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  1. I guess it's not only Minelab's customers that have been a bit disgruntled of late, with a terrible launch of the Manticore just not being able to supply stock while pumping out other new models they also could barely supply it annoyed more than just their customers, add to that the terrible warranty issues with faulty detectors and abnormally high numbers of warranty claims Europe's largest metal detector distributor and Minelab service agent has given Minelab the boot, no longer wanting to deal with them, I would imagine quite a big blow to Minelab. You can read the article here https://treasurehuntingworld.com/2023/03/17/international-detector-center-idc-part-ways-with-minelab/ Now Minelab should heed this warning and get their act together, release detectors they can supply and focus as much as possible on delivering a quality well tested product.
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for all your good honest and unprejudiced input, so clear even on the difficult bits that no one else can quite explain as you can. I thought I began late, in 1987 to detect for gold, but now consider myself fortunate to have found plenty of those virgin early patches. I have owned and used the 7000, 6000, 5000 and compared them on varied aussie goldfields. Which one have I preferred as my favorite? none of them. I use a highly moded MINELAB F1A4 modified by a genius self-taught guy in Melbourne Australia- Mick Spiteri of Detectronics. His most recent mod (level 4) was to enable my gain knob to be turned up significantly and yet the detector remain quiet, giving further depth. Also, with this level 4 mod he has further enhanced its ability on flyspeck bits. Cant wait to use it. I sold my 7000 because I had to extend the shaft because of my height and to keep the coil well away from my metal knees making it even more unbalanced and strenuous to swing. Yet on measured goldfield tests the hot old F1AF detected as deeply with its Nugget Finder 24x12 mono coil, except on shotgun pellets. Ok, I admit On a buried sardine-can size lump of lead I had to use a 20" round mono coil to match the 7000. In recent years my prospecting buddy used a 5000 and we compared signal strengths on varied undug nuggets. The F1A4 had the edge when he had to use enhance mode to quieten his 5000, which was most of the time, otherwise, depth ability was similar, with the FIA4 better on big nuggets and mine better on tiny bits. Well my buddy got a 6000 later, and it was a wizz on the smooth .3 gram stuff detecting it down to some inches, and my F1A4 finding the same size tiny bits nearby-no disadvantage there. But he was constantly tuning out the EMI on gloomy days. It would have driven me mad, and even on sunny days he had to do the same procedure but not nearly as often. Tell me guys, is it a faulty 6000, or are they all the same? ? Well last trip out, I found a patch of about 60 rough reef gold bits from .1 gram to 7 grams each, with some ironstone attached. Ugliest gold I have ever seen, in an area the size of a lounge room. "You will get lots more with your 6000 if you go over my patch," I confidently predicted. Well he did go over it , carefully, and found two 4 grammers under a rotten dead log I hadn't yet moved- but not a grain more. And if you didn't know, the F1A4 is the quitest P.I. you will find in stormy weather and handles hot ground as well as any. (Havent tried the new Garret PI but as Steve loves it I would love to try one) But don't think other modifiers can implement the same F1A4 detector transformation- not in my experience- and I sold detectors for 25 years until I retired a few years ago. Now you understand why I stick to it and it's not due to sentimentalism.
  3. A minelab musketeer advantage, that is. It’s in nearly new condition and I can’t wait to try it out. I need to buy some batteries though. From what I’ve learned from internet searches is that these musketeers were analog machines and very deep even with the small ts800 coil, which is what mine came with. Anyone else ever use one of these?
  4. Anyone had any luck adapting a new coil cable to an Excal coil now that we can’t get MEK? I’m wondering if I should go with just heat shrink or still try making a dam that covers it all up an inch or so. I just don’t think the epoxy will bond to the coil housing.
  5. Hello. My name is Craig. I live in a rural area in Northern Alberta, Canada. I'm 63 years old. Back in the early 1980's I enjoyed many hours detecting in Edmonton Alberta with my trusty Whites Coinmaster 5000D. I would hunt the parks, playgrounds and boulevards of the river valley area, as well as some of the surrounding towns. I was an avid coin collector in my youth. I still remember finding an 1896 large cent as well as a 1910 quarter, along with lots of other old coins. Flash forward to today. I decided to reboot my old hobby, so I scooped a Minelab Equinox 600 for a great price from Cabela's Canada, as well as a Garrett pinpointer. The area I live isn't that old; mostly post-1900 communties. That being said, I've had some good finds in my first month detecting this year. Please see my post in the "coins and relics" forum for more details. I still get a thrill when I see the edge of a silver coin pop out of the dirt, and I hope to enjoy many more years of detecting and collecting. I look forward to hearing of your experiences, and sharing stories of those great finds. Cheers!
