has weaknesses however. The DFX always transmits a combined dual frequency waveform. When single frequency mode is chosen, the machine still transmits the same waveform optimized for dual frequency use, but simply ignores half the return signal to process either the 3 kHz portion or the 15 kHz portion. The transmit waveform is not optimized for single frequency and so some punch is lost compared to a dedicated single frequency machine like the MXT. The V3i in single frequency mode actually modifies the transmit waveform for use at the single frequency. It is still not quite as efficient as a dedicated single frequency detector, but a big improvement over the DFX way of doing things. The V3i also adds transmit boost capability, that can bring bit that last little bit of lost performance as compared to a dedicated single frequency detector. The lost efficiency shows up more as shorter battery life than actual lost performance. Second, the DFX while in multi frequency mode is always locked into "Salt Mode" for saltwater beach operation, effectively tuning out the salt range. This unfortunately means that small gold capability is degraded in DFX dual frequency mode. The V3i allows the salt mode operation to be deactivated while in multi frequency mode, allowing for better small gold performance while in MF mode. The closest the DFX can get is to run in a single frequency mode, which turns off the dual frequency salt compensation. But now you are back to running a less optimized single frequency mode as compared to the V3i in single frequency mode. Long story short there are too many benefits and neat features on the V3i that I have been denying myself due to my desire for BigFoot compatibility. The fact is I normally run the BigFoot in 15 kHz single frequency mode on my DFX for a little extra gold hots. However, after some though I have decided the V3i running at an optimized 7.5 kHz is likely just as good if not better than the DFX running a "soft" 15 kHz. So I did talk myself into a new V3i recently. In theory the V3i at 22.5 kHz should be a decent nugget detector, but you rarely hear of it being used as such. Part of that is a ground balance issue. The DFX and V3i tracking systems really are not up to working that well in heavily mineralized ground. The DFX does offer a normal manual ground balance mode with both a coarse and fine adjust, although you have to dive into the menu to access it - not so handy for making constant tweaks. The V3i actually has no true Manual ground balance mode. The best you can do is track and lock, as on the MXT. However, the V3i "Live Controls" can be set up to give the operator direct access to a ground balance offset that can tweak the "locked" setting up or down. That may actually be easier to access and use than the DFX version of manual ground balance but I need to play around more to find out for sure. White's DFX and White's V3i metal detectors
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