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  1. Would you say this is on account of the minerals in our soil? I assume our soil has a very high mineral content and lots of hot rocks. What appealed to you about it over the G2? Any luck trying an AT Pro? I like the lower weight machines because my wife is only 110 lbs and I want her to be able to use it on occasion.
  2. I jumped on the warranty thing at first too, but I guess they are non-transferable and require original receipt to be accepted. The racer 2 sounded nice as well and the newer MTX Sport was investigated but seems like it needs more time before its proven. I started to wonder if am I just splitting hairs with all these different models and I am starting to think just finding a good deal on a well reviewed mid range detector is a better way to go about this. I mean in the end I will find stuff and have fun even even with an ACE 150 right?
  3. Hello, I have been researching this hobby the last week or so and I am thinking I want to give this a shot. I live in Arizona, and want to do mostly coin and jewelry hunting with the occasional hunt on old towns for relics and gold areas for gold nuggets. I was strongly considering the AT PRO or ACE 400 after lots of research, but now someone is selling a slightly used G2+ for only $400 which is very tempting considering the price. I consider myself a very fast learner, but the relative simplicity, various modes and lengthy history of the AT PRO are making it a tough decision. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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