  6. I’m just as guilty as the next guy poking fun at some of their detectors. Just think where would we be without all the nugget detectors that Minelab has come out with in the past years . I’ve had my share of them over the years and the same with their coin detectors. I’m not going to say I liked everyone but it wasn’t necessary the fault of the detector. I’ve been known to be a hard person to please. That this place in time the Nox 800 would be my favorite coin detector. I’m not going to talk about some of the problems it has had but like me I stay out of the water. By doing that that resolved one problem. I believe this new Manitcore is going to be a long reach to outdo the Nox. But if it does that’s okay too. I truly believe Minelab wouldn’t come out with another if it couldn’t out do the Nox. I know what I said at first but the truth is something I got to accept.haha You know how we get emails from Minelab. I emailed Minelab back and ask what I’ll call a favor of them. About a week later a well known dealer that I know calls me up saying Minelab said do it. I’ll always remember what they done for me without question. I thank you Minelab for being there for us and the years to come. Chuck
  7. You read it right the 1st time. That's exactly what I said and mean. Thank You Minelab. Been seeing quite a bit of finger pointing at Minelab lately and I feel some deserved. But at the same time, I do have to give credit where earned and due. So again, Thank You Minelab. I like - 1st to make a serious Pulse Induction gold detectors that could run smooth & go deep. You provided us gold hunters a variety (10+) of high end detectors the last 25 yrs. No other detector company in the world gave us the options. I, my customers & thousands of others have dug pounds of Gold with those detectors, you deserve some credit. Thank You. I like - 1st to make a serious 100% waterproof FBS detector for land and sea that has GPS mapping. I've recovered more gold rings in the short amount of time with the CTX-3030 than any other detector in the same time frame. GPS Tracking allows folks to know what part of the beach you've yet to hunt while on my vacation. Allows you to plot the gold ring finds so you can gather important data for future trips. Many beaches have certain gathering points the tourists prefer to hang. Thank You. I don't like - 1st to push the limits of what the average person will spend on a high end detector. How many of us would have dreamed spending $2000, $4000, $6000 $8000 or even $10K on a metal detector? Come on, my father is laughing at me in his grave. But Minelab did it and now other manufactures are starting to push the price boundaries. Hey, nobody twisted our arms to buy them. We made the choice. As this is my business "selling detector", Thank You, since I can make a few bucks. I like - 1st to make a high end DVT detector (with GPS) that goes deeper on most gold... than anything I have swung in my 50 yrs detecting. Yes it's the most expensive proven detector in the world, but boy it's not cheap. Better bring a big shovel. Thank You. I like - 1st to give us a sub $1000 DO IT ALL detector that is 100% waterproof and is killer on gold nuggets as well. Anyone know anything about the Equinox and if you use it to it's fullest potentials, this detector could have come out at $2500 and many folks would have purchased it. Probably a game changer for quite some time. Minelab did something very wise and priced this detector at a point that the masses would buy it. And we did. Thank You Minelab. I like - 1st to give us a higher end PI that's compact, light and performs (for most). I realize Covid caused some issues, so I was told. But lets quit blaming on Covid now and get some things cleaned up. I like - Minelab has offered us "the detectorist" more opportunities to be successful for so many styles of detecting, when compared to the other manufactures. Water Hunting, Beach Hunters, Coin Hunters, Gold Hunters, Meteorite Hunters, CW Relic Hunters and on. Heck, you practically have owned the majority of performance detectors. Thank you. I like - Minelab has pushed the limits and now the other manufactures are having to step up or step out. Tesoro Out, White's Out, XP up, Nokta Up, Garrett Up,. Fisher - the oldest and used to be proudest detector manufacture? Well you better offer something soon, or you too might be falling off. You at the end of the plank Fisher. You've made promises and not followed through. Life line is getting shorter. Please give us something high end to wow the masses. Now Minelab - Big brass and all the way down. Please don't get angry with me and if you do, you are not justified. I've been using your detectors for 25 yrs and promoting your brand. I've purchased from you (in 1 year) over $1,000,000 of your products to sell to customers. I've shared more success pics and stories to you and for you of my customers Success than most dealers. I've spent more time and money chasing gold nuggets, meteorites, diamond rings, Roman coins and CW relic hunting than most dealers and usually using/promoting your detectors. All along and at all those Dealer Conferences (most dealers won't spend the money to go to), I've shared with you, the upper brass and Engineering my thoughts and ideas. From day #1, I told you I was a Multi Line Dealer who enjoys many detectors and I prefer the best tool for the task. I don't care who makes it, what country its from. Will it provide me more SUCCESS, is what