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  1. For those interested in checking out the Worlds Largest Nugget follow this.. http://raregoldnuggets.com/blog/?p=377
  2. Aussie

    Bigger Than A Bullet

    "I Love Bullets" Well I have been blown away with your response, thank you all. The comments of course are all very interesting, you all have so much experience, which is what I need to buildup, so starting from now, I will be doing in ernest, as far as the detectors go, as you know I have a Minelab GPX-4500, the other two units belong to friends, from your input to my question, to start learning the 4500 inside out will be the first step in the right direction as kiwijw suggested. The SDC-2300 seems to come highly recommend, and most of you seem to own one, The Fisher Gold Bug 2, also is one of Steve Herschbach recommendations, so it will be a toss up between the two, as to the GPZ-7000, I think I'll hold off on buying one of these until I am more comfortable with what I am doing. I know I am in a good area, my mate was fostered by a family in Hill End for a time when he was young, after heavy rain, the mother would go out and walk around the house picking up tiny bits of gold washed out by the rain. and I'll always remember.. klunker...."I Love Bullets" Thanks again, I'll let you know how I go. Good Gold Prospecting All......
  3. Aussie

    Bigger Than A Bullet

    Just for your interest.... Bernhardt Otto Holtermann (29 April 1838 – 29 April 1885[1][2]) was a successful gold miner, businessman, and politician in Australia. Perhaps his greatest claim to fame is his association with the Holtermann Nugget, the largest gold specimen ever found, 59 inches (1.5 m) long, weighing 630 pounds (290 kg), in Hill End, near Bathurst,[1] and with an estimated gold content of 3,000 troy ounces (93 kg).[3] A larger find was made by the same men, but was broken up soon after being brought to the surface without being photographed.
  4. Aussie

    Bigger Than A Bullet

    Wow...what a response, thank you all, firstly I live in a small country town called Mudgee, this area was teeming with prospectors in the gold rush days, lots of Chinese, some, would send gold back home in ashers of people who had died, Hill End is the town where the Holtermans Nugget was found, it is the largest nugget ever found, This town is only 75 kms from Mudgee, about an hour away. The detectors I have used are the Minelab x-terra 705, (toy?) the GPX4500 and the new Gold Monster1000, we do get gold but by panning the creek banks, and if we run a detector along the top of the bank and get that beautiful beep sound, we will dig the bank out under it and pan there, the result is far better than just picking a spot where you think the gold may have accumulated in a flood. I am looking at buying better equipment, and have been trying to analyse what I do and what I should buy, because the detectors have been great at finding bullets but not much gold to speak of, I am wondering if I should take the leap up to the GPZ7000, or is this just going to be a stupid move, Steve I have read your comments, along with other things, when you have put pen to paper, and your input, along with the others has helped me with redirect my ideas. The need to practice and get to know the detector is the thing that matters, I know that, apart from the GPZ7000, I have been looking at the White GMT, the Minelab SDG2300, or the Fisher Gold Bug 2, coupled with the Minelab GPX5000 in enable a coverage of most situations. Thank you all again, Cheers Aussie
  5. G'Day to our American Friends from Australia, i am new to your forum and new to Gold detecting, the little amount of detecting I have done has been very successful in finding dozens and dozens of 22 bullets along with the odd can pull tag. I live in an area renowned for Gold, but I am starting to question the advise I have been given by the sales people, it's fine to have a detector that will pick out the smallest gold, but to my way of thinking you need to be in an area that is isolated, Can you advise me on detectors that are designed to highlight small nuggets but larger that a 22 bullet, I am thinking that if a detector is less sensitive it would miss some of the trash, your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers.......Aussie