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  1. The mine owner and I will be joined by at least one other up top. Should have mentioned that there is electric power available to 90% of the mine and extension cords to the rest. Fans will be pushing air for the duration but I will be carrying backup lighting, gas monitors, and radio. There is a good sized compressor there so I might try a light impact hammer instead of sledge. I'm a safety nut so I'll have a full set of eye protection, ear protection, first aid, extra water/food, and anything else I can put on a check list. Ever gone fishing and had to use a net for an oar?
  2. I'm sure that the Minelab 5000 works too. I saw that one on EBay for $2K. Probably won't spend that much for the first though.
  3. Got an invitation to work an old mine in SE AZ. It has a +200-foot deep shaft and I'm looking for a quality entry level detector. My thoughts are that in a mineralized medium like this a Gold Bug Pro might be good. Don't think that this one is going to be used for wet salt, underwater, coins, or jewelry. Probably going to get the new Minelab pinpointer to go with it. What are the best choices for prospecting for nuggets in an underground shaft?
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