I'm after. Minelab, You've been able to eat dinner and get dessert every night for way to long. You have done what other detector manufactures dream of for the last 25 yrs. You have earned all the accolades, nothing was given to you, you earned it. You have been the envy for quite some time. Well deserved. Because of you Minelab, we (Gold Nugget Prospectors, Beach Hunters and CW Relic Diggers) are about to get another option of a high end Pulse Induction detector that will give you serious competition. You are probably thinking, well about time. I realize, No..it's not going to put you out of business. No, it's not going to hurt your entry level and beginner hobby end sales. Heck it may not even faze you. But on your upper end units, it will put a kink in those panties for a bit, I'm pretty sure. I know you Minelab and I know your Engineers are some of the best. So what you going to do? What you going to come up with next? How you going to counter? Competition is great, price points are becoming a little better and in the favor of the consumer now, so it's a win win for most detectorists. Thank You Minelab for the past and the future, of what you'll be offering us. I look forward to it. Gerry's Detectors of Boise, Idaho. Gerry McMullen
  8. What’s peoples thoughts on if on is coming next year ?. personally I reckon the time is right the gpz has been around for awhile now , it’s heavy and can be killer after 9 hours swinging even if they brought out a mark 2 just a lighter more user friendly version Like what the 6000 brought to the gpx lineup . It just feels like the time is right for them to bring out the new flagship ..
  9. I love my Excalibur but the stock battery pod construction leaves a bit to be desired. My main gripe is the cheap and somewhat brittle plastic pod, especially the battery cap threads as these will crack if tightened too much. Water and fine silt also gets into the fine opening just before the O ring. Small surface cracks seem to appear for no apparent reason 🤬 So I managed to pickup two new underwater camera enclosures that were priced to clear (rated to 200m). These are 15mm thick acrylic cases and very high quality. I was able to get equally high quality suitable connectors for the battery power cable from Aquascan in the UK as Ikelite no longer make this part. I also wanted to charge the Lithium 18650 cells externally (and not in a sealed case) as they can generate heat when charging. The 3 x 18650 cells should give quite a long run time…..much the same as the R&B battery. I’ve got two of these cases now plus the original NiMH pod and the R&B pack. There is no noticeable extra drag in the water that I can feel even though the case has a somewhat larger profile in the water. Two stainless bolts secure the cases (as shown). There is actually room inside for 6 x 18650 cells which would be about a 6000 mAh battery pack 👍
  10. I wish I'd have filmed it. I went to the river with my family this afternoon. I specifically picked a beach that I knew would be heavily populated, so I could do a little jewelry hunting, while the family enjoyed the water. The river was indeed VERY busy. I was making my way around the shoreline when a gentleman spoke up, and said he had lost a wedding band the week before. He said this mostly in jest. I asked him where exactly he lost it, and he pointed to the opposite end of the river (A deeper area, probably 6-8ft). I told him if I came across it I'd return it to him. I didn't really feal like being fully submerged; I get real cold, real fast. The knowledge that a ring was possibly just sitting there was too much to bear. I knew, what I was looking for (A large black tungsten ring), and I knew where to look. I made my way over to the deep end. The water was up to my neck, with a slow current. I put my equinox into Field 1. Im usually looking for gold jewelry, and run in Park 2. I figured Field 1 would sound off better on tungsten, but honestly wasn't completely sure. My first couple targets were trash (pulltabs, and metal flakes) My third, or fourth target came threw loud, with a 10-11 on the VDI. I knew 10-11 was exactly the number I was looking for (My previous tungsten rings have all came threw in that range). I took a deep breath, and went under. I had no goggles, but I had my pinpointer. I released all my breath underwater so I'd sink, and with my pinpointer under my right thumb, I began to grab handfuls of river bottom, waiting for the vibration to follow the pinpointer into my hand. This lets me know I have the target. The ring was only an inch or so, and it only took one attempt to get a handful of river bottom with the target inside. I surfaced, and stared at my hand, waiting for the ability to see what I had. There it was, a large black tungsten ring. I made my way back to the family, and asked the man's wife where her husband had gone "he went to the bathroom", she said. I told her, I found her husband's ring, and, victoriously held it up. The wife, and various onlookers were astonished. I was so excited, not only to get the target, but to be able to return it. I ran into the husband on the way to tell my wife, and let him know. It took a little bit to convince him, but I assured him I was serious. He told me it was a 700$ ring that he used in place of his nicer band while at work. He offered to pay, but I couldn't accept. I finally know the feeling of retrieving, and returning a wedding band, and it was just as good as finding a keeper.
  11. Sentimental but still one of my favorites. BBS Technology. Killer for gold rings on the beach and Civil War buckles and plates. Says no to large iron. I never left home without it in the early 90's. Just got it off flea bay. Nice!
  12. Nothing like my Explorer se to properly ID trash and find silver coins in a very trashy area. Don't have to dig it all to find out what you've found. Long live FBS Technology with a small Sunray coil. Nice.
  13. Back in May we were speculating on the filing of a new Minelab trademark for "MF5" and what kind of detector that might mean. Well, Minelab quietly added the MF5 mine detector to the lineup. What makes this interesting is the MF5 employs the fold up housing originally developed for the F3 Compact mine detector, and later used on the SDC 2300 gold nugget detector. The Minelab MF5 introduces a new coil that features a round transmit coil combined with a EMI canceling figure 8 receive coil. The coil measures 7.5" x 10.6". Minelab MF5 metal detector Even more interesting is the MF5 is employing some sort of multifrequency hybrid technology. No doubt the reality is hidden under a layer of advertising catch words: "combining the advantages of Pulse Induction and Continuous Wave technologies" "Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital Metal Detection" "Four frequencies in the range 5 kHz to 75 kHz" This means the MF5 has at least some level of discrimination available: "DETECTION CAPABILITIES - The MF5 detects metal and conductive targets, including fine wires and carbon rods. It provides indications of ferrous and non-ferrous targets, carbon rods, and fine wires. The MF5 is able to detect targets in all types of soil, regardless of mineralized content, and can operate in environments of high electrical interference." Minelab MF5 Official Information Page MF5 Color Brochure Minelab MF5 User Guide MF5 TECH SPECIFICATIONS Key Technologies: Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital Metal Detection Coil: Transmit Coil: 269 x 191 mm (10.6" x 7.5") Monoloop | Receive Coil: Figure 8 Operating Frequencies: Four frequencies in the range 5 kHz to 75 kHz Output Power: < -30dBm Sensitivity: 1 to 5 Noise Cancel: Automatic, Operator initiated Ground Balance: Automatic, Operator initiated, Settings retained after switch off Target Identification: Ferrous / Non-Ferrous / Carbon Rods — Fine Wires MF5 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Volume Control: 1 to 9 Collapsed Size: 400 x 99 x 194 mm (15.7" x 3.9" x 7.6") Extended Size: 1615 x 191 x 237 mm (63.6" x 7.5" x 9.3") Weight, Operational: 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) with rechargeable NiMH C cell batteries Audio Output: Internal Speaker / MF5 Earset Earset: MF5 Earset Waterproof: Waterproof to 3 m / 10 ft (IP 68) Software Upgradeable: Yes Battery Compatibility: Rechargeable NiMH / Alkaline C cells Battery Life: 10 hours with NiMH batteries
  14. Even though I just got a brand new nox 800, I decided to grab the 705 today because it had a larger coil and I intended to search for deep silver and relics at an old park that I have hunted heavily in the past. The coil is a CORS strike in triple frequency. I set the machine in it's lowest frequency with the sensitivity maxed out and began searching in coin mode all metal. My first target was a snap off a jacket or jeans . My next target was jumping from iron to high tones and I called it iron but it was deep so I dug anyway, I was way surprised to see a glint of gold at the bottom of the hole. I pulled it out and it was this nice 10k gold ring with opal and 2 small diamonds. It is my second gold ring this year and possibly my last find of the year as the weather here in Montana is getting quite nasty. Started snowing shortly after finding the ring and I called it quits for the day.
  15. Hi can any one tell me how to access this coil connection plug as i think i have a loose wire
  16. hi has anyone had any expierience using a minelab relichawk what i wanted to knowe was what are the opperating tones in s mode i get a fast succesion of beebs and in m mode it gets slitely slower and in L mode even slower succesion of beeps
  17. Curious if anyone has done this comparison yet. I once had a few Xterra but they are long gone. Thinking of the little vanquish again. So has anyone compared these by chance?
  18. Well I have always been curious about them. Have watched several videos but never held one. So are there any safari users here or has everyone jumped on the equinox wagon? All input from previous users are welcome as well Or please state the reason why you moved from the safari.
  19. Hi folks, I've been a couple times diving in two different spots the last week and cause of a ton of new sand, working at a deeper area, less pounded by the most of the army. As usual, my camera was out of service in the moment of glory and there's no footage as I left It once and discharged another time😤... Aniway, two fishes for the week...Too bad...trust me😑 Both 18k bands
  20. With all this talk about the GPX 6000, I’m staying with my retro detectors. I’ve found teeny ones at depth and bigger ones that took an hour to dig out. Picked up these machines from a retired detecting couple who had them as backups.....they were “new in box”. Totally unmodified except for the external tune pot on the 2100 and regulated power supply. Hooked up to the legendary light weight 18” mono Kevlar coils makes a formidable nugget hunter......no bungee required. Two detectors and six coils for 1/4 the price of the 6000. Then again, my 70 Series Landcruiser has a manual gearbox and you have to wind the windows down by hand 👍 ......
  21. I have just joined your site and it's excellent. Over the last 3 years I have been Detecting with a V440 then a GM1000 for Gold prospecting in the back blocks of queensland australia. I have in my backyard buried coins and lead sinkers for experience and learning. I recently purchased a go find 66 to play with as I am an old coot thus I would rather walk all day and only dig down to 6in than digging all day deep down for nails. I found with the GF66 in heavy clay that it will pick up 10 and 8mm lead balls at 3in no problem but is marginal on 6mm, very iffy. Now if I use the pinpointer on the GF 66 it finds it no problem loud and clear. I am intrigued as to why. Is it using a higher frequency or a smaller virtual coil. In retrospect I feel it could be a change in volume so please ignore. ON a second observation $1 8in. $1 6in. 5c 2in. 5c 4in lead 10mm 3in. 8mm 2in. 6mm 2in. 4mm 2in GM1000 NO. NO. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES GOFIND66. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. NO. NO GOFIND22 YES YES. YES. YES YES. YES. YES. 50/50 Tests done in mineralised soil GM 6 all metal. GF22. and GF66 Max. Sensitivity all metal. Interesting result. As I don't dig below 6in and prefer to spend more time covering an area than digging in lesser known locations. QUESTION. CAN YOU USE THE GF22 8in coil on the GF66 if you made an adapter?
  22. I'm in a bad way.....when I can't detect I look at detectors and when I look at detectors I end up buying detectors. Now I've got an Xterra 705 on the way. I told my wife I was buying something light weight for her.....we will see if she remembers and gives me the normal big eye roll when it shows up at the door or a chewing out. She does like to detect, so it will be a fresh air outing, even if we don't detect very long or find anything. Not always been a fan of the Xterra but it will do what I want it to do, which is give me a nice powerful all metal mode with a iron mask option. HH Mike
  23. I could not wait to get back to my spot at the beach. The GPX was on fire!!! I had an idea that I would revisit the spot I did previously, and try and get the faintest targets that I could hear through the moderate EMI. I was hoping they would be silver dimes, as they are the smallest and possibly hardest to hear. I also wanted to remove some very big iron that took up a good section of this spot. I thought it may be masking a lot, since this is a target rich area. Even though I had reasoned my strategy in my head, I did not expect these results. When I did a lot of park/school hunting we would always shoot for type trifectas, I never did that on a beach since it happens rather rarely. I did not expect the cent, nickel, dime, and half dollar trifecta. Just missed the quarter as I did not get the barber quarter. Surprised with the Indian, V nickel, and barber half mostly. The big iron hid 3 silver dimes, some other cents and nickels and the Barber Half. I wasn't even mad about the 2 zincs that seem to always spoil my hunts 😄 If the weather holds out next week, I will hit this area again, mostly to see if it will still hold anything and because the rest of the beach seems to not have lost as much sand as this area did. I spent 8 hours digging and another half hour looking for a lost wedding band in the parking lot for a nice old couple. I could tell they were very sad, since they were pacing the lot. I did not find it and they were not sure if she lost it there or from leaving the house. If they lost it on the boardwalk, it would easily be spotted by someone walking. A great day, very warm and sunny and as always, it’s nice to get out and hunt for the day.
  24. 14 downloads

    Minelab 2006 full color catalog, 4.94 MB pdf file, 18 pages Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  25. It seems most like FBS machines but a good V3i hunter could maybe make this machine shine for silver.I never had a V3i.
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